Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am still here... Just taking a break for a bit

It has been two weeks since my last blog, and several people asked me why I stopped posting... I told them that I was taking a break for a week, or two, to take care of other issues....

I will return shortly with more information, and further important messages for the readers of my site. It is important, and I do encourage people to look at other sites that deal with the truth about our world, such as DBS over there has done a superb job in getting the truth out for everyone to see. Also take the time to listen to his audio interviews. They are fantastic.

I have also come under fire for not taking the message further, or going beyond just posting blogs. Again, living in Zionist occupied Canada does have its limitations. Writing about the truth is the only safe approach for the moment when you are in Canada, because if I even attempt to go further, their Jackbooted police forces will be at my door to take me away in handcuffs under the phony charge of violating their "Hate Laws". Let us hope that people in the USA and elsewhere will get that clearly, and understand the importance of defeating any so called Hate Crime laws from being passed.

Have the faith and courage to stand up against tyranny. Our lives, and our futures, are clearly at stake!


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