Thursday, April 3, 2008

Recent Events And What It All Means

It really should not come as a shock to anyone that the Stock Markets around the world, as well as the American Dollar are all falling, with no end in sight. Myself, and others, have warned for a long time that this is by design by the criminals in charge of the world money system. The Rothschild controlled banking networks created the debt based money system as a way in which the rich become ultra-rich, while the middle class disintegrates, and the poor become either poorer, or slaves to the rich!

We are witnessing in our lifetime the destruction of the American empire, and the American way of life. Outsourcing of jobs, and manufacturing has caused the United States to fall from a self supporting and producing nation to one totally at the mercy of other nations. The only growth industries left in the US are either military industries, or service industries. The US cannot even grow enough food any more to feed its own populace!

One website,, has for a long while tried to warn the people of the world of the impending implosion of the world monetary system, but few people have taken the time to actually heed these warnings. I recommend that you, as the reader, take the time to go and listen to the audio files there, especially those in which Darryl Bradford Smith interviews Mohammed Rafiq about the designed implosion of the world economies, and the disasterous results. It is not too late for us to take action against the criminals involved, but time is rapidly running out.

Recently we have watched the zionist controlled Federal Reserve of the US bail out brokerage firms, and inject emergency funds into the banking industry just to keep them solvent. Does it not seem strange to anyone else that they can continue to produce money out of thin air, and give it to their cronies in their banking industry with absolutely no checks and balances demanded for any of their actions from either the government or the public? It also amazes me that their controlled media continues to whitewash the issue by selling the public the lie that all is well with the banks, and at most we are only in for a "recession". Many people are foolish to believe in this outright lie!

Another recent event is the continuing buildup of American military hardware in the Middle East for a strike against Iran. The Zio-Poodles in Washington continue to get their marching orders from Tel Aviv, and as a result, the American soldier is about to head into another unjust war for Israel. Their controlled media continues to fill the average American with the lies of Iran being a threat, without telling them the real truth. As I have stated before, do your own research and you will find that Iran is not the threat in that region, but Israel is! Israel possesses the nuclear arms in the region, and continues their brutal occupation, and genocide in both the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank against the Palestinians. Again, their controlled press fails to mention these truths.

One other issue that has occupied headlines is the US presidential race.... Lets get one thing clear about this farce. The Zionists in America control both political parties, and whomever gets elected to Washington will only continue to parrot their orders. Obama, Clinton, or McCain.. It does not matter which Zionist puppet you elect, you get the same results. Its Israel first, second, and third, when it comes to politicians in America. Maybe someday the American public will wake up from their slumber, and actually elect someone who puts America first! Good luck with that, though, because even the elections are rigged, with voting machines that can switch votes with absolutely no paper trail for verification of the actual votes! How convenient is that?

Canada is not much better... The Canadian controlled government just passed a bill to commit extra troops to the Zionist drug war in Afghanistan. Our soldiers are sent there for one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to keep the poppy fields open for cultivation and production of Heroin. At present, the war there is being lost, as more and more Afghani people are waking up to the truth, and are turning against, and fighting our own soldiers. The controlled press now labels even these people who see the truth about their drug enslaved country as "Taliban"! However, the Zionist drug lords and their masters, have demanded that their slave governments in Europe and North America commit even more troops to keep these "Taliban" from destroying their valuable cash crops, and to keep the Heroin flowing as a result to both Europe and North America! Canada has obediently obliged, and has promised its troops to stay until at least 2011. More and more Canadians are finally waking up and questioning our Afghanistan commitments, but the Zionist controlled press here continues to blatantly lie about the entire fiasco.

It is time for people to wake up and take a stand against these criminals. Economic uncertainty and War are clearly on the horizon, but we can prevent it. Turn off the idiot box, and do some reading, and research. The truth must be told!

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