Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Global Warming Hoax: The IPCC Consensus On Climate Change Was Phoney, Says IPCC Insider

It has been a long while since I have put up any articles in this blog pertaining to the entire Global Warming Hoax and Fiasco. It was late last year when the entire hoax was exposed, primarily thanks to the revelations coming out of the Hadley CRU Institute in England that data claiming that the Earth was warming due to man made chemicals was falsified on purpose. Since then, more and more people are finally waking up to the reality that "Global Warming" is a scam to bleed people out of more money and for the criminals to bring in their dream of a One World Government.

Now comes a startling new revelation that has been posted in the National Post news service out of Canada, at www.fullcomment.nationalpost.com, where it seems that an IPCC insider has come forward and is saying that then entire IPCC consensus was PHONEY! Here is that article:

The IPCC consensus on climate change was phoney, says IPCC insider

Lawrence Solomon June 13, 2010 – 8:50 am

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change misled the press and public into believing that thousands of scientists backed its claims on manmade global warming, according to Mike Hulme, a prominent climate scientist and IPCC insider. The actual number of scientists who backed that claim was “only a few dozen experts,” he states in a paper for Progress in Physical Geography, co-authored with student Martin Mahony.

“Claims such as ‘2,500 of the world’s leading scientists have reached a consensus that human activities are having a significant influence on the climate’ are disingenuous,” the paper states unambiguously, adding that they rendered “the IPCC vulnerable to outside criticism.”

Hulme, Professor of Climate Change in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia – the university of Climategate fame — is the founding Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and one of the UK’s most prominent climate scientists. Among his many roles in the climate change establishment, Hulme was the IPCC’s co-ordinating Lead Author for its chapter on ‘Climate scenario development’ for its Third Assessment Report and a contributing author of several other chapters.

Hulme’s depiction of IPCC’s exaggeration of the number of scientists who backed its claim about man-made climate change can be found on pages 10 and 11 of his paper, found here.

Financial Post
Lawrence Solomon is executive director of
Energy Probe and the author of The Deniers.

NTS Notes: When will people finally wake up and realize that they have been had by this Global Warming scam? The perpetrators of the entire scam are in it for GREED and for their own benefits. They have used the notion of fear of man destroying the planet through "Global Warming" to sucker the public into accepting the need for their Green Tax Legislations that will only make the criminals even richer!

We are patiently waiting for the master criminal himself, Al Gore, to come out of his hiatus over the last few months and publicly try to again convince people of the need to surrender their tax dollars in "Green Tax" laws, so that he himself can get rich from this scam. The silence from that criminal scam artist is deafening!

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