Monday, May 31, 2010

Very Good Question: What If IRAN Had Carried Out The Gaza Flotilla Carnage?

Again, it seems that the Zionist Jewish controlled Mainstream Media is staying quiet about the massacre of civilians in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. It is absolutely sickening that these so called news services are bowing down to their Zionist Jewish masters and avoiding the Israeli murder of innocent people at all cost.

Which brings out an interesting question, that I found through the website: Rense at The question is simple, but the implications are astounding: What if Iran had carried out the Gaza (flotilla) carnage? Here is that article:

What If Iran Had Carried
Out The Gaza Carnage?

By Kourosh Ziabari

It's not unjustifiable to consider Israel as the absolute incarnation of fraudulence, relentlessness and brutality. Since its establishment, the Zionist regime has carried out actions which contravene the international regulations and cancel out the human rights in a way or another. Only a brief look into the account of Israel's bloody interaction with the Palestinian people over the past years shows us that this fabricated regime does not deserve "the right of existence", as the U.S. and European officials put it periodically.

The Monday assault of the Israel Defense Forces into the flotilla of humanitarian aids which was heading to the besieged Gaza Strip from Turkey left at least 10 dead and several other wounded. Never mind that Israel's criminal action violated the 4th Geneva 1949 Convention. Just imagine for a single moment that Iran had carried out the carnage instead of Israel.

Simply replace the two names and then read the news as reported by CNN: "The Free Gaza Movement, one of the organizers of the aid, said that Israeli commandos dropped from a helicopter onto the deck of one of the ships early Monday and immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians."

Since September 2000, Israel killed more than 6,300 Palestinians, most of whom were children and defenseless civilians. Israel has also demolished more than 25,000 Palestinian homes since 1967. It possess up to 200 nuclear warheads in violation of the United Nations Security Council resolution 487. Interestingly, it receives something around $7 million of military aid from the U.S. per day. 7,383 Palestinians are being kept in the prisons of Israel. The racist regime of Israel has built 223 settlements on the Palestinians' confiscated lands. Over the six-year period between September 2000 and February 2006, 36589 Palestinians were injured by the Israeli forces of whom 3530 Palestinians were permanently disabled or maimed. Shockingly, this six-year period was witness to the confiscation of 249680 km2 of Palestinian lands. Israeli forces even refused to overlook the Palestinian trees as they uprooted 1,187,762 Palestinian trees from 2000 to 2006. This shows the nature of the brutal regime of Israel which is even at odds with the natural resources and trees, let alone the human beings.

Although it's practically unthinkable, try to replace Iran and Israel, imagining for a single moment that Iran is the occupying state that kills at least two foreign civilians a day, beleaguers some 1.5 million people who don't have any access to the barest rudiments of their daily life and live under the continual threats of military assault and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Would the so-called international community tolerate it? Would the UN Secretary General suffice to a simple "expression of concern" with regards to such an incessant viciousness, if it had not been Israel?

To be honest with ourselves, Israel is enjoying an unconditional impunity from all of the international rules, laws and regulations and acts like an autonomous state which does not come in terms with any obligation and responsibility. After the dissolution of South Africa's apartheid regime, which was recently revealed to have had a nuclear deal with Tel Aviv in 1957, Israel is the only apartheid entity which remains on the face of the world map and the unyielding supports of the superpowers holds up this flimsy existence at any rate.

United States and its European allies never gave in their supports to the Israel and backed the felonies of Tel Aviv even in the most crucial pivots, such as the Operation Cast Lead of the September 2008 January 2009 which led to the termination of Israel's diplomatic relations with four countries: Venezuela, Bolivia, Qatar and Mauritania.

Anyway, the international reactions to the latest brutality of Israel in a pre-dawn attacking to the civilians asleep in a humanitarian aids flotilla which included 700 peace activists from different nationalities was expectable and at the same time, unpardonably deplorable.

The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has several times attacked Iran over its nuclear program has simply expressed his regret over the deaths and injuries which "occurred", shrugging off to the responsibility of the atrocious perpetrator and the architect of the massacre. "Canada deeply regrets the loss of life and the injuries suffered. We are currently looking for more information in order to shed light on what exactly happened." The ridiculous statement of the Canadian Premier reads. Canada is still looking for information about what has happened! Maybe the Israel Defense Force can answer the questions well! "They had not coordinated with us as to the shipping of humanitarian aids into Gaza, so we shot them killed in the morning."

The reaction of the other countries was not something of more value. Some of them summoned the Israeli ambassadors for clarifications, some of them regretted the death of civilians and sympathized with the families of the dead, some of them expressed their "serious concern" over the happening and the rest remained indifferent as the Israeli officials gave their strong backing to the massacre, leaving thousands of unanswered questions and bunches of ambiguity regarding the modality of international relations which make a fabricated state such as Israel so guaranteed and impervious to international regulations that nobody can stop it.

The NPT 2010 review conference in which 189 countries unanimously called on Israel to put its nuclear activities and facilities under the comprehensive IAEA safeguards was similarly responded arrogantly by Tel Aviv: We are not NPT signatory and thus we don't need its supervision, we want to possess our nuclear weapons to use them whenever necessary!

Anyway, the "international community" which in the most cases comprises the United States and its European friends who gave birth to this inauspicious child should tolerate the consequences of the great mistake they made 60 years ago. From the very beginning, it was clear that the establishment of the regime of Israel would be tantamount to insecurity, anxiety and disorder in the Middle East. Now Israel is expanding the frontiers of its aggressiveness and one can easily foresee the days when the European and American civilians are massacred by the Zionist regime, a simple instance of which we witnessed in the flotilla case.

