Thursday, April 30, 2009

My take on the Infighting between Truthseekers

A short blog for today.... Just to answer a question that has been put to me recently about the fighting going on between DBS/Ognir at, and MD/EH over at

It has been said for sometime that the Zionists would love nothing better than to have the people opposed to them to fight amongst each other. Is not this petty fighting between these two camps not exactly what they want? To keep the movement against these criminals divided suits their purposes indeed!

I have absolutely no beef with either group. I am presently just a bit player in this fight, and only wanting to get the truth out to all readers. I have not been in contact with Mike Delaney for some time, but I have been reading his blogs closely. Recently, he put up a blog accusing Darryl Bradford Smith of being an agent for the bad guys, and not being truthful with his readers. That is preposterous! Darryl lives in France which is Zionist occupied territory. Darryl tries his best at getting the truth out to people, but always remembering that he has to keep the rhetoric down, otherwise the criminals will have their thought police knocking at his door to have him arrested on trumped up charges! Mike knows that. I therefore found that blog to be in very bad taste, and NOT one of Mike's finer works.

Darryl has done his best to keep from diverting from his messages. To say that all Jewish people are involved in this criminal syndicate is also preposterous. The majority of these Khazar Talmudists KNOW what is going on, but many do not raise a finger due to the incessant brainwashing, and the work of fellow Jewish clan members to keep them out of the picture. Many have led their entire lives with the effect of the "Us versus Them" mentality, and therefore will not see the big picture. Is this not the same brainwashing effect when it comes to "Project Apollo"? For over 40 years the general population has been brainwashed by that lie put out by NASA. For many truthful people to tell them now that it was a sham and a massive lie leads to them refusing to believe it, and refusing to act for the truth. Better to live with the lies than to face the uncertainty of the truth.

I recently put up Mike's final cut about 9-11, "Missing Links", and that shows that I find much of his information to be factual, and truthful. The hardline approach that he has taken recently attacking all Jews is a bit too much though!

As for Darryl's work over at There are volumes of material there that all seekers of the truth should read over. He has taken a milder approach to the problem, and hopes for unity first in fighting the criminals.

Therefore, I find this infighting to be ridiculous at times, and refuse to take sides. These two individuals are both trying to get the facts out, and they should stay focused on that! Remember that infighting is exactly what the Zionist criminals want to keep their opposition weak and divided.

Lets keep the focus on fighting the criminals, and not each other.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Look at Recent Events

Lets make it perfectly clear for everyone.... The recent outbreak of Swine Flu is by design. To what purpose was made clear as far back as the mid 1970's when a think tank group of Zionists and their minions gathered and decided there and then that there would have to be a massive "culling" of human beings sometime in the near future to both "save the planet" and to make the world ripe for a one world government.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that something is quite fishy about this sudden outbreak of a new strain of swine flu and the possibility of it turning into a world pandemic. Lets get the facts out about this right here. This is a brand new designer bug that has been manufactured by these sick maniacs. The H1N1 bug that is right now ravaging both Mexico and the southern US is a direct result of experimentation in virology labs across the US. People are not aware that for the last two years the US had been trying to recreate the 1918 Spanish flu virus in laboratories across the US, and in some cases attempting to splice it with both avian H5N1 strain, and swine flu H1N1 strains in an attempt to create a super virus. Now you should ask yourselves... For what purpose?

Some time ago the Zionists had decided that to control the world population and to cut down the number of people on the planet, that a combination of war/disease would be required. They have yet to get their war with Iran going, but the alternative of unleashing a super virus into the world was far into the planning stages. How convenient that suddenly an outbreak of swine flu has taken place in Mexico! Does this not fit nicely into the scheme of things? This swine flu strain could easily mutate into a mass killer shortly. Does not a mass pandemic not fit into their goals?

In other news... We are now seeing a new "Hate Bill" in congress ready for a vote.... I do recommend that people pay close attention to this.... The Zionists want so badly to suppress any opposition to their plans that they will stop at nothing to see this bill passed. If this bill passes, then any anti-Zionist material, including blogs such as this one, will be considered as "criminal". People have to understand that exposing criminals is not hate speech. Lets hope that the American public does not go the way of Canada, and stops this bill in its tracks.

