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More Rewriting Of History: A Real Holocaust; The Sephardic Jewish "Ringworm" Victims Of Khazar Brutality!

Many people still wonder why I do not discuss the Holocaust of World War II. It is important for people to realize that I will only discuss subjects that are easily researchable and proven. Simply because proper research and disclosure into that Holocaust is forbidden due to Canadian draconian and very false Hate Laws, I will not touch the subject. Someday when Canada is truly free, and major subjects can be discussed and scrutinized, I will put up material on that part of our history.

However, other important "Holocausts" of history are open to discussion and research. One such mass murder that is not properly discussed is the Ashkenazi (Khazar) Jewish attempt in the early 1950's to eliminate another group of Jews, the Sephardic Jews, by subjecting them to massive doses of high level X-ray radiation under the false pretense of fighting ringworm!

This is a real Holocaust, and one that is never discussed in the Zionist controlled media outlets, but will be discussed here! Here now, I want to present the following article from, that reveals this dastardly attempt to kill thousands of people by some very evil people. My comments to follow:

The Real Sephardic Holocaust: Zionism from the Standpoint of its Jewish Victims

[Series] What the Zionists Have Done to Jewish Arabs
Written By David Shasha

The Real Sephardic Holocaust: Zionism from the Standpoint of its Jewish Victims

Documentary Review: “The Ringworm Children” (2004)

What if I were to tell you that the Arab government of Morocco in the 1950s forced 100,000 Jewish children to be rounded up and taken to a medical facility where they were given
radiation treatments of 350 RAD for the ostensible treatment of ringworm?

What would you do?

What would the outcry be in the Jewish community?

Would there be a feeding frenzy in the Jewish media and in the general media such as the New York Times which continues to feed the Jewish beast of the Holocaust on a regular basis?

What would be said about Arabs and their incipient Anti-Semitism?

To put this in some current perspective, we have recently learned that a new committee has been formed to link the 1941 riots in Baghdad known in Arabic as the FARHUD to the Nazi Holocaust. Steps are now underway to take an isolated if tragic event in Arab Jewish history where the total number of Jewish deaths was no more than 300 if that much and turn that event into a HOLOCAUST. This committee is bent on taking the FARHUD and making it a mandatory part of the Holocaust curriculum in the US. It is clear that the concern with demonizing the Arabs has become a malignant obsession for Arab Jews who wish to curry favor with the Ashkenazi establishment and serve the Israeli HASBARAH campaign that is such a crucial part of Jewish self-knowledge at present.

How quickly do you think would word spread in the media of the near-homicidal treatment of 100,000 Jewish children by their Arab hosts?

Would such a revelation make the FRONT PAGE of every newspaper in the US and Europe – and ISRAEL?

You bet.

So why have we not heard about these 100,000 Jewish victims of radiation treatment?

The problem is that the radiation treatments were not administered by the Moroccans or any other ARAB government – these lethal treatments were administered by the ISRAELI DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH!

“The Ringworm Children” is a brutal testament to the continued ASHKENAZI RACISM that has made the sojourn of the Sephardim in Israel one of the most shameful episodes in the history of our people.

The story is simple if brutal: Many of the Ashkenazi Zionist officials were conflicted about immigration of Jews from the Arab world – particularly those from North Africa. Upon arrival to the newly created State in the 1950s, Sephardic Jews were subjected to various forms of official and social discrimination. They were sent to ma’abarot, transit camps for immigrants that became part of the ongoing debilitation of what were then called Benei Edot ha-Mizrah – the Oriental communities. To my knowledge the largest public scandal – outside of the institutionalized racism of the Zionist founders – involving the Sephardic immigrants was the famous case of the YEMENITE BABIES – a scandal that involved the kidnapping of Yemenite children by the medical authorities that provided the children for sale to Ashkenazi parents in Israel and Europe while their parents would be given death certificates and no corpses to bury. The scandal of the YEMENITE BABIES has been subject to years of hearings and committees but the real truth remains to be publicly uncovered.

The recent revelations of the GAZEZET scandal make the YEMENITE BABIES issue pale in comparison. GAZEZET is the Hebrew term for ringworm.

Dr. Chaim Sheba, the first Surgeon General of Israel and an avowed racist who believed in the principles of using Eugenics as a social tool, was loath to accept the immigration from North Africa. Sheba demanded as a health official that any immigrants with family members who had health problems be barred from moving to Israel. And when the first immigrants came from Morocco, he demanded that they be treated for ringworm.

As this scandal revolves around ringworm, a now easily treatable skin disease that is not very well known today, I quote from the American Cancer Society’s assessment of the disease’s threat in the period under question:
The only established environmental risk factor for brain tumors is radiation. Before the risks of radiation were recognized, children with ringworm of the scalp (a fungal infection) often received low-dose radiation therapy, which substantially increased their risk of brain tumors in later life.
As the experts make clear in the film, ringworm was a common childhood ailment along the lines of lice. The ringworm was caused by a communicable fungus that created irritations of the scalp. Old world treatments included unguents and vinegar. The disease though communicable was not fatal and would eventually go away of its own accord.

Radiation treatments were sadly more dangerous than the disease itself.

Dr. Sheba, according to his writings, became obsessed with this ringworm issue in regard to the North African immigrants. In his role as a public health minister he demanded that all North African children be sent to health centers to receive RADIATION THERAPY.

