Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Continuing To Answer Critical Questions

I still get a lot of questions about this blog. Many friends have shown concern for my well being in putting out this type of blog, exposing the criminals responsible for our imminent demise. I say to them that it is better to live with the uncertainty of the world of truth, rather than the euphoria of the delusional world of lies. In other words... If someone does not take a stand and fight for the truth, then the criminals will get away with subverting everyone, and we will wake up in a world where we are nothing but robotic slaves!

I will take the time in this blog to answer some more critical questions that people have been asking me. Many have not put them in comments in my blog, but have contacted me directly. Here are some examples of the questions they ask....

(1) Are Zionist Jews the criminals responsible for the mess we are in?

I had to ponder this question for a very long time before coming to this conclusion. I spent years pouring over material associated with who controls our banking system, and who controls our governments. Years ago I was exposed to material such as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and books by Eustace Mullins, and Henry Ford. I also wanted to ask many hard questions about our so called "history" but was told that it was taboo to research into our last century's history and genocides, and to regard them as "fact". It seemed that something was not right, and when I found that a certain group of individuals controlled our media, the press, publishing houses, and our governments by way of their debt based monetary system, all the pieces fell into place. Afterwards, by watching the actions of these criminals and their goals, it was not hard to name them outright.

(2) Are you not risking your own personal well being in putting out this information?

This is actually easy to answer. These criminals have used their media control, and cries of "antisemitism" as mechanisms to prevent hard researchers from exposing their crimes and coming forward to warn the world of their aspirations. I have always believed that it is better to fight fear, and to not live with cowardice. People have their own worries and concerns about their own personal lives, and many are not concerned about the bigger picture. As I have said, these criminals know this, and it is playing into their master plan for domination. Only when people wake up as destitute, penniless, jobless, and as slaves will they even begin to ask "How could this have happened?" I want to be a voice of reasoning and concern, and to warn people to wake up and take a stand. To me, it is better to fight than to surrender to criminality.

(3) What can people do to fight back?

Get the information out. Tell people about what is really happening in the world. Tell people about the real slaughter going on in Palestine. Tell people who controls the money system, and why. Tell people to turn off their televisions and do some reading and research. Pass the messages around, and do not be afraid of the truth.

(4) Is your information factual?

This is actually a very good question. Blogs are written by the individual to express their own opinions. This goes for mine as well. I have tried as best as can be expected to research first before putting up these posts. I welcome any comments and concerns for what I have posted. If the information is wrong, or needs amending, feel free to comment and let me know.

(5) You have been concentrating a lot on Project Apollo. How does it tie into the overall theme of your blogs?

I stated sometime ago that Project Apollo was only one symptom of the disease. I was exposed to the lie of Apollo first in my University days, and have used it as the springboard into researching into our history. I have always been a man of science, and technology, and I have been astounded as to how Science has been distorted thanks to Apollo and its lies. Apollo, and NASA, were part of the criminal efforts into early experiments into using television as a method of propaganda and control. It shows how billions of people could be deceived and lied to, and people deserve the truth!

(6) What other lies of History are people unaware of?

Once you begin to look at history, and dig deep into real facts, you can see how much that has been written in our books are distortions, and untruths. Our major wars in the last century were caused by these criminals, and their goal has always been one world government with them in control. Millions of people died in needless slaughters, genocides, and mass starvation. Only now can the truth come out, through careful research. I have always said for anyone to do their own research and understand why the truth must be told.

(7) What must be done to fix the present financial mess we are in?

The solution begins with immediate dissolving of the Federal Reserve System, The Bank of Canada, and all of the private owned banking systems in Europe. Money should only be printed by the governments themselves, and be DEBT FREE. Printing money and giving it to banks in the form of "bailouts" must end, for all it does is to fuel inflation, and put countries even deeper into a state of destitute. These bailouts only go into private banker pockets, and actually accelerate the collapse of economies.

One radical idea, and one that would have a positive impact on people and the economy is to have outstanding debts be forgiven. This may be hard to contemplate, but owing debt to private banks run by criminals must end, for history has proven that the alternative is eventual ruination of entire nations. Another "radical" idea is to have private banks outlawed, due to the fact that these banks created the debt based money system in the first place! The bankers, mainly Zionists, know this, but through their control of the media, this truth is never told to the general populace.

