Thursday, May 28, 2009

Understanding their Tribal Myth....Just the Beginning

Here is another one of many interesting articles for people to read in their quest for finding out the truth....

It seems that many are now beginning to understand the lies of "anti-semitism" and why these criminals have been using it in their attempts to prevent the truth from coming out....

More and more, I am beginning to see the pattern to their evil ways.... A people with no real Semitic history, and bent on teachings of a despicable book, the Talmud. They have been using their controlled media as a method of indoctrinating Billions into the false notion of a "Chosen People", and suppressing any real research into their true history....

We can do our own research by easily tapping into articles on the Net.... I strongly recommend that people look closely at books like "The Thirteenth Tribe" to find out the truth about these people....

We must ask ourselves... "WHY?" ... Why do they continue to spew their own hatred and racism, on others? Why do they constantly muzzle free speech by their so called "Hate Laws"?.... Why do they lay claim to a land that definitely is not theirs?....And, why does the general population not know the truth about them?

Maybe its time finally for open discussion on these matters..... We can see the truth. Maybe its time for them to justify their actions?

More to come...


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lets Keep The Information Coming In This Fight

A short blog for today.... Another very important article written by a person by the name of Barbara L.

I am impressed by this article, and I hope you are too.... Just copy the link below, and look at it as soon as you can. The information deals with the lies of "anti-semitism" which is promoted by the NON Semitic Ashkenazi Jews. More people are finally waking up to the basic fact that these criminals are not even Semites!

Here is the link:

More to come. Lets not be lied to again!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Information For Readers To Look At

I have been taking a break more often now to concentrate on family and other activities... It does not mean that I have given up on this fight though!

We must be aware that the final demise of the once great United States Of America is now at hand. The criminals are rapidly trying to get their Hate Laws into law, and are now trying to take the peoples' guns away from them. People must be aware that the second amendment to the US Constitution, The Right to Bare Arms, was primarily put into place to have the people arm themselves not from the threat of foreign powers but from their own corrupt government! The zionist puppet, Obama, is now working hard with his masters in trying to come up with excuses to have the people disarm themselves! Lets hope that Americans can see the truth to this evil deception, and keep their guns!

The World economies are still in shambles, and their final demise is almost at hand. Quietly the US dollar is nose diving against other world currencies, and now nations such as Russia are quickly transferring their foreign reserves from the dollar to the Euro. China is also refusing to buy any more of the US debt. It is only a matter of time now before these ripples become a tidal wave. Hyper inflation, and worthless currency will be the result.

I have been continuing to look at other websites, such as incogman's, and Darryl Bradford Smith's (, to gather and fine tune information for my own readers. I have no qualms about anyone going over and taking a good look at these sites for their expansion of understanding what we are up against. More and more now people are finally waking up to who is responsible for the crimes against humanity.

People sometimes question my own ethics, and say that I am not naming all of the Jews as being responsible for the criminals. It is so hard to not point the finger at all Jews as being criminally responsible for the actions of their "race". I side with those that do believe that some Jewish people are not to blame. However, it seems that the majority DO know what is going on, and because of their refusal to stand up against the evil actions of their "tribe", I hold them as being associates to the crimes. Therefore, I do not take as hard an approach as Mike Delaney does over at, but I find also that sometimes DBS over at can be a bit soft on these criminals. At the moment, I am not taking any sides, but I am leaning towards a more cooler approach, such as Darryl's at MY reasoning is still very simple: If we take too hard a line against these criminals at this time, then all they need to do is to turn their thought police against us, and we could all be in jail on charges of hate, racism, or their phony BS finger pointing of "anti-semitism". That hard attacking approach therefore plays right into their hands due to their "hate laws" in place in many countries, including mine! Right now the best solution for the moment is to continue to get as much information out, to get people to wake up to the facts behind the truth, pass the messages around about how Zionists are responsible for the world's plights, and to let readers decide for themselves what course of action they must take. It is up to the individual readers to investigate the information presented here and elsewhere and have the freedom to decide who is telling the truth!

Moving right along...I have a great link here for people to look at, and I wish to thank Andrew Carrington Hitchcock for this information:

There is also, of course, the link to his great book on the Synagogue of Satan, that everyone should read:

Remember that Freedom is NOT free, but comes at a price. History has shown this to be true.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Fabulous Video That Everyone Should Look At!

I wish to thank Phil Marlowe over at for this important video....

The Original White Extremists - The most amazing home videos are here

NTS NOTE, July 13th, 2009: As of this date, this video has been pulled by Vimeo. I will attempt to repost it once it becomes available again...There is no doubt that it was pulled by the bad guys in their never ending attempts to suppress the truth about their actions. Take a look at for further information. Thank you for your patience and understanding...
NTS NOTE, July 19th, 2009: This video has been restored under a different video player site..Metacafe.... I am proud to present this again for my readers... Enjoy!

Again, it seems that the criminals are working overtime now to suppress this information. This is not hate, nor is it racism.... It is the truth! We will wake up someday under total control of these criminals, and we will be powerless to stop them at that point.

