Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Rachel Corrie Saga... A True Hero

March 16th, 2008 marks the 5th anniversary of the death of probably one of the greatest heroes of our modern times. Rachel Corrie, aged 23, died on March 16th, 2003 fighting for the rights of a people that have been savaged by the Israeli military for almost 60 years.

Suppression of the truth about the Palestinian plight in both the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank is a constant thanks to the Zionist controlled media. The idiot box constantly spills out propaganda about Palestinian "terrorists" carrying out attacks against the Israeli occupiers. We are kept from the truth on purpose so that the genocide of the Palestinian people by these occupiers can go on with little protest from the outside world.

Rachel Corrie went to the Gaza Strip in 2002 with the International Solidarity Movement, to help prevent the destruction of homes by the Israeli military. It has been the policy of this movement to fight for justice with nonviolent means. Their aim is simply to stop, or to slow the building of Israeli illegal settlements in the occupied territories and to create awareness in the outside world of the illegal seizure of land from these people by the Israeli occupiers.

Rachel lived her life believing in the cause of peace. Her exposure to the truth about the illegal occupation of Palestine turned her into a strong activist. She wrote several emails to her parents that showed a change of thinking over time by her exposure to the truth about the occupation. She had watched as innocent people were being murdered by these maniacs, and by early March 2003, she feared for her safety, but still refused to give up on what she believed was right.

On March 16th, 2003, she was in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip with several other protesters trying to prevent the destruction of a few homes by bulldozers driven by members of the Israeli Defense Forces. She stood defiantly in front of a large bulldozer, in plain view of the driver. The driver hesitated momentarily, and then to the horror of her comrades, drove over Rachel! To make matters worse, the driver then reversed the bulldozer, and drove over her again!! She was crushed badly, and died shortly afterwards. Much was reported by the controlled media that the driver did not "see" Rachel, but eyewitnesses, and her own coworkers stated clearly that she was in plain sight of the driver, wearing an orange vest.

Bottom line.. She was MURDERED by this Bulldozer driver, which shows how much these maniacs actually value human life. The media remains to this day a farce when it comes to the truth about this unjustifiable brutality, and the internet is full of stories about her being psychologically a nut-job. The truth is, she was sane, and probably the bravest person for standing up for the rights of innocent people.

We live in a world of lies. The truth about these murderous people is suppressed, and even today, few people know about Rachel Corrie, and her short, but tragic life. The newspapers, radio, television (idiot box) still refuse to carry her story out of fears of the old "antisemitic" (false) label.

Please read up further about this brave young lady, and her life. There is a great memorial website under for everyone to read. Also, watch the following superb video about her story:

The fight must continue against criminality. Lets all do our part!

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