(8) Will Barrack Obama make a difference in the US?

NO.... People have been led to believe that Obama is a new savior, and will fix all of America's ills.... I have news for these people: Barrack Obama is totally under the control of these criminals, and will only do their criminal bidding. For the next few months, he will do no wrong in the eyes of the people who elected him to office, but after that honeymoon period is over, and America continues to slide deeper into this recession, people will wake up and be even more dissilusioned than before. There is also a strong possibility that President Obama will actually embroil the US into more wars of Zionist conquest, especially against Iran. Just wait and see....

Well... Thats it for now.... More information wll be posted soon. For now, keep the faith, and get the truth out to everyone!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Project Apollo: What Were They Thinking? Part IV

It is so amazing to see how people react when you tell them flat out that Apollo was a scam, a hoax, a lie, and a scar on the human psyche. People get angry, upset, and the standard answer always is: "I don't want to talk about it !" or the usual: "Who are you kidding? Of course we went to the moon, because I saw it on television, and the media would not lie about such a thing!" It is a known fact that even with all of the evidence to back up the facts that Apollo was a sham, there is still approximately half the population of the US that firmly believes that it was real.

This section will discuss the corporate involvement, and the propaganda via the usage of television, associated with Project Apollo.

We must turn back the clock to the 1960's, and the so called "Cold War" between the USSR, and the United States as our starting point into this investigation. The 60's were a tumultuous time with rampant corruption taking place within the US government. JFK had announced in 1962 the plans to send a man to the moon by the end of the decade, and he turned the project over to his top scientists of the day to determine how it could be done. The science at the time was archaic compared to what we have today. The largest computers still ran rudimentary vacuum tubes, and second generation transistors, with a maximum memory space of approximately 16kb RAM-ROM.... Also, the rocket technology was still in its infancy, with the largest boosters under the possession of the Soviet Union. The US was behind the Russians in most facets of space travel, with the only manned missions through 1963 being the Mercury program. Also, very little was known about the effects of space radiation, especially the unknown effect of the Van Allen radiation belts on humans as they would traverse on their way to the moon!

Unknown to a lot of people, and it must be repeated here... In 1963 the US scientific community gave their preliminary reports on the moon program, and reported that getting a man to the moon and returning him safely to Earth could NOT BE DONE with the technology available! The government actually considered telling the public this truth, but refused. Instead the plan was hatched to launch a covert space program, called the Apollo Simulation Project, to have the entire exercise of putting a man on the moon done safely and covertly in studios, using props to simulate the moon and its environment. Men like Bill Kaysing were aware of this project, but many were sworn to secrecy, and very little got out to the public.

The Apollo program spent billions of dollars, mostly given to contractors such as Boeing, North American Aviation, and Grumman Aerospace to build the machines to place a man on the moon. People have to ask where the money went? As stated before, Grumman was given the contract to build the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) that cost 7.2 BILLION dollars, and what they gave to NASA and to fool the world was basically a shoddy prop. Where did the money go? To this day, no investigation was ever conducted on the spending habits of these corporations when it came to Apollo. Someone obviously got very rich from this scam, and the taxpayers footed the bill. Boeing was given the Saturn 5 project, which has proven to be another shoddy piece of material that was quickly dismantled after Project Apollo ended in the early 70's. To this day, no rocket yet that has been built by the US has ever matched the "power" of the Saturn 5. Even the shuttles are launched using rockets "inferior" in power to the Saturn 5's specifications!
Again no one has investigated what happened to the Saturn 5 after Apollo, and that is astounding! The bottom line here is that many of these corporations got filthy rich from Apollo and have been protected by the US government from full investigation into the sham. The question must be WHY??