Elsewhere... We are still seeing the ramp up of the coming war with Iran... The controlled American media is continuing to feed BS to the citizens about the dangers of Iran "building a nuclear weapon". Again, people have to get the facts straight... Iran is NOT building a nuclear bomb! Iran is a signer of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and is only using its centrifuges to produce reactor grade fuel. Most people are left not knowing that it takes a far greater amount of centrifuges and material to upgrade the purity of nuclear material from 3% for nuclear reactors to almost 97% required for nuclear bombs. Iran does not have that capability, and the IAEA officials have stated that clearly in their reports. So the question becomes, why the rush to war with Iran? The answer is simple... Israel wants it to eliminate possibly the one force in the middle east that can stop their quest for regional domination, namely Iran itself.

Remember... These are my takes on events taking place around the world at present. I do strongly recommend that readers take the time and explore and research these important facts for themselves, and if necessary put in their comments here....


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uncovering more Lies and Deceptions

It is so amazing to read material presented in some blogs..... I always go into other truth seeker websites and read their material to help with my own. This shows the power of the internet in our pursuit of truth. Sharing information is very important in getting our messages out!

Recently, I became interested in material put up under I found much of what "Incogman" has placed there to be both truthful, and very disturbing.... He has been relentlessly attacking the Talmudic Zionist Khazars and has been under fire from the responses in the comments that he has received. Most of his material is spot on and I do recommend it as valuable reading in pursuit of your own truths.

I also came across a very important site that I recommend for your reading:

I had read this important article years ago, and I found the material to be dynamite! To quickly summarize this article, Mr Bernstein was raised as an American Jew and shortly after the "6 day war" decided to emmigrate to the "Utopia" state of Israel. What he found after settling there, and marrying a Sephardic Jew, greatly disturbed him to the point that he left and shortly afterwards wrote a book about his sordid life there. The result of his writing and telling the truth about Israel was his assassination by Mossad agents!

Mr. Jack Bernstein found that the "Democratic" state of Israel is far from the truth. What Israel really is is a living hell, especially for those who are not part of the elitist Ashkenazi Khazars who control the government, the media, and the finances. What Mr Bernstein found was a racist, evil, and communist/socialist country built on lies and falsehoods. I will not go into detail here, but I strongly recommend that readers look and read closely what he has to say. People must know the truth about that evil country!

One particular disturbing article in Jack Bernstein's book deals with the Israeli control of American foreign policy. The reason that I bring it up is due to the recent ramping up of rhetoric by the US government to get Americans brainwashed into assisting Israel in its upcoming war with Iran. The passage is as follows:


These words are prophetic indeed! All that you need to realize is how much the whores in the controlled media are feeding BS to the public about Iran wanting a nuclear bomb! Lets be clear about that again... Iran is NOT building any nuclear devices. Iran is building power plants. The only country in the middle east that possesses Nuclear weapons is the Zionist state of Israel. The Zionist controlled media is feeding so much crap down peoples' throats about Iran these days that it is only a matter of time before their beloved Israel attacks Iran and then gets, as Mr. Bernstein quotes, American boys involved!

Why must we tolerate these monsters any longer? How much more must people see to realize that our world is in danger. The Talmudist want world domination, and they will do it by the enslavement and/or extermination of the rest of us.

We still have the power to stop them. Have the courage to be a voice against their tyranny.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

9-11 Missing Links... The Final Cut

HERE is the 9-11 Missing Links Video Final Cut!

I wish to thank Mike Delaney's site for this information.... I may not agree with all of Mr. Delaney's views on the Jewish Question, due to the fact that not all jews are responsible for the crimes of their Zionist element, but this video is too important to overlook!

THIS is so important that I figure all of my readers can take the time to look and listen closely!

If you still do not see the picture as to who caused the 9-11 murders, then I and others can not help you. If you cannot accept these truths, then you are sheep to the criminal wolves.

Wake up, America (and the rest of the world) before another mass murder by these criminals takes place....


NTS Update: This article was originally released in 2009. Since this time, the "Missing Links" video that I posted was removed..... Youtube still has it in about 10 parts for you to view....

