Thursday, April 17, 2008

Real News, and not the BS the MSM puts out

The World Economic situation we are watching is like a slow motion train wreck. The Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to put out lies that there is nothing wrong with the economy, and that we are heading into a "recession" that will only last a short while...

There is nothing further from the truth in what the MSM puts out! Most banking institutions in America, Europe, and even here in Canada are basically bankrupt. There is a push right now to try to keep most major financial institutions solvent by injecting them with money printed out by the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of Canada, but this is artificial. The criminal network that controls our banks is trying desperately to slow down the coming crash while they themselves work out a scheme to bail out, and to leave the common citizens holding the bag. This coming implosion will cause the disintegration of all of our pension funds especially, due to their investments into businesses that are basically insolvent today. People will go into bankruptcy, along with the businesses that employ them!

The last paragraph shows the crux of the situation. A better understanding of the situation is given by listening to Mohammed Rafeeq's audio file with Daryl Bradford Smith at the French Connection over the internet at ! I highly recommend that all readers listen to the audio files there about our present economic situation, and take heed.

I have filed many blogs talking about the upcoming economic collapse, and have pointed readers as to where to read, and discover who is behind all of this disaster. It is a disaster, no doubt about it, and everyone will be affected. But it is not all doom, and gloom, because understanding who is behind this is important for our fight. Everyone must be aware as to who is responsible for our financial woes so that we can do what is necessary to bring fight them, and bring them to justice.

The MSM is very much in the hands of the criminals, and when time comes, we must hold them responsible for failing to be truthful with everyone. The idiot box continues to put out fluff, and to not talk about our financial mess. Only over the internet can everyone get a true understanding as to who is to blame, and what must be done to fix our situation.

Several recommendations that I have for everyone... Get your finances in order first. Get your debts under control, and do not invest any money in unstable markets. Pay off as many debts as possible, and do not go out and buy frivalous articles on a whim. Get any moneys invested in unstable stocks out as soon as possible. And make sure that you, as the reader, gets access to dry goods for your food supply. This last point is extremely important, due to the rising cost of food basics. The upcoming implosion may cause a temporary halt in alot of basic food shipments, and supermarkets will quickly run out of all basic necessities.

As I have stated, it is time for people to get over their complacencies, and their apathies. We must get angry at these criminals, and pass the information around for everyone to know the truth. The MSM is criminally negligent in getting the truth out, so it is up to you to get the message passed around.

Keep the faith, and be aware of the upcoming turmoil. This fight is for our survival.

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