We are left with many questions, and few answers. Most people live with the blind pride of Apollo, and refuse to have any investigation take place into the whole charade. This is primarily the result of the media's role in Apollo. Again, it was the 60's, and television was still in its infancy. People were led to believe that "If it was seen on television, then it was real." THAT was the message that was drilled into people when they watched the Apollo mission unfold on television. The criminals had quickly realized the amazing power of television as a propaganda tool, and it paid off handsomely when it came to selling Apollo to the masses. Even the corporations who had their stakes in Apollo, made sure that all of the telecasts would give credit to themselves for their fine workmanship in developing and building the machines of Apollo. Greedy corporations gave millions of dollars to the television networks to make sure Apollo went off seamlessly without a hitch.

Another factor: Few people realize today that NASA controlled all of the television transmissions for Apollo. There is an excellent video series: "Moonfaker: Exhibit D" that deals with how they pulled off the scam using their own controlled television transmissions. ALL of the scenes of Apollo that the world watched on television were actually taped, and editted by NASA before viewed by the general public. Video tape technology was new in the 60's, and NASA controlled all of the transmissions, telling a LIE by claiming that what was viewed was "LIVE from the Moon". The majority of "signals" from Apollo were tracked from NASA's own facilities in Australia, and retransmitted back to the US over again NASA owned facilities. It would have been so easy to slip in a video tape of the simulation project in place of "live" transmissions anywhere along this pathway to fool the world, and according to Bill Kaysing, some technicians in both the US, and Australia, had suspected that was happening all along! Bottom line is people were fed a load of garbage by NASA calling it live telecasts, and the viewing public fell for it. What an amazing scam indeed!

Television was proven to be a great propaganda and indoctrinization tool used by NASA and the government to fool the world. There was also the use of paid shills in the media to keep the lies alive. America would tune into their trustworthy Walter Cronkite every night and watched him spew out the lies of Apollo, spoon fed to him by trustworthy NASA officials. Again, there was the trust in people of the openess of television, and that television stations would not lie. We only need to turn to the lies spewed out by the media, especially using television, about 9-11 to see how gullable the populace can be!

There must be a wakeup call by people to realize the lies of history, and it effects on the world today. Science was distorted by Apollo, and people deserve truth. Until people can get their heads out of the sand, and start realizing that criminals control their minds, and that television is nothing more than a propaganda tool, the truth about Apollo will stay in the realm of "conspiracy theories".

Fight for the truth, and fight for real facts and history. People deserve better.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Living In Canada: Zionist Occupied Territory

There has always been much to say about the difference between Canadians and Americans... Our primary difference has to do with the Geography, and the fact that 30 percent of the Canadian population speaks French.... Canada has always had the unique situation of being the United States' biggest trading partner, and listed on the UN reports as one of the most free countries on the face of the planet....

Little do a lot of people realize that Canada is actually one of the biggest Zionist occupied territories on the face of the planet...

Lets again look at some truths about Canada. Our government is totally under the control of the Zionists in Ottawa. They use several organizations, one being the Canadian Jewish Council, as a means of keeping our Parliamentarians in Ottawa under their strict control. Few people in Canada even realize that in 1973, Canada passed its so called "Hate Laws", whose purpose was to make any acts of racism, or hatred against "minorities" a federal offense. Little do people realize that it was the Zionists who wanted these laws passed, as a means to suppress any opposition against their goal of taking control of Canada without any opposition. These "Hate Laws" have suppressed any free speech, and any attempts by free thinking individuals to finger the Zionists as criminals!

The so called "Hate Laws" have gone as far as to put individuals such as Ernst Zundel into prison for questioning the Zionist doctrines. Mr. Zundel only wanted to ask for proof of genocide against Jews in the last century, and our Zionist controlled Kangaroo court system in Canada used the "Hate Law" legislation as a means of putting him in jail for years! If I was to even question the Holocaust in any articles, I too could be jailed due to these draconian Laws!

Is there something wrong with society when people are refused the rights to ask basic questions? Is it not human nature to question and ask why and how? It makes anyone stop and think that maybe there is something to coverup that these evil people need "laws" to suppress real research!