Again, I'm thinking of the same question. What would happen if Iran, my country, had carried out such a vicious action? The country which has never attacked nor occupied any lands over the past 100 years; the country which has never killed any foreign civilian under fallacious pretexts; would it have been treated the same way as Israel?

NTS Notes: I can answer the question very easily here: If Iran had carried out the attack, then the world right now would be marching towards an attack and/or an invasion of Iran itself right now.

But of course, the Zionist Jews control much of the world's governments, and these countries will not absolutely nothing to upset their masters' wishes. Again, it is absolutely sickening, and it is so obvious now that Israel (again) will get away with murdering innocent people.

It is a wake up call for all people to finally realize the control that these criminals have over the entire planet. It is up to us to stop their tyranny.

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The Gaza Freedom Flotilla Massacre: Israeli Commandos Had Advance Target Assassination List Made For This Flotilla! (Sickening!)

The US Zionist Jewish controlled media is now working overtime in its vain attempts to spin the massacre of at least 19 civilians on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that was attempting unsuccessfully to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. But it seems that no matter how hard they try to spin the murderous assault by Israeli Commandos, they are failing miserably.

Now to further show that the Israelis not only conducted the massacre, but had planned the massacre for some time now, comes new revelations via that shows that the Israeli Commandos had a prepared list of who to murder on the ships in the flotilla! This is an astounding revelation, and here is that article for my readers to view:

Turkish sources and media revealed a document which shows that a death list had been prepared in advance by the Israelis, showing names and pictures of people on board of the ships to be murdered, who, according to Israel, were “involved in the International humanitarian aid for Gaza”. According to the Turkish sources, hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed the blue Turkish ship “Marmara” flotilla and they had copies of the death list. The list included the names of civilians on the fleet who should be killed”. The document was apparently recovered after one of the Israeli soldiers lost it during the piracy act.

NTS Notes: This clearly shows that the Israelis were sent to these ships to murder some of the passengers. There is absolutely no doubt any more that Israel prepared in advance to have their Commandos swoop down on these ships and murder certain civilians on board. How can the world continue to stand by and do nothing about this act of murder and piracy?

Israel is guilty of war crimes, murder, and piracy on the high seas. We must all get the message out to make sure that they are brought to justice for this crime against humanity!

More to come


Barry Soetoro Bows To His Zionist Masters: Asks Criminal Netanyahu About "Facts" Behind Murderous Israeli Gaza Flotilla Attack!

I have been waiting like most people around the rest of the world for a response coming from the United States Zionist Jewish controlled Government, to the murderous attack by the criminal state of Israel against the unarmed Gaza Freedom Flotilla earlier today. It seems that the US Government is doing its own spinning before they come up with some pathetic response to the heinous murders to appease their Zionist Jewish masters just like other nations around the world.

Now it seems that according to the criminal Israeli propaganda site,, Barry Soetoro is asking for "facts" about the raid, rather than come out and at least "condemn" the murderous assault! Here is that Jerusalem Post article:

Obama tells Netanyahu on phone: We need raid 'facts' ASAP

US President Barak Obama postpones Oval Office meeting with the prime minister, presses for IDF flotilla-raid details, expresses "deep regret at loss of life."

WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama spoke by telephone with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday after the latter cancelled a planned Oval Office meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

During their 15-minute conversation, Obama conveyed his understanding for Netanyahu’s decision to return immediately to Israel from Canada and not stop in Washington following the deadly clash between the IDF and activists trying to break the Gaza blockade earlier in the day.

The two leaders also agreed to reschedule their meeting at the first opportunity. “The president expressed deep regret at the loss of life in today's incident, and concern for the wounded, many of whom are being treated in Israeli hospitals,” a statement put out by the White House read. “The president also expressed the importance of learning all the facts and circumstances around this morning's tragic events as soon as possible.”

The visit had been expected to reaffirm the strong US-Israel relationship after weeks of tension and provide a public welcome to Netanyahu after his nighttime White House visit in March was conducted under a total media blackout. It was to come in the midst of nascent proximity talks between Israelis and Palestinians as the US sought to build momentum to move to direct negotiations and ahead of a high-profile visit of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House next Tuesday.

“It shows how hard it is to purposefully change the momentum” in Middle East peace-making, Jonathan Alterman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies noted. “Even when you try to build small steps to change things, the waves come crashing down.”

He also assessed that in contrast to the Europeans, who already were using the incident Monday to reinforce calls for an end to the Gaza blockade, the Americans would want to have a fuller grasp of the situation before reviewing Gaza policy.

“On the American side there’s going to be a real desire to understand what happened,” he said.

NTS Notes: So let me get this straight.... The President of the United States calls the one who ordered the murder of innocent civilians on board unarmed ships in international waters, and asks for the murderer's "facts" behind the attack? What the hell is the world coming to when this known murderer's side of the story is taken as the truth without checking all the real "facts" first?

I have stated it for years now that the United States Government is nothing more than Israeli occupied territory, and again because of the pathetic responses coming (slowly) from the President and other Zio-stooges, I am proven correct again. This so called President is waiting for his masters' instructions in Tel Aviv before he goes in front of the American public with the "facts" behind the flotilla attack! In the meantime all he can say is that he "has deep regret" at the loss of life? Un-flipping-believable!

Guaranteed the US Government spin doctors are also working overtime before they come up with some kind of "response" to this murder just to make Israel come out smelling like a rose. And the American public continues to put up with this? Pathetic indeed...

More to come


Pathetic World Reaction To Israel's Outright Murder

I have been waiting to see the response from the biggest Zionist Jewish shill of them all, Barry Soetoro, to the heinous murder of civilians on board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that was attacked in International Waters while enroute to Gaza itself. I am not holding my breath that the Americans will do anything to hurt their masters in Tel Aviv.

