Thursday, June 24, 2010

Article No. 1000! Where Do We Stand Today?

When I first started hacking away and experimenting with the idea of launching a blog almost 3 years ago, I was new to the whole concept. Being the new kid on the block so to speak left me wondering what kind of impact any of my comments or articles would have on people. At first I really did not have much of any type of readership due to many not knowing that I even existed. It was primarily thanks to several other bloggers that happened across my own articles and by basically word of mouth that I have watched this site grow by leaps and bounds. For that, I want to thank my fellow bloggers, and the readers themselves.

Some critics have said that my focus on articles has now turned to just linking other material from other writers. Criticism has been noted. My goal is to get real truth out to everyone, and I am not afraid to use others' material as a source of that truth. Therefore, I will continue to advocate the writings of others, and give them due diligence every chance I get. It is better than just parroting their work or being charged with pure plagiarism!

So, where do we stand today? Here is a short point by point synopsis of some of the real truths that many have finally discovered through the work of real truth telling:

(1) Israel and their Mossad operatives in America did 9-11. That is fact and is backed by hard evidence and proof. There should be absolutely no doubt anymore in anyone's minds that the criminal state of Israel is directly and fully responsible for that horrendous attack that killed over 3000 innocent Americans and plunged the United States into the Israeli scheme of "war on terror" which is nothing more than a smoke screen for Israel's continuing conquest of the Middle East.

(2) There is no "Terrorism". It is a CIA/Mossad creation. That is fact. Again and again when the "terrorists" are caught anywhere around the world, it is quickly discovered that they are either Mossad or CIA agents or operatives. Even the entire "Al-Qaeda" terrorist group is another smoke screen. That organization was created by the CIA/Mossad to justify their entire phony "war on terror". The phony "war on terror" has worked wonders for these evil groups because the media continues to parrot it to generate fear into gullible people everywhere. Fear itself is a fabulous psychological propaganda weapon!

(3) Osama Bin Laden had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11 and he has been dead for almost 9 years now. Sorry, gullible Americans that continue to watch their BS media, but that is fact. Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA back in the 1980's and was sent into Afghanistan by the CIA to help the freedom fighters against the Soviet invaders. He continued to be propped up after the Soviets left by being made head of the phony "Al Qaeda" group to continue the phony terror war to bleed taxpayer dollars especially in America. Before 9-11 even occurred, he came down with kidney problems, and he was even in an Qatar hospital in July 2001, being treated for his failing kidneys. The CIA knew he was there, because they sent officials to see him during his hospital stay! After some treatment, he was ordered by the CIA back into Afghanistan, unknowingly being set up as the boogeyman for the entire 9-11 preplanned attacks. After 9-11 he issued statements saying clearly that he was not responsible for the assault, but that there was a "government within the government" that ran America and was responsible (directly fingering the Zionist Jewish controllers in America as being responsible). His failing kidneys finally cost him his life and he passed away in December, 2001. This means that for the last 8+ years the US government has been outright LYING to its own citizens by constantly putting up phony "Bin Laden tapes" to continue to scare the public!

(4) The Zionist Jews have absolutely no rights to the land of Israel. Hard comment to make, but it has to be said. The land of Israel does NOT belong to the invaders who occupy the land right now. The vast majority of these "jews" are actually Khazars or Ashkenazi Jews, who converted to Judaism back in the 8th century AD. Their true homeland is the central steppe region of Russia. They have absolutely NO "Jewish" blood in them, no matter what recent phony DNA scientists continue to claim. They are of Indo-Turkish descent, and are as alien to Palestine as the original Europeans were to North America, when they came across to the New World and took the land away from the Native American Indians. Many Jewish authors have even come up with this true evidence and fact. The people who have full rights to the region of Palestine are the Palestinian Christian, Palestinian Arabs, and the Sephardic Jews, that had lived in that region in peace and harmony until the Rothschilds in Europe had their eyes on the region since the mid 19th century. More facts based upon hard evidence....

(5) History is replete with lies. Sadly that is fact. Much of our history has been purposely distorted to create the world as it sits today. Our last century for example had two major world wars that were fought according to the "History" books against countries and governments "bent on world domination". Now that history is being re-examined thanks to internet access to writing, and documents, everywhere, we find that the major wars were fought and funded primarily by Banking interests, primarily the Rothschilds, who were interested in world dominion for themselves. World War One for example was created by the bankers with the goal of bankrupting and destroying Europe for them to take over for their dream of one world government, and to lay the groundwork for their empire based out of Palestine. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was their payoff. World War II was done to destroy Germany, further bankrupt nations, and bring about the creation of their dream state of Israel. The creation of the United Nations in 1945, and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 was their payoff.
It can be said that when anyone examines all of the wars over the last few centuries, they find thousands if not millions of people dead and bankers getting rich in every case.

(6) Israel controls the United States. Sorry, American readers, but this is FACT. Your country used to be the symbol of hope for the world, but now it is a symbol of tyranny and despair. The Zionist Jews have ruined the American nation by their seizure and control over the financial system, and America is falling into a Depression that will make the 1930's look tame by comparison. The United States is also rapidly now becoming nothing more than a police state or a dictatorship, where the power of the people no longer takes priority over the government in power. Freedom and democracy as laid out by the US Constitution is under siege, and the American people are being fooled into giving away their freedoms without even a fight. The US Government in Washington is now nothing more than a voice for the state of Israel. The US Congress and Senate preach only their undying love of the Zionist state without even a word about their own constituents that actually "elected" them to office. The actions of the US Government over the recent Gaza Flotilla massacres speak for themselves.