As the film points out, the regimen of forced radiation based on eugenics was on the wane in the US after the revelations of Nazi experiments in the Concentration Camps and the vast scientific evidence from Japan after the nuclear devastation in 1945. The scientific community by 1952 was well aware of the dangers of radiation and the short and long-term impact of this type of treatment on individuals – especially children. Dozens of lawsuits were being settled in the US courts with compensatory damages being awarded to the victims of these cruel experiments.

This did not deter Dr. Chaim Sheba – the Josef Mengele of Israel.

He went to the US on a fundraising mission to get radiation machines – X-Ray machines from a company named Picker that continues to do business in Israel – and the funds to administer a mass program of radiation of these Sephardic children.

According to the relevant documentation the 1948-1955 budget of the radiation program was 300,000,000 Israeli Pounds. The entire budget of the Israeli Health Ministry for the same period was 60,000,000 Pounds – the 300,000,000 figure was more than the ENTIRE BUDGET for the same period.

Where did all the money come from to administer this evil project?

The film sets out the tantalizing but unsubstantiated idea that the Israeli government took money from the US government which was interested in continuing its medical research through experimentation, but could not legally do so. Israel, a poor and fragile young country, would be a perfect place to conduct these experiments. This sense of experimentation fit in well with the Ashkenazi Zionist establishment’s racist policies and attitudes towards Sephardim. Sheba merely acted on the racist value system of the Ashkenazi establishment in setting out his eugenics program to deal with the GAZEZET.

In “The Ringworm Children” we see how Sheba was able to conduct his evil machinations. With the obvious complicity of the medical community, health professionals and political figures, Sheba forced over 100,000 Sephardic children into various medical centers throughout the country to undergo radiation treatments that were in the range of 350 RAD per application – and many of the victims were given repeated applications. According to the eyewitness testimony presented by victims in the film, no precautionary measures were undertaken – no screens or special clothing to protect the children. This policy included having no health professional in the room while the radiation was being administered – as those workers knew the dangers of such massive doses of radiation – in the realm of HIROSHIMA-like numbers. Parents of the children were told that their children were being taken on a day trip – and were charged for the trip!

Hundreds of doctors and nurses conducted these treatments under the auspices of the Israel National Socialized Health system and yet the records of these treatments have disappeared and according to the film remain unavailable to the victims – many of whom continue to suffer with brain tumors, cancers, epilepsy, sterility, cerebral palsy and other nefarious and debilitating diseases.

In 1994, a committee was formed to bring this issue to the attention of the Israeli government and legal apparatus. A swirl of lawsuits and actions were undertaken with a stonewalling on the part of the Israeli establishment. Experts presented by the government were connected to the Health Establishment including Professor Baruch Modan who seemed to have held the files of many of the victims. Modan died of a heart attack while the campaign was going on – he appears in the film before his death and at a town hall meeting provides the victims with no substantial information on his knowledge and the mass of materials that he had in his possession from the early 1960s. The film implies that Modan may well have had knowledge of secret dealings between the US and Israeli governments.

There is little question that the dangers of radiation therapy were known at the time of the Sheba applications. In 1952 the International Atomic Commission had presented guidelines for the application of radiation treatment which recommended a one-time dosage of no more than .3 RAD while Sheba had ordered dosages – sometimes multiple – of 350 RAD!

Sheba is a criminal of Mengele-like proportions – of this there is no doubt. All those who participated in the execution of the program were also guilty of serious malfeasance. Those who have continued to cover this up for the government and legal institutions of Israel – many of them are actually interviewed in the film – are also indirectly responsible for crimes against the Sephardic victims of this barbarity on the part of the Ashkenazi Zionists.

There are a number of issues that emerge from the film:

· There is the foundational and perpetual anti-Sephardi racism that permeates the Ashkenazi community – in the West and in Israel. Such racism has allowed the plight of the GAZEZET victims to fester with no public outcry or even a mention in the American media.
· The criminal sense of racial superiority that enabled this to happen is a basic part of the Zionist phenomenon. If this is what Ashkenazim do to their fellow JEWS, what won’t they scruple to do to NON-JEWS?
· What of justice for the victims? There is the issue of full disclosure of the medical files that might save the lives of those who have been lucky enough to survive this cruelty. And then there is the issue of full adjudication of claims and compensation for the victims and their families.
· How is it possible that a prestigious hospital complex is named after Chaim Sheba? Should not a public campaign to remove his name from the hospital be created?
· And finally, what of the children and grandchildren of the victims who are now dealing with a truly genetic catastrophe of the highest proportion. Ironically, by asserting that Sephardim were a (eu)gene(t)ic danger to the Ashkenazim of Israel when they were nothing of the sort, the racist Sheba did in fact create genetic health issues for many generations of Sephardic Jews in Israel.

As any politically-aware Sephardi knows, the criterion for assessing Ashkenazi culpability in all matters of malfeasance is extremely high – so high that many of the victims are shown in the film as being completely amazed by the standards that were demanded of the victims to prove their claims. Such is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the standards that have been set for claimants of Nazi abuse. We can recall no setting of any STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS for Holocaust claims while such limitations are placed on the GAZEZET victims.

Ashkenazim do not hold themselves to the same standards when they are accused of being the perpetrators of criminal activity as they do for those who they claim have committed crimes against them!

