Monday, April 28, 2008

More Important Information

Recently, some people alerted me to a term for those individuals that are willing to sacrifice everything for their love of the state of Israel, and for the Zionist cause.... The word that describes these individuals is "Sayanim".

I tried to get a dictionary reference to the word "Sayanim", but it is nowhere found in any reference book. I have taken the time to research the term carefully via the Net, and I discovered that these Sayanim are basically "helpers" to the Zionist cause. The Mossad, and their operatives, use the Sayanim in their operations all over the world! It has always been a wonder to myself, and others as to how a tiny country on the Mediterranean Sea can have such control over every aspect of other countries' wealth, media, etc. It is only through the use of Sayanim agents, or helpers, that they are able to do so.

Allegiance to a host country does not matter to these people at all. These Sayanim helpers, or as I call them "useful idiots" are mostly being used as fools (tools) for the cause of Zionist control. It comes from the indoctrinization from birth into believing in the superiority of their "race" over all others, and the belief that its "Us versus Them" mentality that they believe so strongly that their cause is just. We are only the gentiles, or the "goy", and are rated as subhuman to themselves, only to be controlled as is clearly written in their Talmudic laws! This racism is very rampant in their beliefs, and is carefully disguised, and hidden from public attention by their control of the media!

One glaring example of a Sayanim agent was none other than Jonathan Pollard, who in the 80's gave his Mossad contacts valuable and damaging information about American nuclear secrets. Jonathan Pollard has been in an American jail since, but in Israel itself to this day, Jonathan Pollard is hailed as a hero to the Zionist cause! Mr. Pollard is an American citizen, but holds DUAL citizenship between the US and Israel, and is not Mossad, but clearly a Sayanim agent. Again, this asks the valuable question as to where these dual citizen Israeli/American peoples' allegiance lies?

Right now in North America there are thousands of Sayanim agents running around keeping tabs on the American and Canadian public. Many hold key positions in governments, in spite of their dual citizenship, and would sell their host countries out in a heart beat! Their love of Israel, and their strong beliefs in their superiority over all others from birth, take precedence over all other facets of their lives. Many of these people do not realize how such actions are acts of treason against their own countries!

Another clear example of the invaluable usage of Sayanims was the Mossad operation on 9-11. To pull off the bombing and implosion of the WTC complex, the Mossad made sure that their Sayanim agents were in place to keep the public steered, and fooled into believing false information. One example was the use of Sayanim agents near ground zero after the towers fell doing on camera interviews with major Network TV outlets the morning of 9-11, telling these media outlets, and the millions of viewers around the world, about how fires melted the steel (?) and caused the buildings to fall! (?) These videos are available over the internet especially at, and I again ask the readers to carefully examine them, and to ask the question... How would anyone have this "knowledge" so quickly that "fires" caused the buildings to fall? Polluting the media with false information has always been a careful Mossad trick to have people steered in the wrong direction, and away from the truth. The Sayanim obviously assist them greatly in generating these lies, and the evidence is clear to see on 9-11.

It is a wonder to this day what these Sayanim actually think they gain by helping the Zionist cause. Many believe that they will find their place as heroes for World Zionism, but ultimately when the economies collapse, and they are in the same boat as the rest of us, they will have gained nothing for assisting in these evil plans. It therefore does show clearly how many are only stooges, and useful idiots. It is through information, and exposing the truth about the Zionist evil cause to even these individuals that we can get them to stop aiding their evil plan for world domination. The disinformation that has been generated via the media has made fools even of these people, and they too deserve to be enlightened to the truth.

More to come...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Real News, and not the BS the MSM puts out

The World Economic situation we are watching is like a slow motion train wreck. The Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to put out lies that there is nothing wrong with the economy, and that we are heading into a "recession" that will only last a short while...

