Saturday, May 10, 2008

News and Views for today

It has come to my attention that the state of Israel just celebrated its 60th Anniversary of its "independence" just this last week. Lets just say that the world has watched its activities for the last 60 years, and has suffered as a consequence.

For the last 60 years since that state came into official being, the world has suffered its wraith of terrorism, and its genocide of the true inhabitants, and the true semites of the region, the people who we should rightfully call Palestinians. Even today we watch and wonder how the world turns a blind eye to the destruction, and genocide of millions of these people, especially those who live within the prison called the Gaza Strip.

We have watched the world suffer also for the last 60 years by the butt kissing of the United States and other western nations to the state of Israel. We have watched all of our leaders go and pledge their undying support to that criminal, genocidal country. These so called leaders go and pay their tribute in the form of "aid" to that criminal empire, costing our citizens billions of dollars annually! This money could be spent here in our country to battle the poverty, and the social welfare inequalities of the peoples of these nations, but instead the governments send the money to Israel, where their criminal leadership turns around and spends that "aid" money on the weapons to kill their neighbors!

It was just this last week that even the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, pledged his undying support for Israel, and stated that any criticism of Israel is tantamount to "anti-semitism".
This is pathetic at best. It doesnt take a very educated person long to figure out that that statement in itself is false, because most of the alien people that occupy Israel are Khazars, or Ashkenazi Jews, who do NOT have a single drop of semitic blood in them to start with! These imports from the steppes of central Russia were converts to Judaism back in the 9th century AD, and at present have the nerve to call themselves "Semites"! The TRUE semites just happen to be the Palestinian people that these criminals are in the process of killing off in both the west bank, and especially the Gaza Strip! Mr. Harper, please spend the time to get your facts straight before you make such ridiculous statements!

On another topic, we are continuing to watch the ever increasing price of oil around the world. I have stated before, and I will state it again, this is primarily due to speculation, and the actual falling value of the American dollar. At present, the US dollar is next to worthless! It has been used for the last 60 years as the only method of trade for petroleum by OPEC and the oil purchasing nations. Right now, the nations around the Persian Gulf, and especially Iran, are busy switching their currency for oil trade from the dollar to other, more stable currencies. THIS is a primary reason why the US is busy also gearing up for their next proxy war, against the innocent, and very peaceful state of Iran!

Iran is no threat to world security, and possesses no nuclear weapons. We have been living with blinders on if people cannot reason that the real threat in the region is the state of Israel! Israel and Pakistan are the only nations in that region that actually possess nuclear weapons. For Israel to keep its superiority over all of its neighbors, and to keep the entire region basically at its mercy, they need to make sure that none of its neighbors develop and deploy nuclear arms. THIS is why they are busy getting their slaves in the US government to prepare to send American soldiers off on a proxy war against Iran! The threat of Iran possibly developing nuclear weapons as a thwart against the zionist empire is something they cannot accept, because it would stop their dream of perpetual enslavement of the entire region!

It has been 60 years of enslavement, and murder, of the Palestinian people, and the illegal alien occupiers of the so called state of Israel celebrate their "independence".... It is pathetic that the world has turned its back on this immense crime. It shows the power of the controlled media that most of the world still does not see the bitter truth.

Many now through the internet are finally realizing the truths about our hidden history, and can now take a stand against this type of crime. I am only doing my part, and it takes you the reader to spread the word.

Peace for now, more to come...