So while we sit here watching the FARHUD committee of foolhardy and naive Sephardic Jews who are more Ashkenazi than Sephardi, the matter of the GAZEZET remains a closed book to the American Jews and a nightmare for those Sephardim in Israel who must feel that no one cares about them at all As they watch the repeated claims of the Holocaust survivors fill the pages of the US and European media and the ongoing schnorring and infighting between Jewish groups to get the HOLO-CASH from Germany, Switzerland and the rest, these poor and sick Sephardim have no one of influence to help them make their case.

Since “The Ringworm Children” was aired by Israel’s Channel 10 in August 2004 not one single article has come out in the US media – the articles by Aryeh Dayan in Haaretz and the controversial Barry Chamish review, both of which were included in our Sephardic Heritage Update, were printed in Israeli publications – the SHU being the only Sephardic journal in the WORLD that continues to advocate on behalf of Sephardic rights and justice for the Sephardim. The film is now being screened in the US by LINK TV, a small and relatively obscure non-profit San Francisco-based group of radical hippie-types who are concerned with social justice for Third World peoples. The station is not carried by any US cable systems and no announcement of the screenings has been made in any US media outlet.

The question you the reader must ask yourself is,


· How long must we accept the depredations and the brutal racism of the ASHKENAZIM that is reflected by the official organs of the Jewish world – and reinforced by the common accusation from Ashkenazim that such RACISM DOES NOT EVEN EXIST.
· How long must I be told by Ashkenazim and Uncle Tom Sephardim that I am myself a racist and that I am creating unneeded divisiveness in a Jewish community looking for POSITIVE ways to create a healthy and vibrant society?
· How many cancellations have I received on my newsletter e-mail list from ASHKENAZI RACISTS who have blithely and with great pretense and arrogance served to demonize me for my writings and my social activism?
· How much have I personally and professionally been threatened – by friends and enemies alike – and called upon to – as they tell me – LAY OFF THE ZIONISM?

I am here to say that after we all take the time to understand and internalize the full scope of what happened to the GAZEZET victims – all 100,000 of them – we will all be able to more clearly see ASHKENAZI RACISM for what it is and be free to do something about it.

Ashkenazim have wisely formed a unified front to protect their communal interests. We see advocacy groups popping up each and every day to deal with issues that trouble that community. But when dealing with JUSTICE FOR SEPHARDIM we have ZERO – NOTHING to help our own people.

“The Ringworm Children” is a film that is brilliantly executed and fully realized. It is a masterpiece of social activism that tells a story that is at the very existential and political core of the Zionist project and the massive wrongs and injustices that it has wrought against people of Middle Eastern extraction.

As Sephardim we must get our heads out of the proverbial sand and DO SOMETHING to protect our brothers and our communal interests.

We must stop demonizing our real leaders and activists and finally accept that we need to respond in a forceful way to the Ashkenazim who have done all this to us.

NTS Notes: The video stated in this article was once viewable over Youtube, but it has been removed by what the Zionists who run Youtube claim is its "violation of Youtube standards and principles" I have always said that there is no honour amongst thieves and criminals!

It appears that the Khazar (Ashkenazi) alien Jews were desperate to kill off as many of the Arabic based Sephardic (Palestinian based) Jews in their newly conquered land of Israel in the early 1950's, and to keep this action out of the history books. So much for the land of Israel for the Jews... These criminals wanted that land for their race of Khazar (Ashkenazi) Jews exclusively!

It appears that much more of our so called "recorded" history should be open for re-evaluation, indeed!

More to come


We Must Never Forget Gaza!

With everything that has been happening in the world for the last few months, little news is coming forward about what is happening in Gaza, and to the Palestinian people there being held in what is possibly the world's largest concentration camp today.

For those who have been wondering about the present situation in Gaza, I want to present this fine article from, that gives a decent report on the present status of Gaza, and asks the world to never forget about Gaza! Here is that article:

We must never forget Gaza

By Khalid Amayreh


February 27, 2010

Despite a slight improvement in the general humanitarian situation, the Gaza Strip remains a disaster area. In fact, in terms of the sheer destruction of homes and infrastructure, the coastal enclave can be compared to quake-stricken Haiti, with the main difference lying in the fact that while the Caribbean island’s calamity was a natural disaster, the Gaza disaster was inflicted by the criminal Israeli regime.

Today, Israel continues to prevent a large number of consumer products from entering Gaza. This policy, often justified by security considerations, has actually nothing to do with security. It is a deliberate measure aimed at further tormenting the inhabitants of Gaza by showing them that Israel has the final say and that they would have to submit themselves to the Zionist will. This is how the Nazis behaved toward the inhabitants of the Ghetto Warsaw, forcing them to smuggle food and other consumer products into the camp.

What is more scandalous is that the Zionist regime is adamantly preventing the entry into Gaza of building materials needed for the reconstruction of the estimated 40,000 homes destroyed, either completely or partly during last year’s Nazi-like onslaught against the impoverished territory.

Unfortunately, this callous and criminal policy is not being challenged by the international community which keeps issuing platitudinous remarks about the need to meet the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza, this is while thousands of Gazans, whose homes were destroyed by the Nazis of our times, remain without shelter and are totally exposed to the elements of nature.

In fact, the enduring nightmare in Gaza is beyond the pale of common sense. The Israelis, who killed more than 1400 Gazans, including more than 350 children last year alone, claiming they did it in self defense, are maintaining this suffocating blockade as an expression of sadism, callousness and hateful vindictiveness. What else can be said about a government whose ministers and spokespeople routinely appear on TV screens bragging and gloating over the suffering of Gaza children?

