Friday, February 15, 2008

Why I Do This Type Of Blog

I have received alot of questions about why I am doing this type of blog. I figure that I will do a report to clear the air about the whys and reasons for coming out as the "Northerntruthseeker".

I wasn't always a doubter about the world around me. I had gone through school, attended both University, and College, and have basically had a pretty normal life. I have a steady job, a home, a family, and alot of family and friends. Living in Canada it seems has been good for me.

I began to have my doubts about historical matters back in both High School, and University, in the late 70's. I avidly read alot of source material, and was always interested in Physics, Chemistry, and History. I had a above average interest in Astronomy, and Astro-Physics, mostly stemming from my belief at the time in NASA, and Space Exploration.

As I stated before in my myspace blogs, I was first led to doubt in the world around me by colleagues in University who exposed me to the Apollo Mission possibly being a massive hoax, and one of the greatest lies ever done to the human race. I thought them as being wackos, and nutjobs for doubting the American Space Program. It was during this time that several professors, colleagues, and department heads kept telling me "The world isn't all that it seems"... I did not realize it at the time, but they were dropping hints to me that "What all is written is not as it really is!"

After College, I started work in the telecommunications field, and spent my spare time doing alot of reading of mass media, aka newspapers, books, etc. I began to realize that these media sources were very opinionated, and only would tell "half-truths" about world affairs. My dislike of television news grew from seeing the disparity of coverage, and the blatant bias of the newscasters, of actual events. It seemed to me that this total bias was done on purpose... But to what purpose?

It was the attacks of 9-11 that I realized that something was really amiss... After the attacks, "news" sources were quick to try to pin the blame on "Osama Bin Laden", and to state that cell phone calls were made from the aircraft before the strikes... I stopped then and said to myself "Wait a minute... Something here is completely wrong!". Knowing about 2001 cell phone technology, I knew that analog/digital signals could not be sent from these aircraft without an onboard cellular RF transmitter. I doubt if American Airlines had the technology, because it wasnt introduced to aircraft until 2004! Bottom line... Right then I knew the media was LYING to the public... BUT WHY?

The internet became my source of information primarily because I realized the mainstream media was a pack of lies! I poured over material about 9-11, and concluded by late 2001 that the so called Arabs were not the attackers. It was then that the term "Zionism" began to play a part in more and more resource material. I also read about the "Dancing Israelis" on 9-11, and how the "media" quickly suppressed this story. So, then I decided to look at the media itself, and the US government. I soon discovered who controlled them, and my path down this road began in full.

Learning the truth about our world takes steps, and I was fooled by alot of false internet sites, and bad research material. It seems now that the bad material is put out there to "water down" the facts, or to divert the researcher away from the truth. Let this be a warning to everyone... These criminals will stop at nothing to distort the facts!

Criminal Zionism, and their plans for world domination became my focus after 2004. The more I read and researched, the more I realized that we are all in serious trouble. I researched more into our "history", and discovered that most of our "recorded" history is a blatant lie! We have been fed these lies purposely to keep us in the dark about their master plan for us. The books: "Synagogue Of Satan", or "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion", are important insights into their evil plans, and a must for everyone to read. I strongly urge that my readers take the time to google, and read these important documents. They can be read by going to, and clicking on the articles.

Basically, that is where I am today. I am proud to say that I am a seeker of truth. Knowing Physics, and Chemistry, has helped in my other pursuit....The truth behind Project Apollo.... I am proud to talk about Project Apollo as being a massive hoax, because it deals with alot of greed, power, corruption,and selfishness, and parallels much the same as Criminal Zionism deals with greed, power, corruption, and selfishness. Truth about these issues should be there for everyone to see, and judge for themselves.

Let this message be to everyone that they should never give up in the pursuit of knowledge. The truth is out there....Never be afraid anymore!

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