Friday, April 10, 2009

9-11 The Truth!

I had decided for sometime to not touch the subject as to what happened on September 11th, 2001, due to the fact that as much information as possible has already been provided through other real truth sites such as, and, and through videos such as "9-11 Missing Links". I finally realized that a lot of people are still not realizing who caused, and who gained, from the murders of 9-11. Therefore I figure I would spend at least one blog telling people the truth.

9-11 was an Israeli Mossad operation. Period. There is absolutely no doubt as to who caused one of the greatest mass murders in US history. We have witnessed since this mass murder the massive coverup and deceptions taking place. It is so obvious that people are being sent off into the wrong directions purposely as to not finger the people responsible. Can you not see why? All anyone has to ask themselves are the following questions:
(1) Who has to gain by murdering 3000+ people and blaming it on "Arabs"?
(2) Who has the ability to carry out such an operation on American soil, right under the Americans' noses?
(3) Who controls the media, so as to use it to throw people off of the real perpetrators?
(4) Who has total control of the US government so as to prevent any true investigation into this crime?

The answers to each of the above questions is: Zionist Israel, and their evil espionage agency: The Mossad!

All you really have to realize is the basics behind any murder: (1) The motive (2) The method, and (3) The result. It does not take rocket science to see that again only the Zionists have all three of these basic rationalities in being able to carry out such an evil operation.

We have so much that happened that day that was never told by the whores in the media, such as the Odego Message to all Israeli citizens who were to work that fateful day telling them NOT to report to work! Only 1 unlucky Israeli died in the collapse of the twin towers! Astonishing, and impossible if not for Odego. It just so happened that Odego was an Israeli firm. Any surprise here?

We also have the incident of the 5 Mossad Agents who were filming the buildings as the planes slammed into them from across the Hudson River on a rooftop in New Jersey. THIS alone should have easily pointed the finger as to who pulled off this mass murder. These agents clapped, high-fived each other, and laughed, as Americans were dying! Then these same criminals sent off a message to the port authority saying that they say five "Arabs" taking off in a white van acting suspiciously. These agents then climbed into a white van loaded with explosives and drove off towards the Holland Tunnel. Only when the port authority closed all of the entrances and bridges to NYC was this white van intercepted. These agents then had the audacity to say they were Israelis, and that they were not America's problem... The Palestinians were! Even bomb sniffing dogs found the explosives in their van. These agents were arrested, put into prison, and then suddenly and by unknown reasons, sent back to Israel one month after 9-11 without any charges against them! THIS also clearly shows the Mossad involvement in 9-11 clearly! Yet the Media whores again refused to have any story about this!

Then we also have the use of explosives in the twin tower collapses. The media whores quickly grabbed the story that 19 Arabs with box cutters had seized the planes, drove them into the buildings, and the impact caused the towers to collapse. THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE! People are so gullible to this day to fall for this due to the power of zionist television. One thing that has never been revealed is that the twin towers were supported by over 100 massive steel reinforced beams in their cores. Planes hitting the towers would only cause outside structural damage, but the towers would stay up thanks to that center core. The only way the towers fell the way they did was by the careful placement of explosives; primarily thermite, in and around this core so as to cause them to fall straight down. That is exactly what happened on 9-11. As the planes rammed into the outside of the buildings, explosive charges went off in the sub basement, and around the core to both weaken the structure and to get it to collapse straight down. The only way this can happen is by having expert demolition crews set up explosives in the building prior to the attacks. To this day, there are many who worked in the WTC complex who told officials about workmen coming in and out of the building weeks before 9-11, and a lot of noise and drilling going on on unoccupied floors. Recently, even the existing rubble from the WTC collapse was examined, and traces of explosive material has been found! How can anyone not come to any other conclusion about this is ridiculous!

Then we have the case of Larry Silverstein, the ultra zionist who purchased the WTC complex months before the attack, and insured the buildings massively against such attacks. This murderer has never been properly investigated to this day, and he has bilked the US government out of Billions from his insurance coverage! This Zionist maniac also had the audacity to say over a video weeks after the attacks about his ordering the "pulling" of WTC building 7. "Pulling" is a demolition term meaning to set off the explosive charges, and have the building fall neatly down! How can anyone ever come to any other conclusion about this? People quickly forget that WTC7 fell hours after the 9-11 plane attacks, was never hit by a plane, and collapsed quickly into a neat pile! It just so happened that WTC7 also contained many important documents that eventually could have even fingered the perpetrators behind 9-11! How convenient that it was destroyed indeed.

