Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Information For Readers To Look At

I have been taking a break more often now to concentrate on family and other activities... It does not mean that I have given up on this fight though!

We must be aware that the final demise of the once great United States Of America is now at hand. The criminals are rapidly trying to get their Hate Laws into law, and are now trying to take the peoples' guns away from them. People must be aware that the second amendment to the US Constitution, The Right to Bare Arms, was primarily put into place to have the people arm themselves not from the threat of foreign powers but from their own corrupt government! The zionist puppet, Obama, is now working hard with his masters in trying to come up with excuses to have the people disarm themselves! Lets hope that Americans can see the truth to this evil deception, and keep their guns!

The World economies are still in shambles, and their final demise is almost at hand. Quietly the US dollar is nose diving against other world currencies, and now nations such as Russia are quickly transferring their foreign reserves from the dollar to the Euro. China is also refusing to buy any more of the US debt. It is only a matter of time now before these ripples become a tidal wave. Hyper inflation, and worthless currency will be the result.

I have been continuing to look at other websites, such as incogman's, and Darryl Bradford Smith's (iamthewitness.com), to gather and fine tune information for my own readers. I have no qualms about anyone going over and taking a good look at these sites for their expansion of understanding what we are up against. More and more now people are finally waking up to who is responsible for the crimes against humanity.

People sometimes question my own ethics, and say that I am not naming all of the Jews as being responsible for the criminals. It is so hard to not point the finger at all Jews as being criminally responsible for the actions of their "race". I side with those that do believe that some Jewish people are not to blame. However, it seems that the majority DO know what is going on, and because of their refusal to stand up against the evil actions of their "tribe", I hold them as being associates to the crimes. Therefore, I do not take as hard an approach as Mike Delaney does over at prothink.org, but I find also that sometimes DBS over at iamthewitness.com can be a bit soft on these criminals. At the moment, I am not taking any sides, but I am leaning towards a more cooler approach, such as Darryl's at iamthewitness.com. MY reasoning is still very simple: If we take too hard a line against these criminals at this time, then all they need to do is to turn their thought police against us, and we could all be in jail on charges of hate, racism, or their phony BS finger pointing of "anti-semitism". That hard attacking approach therefore plays right into their hands due to their "hate laws" in place in many countries, including mine! Right now the best solution for the moment is to continue to get as much information out, to get people to wake up to the facts behind the truth, pass the messages around about how Zionists are responsible for the world's plights, and to let readers decide for themselves what course of action they must take. It is up to the individual readers to investigate the information presented here and elsewhere and have the freedom to decide who is telling the truth!

Moving right along...I have a great link here for people to look at, and I wish to thank Andrew Carrington Hitchcock for this information:


There is also, of course, the link to his great book on the Synagogue of Satan, that everyone should read:


Remember that Freedom is NOT free, but comes at a price. History has shown this to be true.



Anonymous said...

I agree with your approach in this fight, due to the fact that I also believe that they will find any means necessary to shut down our fight against them. If we try to call all Jews as criminals, then they will have a valid concern that they are singled out by prejudice on our part.

Thanks for clearing up the facts as to where you stand. I too will continue to side with Darryl Smith in trying to get everyone on our side in this fight, including many decent Jewish people (IF they are willing to come forward!).

Northerntruthseeker said...

The hard part is DBS is always trying to take the middle road in this fight. It is so hard for anyone from a zio-occupied territory to say that all of the Jews are responsible for the crimes against humanity because in doing so they will have the wraith of the government and the police to deal with. "Anti-semitic" BS laws are rampant, and violators can be prosecuted in Kangaroo courts for such actions.

If more and more people are finally waking up to the truth, then maybe someday these terrible laws will be repealed, and real freedom of speech will reign. Until then, even I must tow the line and avoid false crimes of racism, hate, "anti-semitism", etc.

Research all facts and come to your own conclusions as to exactly WHO the criminals are. Do NOT fall into the trap of being too hardline due to the fact that THAT is exactly what they want. In doing so they will feel justified in their Us versus Them twisted mentality.