Monday, November 24, 2008

Project Apollo... What Were They Thinking? Part II

I have been asked as to how I came upon the discovery that Apollo was a hoax many times...

I figure I would use this second part of my expose on Apollo to explain why and how people to this day are still fooled by Project Apollo...

I was 9 years old when Apollo 11 blasted off to the moon, and was like a lot of other young children at the time. We had watched in awe as Apollo 8 circled the moon, and then Apollo 10 circled the moon later carrying the first LEM into lunar orbit. On that fateful July morning in 1969, I got up early with my older brothers to watch with excitement as we were about to land men on the moon!

It was through the mesmerizing effect of television that many were taken in by the spectacle and the wonder of Apollo. Few people were interested at the time about what was happening with the Vietnam War, as America was beginning to withdraw its troops from that fiasco. The US had poured billions of dollars into an unwinnable war, and to sidetrack people's minds from that fiasco, the media was concentrating on Apollo. America needed its heroes at that desperate time, and Apollo filled the bill nicely.

I watched all of the Apollo flights, from the first "landing" of Apollo 11, through the "turmoil" of Apollo 13, and finally with the final blast off from the moon in Apollo 17. I had several models of the Saturn 5 made of plastic, and had posters of Apollo 11 that I hung proudly in my bedroom, like so many other starry eyed kids at the time...After Apollo, and Skylab, I was a bit disappointed with NASA, as they concentrated on the Shuttle program. Viking 1, and Viking 2, gave people a small reprieve in 1976, but the glory of Apollo was over....

I went into University in 1978 taking Science as my primary wanting to concentrate on Physics....It was then that I was enlightened to the bitter truths about our world....

Sometime in the fall of 1979, I was in a Physics lab with several other students, as well as two professors.... We had decided to take some time to talk about space travel, and that was when my eyes were first opened up.... The subject turned to Apollo, and one professor came out and told us all that it was a massive HOAX, and a LIE. I was immediately astounded! After what seemed hours of explanations as to why and how they pulled off the hoax, I was told point blank that "The world itself is not as it seems, and many truths are kept hidden by some very evil people!" I was always one to question authority, and I quickly asked for references, and materials to look at to find out the truth. I was told to examine many pieces of literature at the time that were considered underground materials, because the Mainstream media even at that time was under evil control, and would not allow such material to come forward....

Years later, after reading material such as Bill Kaysing's work, and Eustace Mullins works on the true nature of the Federal Reserve, I was astounded and began to be a full critic of both Government agencies, and the use of the media itself.... I found out early that much of what we had been taught in our schools is selective brainwashing, and done to keep people under a form of control by these master criminals! Apollo itself was a form of propaganda along the lines of the ancient Roman "Bread and Circuses" approach to keep the populace happy, and content! Basically a stunt to have the people continue to trust in Government, and its actions.

For years, I had to suffer ridicule when I told people that Apollo was a sham, and that Government agencies have been lying for years. Many people would laugh, and say I was crazy. It is a powerful weapon, pride, that keeps people under the spell of these evil criminals, and to this day their supporters continue to suppress the truth. With the advent of the internet, we now are able to question openly what is claimed as "history", and "fact". Many of the people who used to laugh at me are not laughing anymore, and even recently I was in personal contact with several colleagues that have come forward with "How did you ever know?" statements. I have given them the sites necessary to research the truth for themselves.

It is regrettable that many people are still clouded by the brainwashing of the media, and the power of pride generated by the idea of putting men on the moon. It is human nature that we love to have our heroes, and feel good about great accomplishments. Apollo created such hero worshiping, but the time for the truth is now!

Many video sites are up on the NET showing Apollo for what it is, and I have observed closely the comments put up on these video clips. It is so sad to watch many Apollo believers get angry and fearful that their personal worlds would fall apart by the truth, so they instead attack and insult truth seekers. It seems better for them to live in a world of lies, rather than face the uncertainty of a world of truth.

There is so much to cover in exposing the lies of history. I started with the lies of Project Apollo, watched the further lies of 9-11, and am no longer afraid of ever telling the truth about our world.
Maybe its time for everyone to take a stand, and not be afraid of the repercussions for truth seeking. We are still free to make choices in life. Maybe its time to make yours.

Peace for now.. 

More to come...


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Project Apollo... What Were They Thinking? Part I

Sometimes it takes courage to come forward and give an honest opinion about some of the so called historical records that have been presented to us as true.... Such as Project Apollo....

I hold no punches when it comes to Project Apollo, and what other lies that NASA has perpetrated on the world.... I am in an ever growing group of people who have taken the time (30 years! in my case), to fully comprehend what was done, the scope of the lies, and why they did it!