However, I have been watching the response so far from other nations around the planet to the criminal Israeli actions. From what I am seeing as shown in this latest article from the ultimate Zionist propaganda machine,, it seems the reaction from around the globe goes from poor non-confrontational "condemnation" to outright pathetic words and rhetoric only:

World reaction to Israel's pre-dawn raid

May 31, 2010 9:09 a.m. EDT

(CNN) -- The United Nations said it is shocked at the loss of life during the Israeli military pre-dawn raid on a flotilla of six ships carrying aid for the Palestinian territory of Gaza.

The U.N. has urged Israel to take no further steps that could endanger civilian lives.

"We wish to make clear that such tragedies are entirely avoidable if Israel heeds the repeated calls of the international community to end its counterproductive and unacceptable blockade of Gaza," said a joint statement from Robert Serry, U.N. Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Filippo Grandi, Commissioner-General of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency.

White House spokesman Bill Burton said the United States "deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy."

10 dead after pre-dawm commando raid

The British Foreign Office said it was seeking "urgent clarification" into the incident, while the Swedish foreign ministry summoned Israel's ambassador, a spokeswoman said.

Former prime minister Tony Blair, a Mideast envoy and member of the Middle East Quartet, a group of nations working toward peace in the region, said in a statement Monday: "I express deep regret and shock at the tragic loss of life. There obviously has to be a full investigation into what has happened. Once again I repeat my view that we need a different and better way of helping the people of Gaza and avoiding the hardship and tragedy that is inherent in the present situation."

According to CNN affiliate TV4, 11 Swedes are among the activists traveling aboard the ships.

Greece and France were among the other nations to summon the Israeli ambassador to demand a report on the safety of passengers aboard the flotilla.

After the meeting, the Greek foreign ministry said that the visit of the Israeli Joint Chiefs -- scheduled for Tuesday -- is being postponed, and that the Greek-Israeli military exercise that was in progress has been discontinued. A Greek foreign affairs ministry official could not say how many Greeks were aboard the six ships.

An indignant Turkey recalled its ambassador from Israel, canceled three planned military exercises with the Israeli military and called home its youth national football team, which had two games scheduled in Israel, said Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc.

Protests continued Monday outside the Israeli embassy in Istanbul. The protests, which began on Sunday, were largely peaceful, but police did use water cannons at one point to keep demonstrators at bay.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said the raid will inflame the region.

"Lebanon strongly condemns this attack and calls on the international community, and specifically on the major countries which are supposed to be responsible about the peace process, to take action in order to stop this continuous violation of human rights, which is putting the international peace at risk," Hariri said.

Pakistan said it was concerned about the well-being and whereabouts of two journalists who were aboard the flotilla.

"The Government of Pakistan strongly condemns the use of brazen force by Israel against a humanitarian Mission that was embarked on delivering humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza," the country's foreign ministry said.

"The killing of members of this humanitarian mission, which also included women, is brutal, inhuman and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and norms."

Earlier, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said there was no excuse for an attack "by armed forces on a humanitarian convoy."

"The Palestinian government strongly condemns this crime, which portrays, once again, Israeli disrespect for the lives of innocent civilians, and its disrespect for international law," Fayyad said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called for three days of mourning in the Palestinian territories, while Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator said the attack was "on civilians who came from all over the world peacefully with wheelchairs and food supplies and medical supplies."

Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, said: "The Israeli occupation tries to deny this massacre by saying that the activists on the boat are from Hamas and Muslim brotherhood and this is a lying campaign, because the activists are international activists and between them are parliament members of western countries and know international peace activists."

NTS Notes: So again it seems Israel and its Zionist Jewish power brokers around the planet dominate nations and all nations are handcuffed by what they can do against this latest Israeli aggression as a result. The pathetic response from the world's nations to this heinous murdering of innocent people by the criminal state of Israel just means that the criminal Zionist Jewish state can act with impunity and get away with almost anything it wants!

I must repeat it again as I have said it before. People around the world must finally stand up against criminal Zionist Judaism and put a halt to their criminal activities. The victims of this heinous attack deserve so much better!

More to come


Feeble Response To Israeli Murder On The High Seas: Turkey Withdraws Their Ambassador To Israel (Watch The Israelis Tremble!)

We all know by now about Israel's total control over most governments around the world, and the fact that these countries bow down to their Zionist Jewish masters upon command. It is almost pathetic how low these leaders go to appease their Jewish masters.

Now with the murderous attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, we all are waiting for some response with some bite against these Zionist Jewish murderers. However, according to this article from, it seems that the response is again nothing but pathetic rhetoric and no real action in bringing these murderers to justice:

Turkey withdraws ambassador to Israel over deaths

AP foreign, Monday May 31 2010

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's deputy prime minister says Turkey is withdrawing its ambassador to Israel, canceling three joint military drills and calling on the U.N. Security Council to convene in an emergency session about Israel.

The moves come after 10 pro-Palestinian activists on an aid flotilla were reported killed and dozens wounded by Israeli forces.

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc says Turkey is withdrawing its ambassador on Monday and also calling back a youth soccer team from Israel. He equates Israel's actions with "piracy."

He rules out deploying Turkish warships in the Mediterranean but severely condemns Israel.

NTS Notes: So let me get this straight: The flotilla was flying a Turkish flag, was attacked in International Waters, and up to 20 innocent civilians were killed! The attack is tantamount to an act of war, and the best that Turkey does is to "condemn the attack" and withdraw their Ambassador from the evil state of Israel? I can just see the Israeli leadership trembling with fear (laughter) over this forceful action by Turkey! What the hell is the world coming to that criminals can get away with murder?

I am still waiting to see what the shills in Washington do to "condemn" this act of war and murder. Guaranteed from what we are seeing from the rest of the Zionist stooges around the planet, Israel will again get away with their murderous ways!