There is nothing further from the truth in what the MSM puts out! Most banking institutions in America, Europe, and even here in Canada are basically bankrupt. There is a push right now to try to keep most major financial institutions solvent by injecting them with money printed out by the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of Canada, but this is artificial. The criminal network that controls our banks is trying desperately to slow down the coming crash while they themselves work out a scheme to bail out, and to leave the common citizens holding the bag. This coming implosion will cause the disintegration of all of our pension funds especially, due to their investments into businesses that are basically insolvent today. People will go into bankruptcy, along with the businesses that employ them!

The last paragraph shows the crux of the situation. A better understanding of the situation is given by listening to Mohammed Rafeeq's audio file with Daryl Bradford Smith at the French Connection over the internet at ! I highly recommend that all readers listen to the audio files there about our present economic situation, and take heed.

I have filed many blogs talking about the upcoming economic collapse, and have pointed readers as to where to read, and discover who is behind all of this disaster. It is a disaster, no doubt about it, and everyone will be affected. But it is not all doom, and gloom, because understanding who is behind this is important for our fight. Everyone must be aware as to who is responsible for our financial woes so that we can do what is necessary to bring fight them, and bring them to justice.

The MSM is very much in the hands of the criminals, and when time comes, we must hold them responsible for failing to be truthful with everyone. The idiot box continues to put out fluff, and to not talk about our financial mess. Only over the internet can everyone get a true understanding as to who is to blame, and what must be done to fix our situation.

Several recommendations that I have for everyone... Get your finances in order first. Get your debts under control, and do not invest any money in unstable markets. Pay off as many debts as possible, and do not go out and buy frivalous articles on a whim. Get any moneys invested in unstable stocks out as soon as possible. And make sure that you, as the reader, gets access to dry goods for your food supply. This last point is extremely important, due to the rising cost of food basics. The upcoming implosion may cause a temporary halt in alot of basic food shipments, and supermarkets will quickly run out of all basic necessities.

As I have stated, it is time for people to get over their complacencies, and their apathies. We must get angry at these criminals, and pass the information around for everyone to know the truth. The MSM is criminally negligent in getting the truth out, so it is up to you to get the message passed around.

Keep the faith, and be aware of the upcoming turmoil. This fight is for our survival.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Opening up dialogue with other Truth Seekers

It is imperative that Truth Seekers try their best to be in constant contact with others in this fight.

After sending out emails to different sites, I decided to take the time and make a phone call to Prothink and open up a dialogue about important issues concerning this important battle for our survival.

Mike, aka, Prothink, proved to be very astute, and very easy to talk to. We discussed briefly some of the issues in the world today, and I even congratulated him on his audio file about his recent contact with a real zionist shill known as Alex Jones. We discussed other issues, and he was both cordial, and a very good listener. We decided to keep in touch, and hopefully somewhere down the line touch base on some other important materials.

I do recommend that readers go over to and look at his latest audio file about being on the Alex Jones show. Mike was very polite, and tried to get the message across that the real criminals are the Zionists. He opened by asking listeners on the show to go and listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech about these criminals, and their dastardly plot for world domination. Well, guess what... Alex, being the shill he is, identified who Mike was, and started hurtling insults at him, including some f-bombs! He refused to even talk openly with Mike, and after his tirade, hung up on him! This should clearly send the message to true truth seekers that Mr. Jones is nothing but part of the criminal element. How else is he able to get radio time, including sponsors, and advertisers? His talk shows discuss only his clouded delusional message about a "New World Order" being the cause of all of our woes, and he never touches the real criminals, the Zionists.

It is so important that all of the people who are wanting to fight the real criminals get and stay on the same page about facts. Some of my readers have commented that I put out information with no facts to back them up. But on the contrary, I always tell them to research the facts themselves, and to go to important websites such as, and read the facts for themselves. If I was to write out all the facts in each blog, these blogs would be both tedious, and pages long!

There are so many video and audio files that anyone can look at for information about who is responsible for the demise of our planet. I do say to all new readers, to go and listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech first as a way to get themselves started on the road to truth. Then read about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and listen to Myron Fagan's famous speech about their criminality. After that , go and watch Eustace Mullins', and Kay Grigg's, videos about how deep these criminals are in control of our governments. If all that does not shock you into joining this fight, then nothing else will.

