Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Understanding the Criminals and their Mindsets

OK... Today, I shall touch on a subject that everyone asks about.... What do these criminals really want? And why are they doing what they are doing to us?

It is pretty hard for the common individual to understand the minds of these Zionist criminals. To fully scope what they have in store for us, I do recommend that you, the reader, take the time to read in full "The Protocols of the Elders Of Zion". It is right there, in black and white, in full detail as to what they have planned for us, and how they will accomplish their goal of world control.

I, like others, have always asked... "Why???" I do believe that they have the mindset for world control from their upbringing, and the brainwashing by their ancestors. To believe so strongly that they are "God's Chosen People", and to have it indoctrinated into their psyche from an early age reflects on their actions today. People are not born evil, but are indoctrinated into evil thoughts by their peers, their schooling, and their religion. It takes alot to deprogram someone after years of this type of education.

The other issues that they are taught are the "Us versus Them" mentality, and of course the "Holocaust". Again, I cannot stress enough that alot of them are victims to the lies that are fed to them from birth. They are taught to be better than the rest of us, or face the risk of "annihilation". The manipulators help in this regard by the constant bombardment of Holocaust education via their controlled media. Debate on that issue is impossible in some countries, including mine, and without debate, they, as well as us, are to believe it to be genuine, and historical fact. It is no wonder that they refuse to assimilate, or to socialize with others! "History" has been teaching them from birth that we are their enemies, and its either Us, or Them!

Their treatment of the rest of us, as the "Goyim" or the "cattle" also is indoctrinated from birth. It is written right in their "Talmudic Law" that they are superior to us, and we are but their servants! Other people fail to see the wickedness of this kind of thinking, and only through the internet is alot of this important information available to research. I strongly recommend that everyone look at this fact alone as a basis for us to stand up to their tyranny.

It is not "antisemitic" to look at facts... Facts are facts.... Too many people are still blindly going about their days not realizing how little time is left before they unleash tyranny on us, and we are but slaves to do their bidding. Even the term "antisemitism" has no basis on fact, which I, and others, have clearly pointed out to be a lie, but one that they use as a form of control over us.

Again, research for yourselves and never close your minds to the truth. We can make a difference by educating as many people as possible to these terrible truths about our world, and about the true evil that must be fought for our very survival. The choice in life, and in our future, is up to you.

Take care, and pass the message around. Freedom is something to be fought for!

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