Canada has been pictured for almost a century as a bastion for freedom, and peace. Little do Canadians know that our government is nothing more than puppets for their Zionist masters... You want further proof? All that anyone has to do is to look at why Canada has committed troops to Afghanistan. The Zionist controlled press has put out a pack of lies about why we have soldiers in Afghanistan. They continue to preach the lie that our soldiers are there to fight the "evil" Taliban fighters, to keep the country free from oppression... The REAL truth is that our government was ordered by the Rothschild empire in Europe, through their Zionist contacts in Ottawa, to send troops there to secure the Heroin, and Opium fields for production, and to protect the drug routes out of Afghanistan . This is done to keep the Heroin flowing to its primary customers in Europe!
Canada is part of a contingency of nations that have been ordered by these monsters to make sure the drugs are flowing out of Afghanistan!

Lets again not pull any punches here. The so called "evil" Taliban fighters have been the true fighters for Afghan independence for the last 3 decades... First against the Soviets, and now against the Rothschild Empire loyalists under the "UN" banner. The Taliban had shut down the drug trade out of Afghanistan in the 1990's and the Rothschild drug lords were getting desperate to make sure that their profits would not dry up. Under false pretext the Taliban were vilified in the world press, and subsequently were kicked out of Kabul and much of Afghanistan in late 2001. Soon after the Opium/Heroin was again flowing out of Afghanistan in record amounts! The Zionist overlords then ordered many of their subjugated nations, including Canada, to send troops there to protect their interests! Most people around the world are still kept in the dark to these facts, and that the Taliban are fighting today to wrestle their country away from these monsters. Bottom line is Canadian troops are in Afghanistan to support the evil drug trade, and to keep the drugs flowing out of that country to clients around the world!

Now we have the situation where over 100 Canadian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, and many people have been asking "Why" ?.... Again, it has been the job of the Zionist controlled media to keep the false message that we are there to fight for "freedom". People need to see the truth! Our Canadian government has committed troops for the next few years and the killings will obviously continue while people are kept from the truth!

Another factor that shows how Canada is Zionist Occupied Territory is the recent response by our own government to the massacre going on in Gaza. Recently many nations passed a resolution in the UN condemning Israel's actions against the Palestinians, calling it a genocide. 47 Nations passed the resolution out of 48 that voted.... The US did not vote, abstaining from the vote instead. The ONLY country that voted against the resolution, and thus being in support of Israel's heneous actions was.... Canada! Yes... CANADA! Is it not obvious that our government was ordered by their Zionist masters to vote against this resolution? And Canadians voted for these despicable human beings? The Zionist controlled press has not even said peep about this resolution also! Is it not amazing? Our country, pictured as one of the greatest peace loving nations on the planet is outright supporting genocide!

People need to see the true facts about our world. Many nations are under the control of these Zionist monsters. Canada has been their puppet for years, and most Canadians are not even aware of it. Only through the alternate press, as well as the Internet, can these truths be told.

It will take a lot of courage by citizens to rise up against these controllers. A nation under the control of these Zionists is not free!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not Racist or Antisemitic, Just Wanting True Justice

It seems that people do not get the point of these blogs that I have posted. I spent years reading and researching alot of the material that I have come out with. Spending years in our controlled society, reading controlled and biased news stories, watching controlled television, and reading their controlled books and stories, has made me a very powerful sceptic, and one that holds no punches when saying who is responsible and why.

Lets face facts.... These people have by their own design been using the term "antisemitism" as a powerful weapon in their quest for world domination. It is so amazing that when they have been exposed for any criminality, they scream "antisemitism", and suddenly their accusers run for the hills! Lets state it here once and for all.... These criminals have not one drop of Semitic blood in them at all. They are Talmudic following Khazars that originated from the steppes of central Russia. Their ancestry stems from the Indo-Turkish people of Asia, and NOT from the region of Palestine. They are converts to Judaism from the 9th century AD, and have no links to the original Israelites that they claim! Only through their manipulation of the press, television, and text books, have they been disguising this truth from people for centuries. They have absolutely no historical, or justifiable claims to Palestine. Therefore for them to claim Antisemitism when exposed is sickening, and a massive lie.

Therefore when people scream at me as being "antisemitic", I bombard them with these facts and ask them for proof. I give them the research material, and all the facts. In most cases they quietly back down, or just say "All you are is an antisemitic, and that is final (?)". That shows the power of the indoctrinization of these criminals for centuries indeed!