First of all, as I have stated before, Apollo was a sham, and a lie! There can be only one truth when one takes the time to go over all of the videos, the photos, the science, and the technology, to realize that going to the moon between 1968-1972 was an astonishing... but a very impossible task!
As Ralph Rene, and Bill Kaysing first speculated, and then came out with positive proof in their writings and research, putting men on the moon with the technology available in that period of history was an impossible task, and to save the US government and NASA the shame of having to come forward and tell the people that they could not do it, they instead decided to LIE and DECEIVE the people into a false sense of pride by going forward with a covert project spearheaded by both NASA, and the CIA called the "Apollo Simulation Project".

It does not take any rocket scientist today to look back at that time period and see how antiquated the technology was compared to today. The Russians and the Americans had only put men into orbit since 1961, and the highest altitude that was ever done in a manned space flight until 1966 was approximately 300 miles. I am not sold on the US claims about several Gemini flights going up to 1000 miles, because much of the information on those flights is open to speculation, and the possibility of distorted claims by NASA. It is astounding to think that suddenly in 1968, and without first testing the space between the Earth and the Moon to verify that humans could survive the journey, we were suddenly orbiting the Moon at 241,000 miles! A jump of at least 24100% over the Gemini flights in less than two years! Very astounding indeed!

One must first take a close look at the Apollo One mishap in 1967 to realize the extent that NASA and the CIA were going to go to keep the lies going. On that fateful day in January 1967, Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were strapped into the Apollo One capsule on the launchpad at Cape Kennedy for a test of the Apollo One systems.... Gus Grissom was a very proud man, and was astounded by what he was seeing in the Apollo program. He was probably the first to realize the impossibility of having the Apollo craft make orbit, rather than be able to fly to the moon and back! Being a critic of Apollo, he even hung a lemon on the window of the Command Module during the tests, and told Mission control several times his honest opinion of what he thought of the whole Apollo scam. It was during a test that a spark caused a fire in the Command Module with the three astronauts strapped in securely. Being in a PURE oxygen environment, these three had only seconds to escape or be burned alive. However, due to negligence, the Command Module did not have even a LATCH on the INSIDE of the module for the men to quickly escape! How silly and negligent was that? These three men perished as a result, burned alive! The sad part is that NASA has to this day not conducted a full proper investigation of the Apollo One incident, and the Command Module has still been locked away under tight security! One only needs to look at 9-11 in comparison, and how quickly the criminals disposed of the evidence then by having the steel beams from the WTC quickly sold off and shipped to China to see how dastardly this really is! To this day, even the families of these three brave men have not been allowed closure.

After Apollo One, NASA supposedly made changes to the capsule (like a door that actually opens from the inside?) and cancelled Apollo flights 2-6... Apollo Seven was supposedly launched into Low Earth Orbit finally with men aboard to test its launch capability. But Apollo Eight did even better, by putting three Astro-NOTs (yes, I also say these men never went) into orbit around the moon in late 1968! Very astounding indeed that they all TRUSTED that the systems would not fail, and that the craft would survive trans-Lunar space all the way to the moon! Apollo One should have caused greater concern indeed! How could these three men agree to go to such a hostile environment without any proper tests conducted first?

Yes, space outside of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is very hostile indeed! Dr. James Van Allen basically put an end to men going to the moon with the technology at hand in the 60's, back in 1958-59 with his discovery and testing of the Van Allen Radiation Belts. People to this day do not fully understand outer space, and sometimes I blame NASA itself for keeping them in the dark to the truth! Ordinary people look up into the sky at night, and observe the planets, and the Moon itself, and think about how great it is that NASA put men there, and that someday we will all venture into space. Well, good luck to that! The VA belts are a set of belts beginning at an altitude of 500 miles, and extending outwards to about 10000 miles. They are basically a result of the Earth's magnetic spinning core, and a zone where charged particles from the Sun, and interstellar space are caught in the magnetic field lines of our planet, and trapped into "belts", preventing them from hitting the Earth's surface itself. Without the belts, life on this planet would have been impossible, due to the high levels of radiation that would be bombarding our surface relentlessly! The side effect is that any higher than LEO space flights would require a method of having the Astronauts surviving the intense radiation within the belts as they transverse them into interstellar space.