There is no doubt that the continued blockade of Gaza has exposed the brutal ugliness of Israel’s face, demonstrating that Israel and Nazi Germany are very much two sides of the same coin. Nonetheless, exposing Israel’s ugly face alone won’t save Gazan lives or enable the thoroughly tormented inhabitants of the largest detention camp in the world to rebuild their lives, torn into smithereens by a state that murders, steals and lies and then claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East.

Hence, it is important to make every conceivable effort and make every possible undertaking to help Gaza rebuild its life and restore a semblance of normal life. Undoubtedly admirable efforts have been made by courageous men and women from around the globe who often put their lives at risk in order to highlight the Gaza plight. However, it is imperative that more qualitative and pro-active efforts be made in order to make a real difference.

In short, Gaza must never be allowed to die quietly or silently. This was the message more than three years ago when the cruel blockade began. This is still the message today; because the overall situation in Gaza doesn’t really differ much now from what it was three years ago.

Unfortunately, we can’t rely much on the "good will" of most countries, perhaps with the exception of some magnanimous governments such as the Turkish government which has utilized much of the diplomatic weight of the Turkish state in order to help the just cause of the oppressed people of Gaza.

The Obama administration, which many people had given the benefit of the doubt when it came to power more than a year ago, has turned out to be quite important in the face of Israeli insolence and arrogance of power.

Similarly, Europe is doing nothing in real terms, apart from issuing nice-sounding statements about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the need to allow Gazans to rebuild their homes.

And Egypt, the supposedly brotherly neighboring Arab country which is supposed to hasten to aide Gaza is completing and perfecting a nefarious underground concrete wall along its borders with Gaza in order to prevent the smuggling of food into the blockaded region.

Even the Palestinian Authority (PA) is implicitly encouraging Israel and Egypt and the West to keep up the pressure on Gaza in the hope that this pressure would prompt the people of Gaza to rise up against Hamas.

Well, how can such an entity, which is colluding and conspiring with Israel against its own people, be a true party to any Palestinian national reconciliation?

In light, it is necessary to once again mobilize the peoples of the world to rise up and demonstrate loudly in order to exert pressure on their respective governments to pressure Israel to put an end to this shameful, sadistic and cruel collective punishment.

We need to see millions of peoples take to the streets everywhere to demonstrate for Gaza and for humanity. In the final analysis, Gaza has become the ultimate test for humanity’s moral commitment.

If we, God forbid, don’t succeed in saving Gaza from the claws of Zio-Nazism, the future of humanity itself will be bleak.

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NTS Notes: The Israelis are still keeping a media blackout through their controlled media outlets around the world about the desperation that the Palestinians face in Gaza. The Zionists want to eliminate Gaza through genocide and have the world be left unaware of this crime. It is up to us to keep the facts about Gaza alive and for everyone to be aware of their present situation in spite of the media blackout.

Pass the message around, readers.... The people of Gaza deserve a future, not a brutal prison camp!

More to come


Dual Citizens In The (Zionist Controlled) Media: Loyal To Whom?

Feeling a bit better. I figure it is time to get back to this blog and put up some pertinent material for my readers in this fight against criminality and evil.

We have always been led to believe that the media that we are inundated with daily is unbiased, and fair in its articles. What has been found out through careful research and observations is that our media is very far from being either unbiased, and it is never fair when it comes to viewpoints especially when it comes to the criminal state of Israel.

How did it ever get to be this way? The answer may still shock some readers, while others are well aware that the majority of those in charge of our media sources are Zionist Jews, and in fact most of the reporters, announcers, and media news directors, are also Zionist Jews! Right now, I want to present the following article from Alison Weir, through the website: that shows very clearly and concisely further proof that many of our news outlet personnel are dual citizen Israeli/Americans and it questions exactly to whom they place their loyalty! Here is that article:

Media Reporting on Israel

All in the Family


Recent exposés revealing that Ethan Bronner, the New York Times' Israel-Palestine bureau chief, has a son in the Israeli military have caused a storm of controversy that continues to swirl and generate further revelations. (See my piece for CounterPunch, The NYT's Ethan Bronner's Conflict With Impartiality.)

Many people find such a sign of family partisanship in an editor covering a foreign conflict troubling – especially given the Times’ record of Israel-centric journalism.

Times management at first refused to confirm Bronner’s situation, then refused to comment on it. Finally, public outcry forced Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt to confront the problem in a February 7th column.

After bending over backwards to praise the institution that employs him, Hoyt ultimately opined that Bronner should be re-assigned to a different sphere of reporting to avoid the “appearance” of bias. Times Editor Bill Keller declined to do so, however, instead writing a column calling Bronner’s connections to Israel valuable because they “supply a measure of sophistication about Israel and its adversaries that someone with no connections would lack.”

If such “sophistication” is valuable, the Times’ espoused commitment to the “impartiality and neutrality of the company's newsrooms” would seem to require it to have a balancing editor equally sophisticated about Palestine and its adversary, but Keller did not address that.

Bronner is far from alone

As it turns out, Bronner’s ties to the Israeli military are not the rarity one might expect.

• A previous Times bureau chief, Joel Greenberg, before he was bureau chief but after he was already publishing in the Times from Israel, actually served in the Israeli army.

• Media pundit and Atlantic staffer Jeffrey Goldberg also served in the Israeli military; it's unclear when, how, or even if his military service ended.

• Richard Chesnoff, who has been covering Mideast events for more than 40 years, had a son serving in the Israeli military while Chesnoff covered Israel as US News & World Report's senior foreign correspondent.

