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Israeli "Conundrum": "How To Deal With Iran" (?)

I found this article under jnoubiyeh's blog listed under "South Lebanon", and I knew that I had to add it to my articles for some insight...

The article is well written, but it again puts up the false argument that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons (!), which has been shown and proven again and again by the IAEA, the United Nations, and all of their inspectors in Iran itself, to be totally false. Iran is and always has been pursuing only the building of Nuclear Power plants. They are enriching Uranium only to the level for nuclear fuel for these plants, and have not built any extra centrifuge plants to enrich to bomb capacity. The Israelis, and their puppets in Washington have always known this, but through their BS media, they keep up the false rhetoric that Iran is both evil, and wanting to "wipe Israel off the face of the planet".

People have to stop believing the lies of the Israelis... The only nation in the Middle East, other than Pakistan, that possesses nuclear weapons is Israel itself! They have the delivery systems to totally wipe out Iran themselves with this nuclear arsenal.

Here is the article. I am still surprised that people do not see the truth that Iran is not a threat, but Israel certainly is:

Friday, July 31, 2009

Israeli Conundrum: 'How to Deal with Iran'

By Ramzy Baroud

Israeli officials face a conundrum that may take more than military muscle-flexing to resolve: how to deal with Iran? The solution to this dilemma will require no less than sheer political genius.

It must be frustrating for Israeli policymakers and their friends and backers elsewhere to stand idle as Iran openly carries on with its nuclear-enrichment program, facing nothing but United States and European chest-thumping and a mere threat of more sanctions, which will unlikely bend Iranian resolve.

It's doubly frustrating considering the relative ease that led the US, its timid coalition and Israeli cheerleaders to unleash a war against Iraq. Alas, those days are long gone. Now, the US is anxiously cloaking its failure in Iraq by pressing the need to tend to more urgent battles elsewhere, namely Afghanistan.

Regardless of why the US targeted Iraq, and why its objectives were not met, Israel's own calculations were a surprising success, as the Iraqi menace (manufactured or real) has been eliminated, and the ghost of chaos will likely haunt that unfortunate country for years to come.

Now, it's Iran's turn. In fact, it has been Iran's turn for years, but nothing seems to be moving on that front. If the Iraq experiment were successful, the US would have definitely jumped at the opportunity to trample Iran, an oil-rich country with crucially strategic positioning. Controlling Iran would have been the missing piece of the puzzle that would push the borders of US control and influence to lock horns, if necessary with the emerging Asian giants, and of course, Russia.

But a US military move against Iran, under the current circumstances, is no less than military suicide. Iraq has established the limits of US military capabilities, inspiring the Taliban to ascertain their own. July 2009 has gone down in history as the month with the highest causalities among US forces. Deadly July is promising many repeats as daring Taliban and all sorts of tribal militias in Afghanistan emerge stronger and savvier than before.

A large-scale US military attack, and needless to say, invasion and subsequent occupation, of Iran is simply not feasible. If such imprudence ever actualized, all hell would break loose in Iraq as well, considering the solid political and sectarian ties that unite both countries, which also share an infinite border.

This is precisely the source of frustration among Israeli officials, who have counted on US military generosity to bully Israel's enemies, or, as was the case in Iraq, to take them down.

Israeli frustration must have also turned into sheer rage when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once more brought up the subject of a "defense umbrella" over the Middle East to shield it from a future nuclear Iran.

"If the United States extends a defense umbrella over the region, if we do even more to develop the military capacity of those in the Gulf, it is unlikely that Iran will be any stronger or safer because they won't be able to intimidate and dominate as they apparently believe they can once they have a nuclear weapon," she was quoted as saying in a Thai television interview.

Clinton's reinvention of the defense umbrella idea - introduced in a March 4 report by a pro-Israeli think-tank, Washington Institute on Near East Policy (WINEP) - stands at odds with her enthusiastic promise to "totally obliterate" Iran should it attack Israel, while trying to lure in supporters during her last year's run for presidential nomination. It seems that the US - despite the use of threatening language - is edging towards living with and "containing" a nuclear Iran, but, expectedly, Israel is not.

The right-wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now maneuvering to entice a tougher US position towards Iran, especially as the recent internal destabilization of the Islamic Republic failed to deliver. Israeli maneuvers are both political and military. The Times reported on a quid pro quo deal where Israeli “concessions” regarding its illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories are to be reciprocated with a Western nod for an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. "Israel has chosen to place the Iranian threat over its settlements," a senior European Union diplomat told The Times on July 16.