More to come


From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXXXII: Gaza Flotilla Humanitarian Aid Workers Caused Their Own Deaths (!) By "Attacking" Israeli Commandos(?)

The Israeli pack of lies continues with aspect to their murder of innocent civilians on board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on the high seas. These people are nothing more than inhuman beasts that want to somehow spin their murderous assault into some type of self defense excuses against unarmed civilians!

Now comes a new excuse by the murderous Israelis, which belongs in my Files of (Absolute) Absurdity. It seems that according to this article, from, the Israeli disinformation media is spinning the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla with an outrageously idiotic report that "International Activists" caused their own deaths (!) by attacking "nonconfrontational" Israeli Commandos! How stupid do these criminals really take the public for? Anyways, here is that article for you to read:

International activists cause their own deaths by attacking nonconfrontational Israeli commandos

Belén Fernández

IDF Spokesperson Avital Liebovitxh

May 31, 2010

At a press briefing this morning following the massacre by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commandos of passengers on board the Mavi Marmara, one of the boats pertaining to the Freedom Flotilla attempting to break the siege of Gaza, IDF spokeswoman Avital Liebovitch claimed that the passengers had engaged in "severe violence against our soldiers."

According to Liebovitch, the violence was premeditated and was administered via live fire, sharp items such as knives, and weapons "grabbed" from the IDF commandos. While underscoring Israel’s unique ability to portray its armed forces as victims, the analysis failed to provide a compelling reason for why—if the alleged attack using grabbed weapons was indeed premeditated—the IDF did not throw a wrench in the works by simply refraining from raiding the ship.

Apparently not satisfied with sporadic violations of logic, Liebovitch reiterated that the IDF had not desired a confrontation with the activists but that the justness of the confrontation— which she herself admitted occurred "not in Israeli territory"—had since been proven given the passengers’ alleged reaction. The Israeli tendency to award retroactive justification to its actions was also evident during the 2008-2009 attack on Gaza, which Israel advertised as a defensive war against Palestinian rockets by severing the portion of the cause-and-effect timeline that involved deliberate Israeli violations of the ceasefire agreement with Hamas. The inversion of aggressor and victim did not of course prevent Gazan civilians from perishing in this particular confrontation at a rate of approximately 400:1 vis-à-vis their Israeli counterparts.

As for the inversion of aggressor and victim aboard the Mavi Marmara, a communiqué on the website of the Israeli Foreign Ministry this morning confirmed that pre-planned "life-threatening and violent activity" against the IDF commandos could have been averted had the humanitarian vessels heeded the invitation of the Israeli Navy to dock at Ashdod, "where they would be able to unload their aid material which would then be transferred over land [to Gaza] after undergoing security inspections." Such charitable offers regarding the fate of 10,000 tons of international aid have yet to be reconciled with the continuing Israel denial that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, or with the fact that pencils and laundry detergent have not in recent Gazan history been eligible for overland transfer. The naval invitation to Ashdod has meanwhile been called into question by Liebovitch’s declaration this morning that the purpose of the confrontation on the Mavi Marmara was simply to prevent the passengers’ entrance to Israel.

Other finishing touches to Liebovitch’s post-massacre performance include her announcement that it was fortunate that the commandos participating in the raid "had those guns" to defend themselves during the attack, despite her earlier claim that said weaponry had been a critical feature of the premeditated violence. We can only assume that the same sort of fortune is awaiting the IDF in the event that it is forced into another confrontation with Gazan civilians, whose fabricated humanitarian crisis is of course the root cause of the plot by international activists to attack Israeli soldiers.

also here: wp-content/uploads/2010/05/liebovitz-thumb.jpg

:: Article nr. 66516 sent on 31-may-2010 16:13 ECT

NTS Notes: I said in the previous article that you could wind copper wire around their spin masters, and power a small city with from their spinning of lies! Again, what do they take the public for? Complete fools? This type of rhetoric only makes them look more guilty than they already are.

Just the fantastic notion that unarmed civilians "attacked" well armed Commandos is insane enough. These criminals are desperate now to justify murder of civilians at all cost.

Another one for my Files Of Absurdity. There are plenty more coming, I can assure you.

More to come


From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume CXXXI: Israeli Ambassador To Denmark Claims Gaza Flotilla Had Links To Al Qaeda(!) (Absolutely Insane)

The spinning of the Israeli murder of innocent people on the Gaza humanitarian aid flotilla is now going nonstop. In theory, you could wind a coil of copper wire around the spinning, and the electricity generated could now power a small city!

Now comes one for my Files Of Absurdity. In the face of the outright murder of innocent unarmed people on this freedom flotilla, comes a report from, that according to a report coming out of Denmark, the Danish Israeli Ambassador is now claiming that the flotilla has links to "Al Qaeda" terrorists! I kid you not, and here is the article, with the English translation enclosed:

Israel claims the flotilla had Al qaeda! ... _3218.html

Un ambassadeur israélien évoque des liens entre les activistes et Al-Qaida

Selon l'ambassadeur d'Israël au Danemark, Arthur Avnon, "avant que la flottille ne pénètre dans les eaux israéliennes, des rumeurs couraient que les organisateurs (de cette action) avaient des relations avec le réseau terroriste Al-Qaida". "Les personnes à bord n'étaient pas si innocentes (...) et je ne peux m'imaginer qu'un autre pays aurait réagi différemment", a déclaré le diplomate israélien, dont les propos sont cités sur le site du groupe public de radio-télévision "Il y avait des armes à bord, nous ne pouvions donc pas naturellement laisser ces bateaux briser le blocus", a-t-il ajouté. "Nous avions estimé qu'il y avait des ennemis à bord. Nous n'avions pas d'autre choix (que d'engager cet assaut

"An Israeli ambassador suggests links between the militants and al-Qaeda

According to the Israeli ambassador to Denmark, Arthur Avnon, "before the fleet entered Israeli waters, rumors ran that the organizers (of this action) had connections with the terrorist network Al Qaeda." "Those on board were not so innocent (...) and I can not imagine that another country would have reacted differently," [translation by Ry]

I'll will just add that they were in international waters not Israeli waters, not that either case would make a difference. What Israel did was wrong no matter what.