In 1983, a Dr Frank Greening from the Ontario Nuclear Regulatory Commission, got a hold of some valuable data on the strength of the VA belts from a fellow doctor, and nuclear radiation expert, in the then USSR named EE Kovalev. EE Kovalev got his data from Russian space flights, and tests conducted on the strength of the VA belts. The information was astounding! Ralph Rene puts it in his books as straight forward as possible.... The belts do vary in intensity, but the maximum intensity within the belts is approximately 280,000 rads/day, or 11600 rads/hour! One rad approximates to one rem in intensity, and the maximum intensity that any human can sustain without dying is about 200 rem/hour over one hour maximum, AND over one's entire lifetime! Even if one assumes that the average intensity is about 1/2 of the maximum, we are talking 5800 rem/hour, or 29 TIMES the level needed to kill an average man! Project Apollo called for the transverse of the belts over a period of one hour minimum going in each direction, towards the moon, and upon its return. In doing so, with only ALUMINUM for shielding, which is no shielding at all, these Astro-NOTs should have been dead!

NASA has always conveniently said that Dr. Van Allen's original research, and the research of others is false, due to their fantastic assertion, and analogy that Apollo astro-NOTs went to the moon, and back, are still alive today, and proof therefore that the belts are not as deadly as claimed! This is a very strange of reverse logic indeed. Even Alan Bean from Apollo 12 in a video discussion with Bart Sibrel said back in 1998 that he did not even know if the VA belts had been discovered yet by the time of his flight (?).

Radiation of the belts is one thing, but the space between the VA belts and the Moon itself is also under constant bombardment by both Solar Flares, Mass Solar Ejections, and Cosmic Rays. Remember, there is no VA belt there, or an atmosphere, to protect these men. It is also a fact that the Lunar surface, with no atmosphere, has been under constant bombardment by these same deadly particles for billions of years. It is little known to the common person that the Lunar surface itself is highly radioactive, and lethal to humans, itself!

Apollo had to be as light as possible to get into orbit, and then off to the moon. In doing so, the hull of the spacecraft was made of very thin aluminum. As I, and others, have stated many times, thin aluminum is no shielding at all. In fact, Aluminum has been discovered that when bombarded by high speed radioactive particles, it tends to give off a shower of very deadly secondary particles!
Therefore, one must ask.... How did they keep these men alive for the trips to the Moon?

This is only one part of a very long expose of Apollo.... I have only began to scratch the surface, and I do ask for readers to go over and watch a very good video series called Moonfaker for additional information on the Apollo farce!

I have found that many people are still blinded by the pride of Apollo to use reasoning. People have to realize that Project Apollo was a propaganda stunt, and a sham. It has distorted science, especially in astronomy for the last 40 years, thanks to some very dastardly organizations including NASA itself!

There is so much to cover here, and I will do my part in keeping the hope that the truth will come to full exposure soon. Government organizations can only lie for so long before they are eventually caught cheating!

Do your own diligence, and research. The truth must be told!

More to come


Friday, November 21, 2008

Watching A Train Wreck In Slow Motion

The financial crisis is in full swing, and it is like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion.

Many are now waking up, and asking "What happened?", or "How could this have happened?". People are not aware of the true criminals that have caused this disaster, and the criminally controlled media continues to cover up the truth while these same criminals fleece what is left of the financial system!

People have to be made aware of the cause of the problem, and it directly comes from the result of creating and running a debt based monetary system. This is a form of Usury, which in itself has a history of destroying nations, and causing the deaths of untold millions of people! Our history is replete with the rise and fall of nations through their adaptation of Usury. Usury always causes debt, and ruins economies.... Researching the history of Europe closely, anyone can see how countries have gone through financial ruination, and then had to rebuild from scratch.

What does this have to do with Zionist Jews? Well, if you again look at the history of Europe from the dark ages onward, you can see the correlation between the introduction of Jewish based Usury money in most countries, especially with the rise of the Rothschilds, and how many countries went through financial ruin as a result. Many of these countries then expelled these same criminals from their nation, and then had to totally rebuild their nation almost from scratch. After the Rothschilds, a Khazar Jewish group originally from central Russia but then living in Germany, introduced their "Central Banking" to Europe in the 17th century, they slowly took total control of the finances of every host nation, and eventually Europe as a whole. Europe since has suffered through major wars, and massive upheaval as a result of their continuous quest for world domination. They do not care who runs the countries, as long as they control the money. They had long realized that the way to control a nation is through its finances!

Only in America, which was founded basically to escape this criminal Usury, were people allowed to flourish in the 18th, and 19th centuries.... The American government printed its own money, DEBT FREE during that time frame, and the US prospered tremendously. The Rothschilds attempted many times to introduce their "central banking" to America, and were halted during that time frame. As a result, they caused the American Civil War to take place in an attempt to bring America back into European control, and to destroy the government. The US stopped this attempt, and held off their evil plans for another 50 years... It was only in late 1913 that these criminals through their American agents passed the bill through the US congress, and ratified by their puppet President Woodrow Wilson, were able to bring in their "central banking" (Federal Reserve), and turn the US over to the Rothschild empire. America basically has been a Rothschild Empire state since 1913!

