Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Israel DID 9-11: US Military Is Aware That 9-11 Was A Mossad Operation!

With the continuing buildup of American and Israeli firepower just off the coast of Iran in preparation for their evil planned attack on that innocent country, I again want to bring to my readers the fact that Israel is absolutely NO ally of the United States of America, but is in fact fully responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent people in the attacks of 9-11. That, sadly is fact!

Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the US Army Military College confirmed in the Ugly Truth podcast from March 15th, 2010 that Israel definitely did 9-11. He made Mark Glenn and Phil Tourney on that radio show well aware that the US Military itself is fully aware that the Zionist state of Israel is responsible for the murders of innocent Americans, and most are spreading the truth amongst their ranks. To again draw my reader's attention to this real ugly truth, I want to present the following video that encompasses the best and most shocking part of that original Ugly Truth podcast. My comments will follow:

NTS Notes: I cannot again emphasize the fact that the American public thanks to the Zionist Jewish controlled "media" continues to be unaware of the truth about 9-11. It again falls on the bloggers and readers to spread the real truth around and to wake up the masses!

For my readers and for new readers, here is the original Ugly Truth podcast with Dr. Alan Sabrosky, dated March 15th, 2010:

Israel will shortly get their American puppets and slaves to assault another innocent country for their sick dream of a "Greater Israel". It is time for the American public to tell their own government that they will no longer tolerate these crimes against humanity and the undying support of a criminal murderous state. That time is definitely NOW!

Israel did 9-11.... Live with it, people!

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TruthSeeker said...

I have read many articles on the subject, been on the Internet, watched movies and video clips, thought, analysed, contemplated, even prayed to whoever God is in heaven, talked to well-educated-well-informed friends, etc., and the only logical conclusion I came to is the title of this article.

There is no shadow of doubt in my heart, and whoever say otherwise, must be color blind.