Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Use of Secret Organizations by the Criminals

I have always been amazed on how some so called truth seekers constantly point the finger for all of the woes in the world at the "Illuminati", or "Free Masonry". It seems that some people just don't get it...

There is no "Illuminati", and there never has been... This is nothing but a cover for the Zionist Jewish Rothschild empire group of criminals. These people are Talmudic Jews, and their master plan is covered under the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The term "Illuminati" has been a cover for their sinister actions and deeds. Using this term has been a method of keeping a veil of secrecy over their covert and sinister actions for hundreds of years. Using this term has deflected the criticism away from the real criminals and put it into the realm of the "occult". Many people have been fooled in this manner, and will continue to do so until we can enlighten them to the truth.

The so called Free Masons are another Zionist Jewish front for their goal of world domination. The Free Mason societies were created by these same criminals also hundreds of years ago, and through their so called "lodges", they have been able to use their agents and sayanim to further their goals of subversion, and domination. These "Masons' create an aura of being a secret brotherhood society with special membership, but they are only being used like suckers by these same Zionist criminals. All that someone needs to do is to look closely at the symbols, and artwork incorporated in the so called Masonic Temples to see the Talmudic Jewish control exerted there.

The Zionists knew centuries ago that their numbers were limited, and to extend their reach and their power, they both created and infiltrated these secret societies to use their members to do their bidding. Their goal according to the Talmud is the eventual destruction of Christianity itself!

Why cannot people see what is happening? Many go about their daily lives with blinders on, and think all is right in the world. The bitter truth is that all is definitely not well, and most people will wake up one day as slaves to this "master race".

It is time for people to wake up and see the truth. Research the material that I post closely, and feel free to comment anytime.

Peace for now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What does the future hold after the crash?

The financial mess WILL worsen before any sign of it getting better....

The criminals who created our debt based money system do not want to relinquish control of our money supply, and therefore total control over all of us. They will continue to cut interest rates, and threaten collapse unless governments hand them trillions of dollars in so called "bailout" packages.
The short term effect will be to try to convince us, the consumers, to keep spending and not to worry about our finances. Once a limit has been reached and nothing more can be done to prop up the fiat system, then these same criminals will yank out their personal wealths, and let the bottom fall out. At this point, the dollar will collapse, and a period of hyper inflation will take place.

But what is next? There has been a sinister plan in the works for the last few years to let the currencies of the US, Canada, and Mexico, all collapse, and have a new currency introduced to take its place. This new currency is called the Amero!

Few people have ever heard of the Amero, and this is the doing of the controlled media, and their henchmen. The plan has always been to keep the Amero under wraps, and wait for the turmoil to take hold. Once people are in a panic, and looking for an answer, then these same Zionist criminal bankers will come to the "rescue" and claim that the old monetary system is dead, and the only hope for salvation will be a new "currency" called the Amero! Even fewer people are aware that these same bankers have been secretly printing out Amero paper money, and stamping Amero coins since 2006! Look up the information about the Amero over the internet for yourselves. They have been covertly planning our demise now for a few years, and this so called collapse is part of their master plan.

It is sickening to think about what our future holds. The secretly planned North American Union is their ultimate goal. One currency, one government, and a vast pool of slave laborers all making a fraction of what they previously earned.

Why is the message not clear? Why are people still thinking that it could not possibly happen? I myself stated for months that the financial empire was going to collapse, and few have listened! Now some people have taken notice, but only after their own personal lives are affected.

It is not too late to get the message out. Tell everyone, and hold back no information. Read untainted articles on the Net, and avoid the idiot box and the controlled press. Push back and say no more to criminals.

Make others aware of what is really happening in our world, and dont be afraid to tell the truth.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Project Apollo: The Art of Deception Epitomized

A friend commented to me that he enjoyed my blogs... But wondered why I stopped talking about Project Apollo?

I never stopped, but have been waiting for an appropriate time to discuss it in further detail...

That time is now!

Recently, some people came up to me and said that I was full of BS, because to them, the Discovery Channel show "Mythbusters" blew the entire Apollo Hoax theory to pieces.

