Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Slave Shill In The US Government Shows Who He Answers To! (Hint: It Is NOT The American People!)

With Israel's murderous attack at the end of last month on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that resulted in the confirmed deaths of 9 innocent Humanitarian aid workers, and around 15 still "missing", we in the blogosphere had figured by now that the majority of the American people would be outraged by the illegal and barbaric assault, AND that the US Government would have at least sent out a condemnation of the Israelis for the assault. To this day, the Zionist controlled media has done its dirty work in keeping the majority of Americans (and Canadians) in the dark about the entire assault, AND the shills in the US Government have absolutely not condemned the horrendous assault.

In fact, the US Government elected clowns continue to pledge their undying allegiance to the criminal Zionist state of Israel first and foremost. As an example, I want to enclose the latest act of treason by one US Senator, John Cornyn out of Texas, in which he applauds the passage of his latest resolution supporting the criminal state of Israel. This is outright treason to the American people, and I am enclosing the article (found under for my own readers to observe here:


Resolution Recognizes Israel’s Undeniable Right to Defend Itself

Jun 24 2010

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) today hailed passage of his resolution, which passed the Senate overwhelmingly on a voice vote, expressing the sense of the Senate that Israel has an undeniable right to self-defense and condemning the recent destabilizing actions by extremists aboard the Mavi Marmara.

“Israel has the right to defend itself, as does every nation. The Free Gaza Flotilla, hidden under a phony cloak of humanitarian relief, was a disgraceful and premeditated attempt to provoke violent confrontation with Israel,” said Senator Cornyn. “Israel needs loyal friends more than ever right now. This resolution reaffirms that the United States is absolutely one of them, despite the mixed messages the Obama Administration has sent on that issue.”

On May 28th, 2010, the “Free Gaza” flotilla, sponsored by a Turkish organization called the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, departed from a Turkish port and sailed towards Israel’s defensive sea blockade of Gaza. On May 31st, 2010, after repeated Israeli calls to turn around or be peacefully escorted to a port outside of Gaza, the Israeli Navy intercepted the Mavi Marmara 75 miles west of Haifa, Israel, to maintain the integrity of blockade and prevent the potential smuggling of arms and other materials to Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Upon being boarded, the Mavi Marmara passengers brutally and violently attacked members of the Israeli Navy with knives, clubs, pipes, and other weapons. In self-defense, Israelis used lethal force against some of the attackers.

Senator Cornyn’s resolution expresses the sense of the Senate that Israel has an undeniable right to defend itself against any threat to its security. His resolution makes clear that recent criticism of Israel at the United Nations and elsewhere undermines Israel’s inherent right to self-defense, compromises its sovereignty, and helps legitimize Hamas. The resolution also places the flotilla events in their historical and strategic context. Since 2001, Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations have fired more than 10,000 rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel, which killed at least 18 Israelis and wounded dozens more. Currently, approximately 860,000 Israeli civilians—more than 12 percent of Israel’s total population—resides within range of the rockets fired from Gaza. In 2007, out of concern for the safety of its citizens, Israel put in place a legitimate and justified blockade of Gaza, which has been effective in reducing the firing of rockets and mortars from Gaza into southern Israel.

NTS Notes: This is sickening and disgusting.... To continue to preach that a criminal country like Israel has the right to defend itself by murdering innocent people is barbaric and against all humanity. Israel is a scourge on the entire world that must be brought to justice for its continuing acts of barbarism and inhumanity on the world.

How the hell can the American public continue to put up with these acts of treason by their so called elected officials, whom I call nothing more than clowns and shills? The entire country is falling to pieces financially and people are now starving on the streets, and yet these clowns line up and kiss their Zionist Jewish masters' asses! These traitors do not abide by the will of the American people but answer only to their Zionist masters in Israel. They should all be stripped of their American citizenship immediately and shipped over to Israel on the first available flight.

There has been absolutely no outcry from the US or the Canadian governments over the massacre of 9 humanitarian workers on May 31st, 2010. Again, it is time to remove all of these slaves to Israel out of our governments immediately.

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