Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Even More Proof Of Zionist Jewish Domination Of America: Compliant US President Bows To His Masters' Wishes

Again, I am truly appalled that Americans do not see how their country is not their own. It is truly amazing that American citizens cannot see that they are nothing but slaves to Zionist Jewish interests, and to the criminal state of Israel.

Another report has come forward, which I am presenting for my own readers to view. This one comes from PressTV at www.presstv.ir, which states that the US Zionist shill President, Barry Soetoro, is giving Israel "Concrete Guarantees" that any new Middle Eastern Nuclear agreement will not harm Israel's interests! It shows how a good obedient slave this President truly is! Here is the article:

Obama gives Israel all-out support
Mon, 31 May 2010 05:08:27 GMT

After the United Nations ratified a resolution calling for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, the US president gives Israel "concrete guarantees" to prevent the decision from harming Israeli interests.

Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post quoted senior political sources in al-Quds (Jerusalem) as saying that President Barack Obama's assurances to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came with the promise of a significant upgrade to Israel's military capabilities.

President Obama gave Prime Minister Netanyahu "concrete guarantees that the US will strengthen Israel's strategic capabilities," the report said.

The pledge comes two days after all 189 signatories to the Non-Proliferation Treaty reached an agreement for the establishment of a Middle East without nuclear weapons.

The long-sought statement called on all Middle East nations to attend a 2012 conference on ridding the region of weapons of mass destruction.

The Friday's agreement also stressed "the importance of Israel's accession to the treaty and the placement of all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) safeguards."

On Saturday, Netanyahu condemned the international deal, saying that Israel would not participate in the 2012 summit.

Late on Sunday, President Obama rushed to align itself with Tel Aviv, condemning the decision and promising to prevent any UN resolution in this regard from threatening Israeli interests.

This is while Israel is widely believed to be the sixth-largest nuclear power in the world and the sole possessor of an atomic arsenal in the Middle East.

For 40 years, with the help of the United States, Israel has successfully prevented its undeclared arsenal of approximately 200 atomic warheads from becoming public.


NTS Notes: Well, America... How do you like your "Change" now? This President is nothing more than a Zionist Jewish stooge and clown. He does not answer at all to the citizens of the United States that made the atrocious mistake of "electing" him to office in November, 2008!

The criminal state of Israel possesses a massive nuclear bomb stockpile, and now this "Middle Eastern Nuclear Free Zone" UN resolution will be a paper tiger, because Israel will be able to maintain that stockpile thanks to their compliant slaves in the United States government. This is absolutely sickening.

Again, America... How does it feel to be a slave nation of Israel?

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

What I am not finding shocking, alas, is this pandering to the mad dog regime for their actions on the international waters to the flotilla a few days ago. The entire world but for a few countries is calling in Israeli ambassadors and speaking of war crimes but Soweto is just waiting for a study to come out.

OUR bastion of Israeli pride, Harper, was from the looks of it with Net and Yahoo when the calls came in. Not too sure about that. However I have noticed, as with the US, onus is being put on the "provocative" humanitarian aid group.

Also the activists are being condemned and called "violent" because they fought back with sticks, chairs and whatever they could. They even had the chutzpah to throw a Commando over the side of the boat. How DARE they defend themselves against an attack that had every possible weapon against them as they were wrested so rudely from sleep.

However we will know nothing more until Israel decides to release what it wishes since they have taken complete control over everything. Right down to erasing time from any film taken from the activists so they can reorder events to their own agenda.

And our governments are complicit my friend. Now will you undo the belts and unzip the flies of our leaders Soweto and Harper, so that they can bend over to be slapped on the bottom by Net and Yahoo. And then, of course, they will kiss his arse.

What blows me away is, Israel has just taken a Gaza style drop in international support and our governments STILL pander to them. It embarrasses me, you and all other thinking Canadians.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Noor, I have been so sickened by what has occurred that I have been working overtime in going over all of the information available.... But the silence from our Canadian so called "press" has been most deafening.

Canada is just as guilty as the United States in this. Murder is murder, and our government is bowing to its Zionist Masters and refusing to condemn such murder....

Harper is a puppet just like Soetoro... He answers to his masters and Canada will be pictured just like the US once the smoke clears as nothing more than another Zionist Jewish slave nation.

I am no longer proud to be a Canadian!