I have viewed the show, and my take on the "Mythbusters" is this: They are well paid by US government agencies to push through propaganda when necessary! It must be stated clearly that the Discovery Channel is well funded by US agencies, especially NASA! If you stop and think about it, the episodes about "busting the Apollo Hoax theory" were all conducted in NASA's own facilities! Also, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that they had to "debunk" the Apollo Hoax, or have their show's funding from NASA cut off, and therefore be out of a job!

I therefore dismiss the Mythbusters for what they are... Propaganda experts, and shills for the government. They were even exposed for being used by the government when experts confronted them on their episode about RFID chips! If you dont believe me, go ahead and google "Mythbusters RFID episode exposed" for yourselves. You will see clearly how they had to tow the line, or else!

But, alas, the media again comes to the rescue of NASA and the government, and now people who watched those episodes have their eyes again closed to the idea and thought that the government faked Apollo. Must I remind people again how the idiot box has been proven again and again to be a great propaganda tool for brainwashing people, and not letting viewers see the truth about the world around themselves?

People cannot fathom the idea of one of the greatest endeavours in Human history being a massive fraud. Apollo believers will stoop to all types of distortions of science and common sense to defend the lie. You want proof? Go and look at some of the videos under the "Moonfaker" series for yourselves, and look at the comments by the Propagandist! It is so astonishing to see how duped and brainwashed some people are!

Logic, and science failed or were severely distorted when it came to Project Apollo, as revealed in some great sites such as "NASASCAM". Believers dismiss logic due to the massive PRIDE that was generated by the thought of being able to land a man on the moon, and return him safely to Earth. People forget about the dangers of space radiation, micrometeorites, and the extreme temperatures on the moon, just for a start due to power of such pride. The idea that they have been lied to all of these years generates so much fear that believers would rather defend the lie, than live in a world of uncertainty with the truth!

Understanding the hoax of Apollo was my initial springboard into the realm of truth seeking. Now after almost 30 years of knowing how the government used the project as a massive propaganda ploy, I am not afraid to help others to understand and see the truth for themselves.

More to come...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election in Canada... What a Farce!

A short blog for today.... Canada's Federal Election result...

Is is just me? This country just spent 300 MILLION dollars of taxpayers' money, only to get another minority government in Ottawa, and the possibility of having another Federal Election sometime in the next 2 years!

The so called "Conservative" party increased its seat tally in the House of Commons to a near majority total, but still fell short of the majority required to push through laws, and bills, without the support of at least one of the "opposition" parties. The despicable pro-Zionist, Steven Harper is still in charge, and will continue to get his marching orders from groups such as the Canadian Jewish Council in Ottawa.

Yes, I have put quotations around the so called political parties, because as I stated before, they are all controlled and operated by their Zionist masters in Ottawa. The Zionist bank of Canada controls the money, and the media is firmly in control by pro Zionists such as the Bronfman family and the Asper family. Canada is still Zionist occupied territory.

What has changed therefore? NOTHING! I stated in a previous blog how they labeled a true patriot, Leslie Hughes, as "antisemitic" for speaking the truth about 9-11, and forced her to run as an independent in Winnipeg. (She came in a distant third in that riding.) The people elected will only answer to their political masters in each party, which in turn answers to their Zionist masters. The status quo remains the same.

This country is showing the ripple affect of the economic meltdown in the US, and many are fearful for their futures.... I say it is time to get angry, and to ask a lot of hard questions. The idiot box continues to spew out its garbage, and avoid the economic uncertainty question at all cost, so people have to turn to other sources for the truth. The Internet is a very good resource in this matter.

The next ploy by the Zionists will be the control of the Internet to prevent the truth from coming forward. We have watched and done nothing when real truth seekers have been brought up on charges of "Holocaust denial", "antisemitism", and "Hate crimes". The thought that people speaking the truth could bring about criminal charges is disgusting. It is time for everyone to take a stand before its too late!

The fight for truth goes on. Lets not let it be suppressed.

Friday, October 10, 2008

After the Meltdown, What is Next?