That political scheme was supplemented by a show of force, as two Israeli missile-class warships and a submarine capable of launching a nuclear missile strike were reportedly permitted to sail through the Egyptian Suez Canal for the first time. The unprecedented deployment into the Red Sea was meant as a signal that Iran is within Israeli range. The message, however, carried perhaps a deeper political meaning - that Israel is capable of striking Iran with the help of regional allies. In other words, Israel is hardly the isolated party in this conflict. More, considering serious US attempts aimed at weakening the Syria-Iran alliance, the Suez Canal message was even more politically loaded, although its military value is yet to be determined.

Militarily, things are not very promising, as the highly touted Israeli military exercise - conducted recently in the United States - registered little success. Israel called off tests of its Arrow anti-missile system due to technical problems. The Arrow program, which is half-funded by the United States, is meant to intercept and destroy such Iranian missiles as the Shehab-3.

As the US military option against Iran largely dissipates, Israel's frustration and worries grow. If Iran is not neutralized militarily - as the US did Iraq - then a nuclear Iran is a matter of time. If Israel strikes Iran, there are no guarantees that such an act - which will certainly harm US strategic interests - will in any way destroy, or even slow down the Iranian nuclear program.

The US and its European allies seem out of ideas regarding how to deal with Iran, leaving Israel with a major conundrum: either living in the potential shadow of a nuclear Iran, as a long-term regional power, or striking the Islamic Republic with the hope that its erroneously perceived "shaky" regime will quickly crumble, leaving the US to pick up the pieces, and the whole region to deal with the chaos that will surely follow.

- Ramzy Baroud (

NTS Notes: We are still left with the nagging question as to why Israel wants to kick off a war against Iran? Are the Zionist criminals still bent on their dream of Middle East dominance (See the Israeli 2000 think tank report: "Securing The Realm:..." for evidence of their master plan for Middle East dominance.) that they want to destroy Iran, and possibly embroil the US into another regional never ending conflict?

There is no "Conundrum" so to speak, because there is NO threat from a "nuclear Iran" as stated in this article. It is nothing more than Israel wanting dominance over the region and destroying another innocent nation in the process... When will people wake up to this truth?

More to come...


From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume IX: Do The Israeli Zionists Think We Are This Stupid?

I constantly go through all types of news articles and blogs in a never ending pursuit of fact over fiction... But what I found in an Israel National News article belongs definitely in my files of Absurdity!

Do these Zionists really think we are this stupid? The article says that the world has to wake up due to the fact that a new Islamic Jihad is upon us! All I can say is that the only "Jihad" is due to the actions of the Zionists and their state of Israel itself! If any crime does happen shortly, we will not be fooled, and KNOW that Israel will be responsible for that crime!

Here is the article, and try not to hurl:

Wake up Call to America! The Third Jihad is Here!

( Don’t miss this incredible interview on Radical Islam’s Vision for America.

Many believe that Islam taking over America will never happen and is for conspiracy buffs only or that anyone who thinks that this is possible is crazy. Well call us crazy but it is no longer a matter of “this can’t happen”, but instead IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD! Wake up America!!!
Unfortunately, most Americans are so wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t realize that one day in the near future their wives, daughters, aunts, grandmothers and their mothers will soon be wearing burkas. And, the men will have their heads removed, publically, because they will not convert to Islam. People will be stoned in the streets. And, that’s just the “Meet and Greet” introduction phase.

America has problems now with the Obama administration turning the country into a Socialist State and then on to a Communist Dictatorship. Islam is sitting and watching Americans do nothing to stop the Obama nightmare; how easy will it be for Islam to take over this country? By the time you wake up from your social slumber it will be too late to do anything.

So we can sit back and continue to do nothing, and become a conquered nation or we can “lock and load” and find solutions to this evil which is knocking at our door. What’s it gonna be!?

Join Ray and Adam as they discuss this evil and where to get solutions to fight the evil with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser a devout Muslim who stands against Radical Islam and is a featured guest on the Third Jihad movie. We will also be talking to producer Raphael Shore who also produced the movie Obsession. These are two of the bravest men in America who are doing something about it but they cannot do it alone. Hopefully, if the American news media grows a spine they will be providing information on this as well.

