Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Opening up dialogue with other Truth Seekers

It is imperative that Truth Seekers try their best to be in constant contact with others in this fight.

After sending out emails to different sites, I decided to take the time and make a phone call to Prothink and open up a dialogue about important issues concerning this important battle for our survival.

Mike, aka, Prothink, proved to be very astute, and very easy to talk to. We discussed briefly some of the issues in the world today, and I even congratulated him on his audio file about his recent contact with a real zionist shill known as Alex Jones. We discussed other issues, and he was both cordial, and a very good listener. We decided to keep in touch, and hopefully somewhere down the line touch base on some other important materials.

I do recommend that readers go over to prothink.org and look at his latest audio file about being on the Alex Jones show. Mike was very polite, and tried to get the message across that the real criminals are the Zionists. He opened by asking listeners on the show to go and listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech about these criminals, and their dastardly plot for world domination. Well, guess what... Alex, being the shill he is, identified who Mike was, and started hurtling insults at him, including some f-bombs! He refused to even talk openly with Mike, and after his tirade, hung up on him! This should clearly send the message to true truth seekers that Mr. Jones is nothing but part of the criminal element. How else is he able to get radio time, including sponsors, and advertisers? His talk shows discuss only his clouded delusional message about a "New World Order" being the cause of all of our woes, and he never touches the real criminals, the Zionists.

It is so important that all of the people who are wanting to fight the real criminals get and stay on the same page about facts. Some of my readers have commented that I put out information with no facts to back them up. But on the contrary, I always tell them to research the facts themselves, and to go to important websites such as iamthewitness.com, and read the facts for themselves. If I was to write out all the facts in each blog, these blogs would be both tedious, and pages long!

There are so many video and audio files that anyone can look at for information about who is responsible for the demise of our planet. I do say to all new readers, to go and listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech first as a way to get themselves started on the road to truth. Then read about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and listen to Myron Fagan's famous speech about their criminality. After that , go and watch Eustace Mullins', and Kay Grigg's, videos about how deep these criminals are in control of our governments. If all that does not shock you into joining this fight, then nothing else will.

Keep up the fight, and pass the message around.... More to come....

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