Thursday, June 3, 2010

Canada Is Zionist Jewish Occupied Territory: Member Of Rothschild Empire Calls Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, A Slave! (Truth Comes Out!)

I used to foolishly believe that I lived in one of the most free nations on the planet. There was a belief in all nations that with the fall of the United States to Zionist Jewish control, that Canada would be pictured as the great beacon of freedom for all nations to model themselves after. However, Now the real truth comes out that Canada is just another in a long list of Zionist Jewish occupied territories.

You want proof as to how Canada is Zionist Jewish controlled, and the Canadian people are nothing more than slaves? Here is an article from, where one of the major controllers of the entire planet, Adam Rothschild, comes out and calls the Canadian Prime Minister a slave, and says clearly that the Canadian Jewish Public Affairs Committee, which is just an arm of Zionist Jewish world power just like the American AIPAC, controls Canada! Here is that article:

Adam Rothschild calls the Prime Minister of Canada a slave!

If you read the series of posts below, taken from Facebook, you will see several comments from Adam Rothschild. In response to the post from Eric Issac, Rothschild declares;

“CJPAC owns your country; Stephen harper is like a slave”.

CJPAC is the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, and Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada. At the bottom of the screenshot Adam Rothschild makes another post:

“May Yahweh bless the CJPAC with control of the Canadian Government just like the AIPAC controls the United States


-Adam R.”

And in case you don’t believe this is the Adam Rothschild, the screenshot below was taken from his profile page on Facebook.

NTS Notes: The truth comes out periodically from these criminals, and the truth is indeed frightful. Canada is nothing more than a slave to Zionist Jewish interests, and our Prime Minister is nothing more than a poodle for their every whim.

It is no wonder that this Zionist shill Prime Minister has not come forward and condemned his Zionist Jewish masters for their heinous attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. He has his orders as a good slave, and he is carrying them out to the letter.

I do not want to live the rest of my life as a slave, and I do not want that for my family and fellow Canadians either. I hope that all Canadians wake up, finally take a stand, and do what is necessary to take our country back from such evil.

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Lukiftian said...

I'd be amused if this was true, but it's too pretty to be anything other than disinformation and propaganda.

brian concannon said...

Australia's last zionist shill prime-minister John Howard gave the exact same speech (word for word) as Stephen Harper about going to war with Iraq

the Rothschilds are the kings of the zionists
zionism is a cancer upon humanity
globalization and privatization is part of that cancer

Northerntruthseeker said...

Propaganda? Sorry, but I don't buy that idea, considering that Stephen Harper is nothing more than a tool of Zionist Jewish interests....To be outright called a slave would just be the next step!

Toronto Lorne said...

Yeah, because if the name says Adam Rothschild, it is definitely him. And because all intelligent people share their secrets on Facebook for the world to see.
And if I wanted to cause a stir, wouldn't I make sure everyone can see my little confession, not just the Northern truth seeker?
I think everyone is a slave to something, or someone in the worse cases. And power usually belongs to those lucky and smart, in that order.
- Lorne

Anonymous said...

Toronto Lorne, well, you would be surprised what people drunk with power are inclined to do and say when they fully believe they have already won.

Here is an example all the way back to 1976 from a staffer of Senator Javitz at that time. It opened my eyes. He was so arrogant that the intervew consisted of 17 pages. He was killed for his arrogance since the khazars were not ready to tell us yet that they had taken us over. Read it, weep, and come back and say that again.

David Resnick said...

Note that the picture is of Nathan Rothschild. Also note that Stephen Harper was not Prime Minister during the invasion of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Canada never invaded Iraq retards. Both of those comments just undermined everything that was written on this page.

Northerntruthseeker said...

They are entitled to their comments,and I seem to see that the Iraq comment deals with the Aussies going into Iraq.

Of course Canada never went into Iraq... Our Jew controlled government did eventually support the US effort, but never committed troops..

The name calling is a bit uncalled for, however...

Northerntruthseeker said...

And when I state support, I do mean moral.... Canada stayed out of that wrongful conflict and rightfully so...

Anonymous said...

search David Icke he explains it all but will Americans and yes it's true it's the same as Canada I wish only who wrote this had but Rothschild Zionist there not Jews there false Jews if so

Anonymous said...

we didnt invade Iraq your right we only helped America to do it

Unknown said...

They use Canada like a super market organ here organ there and worse far more sinister hence never finding the bodies

Miss Vegas said...

I'm crying! Everything I thought I knew isn't at all true.
This absolutely scares me.
Can this be stopped?