Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canadian Federal "Election"..What a joke!

Canadians, including myself, are expected to go to the polls and "elect" our federal officials for the House of Commons in Ottawa on October 14th....

I have news for everyone.... Whom ever you vote for on that day, they answer to not their parties, but to their Zionist masters in Ottawa! Yes, Canada is Zionist controlled territory, and Harper, Dion, or Layton all bow down to these lords and masters of Canada....

You want proof??? Look closely at how a federal election candidate in Winnipeg, Leslie Hughes, was ceremoniously dismissed by the Liberal Party of Canada because 5 YEARS ago, she posted a very factual statement about 9-11 in a blog! In that blog, she stated that several Israeli firms in NYC pulled out of the WTC complex days before the attack, thus creating the investigation that they had foreknowledge of the upcoming attack, and were warned to either not show up at the WTC that day, as was the case with Odigo, or to actually rehome their US operations elsewhere, as was the case with Zim Corporation.

It is a FACT that only ONE Israeli died the morning of 9-11... NOT the 130 that GWB had claimed later in speeches to the US Senate, and to "news" organizations. And it is FACT that firms such as the Israeli company, Odigo, received messages days before 9-11 to not have their employees report to work the morning of 9-11.

In other words, Ms Hughes stated FACT, not fiction. Her comment and blog can be researched, and found to be very TRUE. Look at the new video called "Missing Links" for some real eye opening evidence of this proof.

For her posting something freely and factual, she has been taken off the ballot. Her party leader, Stephane Dion was ORDERED by the Canadian Jewish Council to remove her for that "antisemitic" blog! Yes... Dion got his orders from his Gods to remove her from the upcoming election.

This is PROOF beyond a shadow of a doubt as to who controls Canada. We here in Canada are slaves to the CJC, and other Zionist groups in Ottawa. They are the power brokers, the money masters, and the lords over our country. "Elected" officials have to bow down to these monsters!

This is sick, and very disturbing. Our controlled media has also followed suit in calling Ms Hughes a "Nutjob" as quoted in the Zionist controlled Winnipeg Sun, and elsewhere. The television, and radio stations also have put a blackout on this article, only stating that she was dismissed for "antisemitic" statements! So much for freedom of speech, and thought!

I am truly sickened by the inaction of people in both the US and Canada to these monsters. They have us totally sickened by Aspartame poisoning, Fluouridation of our drinking water, MSG in other foods, Mercury in our vaccines, mindcontrol over our idiot boxes, aka, Television, etc... And people do NOTHING!

It is time for people to stand up for truth. I applaud Ms Hughes for her stand, and I hope that she does not become discouraged by how she was railroaded by criminals.... The truth shall set you free! She spoke the truth!

Take a stand people, and dont bow down to criminals. Freedom comes at a price!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Truths that cannot be avoided any longer

Is it just me? Or has the media spin gotten out of control....

We are lied to, right, left, front, and center, on so many things that are happening in the world today, and about our history. The media is totally controlled by Zionist evil people, and continues to spin any news to their bent and twisted way of thinking. We are basically programmed by their logic, and it is sickening...

Here is a simple list of what we know, or should know by now:

(1) There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We went into Iraq at the demands of our Zionist masters in Israel to eliminate Iraq as a threat to the Israeli state.
(2) We invaded Afghanistan at the request of the Rothschilds in Europe to get the drug trade reopened, after the Taliban freedom fighters had put a halt to Opium production, and transport, and were executing the drug lords there.
(3) The financial system is totally controlled by these same Zionist masters. The Federal Reserve is a private Zionist bank, and controls all of the money supply as a monopoly in the US. The Canadian central bank is no different. It has created the debt based money system, and has put billions of people into perpetual debt, and therefore enslavement to these monsters.
(4) The present financial crisis was created by these same Zionist masters, and will only lead to ruination of the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia by crippling their financial system. This was laid out in their despicable blueprint: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
(5) The Zionists control America. Their power and money keeps the government servitude to their wishes. No official is elected without their approval.
(6) Iran has no nuclear weapons. The only reason the evil Zionists want to invade Iran is to eliminate it as a threat to Israel. They are willing to slaughter millions of innocent people for their never ending quest for world domination. (again see The Protocols..)
(7) The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are REAL, and is their blueprint for world domination. People should read, and take heed to what is written in this manuscript. It is absolutely frightening.
(8) The word "Anti-Semitism" is totally FALSE. It has been used by these people as a propaganda weapon to prevent true research into their dastardly deeds. 95% of all the Jewish people on the planet are not, and have never been Semites. Their true origin is from the Khazaria region of central Russia, and always has been.
(9) History as written in textbooks is riddled with lies, and distortions. Our written history has been dictated, and only approved by these same Zionist controllers. What is taught to children today is full of lies and untruths. Our true history can only be found by doing research now over the Internet.
(10) 9-11 was an Israeli Mossad operation against America. They committed murder, and have gotten away with it! It was done to vilify Islam, and to bend American thinking into doing exactly what the Zionists wanted, including launching new wars against peaceful Mid-Eastern nations. With the help of the Zionist controlled media, it succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

I am only scratching the surface with this short list..... Point #9 especially could be expanded, and take up many blogs...

I strongly recommend that readers of my blogs go over to www.iamthewitness.com and read further into facts on the criminality of these people. There are many articles including the "Synagogue of Satan" that should be read carefully and understood as very factual, and very damning.

There is a great evil in the world today. It has plans for our enslavement, and ruination of nations for their want of greed and power. We can stop them, but the first step is reeducation, and having the truths come out for all to see.

Take the steps yourselves into exploring and finding the truth.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Financial Mess and the Suckers who will pay

Lets not pull any punches here... The so called 700 BILLION dollar bailout of the failing financial institutions in the US is nothing more than a tax on the American people.

Lehman Brothers, Goldman and Sachs, AIG, JP Morgan, Citicorp... This is only the start. The American people have been duped, and misled, into believing that by having the Federal Government intervene in keeping these Zionist dominated Banking firms afloat, that all will be well with the US economy.... The answer is... IT WILL NOT.

The criminals in charge of the Federal Reserve of the US are pirates, and crooks. They will fleece the US taxpayers by having THEM pay for their greedy friends on Wall Street. This bailout is nothing more than a con job, and a deliberate attempt to keep their debt based monetary empire alive until they can take what is left of the American dream, put it in offshore accounts, and THEN fail the entire ponzi fiat scheme and plunge the Western world into a new depression. The end result will be them having all the money, all the gold, and there after enslaving everyone to their whim.

It must be noted that the controlled media has done no justice to the public in keeping the lies going. They have kept the truth from coming out, and instead stating that it is a "good" move for everyone by having the people taxed further to bail out criminals!

Lets have no doubt as to who controls the money, who controls the government, who controls the media, and basically who controls us. We must fight these lunatics, and take back what is left of our countries for our futures. People must be made aware of the criminality of a debt based system. It has brought ruination to every country in history, and soon it will ruin the present western capitalist system.

I do recommend that readers go to www.iamthewitness.com and read the articles, and listen closely to the interviews that DBS has with true patriots of this fight. Lets no longer be fooled by the criminals involved, and their history of lies and deceit.

I see the end of our present financial system on the horizon, and a very disturbing and dark time approaching. If we turn a blind eye any further, then our future is one of despair. Its time for the truth to come out!

Peace for now