What is their purpose in destroying nations, and causing such suffering to people? I have been at wits end sometimes in trying to understand this.... Is there something in these people that causes them to be inherently evil? Again, it does not make sense. Most people will do what is best for mankind, but only through alot of false education, and massive amounts of indoctrinization, do some come to believe in their superiority over others, or being a "Chosen People". I fully blame much of our own religious books, and teaching for formenting this type of doctrine. It also stems from a psychological aspect in that some people see greed as power, and the want to control or enslave others to their very whims. Is man that type of creature? Are we really in need of having a group of people to be superior to the rest of us? Is that inbred into our very being? I have always believed that a person should be judged by his actions and his work to benefit all mankind. It seems that a select few feel that we are to be their servants, while they benefit for themselves! How can anyone be that selfish?

People have to wake up and realize how great the manipulation of their minds has been. Our media is controlled by these same criminals, and they will continue to keep us dumbed down like sheep while they ruin what is left of our economy. Once they have finished taking what is left and protecting their own wealth and interests, they will let the western world economies totally collapse, and have the rest of us suffer the consequences.

Its time to wake up and quit being sheep!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Understanding Exactly Who The Criminals Are

People claim that alot of so called "Truth Sites" do not talk about exactly who the culprits are... These sites continuously talk about a "New World Order", or an "Elite Group of Criminals", and continue to refuse to name the culprits...

I am here to name them.... They are Zionist Jews ! They control the banks, the governments, the media, most businesses, and most facets of our daily lives. They have hijacked our beliefs, our books, our history, and will continue to do so in their quest for world domination.

I must reiterate before I go on that it is not "Anti-Semitic" to name these criminals, for the vast majority of them have ABSOLUTELY NO Semitic blood in them at all. It was the workings of their ancestors in the last few centuries to come up with a term to keep us, the potential saviors of the planet, as sheep by coining the phrase "anti-semitic" to prevent us from going after them and having them either deported, put in jail, or stripped of their powers.

They have wrongfully used the term "Jew" as Benjamin Freedman has said in his famous speeches as a method of creating unity amongst themselves. They consider themselves as Jews first, and not American, British, Canadian, French, etc... And that is by design.... According to their own Talmudic Doctrine, they are a "superior people, or the "chosen ones", while the rest of us are nothing more than cattle! The vast majority of them are Khazars! and converts to the religion of Judaism back in the 8th century AD.... They have no ties to any other nationality, and swear their loyalty to Israel and themselves first.

Their criminality is by design... If one takes the time and actually reads their ghastly and evil Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, then their plans for the rest of us was carefully laid out almost 200 years ago, and their followers are following it to the letter.

I must state here, as DBS also states clearly in, that most of the Jewish people in the world are not avid Zionists, and most do not follow this evil doctrine. It is a small percentage, probably less than 1% that have taken all of their racist, and evil plans to heart, and have no qualms about pushing for the destruction of nations, and enslavement of the rest of us. If the greater percentage of the "Jewish" people on the planet were to understand the truth, then our demise by these criminals would be halted! It is through the constant brainwashing that they are "chosen people", or its "us verses them", that most do not raise a finger in helping us.

As a believer in freedom, peace, and liberty, for all mankind, I have no qualms about speaking the truth and to help to expose the criminality. Our livelihoods are now at stake as we watch the economies of the western world collapse, by the design put forward under the Protocols of Zion. The world needs our help, and the truth to be told....

Take the time to listen closely to Benjamin Freedman's famous speeches... They are all available online. Also read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and The Synagogue of Satan, which is available in their entirety in the great website It is probably the most important reading you will ever do for the next while!

Remember, it is not racist to expose criminals, and to speak the truth. Racism is based upon hatred of a race of people, but these people are not a race to start with. They have adopted their own "race" over time, and demand that we respect their rights. It is sad that the rights of the rest of us are being destroyed by them.

Do your own dilligence and read the facts, and understand the truth. Lets put an end once and for all time to the evils on our planet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Continuing Silence of the Lambs

There has always been one question that comes to mind when dealing with the real criminals who are out to destroy our society... What is stopping the people from rising up, taking notice, and actually wanting to do anything about it?

I have asked myself that question many times... It appears that most people are too complacent, dumbed down by the brainwashing of the media, or poisoned by the chemicals put purposely into our food supply to keep us meek, to want to do anything about it. They go about their days in a dreamlike state totally unaware that soon they will lose everything dear to them. When that day comes, only then will they wake up and ask "What Happened?"

