Thursday, June 10, 2010

America: Again, YOU Voted For This Traitor!

I am truly amazed at the lack of any condemnation on the part of the entire US Government to the Israeli massacre of innocent Humanitarian aid workers on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla last week. The total control of the US Government by Zionist Jewish interests is so sickening, and most Americans are not even aware that they are nothing more than slaves to a foreign power!

Now comes the next sad chapter in the continuing march of US Congressmen, and Senators, to the beat of their Jewish masters. This time, a top Republican Senator is putting through a resolution to the US Senate asking for full support for Israel's recent murder of innocent people in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla! Here is that article:

US Senator unveils pro-Israel resolution in flotilla feud

Wed Jun 9, 5:53 pm ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A top Republican US Senator on Wednesday unveiled a resolution fully supporting Israel's actions in its deadly raidon a Gaza-bound ship, while condemning the pro-Palestinian activists aboard.

Republican Senator John Cornyn's non-binding measure, if approved, would affirm the US Senate's belief "that Israel has an inherent and undeniable right to defend itself against any threat to the safety of itscitizens."

Many US lawmakers have expressed strong support for Washington's staunchest Middle East ally since the May 31 Israeli commando raid on the Mavi Marmara ship, which left nine activists dead, though some have pleaded for patience until the full facts of the operation are known.

The ship was part of a flotilla that aimed to break the blockade Israel imposed on Gaza in 2006 after the capture of one of its soldiers and tightened the following year when the Islamist Hamas movementseized power.

Cornyn's resolution would reaffirm US support for Israel and "condemn the violent attack and provocation by extremists aboard the Mavi Marmara, who created a highly destabilizing incident in a region that cannot afford further instability."

It also aimed to "condemn any future such attempts to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza for the purpose of creating or provoking violent confrontation or otherwise undermining the security of Israel."

The measure would condemn Hamas for rejecting Israel's right to exist, for its "human rights abuses" against Gaza's people, and its opposition to Middle East peace efforts, and would condemn Iran for supporting Hamas.

It also would encourage Turkey, which expressed outrage at the raid, "to recognize the importance of continued strong relations with Israel" and express "profound disappointment with the counterproductive actions of the United Nations regarding this incident."

NTS Notes: Here is another American government official that should immediately surrender his American citizenship, and board the first plane out the country and fly to Israel. This traitor definitely shows who he answers to, and it is not the citizens of the United States.

How the hell can the American public still not get it? How can Americans continue to sit idly by while their so called "elected" representatives continue to kiss the ass of a foreign power? Why are Americans not rising and removing these fools from their own government?

It seems that America is nothing more than a shadow today of its former greatness, and its citizens will do nothing to stop these criminals. America is now nothing more than another Zionist Jewish dominated state!

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