• NPR's Linda Gradstein’s husband was an Israeli sniper and may still be in the Israeli reserves. NPR refuses to disclose whether Gradstein herself is also an Israeli citizen, as are her children and husband.

• Mitch Weinstock, national editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune, served in the Israeli military.

• The New York Times’ other correspondent from the region, Isabel Kershner, is an Israeli citizen. Israel has universal compulsory military service, which suggests that Kershner herself and/or family members may have military connections. The Times refuses to answer questions about whether she and/or family members have served or are currently serving in the Israeli military. Is it possible that Times Foreign Editor Susan Chira herself has such connections? The Times refuses to answer.

• Many Associated Press writers and editors are Israeli citizens or have Israeli families. AP will not reveal how many of the journalists in its control bureau for the region currently serve in the Israeli military, how many have served in the past, and how many have family members with this connection.

• Similarly, many TV correspondents such as Martin Fletcher have been Israeli citizens and/or have Israeli families. Do they have family connections to the Israeli military?

• Time Magazine's bureau chief several years ago became an Israeli citizen after he had assumed his post. Does he have relatives in the military?

• CNN's Wolf Blitzer, while not an Israeli citizen, was based in Israel for many years, wrote a book whitewashing Israeli spying on the US, and used to work for the Israel lobby in the US. None of this is divulged to CNN viewers.

Tikkun's editor Michael Lerner has a son who served in the Israeli military. While Lerner has been a strong critic of many Israeli policies, in an interview with Jewish Week, Lerner explains:

“Having a son in the Israeli army was a manifestation of my love for Israel, and I assume that having a son in the Israeli army is a manifestation of Bronner’s love of Israel."

Lerner goes on to make a fundamental point:

"...there is a difference in my emotional and spiritual connection to these two sides [Israelis and Palestinians]. On the one side is my family; on the other side are decent human beings. I want to support human beings all over the planet but I have a special connection to my family. I don’t deny it.”

For a great many of the reporters and editors determining what Americans learn about Israel-Palestine, Israel is family.

Jonathan Cook, a British journalist based in Nazareth, writes of a recent meeting with a Jerusalem based bureau chief, who explained: “… Bronner’s situation is ‘the rule, not the exception. I can think of a dozen foreign bureau chiefs, responsible for covering both Israel and the Palestinians, who have served in the Israeli army, and another dozen who like Bronner have kids in the Israeli army.”

Cooks writes that the bureau chief explained: “It is common to hear Western reporters boasting to one another about their Zionist credentials, their service in the Israeli army or the loyal service of their children.”

Apparently, intimate ties to Israel are among the many open secrets in the region that are hidden from the American public. If, as the news media insist, these ties present no problem or even, as the Times’ Keller insists, enhance the journalists’ work, why do the news agencies consistently refuse to admit them?

The reason is not complicated.

While Israel may be family for these journalists and editors, for the vast majority of Americans, Israel is a foreign country. In survey after survey, Americans say they don’t wish to “take sides” on this conflict. In other words, the American public wants full, unfiltered, unslanted coverage.

Quite likely the news media refuse to answer questions about their journalists’ affiliations because they suspect, accurately, that the public would be displeased to learn that the reporters and editors charged with supplying news on a foreign nation and conflict are, in fact, partisans.

While Keller claims that the New York Times is covering this conflict “even-handedly,” studies indicate otherwise:

* The Times covers international reports documenting Israeli human rights abuses at a rate 19 times lower than it reports on the far smaller number of international reports documenting Palestinian human rights abuses.

* The Times covers Israeli children’s deaths at rates seven times greater than they cover Palestinian children’s deaths, even though there are vastly more of the latter and they occurred first.

* The Times fails to inform its readers that Israel’s Jewish-only colonies on confiscated Palestinian Christian and Muslim land are illegal; that its collective punishment of 1.5 million men, women, and children in Gaza is not only cruel and ruthless, it is also illegal; and that its use of American weaponry is routinely in violation of American laws.

* The Times covers the one Israeli (a soldier) held by Palestinians at a rate incalculably higher than it reports on the Palestinian men, women, and children – the vast majority civilians – imprisoned by Israel (currently over 7,000).

• The Times neglects to report that hundreds of Israel’s captives have never even been charged with a crime and that those who have were tried in Israeli military courts under an array of bizarre military statutes that make even the planting of onions without a permit a criminal offense – a legal system, if one can call it that, that changes at the whim of the current military governor ruling over a subject population; a system in which parents are without power to protect their children.

* The Times fails to inform its readers that 40 percent of Palestinian males have been imprisoned by Israel, a statistic that normally would be considered highly newsworthy, but that Bronner, Kershner, and Chira apparently feel is unimportant to report.

Americans, whose elected representatives give Israel uniquely gargantuan sums of our tax money (a situation also not covered by the media), want and need all the facts, not just those that Israel’s family members decree reportable.

We’re not getting them.

Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew and a board member of the Council for the National Interest (CNI). For more information on Ethan Bronner and his upcoming speaking tour on college campuses, join IAK’Semail list. Alison can be reached at

NTS Notes: One only needs to understand that almost all of our media outlets are totally controlled by Zionist Jews to understand that they will have only their fellow tribesmen as their media voices and use them to sway public opinions. It is no wonder that the majority of people are now seeing their game, and are turning away from the Mainstream Media in droves!

It is time to get your real news from sources that are truthful and do not need to be subjugated to biased opinions. The Internet is a great source of such material.