This is a wake up call to America and to all of Mankind. We can no longer roll over and play dead.

NTS Notes: Can anyone actually stomach this BS? The video itself is bad enough and is nothing more than terrible Israeli Propaganda at its best! These Zionist criminals are so desperate to keep people in the dark to their true intentions, which are to implode economies, create a new war against Iran, and bring in their man made swine flu to bring about martial law, that they try to pass off this article as truth!

Do not be fooled... People are finally learning and listening to the truth!

More to come


More Re-Writing Of History: What Really Triggered World War Two?

This may take several articles to write.... I, like others, has been raised to believe by the Zionist press and their textbooks in schools, that World War Two was a war waged to prevent the evil Adolf Hitler and his evil Nazis from conquering the World! We have been fed since birth with a constant stream of movies out of Zionist controlled Hollywood showing the victorious Allied forces going into battles with the evil Germans and always coming out victorious. The indoctrination into that believe was constant, but now we can analyze the facts and true causes of that war, and what we find now is astounding and very disturbing...

First, it is a little known fact that on March 24, 1933, the Jews of the world formally declared war on Germany! Their plan was to bring the new Germany under Adolf Hitler to its knees by using their money to destroy German finances and industry. When I first came across this article some years back, I was shocked! Why have we not been told about this? Why has no one come forward and put this up for everyone to see? It does seem that History has been purposely distorted and this fact has been cleverly missing out of our "History Books".... Even in Benjamin Freedman's famous 1961 speech, he tells about this incident in history which is never found in the Zionist controlled "History Books"!

Well, here now I present the article about the Jewish declaration of war against Germany, and some information about the alliance between the Zionists and Germany during that war. Yes, these forces worked closely together to force the Jewish people out of Europe and send them to Palestine. Here is the article:

The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany height="500" width="100%" > value="">

NTS Notes: It therefore appears that the Jews of the World were already at war with Germany a full 6 years before the invasion of Poland in September, 1939. They were wanting to destroy the German nation in 1933! It is still amazing to this day that little is known about that fact.

So very little truth it seems is brought to light these days due to Zionist control of the media. I will be spending many articles in the future talking about the truths about this war, and the consequences to the entire world. Over 50 Million people died during that period of history, therefore the truth must come out. So much is covered up and so much has to be revealed.

More to come


Do THESE People Look Like Terrorist To You?

I found an article that really shows the true hearts of the children of Gaza. In spite of the evil Zionist Israeli blockade of that small area, the children have been able to gather for an attempt at breaking a world record for flying kites simultaneously.

I must ask anyone outright: Do these people look like "terrorists" to you? The Zionist controlled press still continues to put up BS that "terrorists" still attack Israel from Gaza, and that the Israeli Army has been attacking Gaza to crush these attacks. The TRUTH is that the evil state of Israel has turned Gaza into an open air concentration camp where the people are on the verge of starvation. And yet, here we have the children flying kites!

Look at the article and judge for yourselves:

Friday, July 31, 2009

Gazan kids break guinness world kite flying record

BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip - Thousands of children in the Gaza Strip attempted to set a new world record Thursday by flying colorful homemade kites amid the ruins of Israel's crushing offensive earlier this year — a rare display of joy in the isolated seaside territory ruled by Hamas militants.

The festive event, sponsored by the United Nations, brought some 6,000 campers in orange uniforms and blue caps to a beach in Gaza's war-torn north, where they released their kites into clear skies.

Some included designs such as the red, green, black and white Palestinian flag.

"We are happy we came here, full of joy, full of life," said 11-year-old Marwan Mohammad. "We hope that we can be free and can enjoy the same freedom these kites enjoy in the air. All we are looking for is to grow up like normal children."

Marwan said his neighborhood in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, was bombarded in Israel's January offensive. He said many of his friends' relatives were killed in the attacks.

A stifling economic blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt has prevented Gaza from rebuilding. The 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza are not free to come and go, and Gaza is surrounded on all sides by an Israeli-built fence and a heavily patrolled sea coast.

John Ging, the head of the U.N. agency that deals with Palestinian refugees, said the fact that the event was taking place in Gaza held special significance.

"It is an expression of the demand for liberty by these children," he said. "Look at what the children of Gaza can do if they are given a chance."

NTS Notes: We have been living with the lies put out by the Zionists for too long. It is time for people to rise up against that tyranny and tell these criminals that we have had enough!

