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From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXXXIV: Absolutely Ridiculous Allegation Made By Israel To Defend Its Massacre At Sea

We are witnessing a war going on since the Israeli massacre of upwards of 20 innocent people on board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on May 31st, 2010. That war is a propaganda war in the media for getting people to accept the truth about the massacre. On one side are the Israelis who control the world's press outlets and are spewing out as much false material in a vain attempt to get people to accept their outrageous notion that the attack was in "self defense" of the Zionist state. On the other side lies the truth.....

Now comes another in the long line of articles that fall within my Files Of Absurdity. This one is absolutely outrageous, and courtesy of the online news service:, it states that the Israelis are now blaming "stowaway mercenaries" for their violent attack on the Gaza flotilla ship. Here is that Times article:

June 7, 2010

Israel blames ‘stowaway mercenaries’ for violence on Gaza aid ship

Israel deported 19 activists arrested on an Irish ship taking aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip and accused a previous aid convoy of harbouring mercenaries who had joined the flotilla by stealth and attacked Israeli forces.

Iran stoked tensions by offering its Revolutionary Guards to act as armed escorts for future aid convoys to Gaza.

Israeli naval forces intercepted the Irish-flagged MV Rachel Corrie on Saturday. It was the last ship of the Gaza aid flotilla, arriving five days after the storming of the first six ships, in which nine passengers were shot dead by Israeli commandos.

The first seven passengers from the Rachel Corrie, mostly Malaysians, were deported across the border with Jordan yesterday, officials said. The remaining 12 — including Mairead Maguire the Irish Nobel peace laureate — were to be expelled later in the evening from Tel Aviv airport, bound for Germany.

Israel is struggling to control the fallout from the first aid run, led by the Turkish passenger ferry Mavi Marmara. It was clashes there that left nine passengers dead and ten Israeli commandos and fifty passengers wounded.

Israel rejected a proposal by Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General, for an international inquiry.

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, accused hardcore activists linked to the Turkish Islamic charity IHH of being mercenaries who sneaked on board.

“They organised and equipped themselves separately and boarded the ship in a way that allowed them to avoid a security check,” Mr Netanyahu said. “Their clear intention was to initiate a violent confrontation with soldiers.”

Israeli military sources said that about 100 people were carrying about $10,000 (£7,000) each when arrested. Izzet Sahin, an IHH official, shrugged off the mercenary claims. “It’s something impossible, to put someone in the ship without checking them in through security. It could never happen, at least in Turkey.”

Hakan Albayrak, a Turkish columnist who was on the Mavi Marmara, told The Times that the only people to join after Turkey were two German MPs and a handful of European activists who boarded in Cyprus.

The three-year blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt aims to isolate the Hamas regime, deemed to be a terrorist organisation linked to Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood party. Israel had told the ships before boarding them that if they surrendered the aid would be delivered to Gaza.

Ismail Haniya, the Hamas leader, said that the Islamist movement would not take the goods unless the IHH and other donors approved and if all the passengers were freed. Israel is still holding several people, including the leader of an Arab-Israeli Islamic movement.

Guy Inbar, a spokesman for Israeli in the Palestinian territories, said that the goods would be shipped through if normally proscribed items, such as cement and building materials, were transferred under the remit of the United Nations and other approved aid groups. Dozens of lorries were loaded and ready to go but that most of the medicine taken from the ships had passed its expiry date, he said.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, said that he would not relax pressure on Israel to lift the blockade.

In a Cabinet meeting yesterday Isaac Herzog, the Israeli Welfare Minister, said: “The time has come to do away with the blockade, ease the restrictions on the inhabitants and find another alternative.” Mr Netanyahu said: “We shall not allow the establishment of an Iranian port in Gaza and the free flow of weapons to Hamas.”

Iran appeared to play on these fears. Ali Shirazi, a representative of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, offered a military escort for aid flotillas. “Iran’s navy forces are ready to escort the peace flotilla to Gaza with all their powers,” he said.

NTS Notes: I cannot believe the audacity of these murderers to actually think that anyone would actually believe this BS lie! The Israelis are now reaching for any excuses possible to try to cover for their act of blatant murder on the high seas, and this is the best they can come up with?

Absolutely absurd, but again they have their compliant media putting it out there for someone to actually believe as the truth. It is no wonder they are losing the battle for the peoples' minds when it comes to their latest act of murder.

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