Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rachel Corrie, MURDERED 5 Years Ago Today

Today marks the 5th anniversary of one of the most cowardly, and dastardly murders in history, the murder of Rachel Corrie.

This young lady with alot of courage was bravely trying to help some Palestinians in Gaza prevent their home from being bulldozed by the IDF. She stood bravely in front of a large bulldozer in full view of the driver, wearing a bright orange vest for identification. The driver, an Israeli, had obvious disregard for her life, and blatantly ran her over to the horror of all onlookers. Then the driver had the gall to back the bulldozer up and therefore run her over again! She died sometimes later due to the trauma of the massive injuries sustained by this blatant insiduous incident.

The Israelis, and their puppets in the US, have worked overtime since that date to keep this murder out of the news.... They have ordered their faithful media to never speak or talk about this incident, and if any news leaks out, to claim that Rachel was a mixed up, and delusional person who had no regard for safety. This is such a load of hogwash, and lies.

Truthseekers, such as myself, want everyone to know the truth about this incident. It is up to everyone to spread the information around, and to google "Rachel Corrie", and look at the long list of videos about this murder. We must never let her story perish....

Someday, maybe soon, these murderous thugs that are presently trying to genocide the Palestinians, will see their justice served. I hope the world will give them the same mercy they showed to this brave soul.

Rest In Peace, Rachel Corrie.... Real people who can see the truth will never let your spirit die.

More to come.....

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