The people of Gaza deserve the rights to freedom and peace as much as everyone else on the planet. Is it not time for them to have those rights?

More to come..


More Re-Writing Of History: WHO Brought The Slave Trade To America

I have made it one of my purposes in writing these articles to have what is called today "Historical Records" revealed for the lies they contain, and to have true history exposed for everyone to read and benefit.

In my recent upswing in activities and research into true historical documentation, I ran across several articles written by Walter White. I was already familiar with his work: The Hidden Tyranny, The Harold Rosenthal Interviews, which I have posted in a previous article for everyone to read. I found that he has written other articles, including one which exposes who exactly brought the Slave Trade to America.... I am therefore presenting this article in its full context here for everyone to read. Please take the time to look over this important piece of true literature:

NTS Notes: As I stated before, the more you research, the more you realize that what we have been spoon fed into our brains through our education system for the last century has been nothing but lies and falsehoods. We must now understand the true nature of these criminals, and their dastardly deeds throughout history. Facts are facts.

More to come...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Is Jesse Ventura Afraid Of?

I came across this article from Curt Maynard's blog, and I found it so very important to this fight that I decided I would add it to my own blog for everyone to see....

It deals with an interview conducted last August with a reporter from "Inside America". In the interview, Jesse speaks his mind, but still avoids the hard facts that it is Zionist criminals that are running the US right now. He almost comes clean with that fact but it seems he stops himself short from actually naming the criminals....

Here is the article, and the videos of the interview:


Jesse Venture; Are You Really a Hero? Are You Really? Then Speak Out and Tell the Truth; It's The Jews Stupid

Jesse Ventura interview Inside America
Jesse asks the difficult questions - like what the hell happened to America? Why are we living in a police state? How about how America came to be - the conquering of the indigenous population in this country. How about the fear generated in this country based on the false-flag 911 attacks and how that fear is used to manipulate the American population? Nothing from 911 adds up to Jesse - it doesn't add up to me either.

Jesse was trained by the USN as a frogman - explosives training - he knows that buildings don't just fall straight down. And he has the guts to discuss this fakery. He also brings up how George the chimp Bush did zip to investigate 911 until he was forced to do it. Another important point he brings up is why nobody was fired in government or the military for the disaster that was 911. Think about it - remember when the submarine surfaced doing an emergency surfacing drill and it collided with a Japanese boat with students on it? The captain was fired immediately - regardless of why. But a different set of rules apply when it comes to the 911 attacks. WTF?

Ventura brings up another great point - why in the hell was Clinton persecuted for cheating on his wife - minimal actual damage to the country - but when it comes to 911 the effort to find out what happened pales. Why?

He also discusses the Kennedy assassination - how many public figures are willing to discuss this one? Why? Perhaps because they don't have the courage of Ventura who can take the heat of the shills and liars who try to discredit him as a conspiracy theorist.

Here's the vids:
Part 1
Part II

NTS Notes: Maybe someday soon, Jesse Ventura will finally come out and tell the truth about who is responsible for these crimes against humanity. His outspokenness has opened up a lot of people's eyes, but stopping short of naming the criminals actually ruins much of his credibility.

More to come


More On The REAL Reasons Why Michael Jackson Was Murdered

I found this amazing article under www., and I wish to thank Ognir again for coming up with this information.

We really have to look closely at Michael Jackson's life, and how the Zionists controlled his life, to understand why he was eventually murdered.... Please take the time to look at this article:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Jewish Mobsters Got their Hooks into Michael Jackson

(above) "Smooth Criminal" - Al Malik, (seated far right) known as "heir apparent" to Meyer Lansky, courts Michael Jackson.

At the time of Michael Jackson's death, faster than you could say "Mishpucka", Jackson's "friend", Al Malnik told reporters that in either 2003 or 2004, Jackson named him the executor of his will and guardian of his youngest son, Prince Michael Jackson II, better known as “Blanket”.

Bob Norman reports Malnick and Jackson had a falling out some years ago, possibly because Jackson believed Malnick was part of a conspiracy (along with music executive Tony Mottola and film director Brett Ratner) to separate him from his stake in the Beatle's catalogue.

Malnik began making large loans (one account states $70 million) to Jackson when his career nosedived. Jackson's debt was said to be close to $200 million as of 2003, and may have been more by the time he died.