NTS Notes: Now the Israelis are getting desperate in their vain attempts to deflect any world criticism of their heinous murders. This however is the most outrageous accusation so far from these criminals. Considering also that "Al Qaeda" does not exist, and is just a creation of the Mossad, this is doubly outrageous and laughable!

One more for my Files Of Absurdity. Guaranteed there will be plenty more in the coming days especially when it comes to the Zionist Jewish controlled media spin doctors working overtime in their attempts to cover this act of outright murder.

More to come


Criminal Murderer Netanyahu Cancels Meeting With Puppet Soetoro In Wake Of His Country's Murderous Attack On Gaza Flotilla

I have been watching the Zionist Jewish controlled media continue to spin at high speed in their vain attempts to find absolutely anything that makes their masters in Israel look good in spite of their murderous attack on the Gaza humanitarian aid flotilla. Their vain attempts are absolutely laughable and disgusting.

Now I want to put up an article from the Zionist Jewish propaganda mouthpiece, Haaretz, at that comes in the wake of the Israeli murder of innocent people on the high seas. This latest spin declares that the arch criminal himself, Netanyahu, has now "canceled" his meeting with US President Barry Soetoro in the wake of his country's massacre on the high seas. The BS meter is just exploding in this article:

Netanyahu cancels Obama meeting in wake of deadly Gaza flotilla clashes

Barak: Organizers of Gaza flotilla to blame for deadly clashes; IDF chief: Soldiers were forced to respond with live fire.

By Barak Ravid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided Monday to cancel his visit to the United States, where he had been invited to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama, in the wake of the deadly clashes that occurred after Israel Navy troops stormed a convoy of international activists carrying aid to the Gaza Strip.

Israel has defended the Navy's decision to open fire on the activists during the interception of the boat. At least 10 of the left-wing activists were killed in the incident, and several more wounded. Seven of the Israeli soldiers were wounded during the clashes, two of them seriously.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said earlier Monday that the organizers of the Gaza aid flotilla were to blame for the violent events aboard the ship.

In a press conference hours after the incident, Barak said that Israel was prepared to accept the consequences of its actions and would continue to protect its autonomy.

Barak voiced regret for the deaths, but called the flotilla a political provocation and said the sponsors of the flotilla were violent supporters of a terror organization.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, meanwhile, said the soldiers were forced by violent activists to respond with live fire.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said earlier Monday that the organizers of the Gaza aid flotilla have connections to international terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Al-Qaida, and called the aid convoy a violent and provocative attempt to break the blockade on Gaza.

Ayalon, speaking at a press conference at the Foreign Ministry, said that Israel found weapons aboard the Gaza flotilla, which were used against IDF troops.

The deputy foreign minister said that the Gaza flotilla did not heed Israel's calls to halt its movement toward Gaza on Monday morning, and stressed that no sovereign country would have allowed such a provocation to take place.

"We couldn't allow the opening of a corridor of smuggling arms and terrorists," said Ayalon.

The deputy foreign minister told reporters that Israel does not want to fight with any country, but that the incident on the Gaza flotilla is not yet over.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled his imminent trip to the United States, in wake of the deaths of at least 10 people after Israel Navy troops boarded a flotilla of ships heading to the Gaza Strip carrying aid.

Netanyahu, who was in Ottawa at the time of the incident, had planned to travel to Washington at the invitation of President Barack Obama.

The Israeli military said at least 10 people were killed after its troops came under fire while intercepting the convoy as it headed for the Gaza Strip.

Trade and Industry Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer voiced regret Monday morning for deaths aboard the Gaza-bound ships.

"The images are certainly not pleasant. I can only voice regret at all the fatalities," Ben-Eliezer told Army Radio.

NTS Notes: Netanyahu cancels his meeting with Soetoro, but more like he was in fear of his life from a very angry populace that has had enough of Israeli crimes against humanity. This criminal obviously ordered the assault being the Prime Minister, and therefore the criminal state of Israel's Commander in Chief. This man should be arrested immediately, and put into jail for this international war crime!

And where the hell is the Canadian press in all of this? I have stated that the compliant US Zio-media is spinning this story to make Israel look good, but I have not seen much from the Zio-stooges in Canada either. Just shows how much the Zionist Jews control this country just as much as their total control over the United States!

More to come


International Media Sources Cover Gaza Flotilla Massacre, But Where The Heck Is The Zionist Controlled US Media?

Continuing with reports on the massacre in International Waters of the Gaza Humanitarian Aid Flotilla, I am still astounded that the compliant and totally Zionist Jewish controlled American media outlets have not covered this massacre and blamed Israel for this heinous act against humanity! This is absolutely outrageous indeed!

I am enclosing a video of the latest Russian news report of the massacre here for my readers to view. My comments will follow:

NTS Notes: At least the international community is covering the massacre, but I am truly amazed at the latest spinning of this story claiming that the Israeli terrorists that attacked the flotilla came under gun fire from the civilians on board the boats! That is obviously an absolute lie and a feeble attempt by the murderous Israelis to claim they were acting in some type of self defense while they carried out their act of outright murder!

Again to my American readers... I want all of you to go and contact your local media sources and demand that they cover this most important story. Israel must be made to pay for this murderous crime against humanity!