Other rational people, and myself, have tried for the last few years to get people motivated, and aware of the basic truths about the world, and the criminals in charge. We have tried to get people to wake up to the facts, and what their evil plans are for the rest of us. Now that the financial markets are in a tailspin, and the impending collapse of the world economies is upon us, many have come forward and are now researching and seeing the truth themselves.... My question to you, the readers is ....What took you so long? Why is it that only when a crisis affects people on a personal scale that they suddenly open their eyes to the truth?

We have been conditioned for hundreds of years by the evil criminal Zionist gangs into a dream state of lies, falsehoods, and disbelief. We watch the idiot box, listen to their controlled media news and entertainment, and have been lulled into a false sense of security. They have preached the "All is well", and "No need to panic" ideas too well. Only now when it is possibly too late have people realized that it has all been a pack of lies!

The suffering is only beginning. Their US bailout, or what should be called a fleecing of the American public, was passed and still the markets plunge. People are losing their retirement savings, and their entire livelihoods overnight. The criminals are trying desperately to hold on long enough to have their personal wealth transferred overseas, into gold bullion, or elsewhere, and then they will let the bottom fall out. A very dark and sinister time for the rest of us will be the result.

Is there a better solution? I say yes... Let the markets collapse! The injections of money are only helping accelerate the fall. The bailout money is going into the rich criminal pockets, and they don't give a damn about the rest of us. The bailout money payback will put onto the taxpayers backs, not the rich criminals! The hyper inflated stock and financial markets were created by these criminals, and if the markets are left to fall to what they are truly worth, then all the better for the rest of us in the long run. Bottom line...Stop giving money to the criminals, and let THEM suffer the consequences. Once the markets have fallen down to earth, then a complete makeover of the financial system should be done. The criminals should be stripped of their powers, and either placed in jail, sent packing, or left destitute having to scrape for a living like the rest of us.

The Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada, EU Central Bank, etc.. should all be outlawed, and the right of printing money should be returned to the people without debt! The Rothschilds have dominated and controlled all central banks for too long, and the result has been a debt burden of unheard of magnitude on all of us! A do-over is required, where all debts are no longer paid to these criminals.

Again, I recommend readers go over to www.iamthewitness.com, and listen closely to the audio interviews with people such as Muhammed Rafiq. They nailed the financial crisis on the head almost a year ago, and have been spot on in their research. DBS has tried for years to get people to wake up, and many just laughed.... They are not laughing anymore!

I hope that people will now take steps to protect their families, and to insure that they have enough food, and financial stability for the time ahead. It will be a very bumpy ride for the next while!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Bailout Scam has passed...And so has the once mighty United States of America

Well, it happened... The Government of the US passed the so called "Bailout Bill" by a wide margin, and you the suckers, or as you call yourselves "Taxpayers" will be footing the bill as your hard earned money will quickly disappear into the pockets of a wealthy few. Was there any doubt? What were people expecting? The hard working people do not control the US, but the Zionist masters do! Were people actually thinking that their own government would listen to their constituents? You think that when you cast a "ballot" you are voting for someone of integrity? Stop kidding yourselves, people... YOU have been played as suckers, and fools! Its time to wake up!

The money masters... aka... Zionist Jewish Bankers... control America, and have since 1913. This is a provable fact, and can no longer hide its ugly head. They have ruined a great nation, and now are busy fleecing what is left of the value of the US and will quickly bail out of the US all together. This will leave what is left of the so called United States of America but a shell of its former self. The US as a great nation will be left for dead, buried, and finished. What you are going to see over the next few months is a picking of the corpse for what ever little value is left.

Watch now as hyper-inflation takes hold, and the value of the so called US dollar plummets greatly over the coming months. Jobs in manufacturing in the US are gone. Natural resources have dried up. Most other industrial and technical jobs have been "off-shored". Even the once great food production industry can no longer produce enough food to feed the millions of people in America. The only jobs left are service industry, and finance, but they too will shortly disappear. It is the coming of a very scary time, and a police state may be the criminals only answer to prevent revolution.

Do people think they will stop at this "$700 Billion Dollar" figure? People are not even aware that that figure was conjured up out of thin air, primarily because some Wall Street bigwigs figured they would throw a figure out, and see if people would bite! That alone is sickening, and people actual bit! The true figure is TRILLIONS of dollars! They have only just begun to scare the people into giving even more!