Before the child molestation charges, several financial rescue plans had been in the works for Jackson through a consortium of investors led by Malnik. Malnik said that a bank was about to place a lien on Neverland and other assets when he stepped in. Malnik and Charles Koppelman, a business manager for Mr. Jackson, hoped to extend the loan's due date to December 2005, with the backing of a New York-based hedge fund. As part of the terms of the loans, Malnik was appointed as a trustee over Jackson's spending. There was speculation that Jackson raised his $3 million bail due to criminal charges of child molestation with the help of Malnik.

The sole owner of a Georgia company, Title Loans of America, Malnikruns a national chain of loan stores that make millions of dollars from the interest charged on quick cash offered to people in desperate need of money. Attorney General Bob Butterworth [Florida] likens the business to 'legalized loan sharking.' Car title loan companies, often funded by major auto retailers, have blossomed in every neighborhood (and America's largest was Atlanta-based Title Loans of America).

Federally chartered banks, which can't be regulated by states, have teamed up with rip-off payday loan operators to duck under bans on usury. Due to lack of regulation, Malnik's Title Loans was able to lend money legally at annual percentage rates reaching 264%.

'It was a known fact among the criminal underworld that dealing withAl Malnik was the same as dealing with Meyer Lansky,' [said] Vincent Teresa, a convicted criminal and frequent government witness currently in the federal Witness Protection Program. When Lansky died in 1983 at age 81, Reader's Digest named Malnik his 'heir apparent.'

Lansky was the real boss of the Mafia, not the Italians. "We are bigger than U.S. Steel", he once bragged, according to a bio by Hank Messick, whose book also stated on the cover "The Mob Runs America and Lansky runs the Mob." Lansky was given a cameo in "The Godfather", shown at his birthday party carving up a cake in the shape of Cuba. In 1970, Lansky fled to Israel where so many of his Jewish underworld associates had retired. His moves from place to place to escape the law earned him the nick of "The Wandering Jew of '72". Lansky's last years were spent quietly at his home in Miami Beach. He died of lung cancer on January 15, 1983, aged 81, leaving behind a widow and three children. On paper, Lansky was worth almost nothing. At the time, the FBI believed he left behind over $300 million in hidden bank accounts, but they never found any money

According comment #8 on a recent news story "Malnik is a crook, a thief, a liar, and did end up with Lansky’s cash, even cheating Lansky's wife out of money. Malnik preys on the poor with his check cashing stores, has abused his employees at the Forge restaurant, been sued for refusing to pay minimum wage, hires illegals as housekeepers at his house, and is persona non-grata in Palm Beach - he is not a 'Palm -Beacher' but lives in Manalapan and has been refused entry to every private club in Palm Beach." Comment 11 states: "In long gone days past he was not referred to as Meyer Lansky’s lawyer, but as his frontman for numerous hotels and restaurants on Miami Beach, and yes it is likely that the fortune Lansky was thought to have ended up in Malniks hands as either his or under his control as he continued to be a frontman for Lansky’s other associates." Comment 15: "That son of a bitch sold pictures to! I just saw them. What a scum he is."

In the early 1970s, Malnik was also involved with Sam Cohen's sons in land deals in Florida and the Poconos. Their companies -- COMAL and "Cove Associates" -- dealt with Caesar's World and the Teamsters Pension Fund, both institutions which have attracted a substantial amount of law enforcement attention

In 1962, Malnik was listed as a director of the Bank of World Commerce, a Bahamas-based institution that involved 'some of the nations' top gangsters' and was known as a "loot laundry". Malnik is said to control the Bahamas gambling and Caribbean drug running. Malik was involved with Lansky in the setup of the Bahama's Paradise Island and Resorts International. In 1978, a Bahamian company namedAppolonia Investment Limited paid $3.35 million to buy the property just north of Malnik's Ranch. Malnik refuse to divulge Appolonia's owners.

But records from the Register General's Office in the Bahamas show the principal shareholder is a Saudi Arabian prince who is a prominent member of the kingdom's royal family and longtime friend of Malnik's.

Malnik and the prince -- a son of King Abdul Aziz, the founder ofmodern Saudi Arabia -- once lived in neighboring condos in the Cricket Club. According to news stories in the 1980s, the pair also traveled abroad together. Malnik's son would later change his name from Mark to Shareef and marry into the royal Saud family.

