Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its Been A While

I had decided some time ago to take a long break during Summer, to concentrate on family, and my own well being. With the approach of Autumn, I figure its time to get back to some blogs, and information for people to peruse, and follow..

The recent fall of "Freddie Mac", and "Fannie Mae" was predicted some time ago by DBS and his friend Mohammed Rafiq over at, and I said before in previous blogs that we are headed towards a very dark period in human history thanks to economic depression and despair.
It is only a matter of time before we see collapse of major banking institutions, and an American economy turning belly up. The criminals are trying to delay this for as long as possible so that they themselves can bail out, and after the collapse come back appearing as the "Knights in shining armor" ready to give us THEIR idea of hope for the future. Their idea is to put us into economic servitude for the rest of our lives!

The other blogs that I had been following for the last few months deal with the Apollo Moon Hoax. I am proud to call myself a "Hoax Theorist" in this regard, but the real name should be "Hoax Realist". There is no doubt from the interesting comments that I have observed from readers and viewers of videos put out by other seekers of truth like Jarrah Whte, Lunarcy, and Greenmagoos, that people are deeply afraid of the truth about Apollo. Lets face it, the whole project gave America, and most of the world a deep sense of pride and joy in the 60's and 70's. School children were give visions of man in space, and the hope of someday venturing out onto other planets and exploring deep space. The thought that it may have been all a terrible lie does not sit well with this grandeose picture and dream. It therefore makes logical sense why most people would rather defend the lie to their deaths rather than face the truth that they have been played as suckers. Corruption ran deep in American politics during the period of Apollo, and with the deepening social issues, and an unpopular war in Vietnam, these criminals needed something to restore American pride and well being. What better than to give the masses Apollo! It is a terrible fact though that it was all smoke and mirrors.

I will return in later blogs to discuss again the issues about Zionism, Apollo, and our failing Economic system. It seems awfully depressing at times to have to reveal bitter truths about our culture, and our government. But I have always believed that it is better to live a life of uncertainty with the truth rather than live one of luxury generated by lies. That is why exposing the truth is so essential, and probably the most important issue for our world today!

People question my ethics when I put up these blogs. I say to them to research for themselves, and then come back in here and put up their comments. I have yet to have anyone say that the information that I devulge is in error. I want a world of real peace and harmony, not one of lies and deceptions. Is that not worth fighting for?

Peace everyone