This is only the beginning.... We still have not touched on Dov Zhakheim's involvement, or the attack on the Pentagon, or the shooting down of Flight 93 over Pennsylvania. Yes, flight 93 was shot down due to the fact that the passengers had probably gained control over the plane, and the government had to shoot it down or else the whole truth behind 9-11 would have blown up in their faces.

We have so many questions also about the involvement of the US government on 9-11. Lets just state it again clearly that the US government is fully controlled by these Zionists, and guaranteed on the morning of 9-11 they too received their orders as to what to do on that fateful day.

People have been lied to about 9-11 so much that the truth is clouded by fiction. That was done purposely by these same Zionist monsters so that people are left confused and uncertain about anything. Lets clear the air on this matter and get people focused on the truth, and the consequences of 9-11. These same Zionist monsters have used these attacks as their green light for further suppression of Palestinian rights, the attacks on both Iraq and Afghanistan, and for suppressing human rights, especially in the USA by the passing of the so called "Patriot Act".

Stay focused on the facts about 9-11. There is so much false material everywhere, especially on the net. We have so called "truth sites" talking about how "GWB and the US pulled off 9-11", but this is an obvious smoke screen and a deceptive ploy. We know who pulled off this murder, and we should be going after them for their crimes. The results of 9-11 were everything the Zionists had hoped for, and more. Its time for us to get the truth out and have them brought to justice.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Lies of History: Exposing The Truth

Recently, I did some reading of some very fascinating material, presented by a researcher named Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, called "The Synagogue Of Satan". This material is readily available on his own website baring his name, or can also be read in all its parts over at Let me bring some of its important facts to light in my own blog.

For thousands of years there has been a very dark force hidden in the shadows that has affected and directed all of mankind. Our history is replete with its sinister actions, and our present situation is a direct result of its actions. The primary goal of that dark force has always been to enslave us to its usury system of money, and as a consequence, to control entire nations.

In the Middle Ages, the directing force in the western world was Christianity, and its fundamental understanding of direct trade among the masses without the use of debt based on Usury. Fundamental Judaism used the method of Usury and debt based money as one of its guiding principals, and as a result saw the banishment of its followers from any country that it attempted to establish its monetary system. History is full of instances where these "jewish" people were thrown out of countries because of their attempts at financial ruination based on Usury!

People have to realize that debt as a system of monetary trade has always caused the ruin of any country that it established itself, and the only recourse to prevent such debt was to cancel debts periodically! In some countries, the policy of a 7-10 year "jubilee" was established where after a period of approximately 7-10 years, all personal debts were forgiven as commanded by that country's rulers. Usually a Jubilee was a great celebration with great pomp and ceremony.
How quickly societies today have forgotten the actions of our forefathers in the principal of canceling debt, and our present situation is a consequence of that inaction!

It was sometime in the 17th century that converted Talmudic Khazars that migrated to central Europe began to establish their banking systems. It was through the use of financing wars that many of them became rich. The richest group were the Rothschilds of Germany. If you read the "Synagogue of Satan" carefully, you will fully understand the lies and deceit that these people did to gain control of the banks of Europe. By the turn of the 19th century, these Rothschilds controlled all of Europe, and one of them was famous to say: I do not care who sits on the throne of any country, as long as I control its finances". Prophetic words indeed! By controlling the money, they now controlled the host country. The result has been the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent people for their personal pursuit of world domination.

It was during the 19th century that the Talmudic Khazars laid down their plans for world domination in "The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion", and it became the guidelines for the world Zionist movement, and eventual one world government with them as the masters. Again, I ask you, the reader, to take the time to read this most fascinating, and disturbing material.