More to come


Israel Massacres Gaza Freedom Flotilla Sailors And Civilians, And The Media Stays Ignorant?

I have received several emails over the last few days asking why I have not touched on the small fleet of ships on their way to Gaza with relief food and supplies for the people in the Gaza Strip concentration camp. I did not want to put up any articles, because that subject had already been covered by others in the real truth movement and I would only be parroting their own fine work in my blog. I, like others was hoping to congratulate the flotilla on its ability to send necessary supplies to the impoverished people of Gaza.

However, the ghastly results of the criminal state of Israel over the last 24 hours can not be avoided, even by myself. Nobody and I mean nobody must stand idly by while they massacre innocent civilians on board these ships. Here is an article from that describes in detail the attack of the criminal Israelis in International waters on this unarmed convoy:

Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet

Israeli forces have attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships aiming to break the country's siege on Gaza.

At least 19 people were killed and dozens injured when troops intercepted the convoy of ships dubbed the Freedom Flotilla early on Monday, Israeli radio reported.

The flotilla was attacked in international waters, 65km off the Gaza coast.

Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokeswoman, confirmed that the attack took place in international waters, saying: "This happened in waters outside of Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves."

Footage from the flotilla's lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, showed armed Israeli soldiers boarding the ship and helicopters flying overhead.

Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, on board the Mavi Marmara, said Israeli troops had used live ammunition during the operation.

The Israeli military said four soldiers had been wounded and claimed troops opened fire after "demonstrators onboard attacked the IDF Naval personnel with live fire and light weaponry including knives and clubs".

Free Gaza Movement, the organisers of the flotilla, however, said the troops opened fire as soon as they stormed the convoy.

Our correspondent said that a white surrender flag was raised from the ship and there was no live fire coming from the passengers.

Before losing communication with our correspondent, a voice in Hebrew was clearly heard saying: "Everyone shut up".

Israeli intervention

Earlier, the Israeli navy had contacted the captain of the Mavi Marmara, asking him to identify himself and say where the ship was headed.

Shortly after, two Israeli naval vessels had flanked the flotilla on either side, but at a distance.

Organisers of the flotilla carrying 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid then diverted their ships and slowed down to avoid a confrontation during the night.

They also issued all passengers life jackets and asked them to remain below deck.

Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from Jerusalem, said the Israeli action was surprising.

"All the images being shown from the activists on board those ships show clearly that they were civilians and peaceful in nature, with medical supplies on board. So it will surprise many in the international community to learn what could have possibly led to this type of confrontation," he said.

Meanwhile, Israeli police have been put on a heightened state of alert across the country to prevent any civil disturbances.

Sheikh Raed Salah,a leading member of the Islamic Movement who was on board the ship, was reported to have been seriously injured. He was being treated in Israel's Tal Hasharon hospital.

In Um Al Faham, the stronghold of the Islamic movement in Israel and the birth place of Salah, preparations for mass demonstrations were under way.


Condemnation has been quick to pour in after the Israeli action.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, officially declared a three-day state of mourning over Monday's deaths.

Turkey, Spain, Greece, Denmark and Sweden have all summoned the Israeli ambassador's in their respective countries to protest against the deadly assault.

Thousands of Turkish protesters tried to storm the Israeli consulate in Istanbul soon after the news of the operation broke. The protesters shouted "Damn Israel" as police blocked them.

"(The interception on the convoy) is unacceptable ... Israel will have to endure the consequences of this behaviour," the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement.

Ismail Haniya, the Hamas leader in Gaza, has also dubbed the Israeli action as "barbaric".

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists, including a Nobel laureate and several European legislators, were with the flotilla, aiming to reach Gaza in defiance of an Israeli embargo.

The convoy came from the UK, Ireland, Algeria, Kuwait, Greece and Turkey, and was comprised of about 700 people from 50 nationalities.

But Israel had said it would not allow the flotilla to reach the Gaza Strip and vowed to stop the six ships from reaching the coastal Palestinian territory.

The flotilla had set sail from a port in Cyprus on Sunday and aimed to reach Gaza by Monday morning.

Israel said the boats were embarking on "an act of provocation" against the Israeli military, rather than providing aid, and that it had issued warrants to prohibit their entrance to Gaza.

It asserted that the flotilla would be breaking international law by landing in Gaza, a claim the organisers rejected.

NTS Notes: I put into my own title for this article the fact that the compliant Zionist Jewish controlled media outlets all over the world have so far refused to even put up any information about this massacre! This is absolutely astounding and a travesty against all humanity.

We must all demand that so called "news" organizations, and all media outlets cover this travesty. This is an attack on unarmed people in international waters, which is not only a violation of all international laws, but is an act of piracy! The world must immediately demand action against Israel for this murder, and that criminal state must be held accountable for this heinous crime.

I am waiting to see what the Zionist stooges and flunkies in the US Government will say about this criminal murderous action..... Guaranteed there will be some media spin coming soon to make Israel look good for this act of blatant murder. Murder is murder, and we must all demand action to bring these murderers to justice.

As I have said, the freedom flotilla with humanitarian aid to Gaza has been covered extremely well by other bloggers, and I mistakenly have not put up any articles about it in my own blog, and decided to concentrate on other subjects. I will not make that mistake again.

More to come


Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Nation Of Complete Idiotic, Brain-Dead, Cowardly Sheep!

It does not take a rocket scientist to dismiss all of the BS media hype and realize that our entire way of life is on the verge of total collapse and disarray. The BS Zionist Jewish controlled media continues with their lies and falsehoods, claiming that the economy is recovering. I cannot believe how people are not more angry, rising up against the crimes of these criminals, and taking their nations back for our future generations. It seems that the world is rapidly falling into madness.

