Friday, June 18, 2010

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXXXV: Uprooting Saplings For "Security" At The Toronto G20 Summit?

Many people around the world are not even aware that there is an upcoming G20 Summit in Toronto Ontario Canada. This annual meeting of the 20 most powerful economies around the world will focus on the present dire world economic situation. I guaranteed the need for "carbon taxes" for the "Global Warming" hoaxers will be placed on the table there as well.

What many people are unaware of is the insanely massive amount of money that the Canadian government will be spending on "security" for this summit meeting. Some preliminary speculations have put the security bill for 3 DAYS of this Summit in the neighborhood of about 1 BILLION dollars! That is a Billion dollars that the Canadian taxpayers cannot afford, but the Harper Government is going ahead and spending the money anyways in spite of taxpayer association outrage! That alone is ridiculous enough....

Now comes another chapter in my Files Of Absurdity. This one deals with one absurd idea for security for this summit that goes completely overboard. It seems that according to this article from the Financial Post, at, the security concerns have gone absolutely bonkers in that they are wanting to cut down tree saplings around where the summit is to take place! Here is that article:

G20 security threat uprooted

Kenyon Wallace, National Post · Wednesday, Jun. 16, 2010

First it was trash cans, transit shelters and mailboxes. The latest casualty of G20 security concerns are saplings that line city sidewalks.

The trees could be ripped out of the ground by demonstrators "and then you've got a huge bar," said Constable Wendy Drummond, a spokeswoman for the Integrated Security Unit. Despite promises from summit organizers to replace the trees once foreign leaders leave town on June 27, the move bewilders tree lovers.

"The idea that tearing down something that's going to be living for 100 more years for a three-day meeting is insane," said Mark Calzavara of the Council of Canadians.

The trees will be removed from within the RCMP-controlled zone, which envelopes the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the surrounding area. Organizers would not say which trees or how many will be hauled away.

"If they're removing any trees, it's because they don't want folks to jump over and launch things from above," said city councillor Adam Vaughan.

Mr. Calzavara says the thought that a sapling could be turned into a weapon is "outrageous."

"I would challenge the police to get a couple of burly officers and try to pull one of these trees out of the ground," he said. "You'd need an axe to cut the thing down. And if you've already got an axe, you wouldn't need a tree."

NTS Notes: Whoever is taking care of security for this summit is going way too far on this one.... Claiming that protesters would cut down tree saplings for "bars"(?) is absolutely ridiculous and quite insane. Now as a result these trees will die, and will have to be replaced at even more taxpayers' expense.

I am in total agreement with the Council of Canadians on this one. It is bad enough that a BILLION dollars will be spent on ridiculous security measures for a 3 DAY summit alone, but the security measures are going way too far with this one. Absolutely absurd indeed!

And I, like other Canadians, am still wondering why and how a BILLION dollars is being spent on "security" for this summit for 3 days! What the heck is that money being spent on?

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