It is known that the Saudi King would frequently send his private 747 to Florida to pick up Malnik and his associate so they could conduct business on the plane away from prying eyes.

It wouldn't surprise me if the present executors of the Jackson will,John Branca and John McClain, were fronting for Malnik or one of his Mishpucka associates. They are not letting Jackson' s mother Katherine see the agreement Jackson signed with AEG, the concert promoter in charge of what was to be his 2009. Katherine's attorney McMillan says this contract could be a huge source of income for the estate. Michael's sister LaToya states that Jackson revised his wills every 5 years or so, and that the final one is yet to emerge.

LaToya stated in her book LaToya: Growing Up in the Jackson Familythat the Jacksons often mentioned their disgust with having to deal with "so many Jews" in the entertainment business. Was LaToya set up by Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Bruno as part of the payback for the family's "anti-semitism"?

During the interview, Bruno chats with LaToya Jackson, Michael's sister, and gets her to sit on "chairs," which are actually Mexican workers, and eat sushi off a naked male. Finally, Bruno steals her phone so he can get Michael's number out of it. Due to Jackson's death, the scene was cut from the completed movie.

LaToya herself was for a number of years in the control of Jewish racketeer Jack Gordon, who became her manager. In this interview on British television, LaToya details some of Gordon's violent control over her:

Gads! It's no wonder Michael Jackson was "anti-Semitic".


NTS Notes: Yes, these monsters have no souls... They were out for their "pound of flesh" from Michael Jackson, and it cost him his life.

More to come


From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume VIII: Arrested For Protecting A Child From Bullying!

I found this article today, and being a father myself, I was appalled..

Is our society so ruined that anyone can be arrested on false accusations? What ever happened to "Innocent before proven Guilty" idealism that society used to adhere to?

Please read this article out of the UK, and you decide:

Mother, 40, thrown in police cells after lying pupils made up assault following bullying confrontation

Last updated at 5:56 PM on 30th July 2009

When Anisa Borsberry confronted a group of playground bullies she hoped it would finally bring an end to her daughter's torment.

She never imagined it would lead to eight police officers arriving at her home in three patrol cars and a van to arrest her.

But after the 40-year-old was accused of hitting one of the bullies - claims they later withdrew - she was forcibly removed from her home.

Anisa Borsberry with daughter Taylor, 11

Protective: Anisa Borsberry was arrested after confronting children she thought were bullying her daughter Taylor

Officers surrounded the property, put her in handcuffs and in front of her neighbours marched her to a waiting patrol car.

She was then driven to a nearby police station where she was thrown into a cell for more than five hours.

Her photograph was taken, along with her fingerprints and two swabs of DNA. She was then interviewed at length.

Today the police dropped their case against Mrs Borsberry and confirmed that they had since launched an investigation into her arrest.

'I was speechless when I heard what I was supposed to have done,' she said today.

'I couldn't understand why I was in this situation. I knew I had done nothing wrong and was totally innocent.

'The children had already admitted lying but yet here were two statements they had made to the police after their parents had made a complaint.

'When the police came to arrest me they dragged me outside where the whole street could see me.

'Three police cars and a van had turned up and eight officers went round the back of the house, I assume in case I tried to escape. It was like a scene from a movie.

'The only thing that was missing was a police helicopter. It was a shocking waste of taxpayers' money.'

Lambton Primary School in Washington, Tyne and Wear

Pupils at Lambton Primary School in Washington, Tyne and Wear, claimed Mrs Borsberry had hit a schoolgirl

Mrs Borsberry went to Lambton Primary School in Washington, Tyne and Wear, earlier this month after her 11-year-old daughter Taylor arrived home in floods of tears.

She decided to speak to the bullies in question and ask them why they had called her daughter names at the school gates that morning.

'I stood and spoke to this girl and asked her what was going on,' said Mrs Borsberry.

'My daughter stood by my side the whole time holding my hand.

'Halfway through a boy who had been involved in upsetting Taylor decided to shout and scream abuse at me, including the F-word.

'I then took my daughter into school and asked to see her class teacher and reported the incident immediately.'

Gilbridge police station, Sunderland

Gilbridge police station, Sunderland, where Anisa Borsberry says she was locked up for five hours

She hoped that would be the end of the matter.

But when she rang the school back later that day to check on her daughter she was informed that the children she had confronted had accused her of assault.

'After interviewing the children on a one-to-one basis the children all admitted lying and said they had made the whole thing up,' said Mrs Borsberry.

