Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Financial Mess and the Suckers who will pay

Lets not pull any punches here... The so called 700 BILLION dollar bailout of the failing financial institutions in the US is nothing more than a tax on the American people.

Lehman Brothers, Goldman and Sachs, AIG, JP Morgan, Citicorp... This is only the start. The American people have been duped, and misled, into believing that by having the Federal Government intervene in keeping these Zionist dominated Banking firms afloat, that all will be well with the US economy.... The answer is... IT WILL NOT.

The criminals in charge of the Federal Reserve of the US are pirates, and crooks. They will fleece the US taxpayers by having THEM pay for their greedy friends on Wall Street. This bailout is nothing more than a con job, and a deliberate attempt to keep their debt based monetary empire alive until they can take what is left of the American dream, put it in offshore accounts, and THEN fail the entire ponzi fiat scheme and plunge the Western world into a new depression. The end result will be them having all the money, all the gold, and there after enslaving everyone to their whim.

It must be noted that the controlled media has done no justice to the public in keeping the lies going. They have kept the truth from coming out, and instead stating that it is a "good" move for everyone by having the people taxed further to bail out criminals!

Lets have no doubt as to who controls the money, who controls the government, who controls the media, and basically who controls us. We must fight these lunatics, and take back what is left of our countries for our futures. People must be made aware of the criminality of a debt based system. It has brought ruination to every country in history, and soon it will ruin the present western capitalist system.

I do recommend that readers go to www.iamthewitness.com and read the articles, and listen closely to the interviews that DBS has with true patriots of this fight. Lets no longer be fooled by the criminals involved, and their history of lies and deceit.

I see the end of our present financial system on the horizon, and a very disturbing and dark time approaching. If we turn a blind eye any further, then our future is one of despair. Its time for the truth to come out!

Peace for now

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