Dual Citizenship for these people is a joke. They would sell out their host countries in a heartbeat for their true love, the Zionist state of Israel! Be weary of any of their so called "unbiased" news reports, readers!

More to come


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Suffering From Head Cold, But Doing My Best...

I have been a bit under the weather for the last few days. Therefore I have been forced to scale back on my articles in this blog. It is very hard to fight a cold and try to go online to keep up with all of what is happening in the world today. I will put up a few articles over the next few days, and try to take some more time for recovery.

May I suggest that my readers take the time to check out some of the great material from some of the great bloggers that I have listed in my "The Finest Bloggers That I Know" column on the left hand side of my blog. These people are continuing to fight the criminals that are out to destroy our planet, and they deserve accolades for their fine work! Also, I might suggest that my readers check out the great audio files that DBS puts up in his website.

I am planning some improvements to this blogsite, and I am open for suggestions.... If anyone wants to comment or place suggestions, put them up in the comments section... I am all ears!

Definitely more to come


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Scam Artist Al Gore Is Laying Low, For Good Reason!

With the Global Warming farce now collapsing at a record pace, people have been wondering what ever happened to the chief proponent of the Global Warming scam; Saint Al of Gore? We have not heard from this scam artist for over a month!

Acccording to this article that I am putting into my own file, from, it appears that Saint Al of Gore is lying low for the time being, and for good reason! Here is the American Thinker article in its entirety:

February 24, 2010

Al Gore Is Lying Low -- for Good Reason

By Rex McBride

Maybe Al Gore's been advised by legal counsel to lie low. He may be the leader of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) movement, but he's not defending it in public, not even when it's falling apart and his new fortune is based upon it.

Mr. Gore and his financial backers earned millions of dollars in start-up "green" companies and carbon trading schemes. If the scam worked, he could've become the first "carbon billionaire."

"What goes up can fall down" applies to ill-gotten gains in the stock market or "carbon trading" schemes. In such schemes, it's foreseeable that trusting investors will (a) not only get hurt when the scam collapses, but they'll also (b) pursue legal remedies and sue him for fraud.

Mr. Gore's financial gains were based on the contradictory and error-plagued assertion that man's release of the trace gas CO2 will fry the planet.

Once it becomes clear to everyone that the AGW theory is based on cleverly manipulated data twisted by rigged computer models controlled by several dozen IPCC politicians/scientists, we can expect that investors who lose millions by investing in these companies will eventually haul Mr. Gore and the insider IPCC scientists into court.

Over the years, American tax dollars were poured down the fantasyland AGW "rat hole." Sooner or later, Al Gore needs to answer some hard questions. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for lawsuits from private investors. Today, legal counsel will advise him to remain silent.

It's impossible to predict how many lawsuits, or what kind, might arise once everyone realizes that the AGW scam dwarfs Bernie Madoff's $50-billion Ponzi operation. New studies appear almost daily that further undercut AGW theory. The biggest daily newspaper in the Netherlands vindicated that country's leading AGW critic in the article "Henk Tennekes -- He was right after all."

Dr. Tennekes was fired in the 1990s from a prominent research position and blacklisted for debunking AGW theory. He upset the same IPCC scientists who control the leading "peer review" climate research journals and who blocked the publication of all contrary research in those journals for decades.

As investors learn the extent of the scam, Mr. Gore's start-up "green" companies will lose considerable value, like flaky dot-com companies lacking a real product. Investors in these "green" companies -- who reasonably relied upon Gore's alarming claims -- may pursue several possible remedies:

- derivative shareholder lawsuits, disgorging from Mr. Gore and other senior officers in these companies any illicit gains from any insider trading that could be proven; and/or

- lawsuits against brokers who did not perform the SEC's necessary "due diligence" research before peddling those shares; and/or

- civil RICO lawsuits against Mr. Gore and any IPCC scientists who participated in blocking the publication of contrary research, cooking the data, all of whose annual income skyrocketed from the public hysteria.

On the state level, it's impossible to predict if one or more state attorney generals will look back on the tobacco industry cases and decide, representing the taxpayers of his or her state, to file criminal and/or civil RICO actions against Gore and the enriched IPCC scientists.

(On the federal level, while President Obama is in office, the Justice Department will not file RICO or SEC actions against their buddy Al Gore. Remember, the president originally hoped that Boxer-Kerry cap-and-trade would generate over $600 billion in new corporate taxes -- "emergency" measures justified by fantasy AGW theory.

Remember the joke about the government taxing air? In the Twilight Zone of Boxer-Kerry, say hello to cap-and-trade.)

If Mr. Gore's "green" companies do crash and significantly injure private investors, attorneys in a civil lawsuit could compel Gore to answer questions like:

(1) When you claimed that "the science is settled," did you mean that it's "settled" that you and the IPCC scientists could make quick millions by manipulating the data and fomenting public hysteria?

(2) What does "peer review" mean if none of the IPCC scientists who controlled the academic journals protested that there was no original data to support your frightening claim of accelerated temperature increases after 1995?

(3) If the very scientists that the public trusted to act as the "check and balance" against careless research -- or worse yet, to protect against research fraud -- did not catch a "tiny" problem like not having original supporting data after 1995, does "peer review" mean that IPCC's scientists would secretly work in concert to cover each other's asses and keep the grants coming?

Such questions need answers.

In "The Dog Ate Global Warming", an article at the Cato Institute, Patrick J. Michaels noted that "[i]f there are no data, there's no science. U.S. taxpayers deserve to know the answer."

