Monday, May 11, 2009

A Very Important Article For Everyone To Read

I have found that the usage of external links may come in handy sometimes in getting the messages across.... I found the following article the other day, and it is dynamite material!

Here is the link.... Copy and paste it to your search engine in case it does not automatically go there:

My take on this article is obvious: People have been duped for so long by the criminal element within the Zionist Khazarian community that they fail to understand the full scope of the criminality!

We live in desperate times, and now with the passage of more "Hate Laws", we care coming to a point where the message may be banned from the Internet entirely! This is why it is so important for readers to go and copy the information... I have no qualms about any of my notes copied and will definitely not pursue any "copyright infringements".... So do as you must to get the messages out!

More information will be brought forward for everyone to see..... The fight against the lies and the criminals responsible for the lies must go on.


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