'The school even rang their parents and informed them that the allegations were false.'

But despite withdrawing the allegations police arrived at Mrs Borsberry's home the following day after receiving complaints from their parents.

The eight officers surrounded her home in Washington before one of them handcuffed her and dragged her out to a waiting patrol car.

She was then driven to Gilbridge police station in Sunderland where she was thrown into a cell.

Mrs Borsberry remained there until around midnight when she was released on bail.

Taylor, who waited at home with her father Lee, 37, and brother Myles, 19, said she blamed herself.

'I was really upset,' she said today. 'When they arrested mum I felt like shouting that she hadn't done it. I never thought it would go that far.'

Mrs Borsberry has since been told by her solicitor that no further action will be taken against her, though the police would not confirm this.

'I cried when I heard the news,' she said. 'It has been the week from hell. I've been ill with worry and stress.

'I haven't been able to eat or sleep well and I've been crying non-stop. This nightmare is over for me now thank God.

'Those children do not realise what they have done to me or my character.'

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said today: 'The complaint of assault is not being progressed, so there will be no further police action taken against this woman.

'We have received a letter of complaint from the arrested woman and will be carrying out a full review of all of the circumstances before making a response.'

Read more:

NTS Notes: It is interesting that these children actually admitted that they were lying, but the mother gets arrested anyways.... I do not know about British Law, but I can see a lawsuit coming, and rightfully so.

Protect a child against bullying and get thrown into jail for it... I would say that this definitely belongs in the files of absurdity!

More to come..


The Hidden Tyranny: The Harold Rosenthal Interview

I want to continue with my exposure of our hidden past with a very important article that is available under, and that is the White/Rosenthal Interview of 1976.

Many people still do not understand the mindset of the Zionists, and their evil plans for world domination. Here in this interview, Mr. Rosenthal put all of the facts out to Walter White. What Harold Rosenthal says is both disturbing, and very alarming! Proof as to how the Zionists treated Rosenthal for divulging their plans in this interview came later that year when Harold Rosenthal was killed during a plane hijacking. The hijacking itself was obviously a Zionist attack aimed primarily at Harold Rosenthal himself, as stated in this article...

Here now I present the article, The Hidden Tyranny: The Harold Rosental Interview:

The Hidden Tyranny - Interview of Harold Rosenthal height="500" width="100%" > value="">

NTS Note: As of August 6, 2009, this document was eliminated by the user. I doubt that, and most probably it has been deleted purposely to make sure that readers such as yourselves are not able to read the article. Please just google: White-Rosenthal Interview, and read this important piece of historical evidence for yourselves. If and when it becomes available again on scribd, I will put it back up here for your convenience.

NTS Notes: As I previously stated, the facts presented by Rosenthal in this interview should be a wake up call for everyone. The Zionists want only to enslave the rest of us in their pursuit of world dominion!

More to come


Why ARE We In Afghanistan?

There has been a sudden upswing in the amount of articles and blogs that are finally questioning the US, and NATO "mission" in Afghanistan. I figure that it is about time that they began to realize that we are in Afghanistan for all of the wrong reasons...

The Rothschild Zionists ordered their minions to send troops to Afghanistan as early as 2000 to bring an end to the Taliban rule in that country and to restore the Opium trade. People still are not fully aware that the Taliban had basically shut down the Poppy fields in southern Afghanistan, burned them to the ground, and were executing the drug lords responsible for shipping the Opium out of the country to markets in Europe. The Rothschild Drug Empire in Europe was getting desperate, due to the fact that this drug trade was worth hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars.

The 9-11 attacks were falsely used as the premise for finally getting the US and NATO to "liberate" that country in late 2001. In doing so, the puppet government of Karzai was established in Kabul, and the poppy fields were put back into full production. The Zionists then had NATO commit troops to southern Afghanistan, primarily Khandahar Province, to protect these fields! Today, we still have NATO forces in the region who are there only to protect the drug trade to make sure that the drugs reach their European suppliers. Now, obviously in preparation for the upcoming Israeli war with Iran, the US has began to pour military forces into Afghanistan to position them on Iran's eastern border.

Why is it that people still cannot see all of this? The Zionist controlled media still calls the Afghanistan "Mission" one to "free" the people from the "evil" Taliban, but as you can see the true reasons for being there are kept from the public eye. Only now, many others are questioning the Afghanistan "Mission", and asking: Why are we there? Here is an article that I found that shows how people are finally asking that same question:


Osama bin Boogeyman is DEAD - What is the Mission in Afghanistan?