Obviously, Al Gore cannot be compelled to answer questions in a criminal court under the 5th Amendment. However, his admissible bank and stock portfolio records would prove his skyrocketing wealth, making him a "deep pocket."

Since 1970, the scope of RICO cases has grown far beyond prosecuting mafia operations. The law firm Nixon Peabody explained:

RICO was written in broad terms. To state a claim, a plaintiff must allege four elements: (1) conduct (2) of an enterprise (3) through a pattern (4) of racketeering activity... Each element of a RICO claim requires additional analysis: an "enterprise" is marked by association and control; a "pattern" requires a showing of "continuity" -- continuous and related behavior that amounts to, or poses a threat of, continued criminal violations; and "racketeering activity" involves the violation of designated federal laws ...

RICO lawsuits are now won in a wide variety of civil disputes -- e.g., insurance companies working in concert to delay/shortchange payments owed to dentists.

Other RICO cases resulted in court judgments against the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, Catholic sex crimes, and Major League Baseball.

It violates federal law to fake taxpayer-funded research and then manipulate or destroy data to enrich oneself. If an insider group secretly conspires to do so, it looks and smells like RICO.

If more AGW-destroying news rolls in, and if Gore's "green" companies lose significant value, then shareholder derivative lawsuits and/or state RICO lawsuits will follow -- more so as the losses grow.

Mr. Gore is in hiding today -- no longer the "courageous" leader of the AGW movement. Apparently, Planet Earth is "no longer in grave danger" or "needing to be saved," but Gore could lose all of his ill-gotten assets.

If the victim list grows and criminal intent is proven, Mr. Gore could do serious time. After a much smaller scam, Bernie Madoff got 150 years.

What if you want answers about the potential misuse of tax dollars that enriched AGW insiders but didn't invest in one of Al Gore's fantasies?

Call Congress and demand that the GAO audit all climate change grants. GAO has the professional audit expertise to follow the money, gather objective facts, and report on any significant fraud or abuse.

NTS Notes: Al Gore should be brought up on charges of lying and collusion for his part in trying to get the US people into his Global Warming scam. This charlatan was to be the first Carbon Tax billionaire, but now he has been thoroughly discredited.

Maybe it is also time that the Nobel Prize committee demand that this scam artist also give back his Nobel Prize immediately, including the prize money he recieved for this award. We can only hope....

More to come


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Rachel Corrie Saga Continues: Corrie Family Is Trying To Bring A Civil Suit Against The IDF For Her Murder In Gaza

It has almost been 7 years since one of the bravest women in the history of this planet, Rachel Corrie, was brutally murdered by an IDF soldier driving a massive bulldozer in Gaza. Since that time, the Corrie family was been fighting a losing battle in their attempts to see justice for Rachel, and for the world to know the truth about this brutal murder by Israeli forces.

Now it seems that according to this latest article from, the Corrie family is ready to launched a civil suit against the Israeli Defense Ministry for their part in her unjustifiable death. Here is the Guardian article:

Rachel Corrie's family bring civil suit over human shield's death in Gaza

Parents want case to highlight events that led to American activist's death under Israeli army bulldozer


Peace activist Rachel Corrie died while protesting in front of a bulldozer trying to destroy a Palestinian home in Rafah in March 2003. Photograph: Denny Sternstein/AP

The family of the American activist Rachel Corrie, who was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza seven years ago, is to bring a civil suit over her death against the Israeli defence ministry.

The case, which begins on 10 March in Haifa, northern Israel, is seen by her parents as an opportunity to put on public record the events that led to their daughter's death in March 2003. Four key witnesses – three Britons and an American – who were at the scene in Rafah when Corrie was killed will give evidence, according the family lawyer, Hussein Abu Hussein.

The four were all with the International Solidarity Movement, the activist group to which Corrie belonged. They have since been denied entry to Israel, and the group's offices in Ramallah have been raided several times in recent weeks by the Israeli military.

Now, under apparent US pressure, the Israeli government has agreed to allow them entry so they can testify. Corrie's parents, Cindy and Craig, will also fly to Israel for the hearing.

A Palestinian doctor from Gaza, Ahmed Abu Nakira, who treated Corrie after she was injured and later confirmed her death, has not been given permission by the Israeli authorities to leave Gaza to attend.

Abu Hussein, a leading human rights lawyer in Israel, said there was evidence from witnesses that soldiers saw Corrie at the scene, with other activists, well before the incident and could have arrested or removed her from the area before there was any risk of her being killed.

"After her death the military began an investigation but unfortunately, as in most of these cases, it found the activity of the army was legal and there was no intentional killing," he said. "We would like the court to decide her killing was due to wrong-doing or was intentional." If the Israeli state is found responsible, the family will press for damages.

Corrie, who was born in Olympia, Washington, travelled to Gaza to act as a human shield at a moment of intense conflict between the Israeli military and the Palestinians. On the day she died, when she was 23, she was dressed in a fluorescent orange vest and was trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home. She was crushed under a military Caterpillar bulldozer and died shortly afterwards.

A month after her death the Israeli military said an investigation had determined its troops were not to blame and said the driver of the bulldozer had not seen her and did not intentionally run her over. Instead, it accused her and the International Solidarity Movement of behaviour that was "illegal, irresponsible and dangerous."