Now comes a new article that I found through, that comes from a former NASA scientist, named Clark McClelland. The title speaks for itself, and I wanted to place the entire article here for my own readers to read:

A Nation Of Complete Idiotic,
Brain-Dead, Cowardly Sheep

By Clark McClelland
Former NASA Scientist

This once great nation known as the United States of America has now disappeared.

You may ask, why? - especially if you are a MORON.

Because most of YOU who are reading this are to BLAME. I call all of YOU STUPID BRAIN-DEAD COWARDS.

You have NOT initiated ACTION to save our beloved country. Can you UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD? YOU have elected many other BRAIN DEAD and treasonous sheeple to govern YOUR LIVES.

Many in the USA have, in recent years, attacked the French. Why? At least the French have taken courageous action in their past to behead those who have caused mass death and destruction to their country similar to what is now happening in this once great nation.

The birth-right, taxpaying, patriotic citizens in this now dead society have allowed a mass invasion from the South to destroy OUR educational and health systems and essentially, most of our State and Local economies.

These invaders from the South have brought disease, drugs, crime and racism to all American citizens of all ethnic backgrounds. Does that sound like homeland 'security' to any of you? No, it is TREASON from DC and the Red House. Yes, there are a few from the South who deserve understanding...but that figure is virtually zero compared to the total of 30+ million illegals who have been INVITED to come here.

YOU have elected 'politicians' from all parties who are continually committing HIGH TREASON against you and our country. Many members of the US Congress, Senate and the White House should be so charged.

Obama cowardly bowed to the Mexican President and KISSED his ASS in our own naton's CAPITOL. Obama agreed with Calderon that OUR State of Arizona is wrong in trying to STOP the flood of illegal immigration into the US. Arizona is only complying and enforcing EXISTING Federal Law. A so-called US President agrees with Calderon who cannot stop massive corruption, criminality and drug crime massacres in his own country. Has this action shown that Obama is also very stupid? And is it the plan of HIS bosses, the Shadow Government, to destroy the USA?

There is a very dangerous and parasitic disease - a cancer - eating away at our beloved country and our freedoms. It has destroyed our industrial base and jobs that our birth-right citizens should be employed in. Obama agrees with that decision. Wise up, America...that is called HIGH TREASON.

Our brave and courageous military is presently fighting two unjust foreign wars in which the US has genocided at least 4 million human beings.

Meanwhile, OUR nation is being destroyed from within. Our military must come home and fight to save our own country. We can start by placing them on the Mexican border and CLOSE IT DOWN.

There is NO difference in the two major political parties. The Democrats and Republicans are equally greedy, self serving, and treasonous criminals. They are controlled by an EVIL Shadow Government, as is the sock-puppet Obama.

Both parties and Obama are destroying our NASA Manned Space Program. It is NOW, without question, the Russian Space Program. They are still the USSR. Our so-called, former (former?) enemies have, with the help of Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc., now taken total control over your US Space Program and what is called, the International Space Station.

How many of you who voted for Obama are even aware that US tax money, YOUR money, paid for about 97 percent of that International Space Station?? Yes, you built and owned it...but now it belongs to Russia. The USA will now be forced to depend on Russia to orbit OUR NASA Astronauts to the ISS.

You say WHAT?? Yes, WAKE UP! If the Russians refuse to serve NASA wishes, what can we do about it? Start WW lll? Russia and China are allies. Think about that statement. We have massive treason going on in Washington DC an most Americans continue grazing on tv, beer, sports and 'entertainment.'

Ironically, the present shuttle mission that just successfully ended and the future final shuttle flight are dedicated to...get this: RUSSIA! Yes, DEDICTED to RUSSIA! Your dollars in action serving and honoring Russia.

The remaining three Space Shuttles are the final three that were constructed by Rockwell...and they can continue to fly. It is as if you bought a new car and retired it from use after it has reached 10,000 miles. Yes, they all will be history. Will our nation soon be history? Or, is it already history with Obama?

The shuttle has presently delivered a new Russian Laboratory and a docking assembly that is used by the shuttle and Russian crafts to dock at the ISS. It was designed and created by America to allow two separate spacecraft to dock. It was used on the past Apollo (NASA) and Soyuz (USSR) missions. Prior to that flight, we GAVE your tax paid docking assembly to the USSR. Our nations were still enemies at that time. Our own criminals in our past so-called Federal Government sold us out back then . And all these 'new' criminals continue to do so today. IT IS NOTHING LESS THAN HIGH TREASON.

The USA Atlas V rockets that put into orbit many heavy satellites, etc, have Russian-built rocket engines in them. Yes, they work well, BUT, our nation needs jobs to put our own people back to work. WHY are those Russian engines NOT replaced by rocket engines made in the USA? More TREASON again.

My family and I spent much of our lives building the US Space Program. Now Obama has, in a very short time, cancelled YOUR national Manned Space Program. Doesn't that appear seriously dangerous to you? Is it TREASON? Is grass green? Remember, all those in the Congress, Senate - and in White House - when you vote this year and in 2012. That is, IF we can still vote in the future.

Obama and his Secret Shadow Government that now controls ALL of the US Senate, Congress and White House have again SOLD US ALL OUT.



--Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
NOTE: Except for Super Patriot, Jeff Rense, there is no one else to spread these honest words. The News Media is controlled by that secret government.


Email -
Website -

NTS Notes: One needs to ask: How have the American public become so idiotic and brain dead as Mr. McClelland states? You need to look no further than the effect of the brainwashing media, the poor foods that constitutes the average American diet today, the long term effect of Fluoridated water on the mind and body, and the overall poor health of Americans today. This constant flow of poisons into the average American's mind, and body, and the consequential dumbing down of the entire populace is by the criminal design of the Zionist Jewish cabal that controls the entire country today. By keeping the people as mindless sheep helps in their ultimate aim of total world control as laid out in their blueprint Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

This is a wake up call for all people, and not just Americans. Our very futures are definitely at stake!