Also, it must be noted that Talmudic Judaism follewers are not a "race". Khazars are a race. Germanic tribes are a race. Asians are a race. Etc.... These people are a mixed bag of different races, and once they converted to Judaism, they took the moniker of being a race of Jews to heart, and have used that label to this day. Also racism is based upon spouting or claiming evil intent at a particular race of mankind. To that regard, I have shown no racism in absolutely any of my blogs, or statements. I only want to get the criminals out of our lives!

Lets hope this clears the air about what I am all about. I can no longer sit down and be a puppet to what has been spoonfed into my life for over 40 years, and I want to see the human family survive out of decency, kindness, fairness, and justice for all. Criminality has no place in true human nature, and we must put a stop to it.


The Next Phase Of Israeli Conquest?

I said in the last blog that the Zionists will not stop with their destruction of Gaza, and I am being proven right.

As you read this blog, the Zionists in Israel are scheming to kick off part II of their murderous campaign in the escalating war in the Middle East, and again their controlled press is staying as quiet as possible.

The Israelis have for years wanted the waters of the Litani River in southern Lebanon as a means of replenishing their water needs in northern Israel. This is because they have exhausted the natural water supplies of the region due to poor farming, irrigation, and conservation practices. There has also been a massive drought in the region for the last decade, and the entire regional agricultural business is nearing collapse from lack of water. The Litani River originates from the snow covered mountains of central Lebanon, and flows through southern Lebanon draining into the Meditteranean Sea. The Israelis have covetted this river for decades, and have no qualms about kicking off another war and the murder of thousands to seize this valuable water supply for their own needs.

People do not realize that the last illegal and unjust war against Lebanon was actually for Israel to seize southern Lebanon, and to attain the Litani River for its water needs by military means. The murderous Israelis used a false pretense of Lebanon "capturing" several Israeli soldiers (who just happened to wander into Lebanon) to attack the region, and kill over a thousand innocent Lebanese in the process. Only through massive public outcry and the involvement of the UN were they forced to withdraw, and thus fail to attain the Litani River.

Is it therefore not a coincidence that suddenly "rocket attacks" are being launched from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, and the Israeli government has begun to mass troops in northern Israel to invade Lebanon to "stop" these attacks? These lying maniacs want to use these false attacks (most probably launched by Mossad operatives in Lebanon) as justification for Lebanon War II, and to seize southern Lebanon to "protect" northern Israel from future attacks! The end result from this murderous campaign will be Israeli troops on the Litani river, and its precious water being pumped and diverted south to northern Israel.

Make no qualms about it... These criminals will attack southern Lebanon, seize the Litani River, and use their pack of lies as justification for the murder of thousands. People need to see the truth about this scheme before it is too late.

The Zionists want their empire in the Middle East, and it will be only through the destruction and occupation of their neighboring countries. It is also sad and disturbing that they have their puppets in Washington backing them every step of the way. First it will be the subjugation and destruction of the Palestinians, then the destruction and occupation of Lebanon, and finally with the destruction of Iran. Why cannot people see the pattern? It is clearly laid out in their evil Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion blueprint... Why are people so blind?

Get the message out, and make others aware of the truth. The Zionist controlled press will never state the truth about Israel and its dreams of empire. It is up to us to get the information out!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why The Blindness To The Genocide In Gaza?

A short blog for today...

It is so puzzling as to why people are blinded to what is happening in Gaza..... Anyone can turn on the Zionist controlled television, and you hear next to nothing when it comes to their genocidal actions in Gaza!

Right now, the entire Zionist Israeli military has been turned against the helpless citizens of Gaza, and the world is kept in the dark. They are murdering innocent people there, and instead of media coverage of the truth, people are bombarded with the upcoming Barrack Obama Inauguration, or the "Golden Globe Nominations", or the Zionist controlled Hollywood "Angelina Jolie vrs Jennifer Aniston" infighting.....It is sickening, and done purposely do deflect people's attentions away from the truth!

