Friday, March 27, 2009

Back With A Purpose

It was a well deserved break..... I always say the best way to clear your head, and to come back refreshed is to take a vacation.

It seems that much has happened in the world during my short hiatus.... The Obama Adminstration has done absolutely NOTHING to stop the coming implosion of America.... Are you surprised???

We see the US Government step in and say they will take over all of the bad loans and credit in the financial system.... THIS is such a grave error that I do not even know where to start..... Lets just say that it will for the short while create the impression that the system is on its way to recovery. The truth is that shortly we will see the down slide again and this time there will be no stopping it until it hits rock bottom! The Zionists are continuing to put forward the propaganda about the dangers of "deflation" and the need to prop up the banks by giving them even more money... Where is the rationality in that? Giving more money to criminals?

We do live in strange times indeed. Countries around the world are in or on the verge of economic collapse, and little is put forward by the whores in the Media. There is even talk now of a "world currency" as a solution for the crisis. As I have stated before, this is just another step towards total enslavement, which is what these criminal Zionists have wanted all along! Just read their "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and you will see that they have planned this for centuries. Only now are they ready to bring their plans to fruition.

I have been listening to the audio interviews over at "", and "", and I must say that the work on these sites has been very truthful and mind opening. DBS at "" has done such a fine job of getting some of the best people to come forward and talk about the truth in his interviews. It is too bad that most Americans continue to blind themselves to what is fed across their idiot boxes daily to not see what is happening. It is so ridiculous that they cannot see their country's impending collapse, and the fact that they will wake up one day destitute as a result. What will it take for America to finally see the truth?

I recently had to do some computer upgrades.... Damn spyware/trojans/viruses/spam/etc..... Is it just me, or has everyone had enough of that kind of crap? It does worry me that any material over the Internet can be observed by these same Zionist controllers. It is only a matter of time before they introduce their "Internet II" as a method of shutting down the real truth movement. Lets hope that more people wake up before that happens and get out there to spread the truth to others.

I am back with a purpose... To fight these criminals, and get the truth out!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Criminal Use of "Anti-Semitism"

It seems that the criminals will not stop until we are bludgeoned into submission using their so called "Hate Laws". Their latest scam is to promote "antisemitism" as the reason to further the criminal code in Canada to suppress the truth from coming out about the real criminals.

As I have said before, I am not "antisemitic". The reason is simple: I am not against the true Semites who are the Arabs, Christians, Palestinians, and Sephardic Jews, who are originally from the region of the Middle East known as Palestine. These people are the TRUE and real Semites, and those who cry "antisemitism" when their crimes are exposed, are IMPOSTORS. These impostors are Khazars without a drop of Semitic blood in them! These impostors have been using the term "antisemitism" for several centuries now as a method to further their evil deeds, and to suppress anyone from both exposing and going after them to bring them to justice. It has been a successful ploy by them that when anyone tries to charge them with criminality, they only need to scream "antisemitism", and suddenly the prosecutors are running for the hills!

Now we have a situation where the vile Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, is coming out and trying to promote furthering the Canadian criminal code to make anyone who fingers the real criminal zionists as "antisemitic", open for possible jail time! This is astounding indeed! People in Canada are so dumbed down as sheep that these Zionist directed changes in the criminal code will pass with almost no outcry, and all Canadian truth seekers could be facing jail time. The Zionists are on the verge of taking away the last bastions of true freedom away from all Canadians.

It is a very well known fact from anyone who reads my articles, and articles from true patriots, that these Khazarian Zionists are seeking world domination. Right now we still have a chance to have these criminals exposed, and they themselves know it. THIS is why they are rushing quickly to have these laws passed to prevent, and suppress anyone from going after them. It is a preemptive strike to prevent the masses from learning the truth about their schemes, and exposing them for their criminality. These new "laws" must be stopped before they are able to fulfill their "destiny" according to their evil Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Like I have said before, I am not "antisemitic". I am against evil, criminals, and maniacs. I want what is best for everyone, and all I can do is try to get the message out. I have read their most evil Talmud and their Protocols, and what I see is such rabid racism that it is vile, and disgusting. I emplore the readers of my blogs to take the time and look at these Zionist works and judge for themselves. These are blueprints for disaster for all mankind, and right now, sadly, these criminals are winning.

It is time for us to save our planet. Have the courage to never surrender to criminals.

I shall return with more information shortly. Have faith, and realize that there is a fight between good and evil right now. Lets not have evil win this war.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am still here... Just taking a break for a bit

It has been two weeks since my last blog, and several people asked me why I stopped posting... I told them that I was taking a break for a week, or two, to take care of other issues....

I will return shortly with more information, and further important messages for the readers of my site. It is important, and I do encourage people to look at other sites that deal with the truth about our world, such as DBS over there has done a superb job in getting the truth out for everyone to see. Also take the time to listen to his audio interviews. They are fantastic.

I have also come under fire for not taking the message further, or going beyond just posting blogs. Again, living in Zionist occupied Canada does have its limitations. Writing about the truth is the only safe approach for the moment when you are in Canada, because if I even attempt to go further, their Jackbooted police forces will be at my door to take me away in handcuffs under the phony charge of violating their "Hate Laws". Let us hope that people in the USA and elsewhere will get that clearly, and understand the importance of defeating any so called Hate Crime laws from being passed.

Have the faith and courage to stand up against tyranny. Our lives, and our futures, are clearly at stake!