Keep up the fight, and pass the message around.... More to come....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Recent Events And What It All Means

It really should not come as a shock to anyone that the Stock Markets around the world, as well as the American Dollar are all falling, with no end in sight. Myself, and others, have warned for a long time that this is by design by the criminals in charge of the world money system. The Rothschild controlled banking networks created the debt based money system as a way in which the rich become ultra-rich, while the middle class disintegrates, and the poor become either poorer, or slaves to the rich!

We are witnessing in our lifetime the destruction of the American empire, and the American way of life. Outsourcing of jobs, and manufacturing has caused the United States to fall from a self supporting and producing nation to one totally at the mercy of other nations. The only growth industries left in the US are either military industries, or service industries. The US cannot even grow enough food any more to feed its own populace!

One website,, has for a long while tried to warn the people of the world of the impending implosion of the world monetary system, but few people have taken the time to actually heed these warnings. I recommend that you, as the reader, take the time to go and listen to the audio files there, especially those in which Darryl Bradford Smith interviews Mohammed Rafiq about the designed implosion of the world economies, and the disasterous results. It is not too late for us to take action against the criminals involved, but time is rapidly running out.

Recently we have watched the zionist controlled Federal Reserve of the US bail out brokerage firms, and inject emergency funds into the banking industry just to keep them solvent. Does it not seem strange to anyone else that they can continue to produce money out of thin air, and give it to their cronies in their banking industry with absolutely no checks and balances demanded for any of their actions from either the government or the public? It also amazes me that their controlled media continues to whitewash the issue by selling the public the lie that all is well with the banks, and at most we are only in for a "recession". Many people are foolish to believe in this outright lie!

Another recent event is the continuing buildup of American military hardware in the Middle East for a strike against Iran. The Zio-Poodles in Washington continue to get their marching orders from Tel Aviv, and as a result, the American soldier is about to head into another unjust war for Israel. Their controlled media continues to fill the average American with the lies of Iran being a threat, without telling them the real truth. As I have stated before, do your own research and you will find that Iran is not the threat in that region, but Israel is! Israel possesses the nuclear arms in the region, and continues their brutal occupation, and genocide in both the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank against the Palestinians. Again, their controlled press fails to mention these truths.

One other issue that has occupied headlines is the US presidential race.... Lets get one thing clear about this farce. The Zionists in America control both political parties, and whomever gets elected to Washington will only continue to parrot their orders. Obama, Clinton, or McCain.. It does not matter which Zionist puppet you elect, you get the same results. Its Israel first, second, and third, when it comes to politicians in America. Maybe someday the American public will wake up from their slumber, and actually elect someone who puts America first! Good luck with that, though, because even the elections are rigged, with voting machines that can switch votes with absolutely no paper trail for verification of the actual votes! How convenient is that?

Canada is not much better... The Canadian controlled government just passed a bill to commit extra troops to the Zionist drug war in Afghanistan. Our soldiers are sent there for one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to keep the poppy fields open for cultivation and production of Heroin. At present, the war there is being lost, as more and more Afghani people are waking up to the truth, and are turning against, and fighting our own soldiers. The controlled press now labels even these people who see the truth about their drug enslaved country as "Taliban"! However, the Zionist drug lords and their masters, have demanded that their slave governments in Europe and North America commit even more troops to keep these "Taliban" from destroying their valuable cash crops, and to keep the Heroin flowing as a result to both Europe and North America! Canada has obediently obliged, and has promised its troops to stay until at least 2011. More and more Canadians are finally waking up and questioning our Afghanistan commitments, but the Zionist controlled press here continues to blatantly lie about the entire fiasco.

It is time for people to wake up and take a stand against these criminals. Economic uncertainty and War are clearly on the horizon, but we can prevent it. Turn off the idiot box, and do some reading, and research. The truth must be told!