More to come


South Korean Corvette Sinking Was A False Flag Operation: Analysts Are (Finally) Questioning The Incident!

It seems that more and more people are finally waking up to the fact that the sinking of the South Korean corvette, the Cheonan, was a FALSE FLAG operation to get a new war going, this time against North Korea. Its about time, and knowing that it was a false flag operation will definitely help to prevent some evil plans of getting this new war off the ground.

Now it seems that some of the so called military analysts are finally waking up to the fact that this sinking stinks to high heaven. Now according to this new article from the Washington Post at, these "experts" are using common sense and questioning the entire incident. Here is that article:

Analysts question Korea torpedo incident

How is it that a submarine of a fifth-rate power was able to penetrate a U.S.-South Korean naval exercise and sink a ship that was designed for anti-submarine warfare?

Such questions are being fueled by suggestions in the South Korean and Japanese media that the naval exercise was intended to provoke the North to attack. The resulting public outcry in the South, according to this analysis, would bolster support for a conservative government in Seoul that is opposed to reconciliation efforts.

As fanciful as it may sound to Western ears, the case that OperationFoal Eagle was designed to provoke the North has been underscored by constant references in regional media to charts showing the location where the ship was sunk -- in waters close to, and claimed by, North Korea.

"Baengnyeong Island is only 20 kilometers from North Korea in an area that the North claims as its maritime territory, except for the South Korean territorial sea around the island,” Japanese journalist Tanaka Sakai wrote in the left-leaning Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus.

He called the sinking of the ship “an enigma.”

"The Cheonan was a patrol boat whose mission was to survey with radar and sonar the enemy’s submarines, torpedoes, and aircraft ... " Sakai wrote.

"If North Korean submarines and torpedoes were approaching, the Cheonan should have been able to sense it quickly and take measures to counterattack or evade. Moreover, on the day the Cheonan sank, US and ROK military exercises were under way, so it could be anticipated that North Korean submarines would move south to conduct surveillance. It is hard to imagine that the Cheonan sonar forces were not on alert."

The liberal Hankyoreh newspaper in Seoul echoed a similar theme.

“A joint South Korean-U.S. naval exercise involving several Aegis warships was underway at the time, and the Cheonan was a patrol combat corvette (PCC) that specialized in anti-submarine warfare. The question remains whether it would be possible for a North Korean submarine to infiltrate the maritime cordon at a time when security reached its tightest level and without detection by the Cheonan,” it reported.

American spy satellites were also monitoring the exercise, “so the U.S. would have known that North Korean submarines had left their ports on a mission,” adds Scott Snyder, director of Center for U.S.-Korea Policy at the Asia Foundation.

“The route the North Korean submarines apparently took was from the East Sea, not directly from the North across the NLL,” or Northern Limit Line, the sea boundary unilaterally imposed by Seoul. “Essentially, they went the roundabout way and came at the ROK vessel from behind,” he said.

But Bruce Klingner, chief of the CIA’s Korea Branch in the 1990s, said “anti-submarine operations are far more difficult than is often realized.

“Beyond the obvious difficulty in tracking something that is designed to operate quietly, navies are confronted with natural acoustical phenomena as shallow, noisy littoral waters and layers of water salinity which can provide cover for submarines.”

Moreover, says Terence Roehrig, a professor at the Naval War College, “the Cheonan was an older Pohang-class corvette and not one of these [newer] ships.”

“Satellite and communications coverage of sub bases can tell when subs have left base…” adds Bruce Bechtol, Jr., professor of international relations at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College. “It cannot tell locations of submarines once they are at sea -- unless they surface or communicate.”

“A mini-submarine like the type that is assessed to have penetrated the NLL is designed specifically for covert maneuvering in shallow waters like those that exist off of the west coast of the Korean Peninsula,” he said.

“It appears from the reports that [the South Korean Ministry of Defense] has released that a submarine departed port off the west coast of North Korea, accompanied by a support vessel. The submarine perhaps could have come fairly close to the NLL using diesel power, then switched to battery power, which is much quieter,” Bechtol added. “The submarine could have then slipped past the NLL at an appropriate time and waited for a ROK ship to approach.”

Suspicions about what happened, Bechtol said, are unwarranted.

“The fact of the matter is, a submarine did infiltrate into South Korean waters -- and they have done so in the past fairly frequently," he said.

"It is their mission.”

By Jeff Stein | May 27, 2010; 4:19 PM ET
Categories: Foreign policy , Intelligence , Military

NTS Notes: As stated in this article, the North Korean navy does not have the capability of launching such an attack, and that the entire incident deserves a closer look. To call the sinking an "enigma" is obviously to cover the fact that these experts are now clueless as to how such an attack took place.

I will explain it to the so called experts in a nutshell here: Someone with stealthy submarine technology interceded in the military training exercise, positioned itself close enough to the Cheonan, and launched a German made torpedo into the ship! By the fact that the torpedo was German made, means that the submarine was also German made. Therefore, the so called experts should be looking at the navies that have German made submarines with stealth technology.

Now comes some real information for these experts...There is only one navy in the entire world that possesses German stealth capable submarines, has a history of false flag attacks around the world, and would not think twice about launching such a clandestine operation. That country is none other than the Zionist Jewish state of Israel.

I have stated it for several articles, and I will state it again.... This operation was conducted to get the world involved in a new regional, and possibly a new world war. The only nation that ultimately gains from such a heinous and murderous war is Israel itself.

Eventually the experts and analysts will put the pieces of the puzzle together, and come to these same conclusions that others, and myself, have sussed out from the beginning.

More to come