Monday, April 28, 2008

More Important Information

Recently, some people alerted me to a term for those individuals that are willing to sacrifice everything for their love of the state of Israel, and for the Zionist cause.... The word that describes these individuals is "Sayanim".

I tried to get a dictionary reference to the word "Sayanim", but it is nowhere found in any reference book. I have taken the time to research the term carefully via the Net, and I discovered that these Sayanim are basically "helpers" to the Zionist cause. The Mossad, and their operatives, use the Sayanim in their operations all over the world! It has always been a wonder to myself, and others as to how a tiny country on the Mediterranean Sea can have such control over every aspect of other countries' wealth, media, etc. It is only through the use of Sayanim agents, or helpers, that they are able to do so.

Allegiance to a host country does not matter to these people at all. These Sayanim helpers, or as I call them "useful idiots" are mostly being used as fools (tools) for the cause of Zionist control. It comes from the indoctrinization from birth into believing in the superiority of their "race" over all others, and the belief that its "Us versus Them" mentality that they believe so strongly that their cause is just. We are only the gentiles, or the "goy", and are rated as subhuman to themselves, only to be controlled as is clearly written in their Talmudic laws! This racism is very rampant in their beliefs, and is carefully disguised, and hidden from public attention by their control of the media!

One glaring example of a Sayanim agent was none other than Jonathan Pollard, who in the 80's gave his Mossad contacts valuable and damaging information about American nuclear secrets. Jonathan Pollard has been in an American jail since, but in Israel itself to this day, Jonathan Pollard is hailed as a hero to the Zionist cause! Mr. Pollard is an American citizen, but holds DUAL citizenship between the US and Israel, and is not Mossad, but clearly a Sayanim agent. Again, this asks the valuable question as to where these dual citizen Israeli/American peoples' allegiance lies?

Right now in North America there are thousands of Sayanim agents running around keeping tabs on the American and Canadian public. Many hold key positions in governments, in spite of their dual citizenship, and would sell their host countries out in a heart beat! Their love of Israel, and their strong beliefs in their superiority over all others from birth, take precedence over all other facets of their lives. Many of these people do not realize how such actions are acts of treason against their own countries!

Another clear example of the invaluable usage of Sayanims was the Mossad operation on 9-11. To pull off the bombing and implosion of the WTC complex, the Mossad made sure that their Sayanim agents were in place to keep the public steered, and fooled into believing false information. One example was the use of Sayanim agents near ground zero after the towers fell doing on camera interviews with major Network TV outlets the morning of 9-11, telling these media outlets, and the millions of viewers around the world, about how fires melted the steel (?) and caused the buildings to fall! (?) These videos are available over the internet especially at, and I again ask the readers to carefully examine them, and to ask the question... How would anyone have this "knowledge" so quickly that "fires" caused the buildings to fall? Polluting the media with false information has always been a careful Mossad trick to have people steered in the wrong direction, and away from the truth. The Sayanim obviously assist them greatly in generating these lies, and the evidence is clear to see on 9-11.

It is a wonder to this day what these Sayanim actually think they gain by helping the Zionist cause. Many believe that they will find their place as heroes for World Zionism, but ultimately when the economies collapse, and they are in the same boat as the rest of us, they will have gained nothing for assisting in these evil plans. It therefore does show clearly how many are only stooges, and useful idiots. It is through information, and exposing the truth about the Zionist evil cause to even these individuals that we can get them to stop aiding their evil plan for world domination. The disinformation that has been generated via the media has made fools even of these people, and they too deserve to be enlightened to the truth.

More to come...

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