Take the time to study and learn about the truth about world Zionism, their minions, and their blueprint: "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".....

Freedom is not free, but comes at a price!


Monday, May 11, 2009

One more video for all of you! Happy belated Mothers' Day!

This video touched my heart... I hope it touches yours. It shows the purpose of this fight, and why each of us must take a stand.... Our world can be a great place, and is that not worth fighting for?


I hope that each of you has had a very happy Mothers' Day! Our world is such a beautiful place that we must save. Do your part!


And Another Important Video To Watch...

I have yet to master the full scope of embedding videos into my blogs.... But I am definitely trying!

Here is a great video that is originally from, that everyone should look at:

Again, I wish to thank Incogman for this important information, and hope that this will be viewed by all of my readers.... The information is too important to overlook. I also recommend that people do go over to Incogman's own website and look at his articles... They are also dynamite!

Please remember that we should not live in fear of these criminals. The fight for our survival is too important!


A Very Important Article For Everyone To Read

I have found that the usage of external links may come in handy sometimes in getting the messages across.... I found the following article the other day, and it is dynamite material!

Here is the link.... Copy and paste it to your search engine in case it does not automatically go there:

My take on this article is obvious: People have been duped for so long by the criminal element within the Zionist Khazarian community that they fail to understand the full scope of the criminality!

We live in desperate times, and now with the passage of more "Hate Laws", we care coming to a point where the message may be banned from the Internet entirely! This is why it is so important for readers to go and copy the information... I have no qualms about any of my notes copied and will definitely not pursue any "copyright infringements".... So do as you must to get the messages out!

More information will be brought forward for everyone to see..... The fight against the lies and the criminals responsible for the lies must go on.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Low Can We Go?

Taking a week off to reflect on what is happening in the world around us, and what I have seen is not a pretty picture...

We just endured the national ass-kissing event in Washington DC, where the so called "elected" representatives attended the AIPAC national conference. There, these fools bowed down to their masters, and some went up to the podiums to pledge their lives to the evil state of Israel. I just don't get it? Are not those elected by their constituents supposed to pledge their allegiance to the US first? How is it that the general public is so dumbed down that they cannot still see who calls the shots in their country?

It also came to my attention over a week ago that Noel Ognir over at spent some time in interviewing the former congresswoman from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney. That interview can be easily heard by going over to and clicking on the TIU radio shows, and then scrolling down to the file itself. This interview may be one of the most powerful messages that anyone can hear as proof as to who calls the shots in Washington! Cynthia held back no punches in pointing out that all Congressmen, and Senators must pledge their allegiance to Israel if they are to remain in power. These fools have no backbones, and are totally under the power of the Israeli lobby due to the simple fact that most of their campaign monies come from these criminals. I do strongly recommend that all of my readers go there and listen closely to what this former congresswoman has to say!

On another note, we see the passage of the American Hate Law bill HR1913, and with that the passage of freedom in the US into history. Why are Americans that stupid that they could not see the repercussions of this bill? My experience by living in Canada has taught me that Hate Crime Laws have several purposes, and those are to suppress freedom of speech, and to PREVENT the exposure of the criminals who push for these laws! Canada has become Zionist occupied territory as a result of our "Hate Crimes" by making it a criminal offense to go after the Zionist criminals themselves! America, you have been hoodwinked and suckered into the same type of legislation! The people who pushed HR1913, the ADL and AIPAC, are all sick Zionist monsters who want to prevent their further exposure to the general public for their crimes.

Has anyone noticed that the media continues to put out the BS that the economic "recovery" is starting? How further from the truth is there! The economy is NOT about to recover, and is only presently hovering just before the final slide into oblivion thanks to the injection of money into the system. Printing money out of thin air has been the recourse of the Federal Reserve for the last while to try to bolster their banks, but all it will do is lead to hyper-inflation and an acceleration of the eventual downfall. Basically although most do not want to hear this: The United States in its present form is TOAST!

How can people continue to miss the important news that they should be reading and listening to? The answer is simple. The Zionists who want your enslavement control the media, and therefore allow you to see only what they want you to see. I gave up some time ago on the idiot box and their written propaganda, and I can only ask that you do the same. Take the time to look at the real news available over the Internet, before the government under their evil HR1913 hate laws outlaws that truthful information from your sight!

How low can we go? I say the bottom has not been hit yet. The next while will be one of turmoil and uncertainty. It is so easy to see how the recent H1N1 flu virus outbreak was turned into a media circus, and how the media suckered the public into so much fear that they quickly ran to their government "authorities" for help, including requesting flu shots that do not work. That was clearly psychological warfare being played out on people to its finest by the Zionist controllers. As far as I am concerned, that was a test by these criminals to see how people would react to a panic situation. The criminals obviously monitored the results, and when their engineered real serious flu outbreak does occur, they will step in with their "solutions". The results? Maybe Martial Law and suspension of freedoms.... From there it would only be a simple step to their dream of one world government, and world domination according to their plans laid out in their Protocols...

We must take a stand against criminality. Again, I will do my part. Are you willing to do yours?