Thursday, October 2, 2008

October, and closer to meltdown?

It is October, and I see that the financial mess in the US is still being sorted out. The US Senate, or another Zionist controlled sector of the US government, just passed a vote supporting the "bailout" package of 700 billion dollars. The criminals will now try to ram the package through the House of Representatives, and force it down our throats.

As I stated before, this is nothing more than sheer robbery. It is basically robbing from the poor and giving to the rich, a veritable reverse Robin Hood and his merry men scenario.

If anyone peruses the internet and sees how the heads of each of these corporations just recently voted themselves unheard of levels of monetary bonuses, you can see how the crookedness abounds. Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, AIG, Wachovia, Citicorp, etc... They are all headed by greedy and disgusting chairmen who are in it only for their own personal wealth and power.

The poorer middle class will foot the bailout in terms of taxes, new levies, and other expenditures. Most probably we will see further failing of pension funds, and investment accounts as we see these criminals gleefully take the money and run.... Yes, they will bail out, take their personal fortunes and either leave the US or quietly disappear from the radar screen. We the taxpayers will be left holding the bills, and the debts.

Why are people so gullable? It has troubled me for years as to how people turn a blind eye to the facts, and watch their own money disappear, and their buying power, and lifestyles erode. I have come to a conclusion that the power of the controlled mass media is partially to blame, by the use of disinformation, and keeping the truth from the public. Another factor is the usage of power chemicals in our food supply (fluouridated water, aspartame, MSG, are prime examples) that numbs the brain, and keeps us numbed like sheep. Our present society as moulded by their Protocols of Zion directives has given everyone a "do not care", and "it doesnt affect me" attitude, and we will pay the price dearly for our folly.

What can people do? This is the question that keeps haunting me, as I too search for answers. The first and obvious solution is to turn off the idiot box, and peruse real information from blogs such as this one. The second solution is to spread the word, and quickly. Let others know the truth, and give them the links to look at the truth themselves. The third solution is to not be afraid of these criminals, because they expect us to stay afraid of them! Their biggest weapon has always been fear, or being called "antisemitic". It is time for people to come forward and challenge them on their actions, and to expose them for what they are!

People have said that I am "antisemitic" for my posts... I have challenged them all to look at the facts, determine what this "antisemitism really is, who the real criminals are, and in 9/10 instances, once they have studied the facts, they too have started to challenge the real criminals!

As DBS says in, not all people of the Jewish faith are responsible for these crimes. It is a matter of perspective however that until those that are not responsible come forward and join in the fight against these criminals that they could be held accountable for failing to help to stop the crimes. It has been 2000 years of dogma, and the "Us vrs Them" mentality that has been shoved down their throats constantly, and falsely (brainwashing), that many of the decent Jewish people do nothing. It is so sad to know that if only a small part of their community turns against the criminals, the criminals would be running!

Therefore, I am not "antisemitic". I abhor that false statement, because it has been so proven to be wrong, false, and misleading. The majority of the Jewish Zionists are not even Semites but Khazars, as stated here before, and elsewhere! Research it again for yourselves, and look at the "Thirteenth Tribe" writings, as well as other historical facts. That term "antisemitic" was developed in the 19th century by the zionists themselves as a weapon against us! The "Protocols' show how this single phrase when used as a weapon has been a godsend in keeping us from exposing them for their criminality.

We face difficult times, and a very uncertain future. You the readers have to step up to the plate and get the message out, and re-educate others to the truth. Time is not on our side, and doing nothing only aids the criminals.

Lets hope that people can see the truth for themselves.

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