Lets again not pull any punches here... The media whores are told to avoid the genocide in Gaza by their zionist masters. Its either do as you are told, or you are fired, and replaced with someone else that will tow the line.... CNN/MSNBC/FOXnews/ABC/BBC/CBC are all the same.... All controlled and not a peep about the true slaughter in Gaza!

People have to wake up and face the reality of that situation... People are being slaughtered by American made weaponry right at this moment in time. It is a real Holocaust happening, and hundreds of thousands of people could be dead within a few weeks.... Few governments around the world are saying anything. This is by design because they too are doing as their Zionist masters dictate.

The criminal Israelis will get away with murder if people turn a blind eye. They have committed atricities in the past, and right now they know that they wll probably get away with this one due to their control over world governments.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion shows clearly their need to take control of the message in their pursuit of world domination. Is it not obvious that they have succeeded by their actions in Gaza?

Wake up and take a stand against outright murder.... If they get away with this, who knows what will come next.....


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Cries For The People Of Gaza?

I am back... Had a wonderful vacation.... Tried to put aside the world affairs for two and a half weeks, and concentrate on rest and relaxation....It is so hard to come back and see what is happening in the world, especially to the brave and proud people of the Gaza Strip...

Who cries for the people of Gaza? Obviously, with the media under total control of the Zionist interests, with the media whores totally refusing to talk about the slaughter there, and with basically a news blackout of the Zionist murders in that land.... Very few!

It is sickening to see what the bandit state of Israel is doing to the people of the Gaza Strip, and almost the whole world left ignorant about the senseless slaughter going on there... Yes, it is a senseless slaughter being done mostly against a defenseless people by the Zionists. The only so called "media" coverage that we see is sights of "brave" Israeli soldiers fighting against an "evil" Hamas force that does not even exist!

Lets not pull any punches here... Israel has wanted ALL of Palestine for themselves, and has presently rounded up, and placed the true and rightful owners of that land into basically concentration camps... One located in the Gaza Strip area, and the other in controlled ghettos in the West Bank area... The Israelis have cut off the food, water, and electricity to Gaza, and have left the people actually having to go out and eat grass to try to survive! The so called United Nations (a laughable institution that only answers to the Zionist interests) has passed "resolutions" to have the Israelis stop the slaughter and to get humanitarian aid to these people... Again, the Zionists turn again and again to their puppets in Washington to veto all of these resolutions, and as a result, the people of Gaza are left to starve, and DIE!

Israel, and their Zionist controlled presses all over the world tell the lies about "Hamas" (which was created, and is funded by the Zionists themselves) launching "rocket attacks" against Israeli citizens, and the need therefore to go into the Gaza Strip and remove "Hamas" as a threat! THIS again is a massive lie! With Gaza basically cutoff from the rest of the world for the last few years, one needs to wonder how they obtained these "rockets" in the first place? Again the media whores avoid that serious important question, only to say that Iran has been supplying Hamas! What a twist of irony, due to the fact that Iran is obviously next on Israel's bloodlust radar screen.

What is missing is the seriousness of the situation over the last few weeks... The Israelis have turned their American made weapons against the civilians in Gaza, slaughtering thousands, and leaving the land a barren wasteland. The end result will be the death of 1.5 million people there by either starvation or outright murder. The media whores totally ignore this fact.

I have been observing the response even from the alternative media.... Clowns like Alex Jones avoid the obvious, and blame the Palestinians for the situation... While true patriots, like Darryl Bradford Smith, and Muhammed Rafiq, at have come out clearly and precisely in full support of the proud people of Gaza. How can the obvious be ignored? How can people stand by and watch a mass murder take place?

So who cries for the people of Gaza? I have seen the videos (many have now been removed by the zionist controlled google, and youtube) of some of the slaughter taking place, and I want to cry for these people. In some way, their struggle is our struggle... Against oppression, deceit, and outright evil..... We should all cry for the people of Gaza!

Again, do your own dilligence and research... Do not be afraid of speaking out for the truth. People around the world are being fooled by their own controlled media into the pack of lies, and the truth must be exposed...

Lets hope for someone to finally come out and put out the message for public outcry against the atrocities committed in Gaza.... Again, we should all cry for the people of Gaza.

More to come