Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Interesting Material To Look At

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth....

I have already put up enough material in these blogs, and have put up links to other sites, to get people to open up to the bitter truths about our planet.

I do not have the solutions for fixing our woes. It is up to everyone to do their part in getting the message out about who the real criminals are, and to not believe the BS that is constantly put out by their controlled media outlets.

I see that Prothink has been working with John form WWIII news with an idea about opening up several communities in the US where people can go and be "free" from the criminals of our government. It seems like a great idea, but there are some serious flaws, such as the fact that real patriots are out there and doing their fight against the criminals in public. What would happen if these fighters suddenly withdraw to these havens and from that public exposure? This would leave the public stage open for the criminals alone, with no dissenting voices from the public to suddenly keep them in check, because the dissenters would all be in these "safe havens".

A better way of understanding this is that if suddenly all of the real fighters against the criminals withdraw from the public eye to these compounds, it would make the criminals jobs much easier in controlling the people, because their opposition would be holed up in these compounds. Also, the criminals could easily dispose of these same compounds at their leisure due to their control of government, and therefore the military/police forces! Does anyone remember what happened in Waco, Texas as an example? Therefore, the concept is good, but the flaws, such as the ones I have stated, make it a potentially dangerous setback in our fight for truth.

My idea has always been to keep the truth tellers out in the public eye as much as possible to spread the messages, to keep tabs on the criminals, and to expose their crimes for everyone to see. Again for people to withdraw from this visibility would remove these roadblocks against these criminals. We must get people to understand the truth and to have them join us in this battle. This can only be done out in public!

Another ongoing battle for truth is in the ramp up for a war against Iran. I can only stress again the important message that Iran is a peaceful nation, and that the real aggressors, and pushers, for this war is the Zionist state of Israel, and their puppets that control the US government. Israel wants total hegemony over the Middle East, and in the last 10 years they have already removed Iraq as a stumbling block for their sick twisted idea of control by using their American puppets to attack that country, and have American soldiers do all the fighting for them. They also have gone and attacked Lebanon for no other reason other than to try to seize southern Lebanon, and the important waters of the Litano River for their own usage. And they lie about Iran having nuclear weapons capability, while these same Zionists sit on an arsenal of over 300 nuclear weapons themselves!

Lets face it, GWB is a dangerous man in the White House, and guaranteed he and his close Neocon (Zionist) "advisors" want to go out with a bang before they have to leave government in November. Their masters in Tel Aviv want a war soon, and these same Zionist masters dont give a damn about the American soldiers that will do all of the fighting, and the dying, for them!

It is very strange watching the lies that are spoon fed to the public on all of the media sources. People are now complaining about $150 a barrel for petroleum now. Just wait until these maniacs get their next war of conquest going against Iran, and that same barrel will be around $300! The side effect will be economic chaos, collapse of some world economies, and a sure fire excuse for the introduction of Martial Law in both Europe and America!

Get the message out. Go to www.,,, and, for some very important truths about the world around us. Turn off the idiot box, and spend your time with family, and do some reading! History is full of lies by design, and now its time for full exposure of the real evils on this planet. Our survival is at stake.

Peace, everyone. We can make a difference!