The army report, obtained by the Guardian in April 2003, said she "was struck as she stood behind a mound of earth that was created by an engineering vehicle operating in the area and she was hidden from the view of the vehicle's operator who continued with his work. Corrie was struck by dirt and a slab of concrete resulting in her death."

Witnesses presented a strikingly different version of events. Tom Dale, a British activist who was 10m away when Corrie was killed, wrote an account of the incident two days later.

He described how she first knelt in the path of an approaching bulldozer and then stood as it reached her. She climbed on a mound of earth and the crowd nearby shouted at the bulldozer to stop. He said the bulldozer pushed her down and drove over her.

"They pushed Rachel, first beneath the scoop, then beneath the blade, then continued till her body was beneath the cockpit," Dale wrote.

"They waited over her for a few seconds, before reversing. They reversed with the blade pressed down, so it scraped over her body a second time. Every second I believed they would stop but they never did."

While she was in the Palestinian territories, Corrie wrote vividly about her experiences. Her diaries were later turned into a play, My Name is Rachel Corrie, which has toured internationally, including to Israel and the West Bank.

Other foreigners killed by Israeli forces

Iain Hook, 54, a British UN official, was shot dead by an Israeli army sniper in Jenin in November 2002. A British inquest found he had been unlawfully killed. The Israeli government paid an undisclosed sum in compensation to Hook's family.

Tom Hurndall, a 22-year-old British photography student, was shot in the head in Rafah, Gaza, in April 2003 while helping to pull Palestinian children to safety. In August 2005 an Israeli soldier was sentenced to eight years for manslaughter.

James Miller, 34, a British cameraman, was shot dead in Gaza in May 2003. He was leaving the home of a Palestinian family in Rafah refugee camp at night, waving a white flag. An inquest in Britain found Miller had been murdered. Last year Israel paid about £1.5m in damages to Miller's family.

NTS Notes: We can hope for the best for the Corrie family, but they are fighting what is possibly a losing battle against some very evil people. Israel to this date has first denied and then tried to lie about the IDF's actions that brought about the brutal murder of Rachel. Guaranteed they will lie again and claim that their investigations showed Rachel's murder to be accidental with no intention of murder.

Rachel was murdered by the IDF in Gaza. That is a fact! Get the message out about this brave lady's actions in trying to prevent the illegal demolition of a home in Gaza and how the IDF brutally and callously brought about her death. The world needs the truth.

More to come


The Global Warming Hoax: UN Secretary-General Asks Nations To Ignore (!) Global Warming Sceptics

The truth about Global Warming being a massive hoax to bilk trillions of dollars out of the general public, and to bring in the Zionist dream of a One World Government has been revealed for everyone to see. People are finally finding out the truth about the Hadley CRU Institute email revelations, the False information about shrinking ice caps and false information about shrinking Himalayan glaciers. We also now know that the proponents of this massive fraud were either in it for the money or for their place in the new World Government!

But it seems that in the Global Warming scam artists continuing push for their false "climate control" agenda, they have the Zionist controlled stooge in charge of the UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon now calling for the governments of the planet to ignore the sceptics and proceed with the agenda that was attempted in Copenhagen in December! Here is an article from that explains this newest push by the UN Secretary-General in detail. My comments will follow:

Reject sceptics' attempts to derail global climate deal, UN chief urges

Ban Ki-moon urges environment ministers to reject attempts by sceptics to undermine negotiations by exaggerating shortcomings in Himalayan glaciers report

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, on a fact-finding mission for climate change

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (C), on a fact-finding mission for climate change, listens to scientists before boarding a helicopter in Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile 10 November 2007. Photograph: Rodrigo Arangua/AFP/Getty Images

The UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, today urged environment ministers to reject attempts by sceptics to undermine efforts to forge aclimate change deal, stressing that global warming poses "a clear and present danger."

In a message read by a UN official, Ban referred to the controversy overmistakes made in a 2007 report issued by the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which have been criticised by climate sceptics.

Despite the failure to forge a binding deal on curbing heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions at a UN conference in Copenhagen last December, Ban said the meeting made an important step forward by setting a target to keep global temperature from rising and establishing a program of climate aid to poorer nations.

"To maintain the momentum, I urge you to reject last-ditch attempts by climate sceptics to derail your negotiations by exaggerating shortcomings in the ... report," Ban said in the statement read at the start of an annual UN meeting of environmental officials from 130 countries on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.

"Tell the world that you unanimously agree that climate change is a clear and present danger," Ban said. A British poll yesterday showed public conviction about the threat of climate change has declined sharply in the last year.

The Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, said time was running out, but expressed confidence that a binding climate change deal could be forged at the next climate change summit later this year in Cancun, Mexico.

"I'm convinced that we're still not too late," he said at the Bali conference.

Indonesian foreign minister, Marty Natalegawa, said Indonesia will hold an informal meeting of all environmental ministers and officials from 130 countries Friday in Bali to discuss ways of ensuring that a binding treaty on greenhouse gas cutbacks could be forged in Cancun.

"No sealed deal happened in Copenhagen, so it's now more urgent than ever for us to work diligently between now and Mexico," Natalegawa told The Associated Press in an interview.

"It should have been urgent last year, but we didn't live up to that urgency," he said.

NTS Notes: Now it seems that these dastardly Global Warming scam artists are trying one final push for their evil plans by getting their stooge in the UN to back their agenda. This shows how desperate they have truly become.

People are no longer fooled by the scam artists, and we can hope that governments that see through the scam will reject this latest push for the Global Warming agenda. We can only hope!

More to come