Our recorded history is full of lies. Our history books are nothing more than the Zionists own censored material that THEY decide is fit for us to read. People have been kept from the truth, and only now through the power of the Internet can the truth be brought forward for everyone to research for themselves. We have failed today to take heed the words of a famous former Zionist by the name of Benjamin Freedman, who took the time in the 60's to try to expose these criminals for everyone to see. Again, take the time to listen to Benjamin Freedman's speeches. They are available freely over the net, and are very prophetic indeed.

There was also a famous interview between a newspaper writer by the name of Walter White, and an ultra Zionist businessman named Harold Rosenthal conducted in the late 70's at Mr. Rosenthal's residence. In this interview, Rosenthal talked freely about how his followers, Zionist Jews, controlled America and the world. He pulled no punches in talking about their control mechanisms, and what they had planned for all of us! He even clearly stated in the interview that the Jews were nothing more than Satanists; followers of their god, Satan! Rosenthal did not care what White thought throughout the interview, and left a clear message about our future.
Again, I ask all readers to take the time to read this interview, and decide for themselves about what is the truth!

We are therefore left with but one conclusion. We have been duped and fooled by this sinister group of monsters into basically giving them control of our lives. We are now watching the results of their control as our world economies collapse and they make their power grab for the entire planet.

You must ask yourselves one basic question... What must we do to stop them? The answer is to find the courage to fight back. It starts with getting the message out to awaken the masses to their criminality. We must have the courage to stand up for what is right, and to end this tyranny.

I am doing my part. Is it not time to do yours?


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time To Ramp Up The Rhetoric

I have been on a hiatus, and now I am back.

Many people have been wondering what direction my blogs have been taking. Many claim that I have been posting material with no basis on fact. I have said many times in my blogs that for me to go into long detail about each subject would be time consuming, and probably put most people to sleep from reading page after page of material! Most people do not want to spend hours reading long and tedious blogs. I agree with them. I tell people that I put up the reference material web sites for them to research constantly. For example: I have directed people to look at real truth sites such as for much of the articles for reference that they need.

It takes courage to put up these type of blogs. I have said for the last year and a half that the world is not as it appears. We have been sleepwalking through our lives not realizing that we are nothing more than slaves to an elite group of criminals that are mostly of one religious group, Talmudic Judaism, and have an agenda based upon their Protocols, namely Zionism! Their Zionist doctrine is nothing more than a call for world domination with themselves as our masters.

Lets also make it clear once and for all.... Anti-Semitism is nothing more than their propaganda to keep the rest of us living in fear of learning the truth. It is a sham, and a disgusting ploy on their part, to silence their opposition. It is nothing more than a LIE!

I am not against all Jewish people. I am against criminals. The rank and file religious Jewish Khazar has been fooled as much as the rest of us. Many are not aware of exactly what their brethren have been doing, due to the massive brainwashing that they have endured most of their lives. From birth, most of these Khazars are deluged with their own literature about being a chosen people, and having to endure their history of "mass genocides" by the hands of the Goyim. This has left them with an "us versus them" mentality, and it takes courage and a lot of factual evidence to sway them to the truth.

We have lived for most of our lives under the Zionist system of banking, literature, and media. It will take nothing less than a mass awakening to the truth about its criminality before people actually take steps to defeat these criminals.

Our "recorded" history is replete with lies and falsehoods. From biblical times to the present we too have been brainwashed by the lies, and are now suffering the consequences as a result of these lies. Even now when true historical research is conducted, the researchers are attacked as heathens and heretics. Even the "genocides" of the last century are listed as taboo to proper research. The bottom line is that the real truth about what happened is suppressed, and those wanting the truth are scrutinized, attacked, and even jailed!

I like others have grown up in their controlled environment. My schooling was under their literature, and their science. Only in the last few years have the real facts presented themselves through my own research. It has taken a lot of personal courage to come forward and present my thoughts and reasoning for all of you to read.

Yes, I am ready to ramp up the rhetoric. I still cannot touch one taboo subject from over 60 years ago, because it could land me in jail. However all other subjects are open season!

Lets not be afraid of getting the truth out to others. Tell people the truth about what is really happening in our world. Tell people about World Zionism, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The truth about our banking industry, The truth about the evil state of Israel, etc. People deserve the truth, and for them to take their own action in protecting themselves and their families.

I shall return shortly.