(7) Iran is NOT a threat to the world, but Israel sure as hell is! Fact, not fiction, again. The Israelis have always wanted Iran destroyed as being the only major threat left in the entire region from their dream goal of a "Greater Israel" and total hegemony over the entire Middle East. Iran has not invaded or attacked any country in hundreds, if not thousands of years. Iran does NOT possess nuclear weapons and has not the desire to build them. The continuing parroting of the US Media of the "threat" of Iran is pure Zionist Jewish propaganda and lies. The real threat that is never mentioned over the BS media is the hundreds of nuclear arms that the criminal state of Israel possesses and would use if ever threatened with their demise. Sadly though the public is being brainwashed into believing that a war against Iran is a necessity. Israel wants to have the US attack Iran and have the US military do all the fighting, and dying, for them.

(8) There is NO Global Warming scare. It is a fraud, and a sham. Sorry to all of those Green advocates out there, but you have been played as suckers. The whole Global Warming scheme was first drummed up and pushed forward decades ago for the real push for a one world government controlled by the Rothschilds and other nefarious groups. Al Gore himself is a fraud artist who would get filthy rich by the imposition of Green Tax laws on the American public. Greed is definitely the order of the day when it comes to the entire Global Warming hoax.

(9) One of the greatest hoaxes of the last century was Project Apollo. Again, sorry to those hard line believers in the entire "man on the moon" scheme, but you have been played again as suckers. NASA and the US Government knew back in the mid-1960's that they did not have either the technology or the means of putting men on the moon and returning them safely to Earth, so they decided to go with the Apollo Simulation Project and pass it off as the real thing to the American public and the entire world. The scheme worked at the time but thanks to real research and factual evidence of what space is really like and actually deadly to humans, many now realize we had been had. Billions of dollars went into contractor company pockets, and the American people were played as suckers! It was and is probably still the greatest propaganda hoax in the history of mankind.

(10) The only true source of real truthful information today is the Internet. People have turned away from the Mainstream media today because they are finally realizing that they have been lied to by their own government and the press. If you realize that corporations and Zionist Jewish interests control the vast majority of the media outlets, then it is no wonder that we are lied to. The real facts and truths about our world are now available through the open source data base of the Internet. It is no wonder that the MSM vilifies the Internet at every opportunity. The internet has become the source of real truth and has been exposing the MSM as the liars and frauds that they truly are. Even the US Government is working now on trying to shut down the Internet, because they are now fearful of what an awakened and angry American public will do when truth and knowledge of their deceit is exposed.

(11) Debt based Monetary Systems spell doom to any nation that adopts it. Fact again, and definitely not fiction. The entire scheme of the Federal Reserve system of the United States is a primary case in point. Money has been the basis of trade in finance by nations for thousands of years, but only by having the nation's own governments print and distribute money debt free can nations avoid eventual collapse due to unpayable debt. It has always been the GREED of certain individuals that they take control of a nation's ability to print and distribute money at interest that nations fall under their entire control. No nation can absorb debt with interest for too long before that accumulated debt load grows, spirals out of control, and eventually destroys the nation itself. It was Thomas Jefferson that warned the US Government back in the early 19th century to never allow private bankers to control the money or else eventually the entire nation will no longer be under control of the US citizens themselves. The US instead and very foolishly handed control over their nation to these criminal bankers back in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve. The result as Jefferson foretold is the nation is now no longer owned or controlled by Americans themselves. It is fact not fiction that now the entire debt load of the US exceeds the entire value of the nation itself, and with that the entire nation is unsustainable and will shortly collapse.

Eleven key points are enough for now.... In keeping in mind the need to keep articles short and not to delve into too much detail, I have put up just a few key factors of where we stand today.

I am proud of my contributions in this fight against criminality and to try to bring some real truths to anyone who wants to read and listen. I also want anyone that wants more facts and details into what is really happening to our world to look at some of the sites and writings by other important bloggers. I have a listing of these individuals in the left hand column of this blog.

What does 1000 articles mean? It is still not a time to celebrate. I will keep any champagne corked and ready only for the day that we are able to stop crimes against humanity from continuing to happen and we have the criminals responsible on the run. That day cannot come soon enough!

As usual: "More to come"



Anonymous said...

Recently I talked to two intelligent, educated Americans in their late sixties who knew absolutely none of this truth. The difference between those who seek information on the internet and those who do not is immense. Those who do not are essentially clueless. We must not take for granted that truth automatically flows forth just because it exists on the internet. It doesn't. It's existence has to be advertised to the American/Canadian minds numbed by lies. Thanks for what you are doing.

Biological_Unit said...

All truthful. I agree.

Anonymous said...

Your point by point analysis is superb.
Sadly, in USA I'm surrounded by people of all socio-economic groups that are fierce and loyal militaristic-nationalists. Their only concern is bleating about "supporting the troops", who in my opinion are complicit in war crimes as much as their govt.
Your later article of Paul Craig Roberts' interview describing his despair at the inhumanity within the US populace is all too true. The numbers voicing opposition are miniscule, not because of fear, but mainly because few Americans care, so the carnage overseas, and the less-publicised and non-ending covert CIA ops, continue and expand.
US military bases operating in over 75 countries!