What is the price of liberty and freedom? What will it take for people to see the truth? Why must people be scared of criminals?... Its time to get angry!

Never surrender to fear of these crimes. Pass the message around, because people need to fight for freedom and for justice. A great nation may have finally passed into oblivion, and the result will be hardship to the degree that Americans, and the rest of the world, has never faced before.

Bring all of the information about these criminals to light. Tell others. Keep informed by going to websites like www.iamthewitness.com. Read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", and "The Synagogue of Satan". Copy them, and pass them around. Their blueprint of planned enslavement is close to fruition. Financial collapse is part of their plan, and it is right on our doorstep.

I will continue to do my part. Its time to do yours. The truth must be told!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October, and closer to meltdown?

It is October, and I see that the financial mess in the US is still being sorted out. The US Senate, or another Zionist controlled sector of the US government, just passed a vote supporting the "bailout" package of 700 billion dollars. The criminals will now try to ram the package through the House of Representatives, and force it down our throats.

As I stated before, this is nothing more than sheer robbery. It is basically robbing from the poor and giving to the rich, a veritable reverse Robin Hood and his merry men scenario.

If anyone peruses the internet and sees how the heads of each of these corporations just recently voted themselves unheard of levels of monetary bonuses, you can see how the crookedness abounds. Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, AIG, Wachovia, Citicorp, etc... They are all headed by greedy and disgusting chairmen who are in it only for their own personal wealth and power.

The poorer middle class will foot the bailout in terms of taxes, new levies, and other expenditures. Most probably we will see further failing of pension funds, and investment accounts as we see these criminals gleefully take the money and run.... Yes, they will bail out, take their personal fortunes and either leave the US or quietly disappear from the radar screen. We the taxpayers will be left holding the bills, and the debts.

Why are people so gullable? It has troubled me for years as to how people turn a blind eye to the facts, and watch their own money disappear, and their buying power, and lifestyles erode. I have come to a conclusion that the power of the controlled mass media is partially to blame, by the use of disinformation, and keeping the truth from the public. Another factor is the usage of power chemicals in our food supply (fluouridated water, aspartame, MSG, are prime examples) that numbs the brain, and keeps us numbed like sheep. Our present society as moulded by their Protocols of Zion directives has given everyone a "do not care", and "it doesnt affect me" attitude, and we will pay the price dearly for our folly.

What can people do? This is the question that keeps haunting me, as I too search for answers. The first and obvious solution is to turn off the idiot box, and peruse real information from blogs such as this one. The second solution is to spread the word, and quickly. Let others know the truth, and give them the links to look at the truth themselves. The third solution is to not be afraid of these criminals, because they expect us to stay afraid of them! Their biggest weapon has always been fear, or being called "antisemitic". It is time for people to come forward and challenge them on their actions, and to expose them for what they are!

People have said that I am "antisemitic" for my posts... I have challenged them all to look at the facts, determine what this "antisemitism really is, who the real criminals are, and in 9/10 instances, once they have studied the facts, they too have started to challenge the real criminals!

As DBS says in iamthewitness.com, not all people of the Jewish faith are responsible for these crimes. It is a matter of perspective however that until those that are not responsible come forward and join in the fight against these criminals that they could be held accountable for failing to help to stop the crimes. It has been 2000 years of dogma, and the "Us vrs Them" mentality that has been shoved down their throats constantly, and falsely (brainwashing), that many of the decent Jewish people do nothing. It is so sad to know that if only a small part of their community turns against the criminals, the criminals would be running!

Therefore, I am not "antisemitic". I abhor that false statement, because it has been so proven to be wrong, false, and misleading. The majority of the Jewish Zionists are not even Semites but Khazars, as stated here before, and elsewhere! Research it again for yourselves, and look at the "Thirteenth Tribe" writings, as well as other historical facts. That term "antisemitic" was developed in the 19th century by the zionists themselves as a weapon against us! The "Protocols' show how this single phrase when used as a weapon has been a godsend in keeping us from exposing them for their criminality.

We face difficult times, and a very uncertain future. You the readers have to step up to the plate and get the message out, and re-educate others to the truth. Time is not on our side, and doing nothing only aids the criminals.

Lets hope that people can see the truth for themselves.