Osama bin Laden is dead. That's spelled D-E-A-D. Deceased. Pushing daisies. Taking a dirt nap. Passed away. No longer with us. Finished. Six feet under. Dead as a doornail. Departed. Gone. So what is the mission in Afghanistan?

Perhaps (CLICK) this previous post will provide reasons you will accept I base my assertions on. By the way - if you want to argue go ahead - but without a live Osama to show me you will have one helluva' time making your case - because - he's dead. If you wish to dispute my assertion simply produce bin Boogeyman and I'll take this post down. Oh yeah - he has to be breathing. But since he's dead what is the mission in Afghanistan?

Perhaps (CLICK) this audio of David Ray Griffin will help you enter the realm of reality if you still believe the boogeyman is still alive. Dr. Griffin has just finished "Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive?" - yet another exhaustively researched book demolishing the official conspiracy theory our lying government arrogantly branded into the public mind using shock and repetition. I differ with Dr. Griffin in his pro-world-government stance while I prefer the preservation of the United States under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Regardless - he's dissected the official fairy tale from many angles ranging from exposing fake evidence to simply pointing out contradictions in the official lie. Those pushing the official lie and those shilling to demonize 911 Truthers protest too much in light of the mountain of evidence collected by the grass-roots 911Truth citizens movement. The evidence in the 911 case does not point to a troglodyte like bin Laden but more towards a military-industrial bad-guy with access to nanotechnology. So what is the mission in Afghanistan?

Since bin Laden is dead and has been since December 13th, 2001 (or 14th) - all communications from bin Laden are either the result of lies our government fed to us via the military-industrial-corporate-controlled media or the U.S. government has some very talented clairvoyants in their employ. I suspect the former. Regardless of your own conclusion can we agree that the U.S. government WANTS WAR? If bin Laden turned up dead tomorrow are you naive enough to think our military would retreat from the over 130 nations in which they are entrenched?

Wait - hold on a minute you say ... Jack Rabbit is a crazy conspiracy theorist. Only a crackpot thinks their government conspires to constructFALSE REALITIES . But Sean (sissy) Hannity, Rush (the pill) Limbaugh, Neal (my dad was a Marine so I am too) Boortz, Laura (shrew) Ingraham, Thom (DeminwythousOK) Hartmann, Ed (Blind) Schultz, Glenn (Crybaby) Dick...somebody in the media wouldreport this? No they wouldn't because they are paid to grow mushrooms not to inform citizens.

So getting back to the reason we are in Afghanistan- if you've taken some time to look at the hyperlinks above - isn't it easier to understand current U.S. policy if one starts with the premise that capturing bin Laden is NOT the basis of the phony war on terror - that instead the war on terror is a liemarketed to the masses so wars of aggression can be expanded? Yes it is that simple. Luckily new weapons are online now to make fighting this war easy.

Drones allow the U.S. military to slaughter people across the globe without breaking a nail, or missing a soccer game. It's kinda' like running a prison camp - go to work in the morning - machinegun a few people in the morning, have lunch, then get the afternoon missile attack on the Paki wedding over before 15:30 hours so damage assessment can give the OK to go home to pick up junior from soccer - or get to the day-care in time not to pay a 10-dollar-a-minute late fee. After all - it's all about the children - American that is.

Wars of aggression are losers in the long run and very unpopular in the fatherland. For this reason mercenaries are used to subjugate the indigenous people in the occupied countries. This allows the concealment of casualties taken in the occupation since they are hidden from the public. Mercenaries are a tacit admission that the fatherland aggressor nation is fighting an unjust war because if the war were a just one Americans would line up by the thousands to fight as they did following the false-flag 911 attacks.

So I ask you reader regarding the bloodbath in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and soon Iran: What is the Mission?

NTS Notes: What is the Mission this writer asks? The mission is (a) to protect the drug trade and to make sure that the drugs flow out of Afghanistan to markets in Europe, and (b) position troops on the Iranian eastern border for the upcoming war that Israel may soon launch! One need only look at a map of Afghanistan, and where the US and NATO troops are stationed to see that what I am saying is the truth. The media will continue to lie, and it is up to us to get the truth out to others....

More to come