Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canadian Federal "Election"..What a joke!

Canadians, including myself, are expected to go to the polls and "elect" our federal officials for the House of Commons in Ottawa on October 14th....

I have news for everyone.... Whom ever you vote for on that day, they answer to not their parties, but to their Zionist masters in Ottawa! Yes, Canada is Zionist controlled territory, and Harper, Dion, or Layton all bow down to these lords and masters of Canada....

You want proof??? Look closely at how a federal election candidate in Winnipeg, Leslie Hughes, was ceremoniously dismissed by the Liberal Party of Canada because 5 YEARS ago, she posted a very factual statement about 9-11 in a blog! In that blog, she stated that several Israeli firms in NYC pulled out of the WTC complex days before the attack, thus creating the investigation that they had foreknowledge of the upcoming attack, and were warned to either not show up at the WTC that day, as was the case with Odigo, or to actually rehome their US operations elsewhere, as was the case with Zim Corporation.

It is a FACT that only ONE Israeli died the morning of 9-11... NOT the 130 that GWB had claimed later in speeches to the US Senate, and to "news" organizations. And it is FACT that firms such as the Israeli company, Odigo, received messages days before 9-11 to not have their employees report to work the morning of 9-11.

In other words, Ms Hughes stated FACT, not fiction. Her comment and blog can be researched, and found to be very TRUE. Look at the new video called "Missing Links" for some real eye opening evidence of this proof.

For her posting something freely and factual, she has been taken off the ballot. Her party leader, Stephane Dion was ORDERED by the Canadian Jewish Council to remove her for that "antisemitic" blog! Yes... Dion got his orders from his Gods to remove her from the upcoming election.

This is PROOF beyond a shadow of a doubt as to who controls Canada. We here in Canada are slaves to the CJC, and other Zionist groups in Ottawa. They are the power brokers, the money masters, and the lords over our country. "Elected" officials have to bow down to these monsters!

This is sick, and very disturbing. Our controlled media has also followed suit in calling Ms Hughes a "Nutjob" as quoted in the Zionist controlled Winnipeg Sun, and elsewhere. The television, and radio stations also have put a blackout on this article, only stating that she was dismissed for "antisemitic" statements! So much for freedom of speech, and thought!

I am truly sickened by the inaction of people in both the US and Canada to these monsters. They have us totally sickened by Aspartame poisoning, Fluouridation of our drinking water, MSG in other foods, Mercury in our vaccines, mindcontrol over our idiot boxes, aka, Television, etc... And people do NOTHING!

It is time for people to stand up for truth. I applaud Ms Hughes for her stand, and I hope that she does not become discouraged by how she was railroaded by criminals.... The truth shall set you free! She spoke the truth!

Take a stand people, and dont bow down to criminals. Freedom comes at a price!

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