Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Falsehood Of History Exposed...

With all the news focused on the Israeli massacre of Humanitarian Aid workers on board unarmed ships traveling to the Concentration camp known as Gaza, we sometimes forget that there are other important issues going on elsewhere in the world.

In my continuing efforts to expose the lies of history, I sometimes come across material that touches the most taboo part of the 20th Century, the Jewish Holocaust of World War II. It is again important to emphasize here that because I live in Canada, I cannot state my beliefs in what really happened during that period of history, due to the fact that if I was to put up any rational analysis of that period, I could be falsely arrested for being a "denier"!

But I can focus on the items that have been put forward that have helped scam artists get rich off of the Holocaust. One important factor that has always been put into peoples' heads was the idea that the Nazi German government of the day took the bodies of the victims of the death camps, and used their bodies to make soap bars. I remember for years watching as people would pass through the Holocaust museums and observe these bars of soap on display, with the standard comment being that they were made from human remains. It was appalling to think that a civilized nation would conduct such horror.

Now it seems that the stories of Human soap bars may have finally been proven to be totally false. According to this article from, several of these "human remains" soap bars were analyzed in Canada, and found to contain absolutely NO human remains. Here is that article:

Bizarre bar of Nazi-engraved soap free of human remains, lab test shows

June 02, 2010 10:00 p.m.

MONTREAL - A closer look at a bar of swastika-engraved soap purportedly from the Second World War has confirmed it is not made of human remains.

Analysis performed by a laboratory in southern Ontario specializing in older items reveals the soap tested negative for human or animal DNA, Montreal police said Wednesday.

Insp. Paul Chablo said police received the results this week, a few months after sending the beige bar of soap to be analyzed.

"The results were negative and the conclusion is clear: no detectable quantity of DNA was found to be present within the bar of soap," Chablo said in an interview.

"It's just a regular bar of soap."

Chablo said police investigated following a complaint and amid rumours the soap may have been made of human fat made from Holocaust victims.

"The Holocaust was a traumatizing experience for the Jewish community and it's something that cannot be taken lightly," Chablo said.

"And when you're talking about having human remains in soap, it is to a certain extent criminal, so it had to be investigated."

There have been stories over the years that the Nazis produced soap from the victims of the Holocaust, but the allegations have been debunked by historians and scientists.

This latest bar of soap was seized from a Montreal curiosity shop a few months ago following a media frenzy.

The storeowner said he bought it from a former soldier and that it was from Poland circa 1940.

B'nai Brith Canada sent a representative to the shop to investigate and filed a police complaint.

In a March interview with The Canadian Press, shopkeeper Abraham Botines said he had no idea whether the soap was actually made of human remains but that he simply wanted to sell it because he no longer wished to keep it.

It's not uncommon to see Nazi memorabilia for sale. It is not illegal to sell items bearing a swastika in Canada.

The soap sparked a controversy in the Jewish community as groups called the potential sale of the item "offensive."

Now, the director of the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre says there is no point in preserving such an item and that it has no historical value.

"If anything, it was an object that glorified, rather than educated about, the Holocaust," said Alice Herscovitch.

"What it shows is that people try to profit from the Holocaust as they try to profit from anything else."

Botines, who is Jewish, said he failed in previous attempts to sell the bar to a Holocaust museum. He had recently been seeking about $300 for the item.

Chablo said police don't plan to pursue any charges and the soap will be returned.

NTS Notes: For those that are now crying: "How dare you insult the memories of those that died in the Holocaust?", I can say to them that I am doing them a favor. It is important to expose the scam artists that are getting rich from profiting off of the LIES of the Holocaust. If the soap stories are lies, then it is most important for them to be exposed to keep the real truths about that period intact and from being tarnished.

As I have said, and from what it even says in this article, scam artists have gotten rich from the profits of their lies about the Holocaust. It is important to have all the lies exposed because the true victims of that time period deserve the truth to be told.

Again I only touch material that can be researched. Canadian draconian laws forbids real closer inspection and research into the Holocaust, and therefore the truth will continue to be easily distorted by scam artists. These scams need to be exposed.

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Rachel said...

How can you tell the war is not over yet?
By the propaganda that never stopped.

I'm not allowed to talk and ask, either.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I want to expose the rats who are getting rich off of the so called "Holocaust Industry".

We have already proven that there are consumate liars out there such as Elie Weisel.... These are the ones who are out to get rich off of the gullible goyim!