Many people see me as a rebel, and someone who is anti-society. I repeat to them the same question: Is it wrong to ask questions, and to point out what is wrong with our society? Or is it wrong to point out who is destroying our society? To this, they do not come back with any answers.... This is also troubling. Is it not clear the effect that our controlled media has had on our daily lives that it labels the wrong people continuously as the criminals. This is by design, people!
The media is controlled by the criminals, and therefore would not commit suicide by pointing the finger at themselves.

We live in very troubling times indeed. People are wrongfully looking for a saviour, but they should be out saving themselves. Patriotism, and revolution has to start from the grassroots. Voices of truth must be heard, and the message must get out.

Do not be afraid of the consequences of speaking the truth. The truth must be told, and to hell with so called false assertions of "Hate Speech", or "Anti-Semitism". These terms were invented by these criminals as a method of keeping us in line, and not rising up against them. It is time for people to ignore these falsehoods, and take a stand for true justice in a very disturbing world.

I will continue to do my part in getting the truth out. You, the readers, can do the same!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Zionists take control in Washington

In my last blog, I said clearly that the Presidency of the US is decided not by the voters, but by a group of evil people who seek the continuing control of the US, its Monetary System, and its internal and foreign policies...

What further proof do you need that I was right than the appointment of a very evil despicable Zionist named Rahm Emanuel to White House Chief of Staff !. This is the payback demanded by these criminals for their support to get Obama elected. A terrible price to pay for all Americans indeed.

Little has been said in the Zionist controlled media of the appointment of Emanuel, his terrorist roots and family history, his allegiances, and his Israeli-US dual citizenship. This is by design to prevent any public outcry at this terrible choice for White House Chief of Staff!

Rahm Emanuel is a very evil person. His loyalty is clearly with the Zionist state of Israel first, and he has no qualms as to what his eventual goals will be... To further Israel's interests, to continue to make sure that Israel is first in US foreign policy, and to continue to kick off wars for the Zionist state. Iran is definitely in his sights, and he will push hard to have President Obama kick off that war to please his masters in Tel Aviv. It is no wonder that the Zionist Jewish newspapers in Israel herald greatly his appointment in Washington!

America has been hijacked by these criminals, and Obama is their puppet in Washington. The American people have been fooled by these monsters into believing falsely that with Obama in the White House, that the nation will be saved, and a new era of peace and prosperity will come. The bitter truth is that the economic collapse will still happen, wars without end will still go on, and they will continue to send billions of taxpayer dollars woefully needed at home, and tons of military hardware, to the Zionist state of Israel.

Nothing has changed, America... In fact, the Zionist have tightened their grip over a once great nation!

More to come...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

US Federal Election... No Torch Has Passed...

The US Federal Election has just ended with Senator Barack Obama defeating John McCain for the highest office in the land. People around America seem overjoyed at the result, and what is called a "change for the better" for America, and the world as a whole.

Let me tell you now the truth. There is absolutely no change in America, because Obama, just like his predecessor, GWB, is controlled by the same criminals that control the banking system, and most countries around the world. That group is the Zionist Rothschild Empire of criminals.

People seem to have missed some of the key issues and happenings during both the Obama, and McCain campaigns. These focused on both candidates kissing the butts of AIPAC, the ADL, and Israel, at every chance they could. People forget that right after Obama was declared the Democratic candidate for the White House, he quickly made an appearance at the AIPAC convention to preach his undying love and support of Israel! That alone showed who he supported, which was Israel first, and should have set off warning bells to every American. However, the controlled media quickly buried or conveniently removed all reports of this visit!
McCain has been no different. During, and after the Republican Convention, he was quick to also swear his allegiance to, and to defend Israel at all cost.

People forget one problem with running for political office... The Cost! It costs hundreds of millions of dollars to run for the Presidency of the US. Obama, and McCain,needed individuals with deep pockets to support their campaigns, and that money came primarily from powerful Zionists in America. These "supporters" in return always demand hefty promises from any one who gets elected; One being the continuing undying support of the criminal state of Israel. In other words, these evil Zionists will guide Obama from the shadows, and make sure that he tows THEIR line, and follows their directives!

America has been hijacked by these criminals for too long. People in America need a leadership who puts America first, second, and third in all situations. But for the next 4 years at least, it will be business as usual in Zionist controlled Washington DC.

So welcome to the Obama years in the White House, America. Nothing has changed, because the criminals are still in charge!

Is there hope? Yes, if more people wake up to the truth about their elected officials.