Sunday, June 13, 2010

Canada Is Zionist Jewish Occupied Territory: Jews Are NOT Prosecuted For Violating Canada's "Hate Laws"!

Few Canadians are even aware that back in the early 1970's, Canadian Jewish groups, including the B'nai B'rith spearheaded the campaign to have Hate Crime Legislations introduced and passed in the Federal Government in Ottawa into law. The general public was kept in the dark (purposely) to the fact that the Canadian Government with the stroke of a pen, basically surrendered Canadian personal freedoms into the hands of Zionist Jews.

But now, 30+ years later, we are finally paying the consequences to allowing these monsters to take over this once great nation. Here now, I want to present the following article, through, that shows clearly that the new Hate Crime Laws do NOT apply to the Zionist Jews at all. Here is that article:

Jews not Prosecuted for Violating Canada’s Hate Laws

June 13th, 2010

by Ian Mosley

Canada’s so-called “hate laws” have for long been among the most draconian and tyrannical in the world, including the establishment of extra-legal kangaroo courts called “Human Rights Tribunals” that have all the powers of a court. The purpose of these infamous tribunals is to silence all criticism of the Canadian government’s racial and immigration polices, but more particularly to silence any criticism of Israel or the Jews. Not too surprisingly, one of these tribunals has decided that Jewish hatred of non-Jews should get the blind eye.

According to the Canadian National Post: “The Canadian Jewish Congress says the Toronto Police Service is pushing anti-hate law ‘to its most absurd level’ by listing ‘non-Jewish Shiksa’ as a victim category in its latest hate crime study. The statistical report reveals that officers investigated hate crimes in Toronto last year against such unusual victim groups as teachers, feminists, infidels, police, Nazis and pedophiles. But it is the redundantly named category of ‘non-Jewish Shiksa’ — a slur for a non-Jewish woman, from a Hebrew root meaning ‘a detested thing’ — that has especially baffled the CJC, a prominent advocate for stronger hate crime laws. ‘You just can’t apply it to literally everything,’ said CEO Bernie Farber.” (Read: You can’t apply it to Jews.)

The National Post goes on. “The 2009 shiksa incident, classified as mischief, happened in 53 Division, a central uptown area colloquially known among police as ‘Sleepy Hollow’ because it includes the city’s most pleasant residential communities, including some of the Jewish neighbourhoods around Bathurst and Lawrence. It is not known whether a charge was laid, or a prosecution successful.” (I would love to know the details of that “incident.”)

Nowhere else is the liberal hypocrisy of so-called “hatecrime” laws more blatantly on display than in cases where the Jews are involved.

For starters. the entire Jewish religion is, of course, based on a concept of racial supremacy. The Jews seriously believe they are better than the rest of humanity. Yet I very much doubt that any rabbis will be summoned before any Canadian Human Rights Tribunals any time soon for possession of the Babylonian Talmud. (Although a few years ago some legislators in Russia did attempt to outlaw the Talmud as “hate literature”.)

Jews habitually refer to other people as Goyim, “stupid cattle”, but for some reason that never appears on any official list of legally banned racial slurs. Apparently, in Canada, it is quite all right to call any non-Jewish woman a “side of beef” or “slab of meat,” which is what shiksa means in Yiddish. Presumably it’s also acceptable to refer to some Jewish slut’s Gentile toy boy lover as a shaygets, which is another Yiddish term of opprobrium referring to a portion of a male animal’s anatomy. (That’s animal, not human. The Jews repeatedly refer to non-Jews as animals, but apparently that’s not “hate”.)

In Leo Rosten’s famous work The Joys of Yiddish, I noticed that almost a third of all the words listed in Rosten’s lexicon are terms of insult, abuse, degradation, opprobrium and belittlement. Do police get special training to arrest these Jewish haters, speaking Yiddish? Of course not. The hate crime laws are designed to oppress and humiliate White people, who lose their temper and say what they really think of the Third Worlders destroying their homeland. All other cases are unimportant.

NTS Notes: All Canadians must be made aware of these horrendous facts. It seems that the Zionist Jews wanted their devious Hate Crime laws to apply to the unsuspecting Goyim only, while they openly break the laws with impunity, and are allowed to go about their business in destroying this nation, enslaving the masses, and taking control for themselves!

You cannot pass any laws that specify forms of Hate Crimes and allow one group the privilege of circumventing such laws. But it seems that is exactly what the evil Zionist Jews have done. It is no wonder that the Rothschilds say that Zionist Jewish groups control Canada, and that our poodle Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is nothing more than a slave. They are totally in control of Canada and are flaunting it with their laws!

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

LOL the area in which this incident took place is commonly referred to as "the bagel belt" area! Unless of course someone has taken offense but when no one cared, that is what everyone, including the Jews, called it.

I did a piece on this as well a few weeks ago. Amazing how they tried to downplay a little "fun" terminology so lovingly shown towards the goyim and how UNGRATEFUL we were to not laugh along with them at hearing our women so demeaned.

When I was a kid and still holocaust sensitive, I asked a Jewish friend why her older brother dated non Jews when his mom wanted him to marry a Jewess and at 12 she turned to me and said, "He has to marry a real woman then. He just practices on them."

She also once said, "The only thing Jewish about me is my nose" and had it changed.

She also only became my friend to get near to my best friend "I have to play with her boobs" and seduce my boyfriend, "He is hot and you don't put out'"

We were 15 then.

So, while she was out seducing my guy, and my girlfriend's guy, yep you got it, we two sat at her house drinking red Jewish sweet wine and ended up puking all over her mom's designer baby blue shag carpets. I can still remember the peas and salmon in wine sinking permanently into the carpet.. in the middle of the living room.

My very first hangover. My last sweet red wine. Should you need a sex therapist, check her credits cos that is what this woman became.

Gosh... what memories the word shiksa brings back. Just delightful!

Anonymous said...

I have grown to strongly dislike Canada where I was born. Canada has a very weak-minded white/European population that is much too braindead to do anything productive to fight our enemies let alone do what is right for us as a country and race. What a disgrace!! This is probably the mecca of white race traitors anywhere in the world.