Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Fight For Truth Goes On

I spent months posting blogs under An important article that I had posted there was about an individual named Royal Rife, who lived back in the early 20th century. His Cancer Research work in proving that Cancer can be cured by exposing the tumors to sonic vibrations, causing them to disintigrate has finally shown to be duplicated recently by research in the US. Read the article for yourself about how researchers exposed tumorous cells to laser light, and by oscillating the frequency of light to a destructive resonance, they caused the tumors to shrink! Royal Rife himself was researching this fact back in the 1920's, but his research was ridiculed by the American Medical "professionals" of the day. Only now has he been proven right all along.... His Cancer cure works!

I have found for a long time that history has been purposely distorted by these criminals as a means of them keeping us under their control. Eustace Mullins in his New World Order video says it best by saying that if they did not have the control they have over us today, then the world would be a paradise! Their long term quest, and vision of us as their servants has always been there for us to look at under their "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion" writings....

I have also noticed that the "Undersea Cable" fiasco of the last few weeks is still being investigated. I had stated that the same trouble occured just before the 9-11 murders, and that the same criminals were involved. The only other solution to this puzzle may be the impending opening of the Iranian Bourse after February 17th of this year... The Iranians are going to no longer trade their petroleum under the US dollar after that date. This could signal a major downward spiral of the value of the US dollar, and guaranteed the American government would do anything to stop the opening of the bourse. Few people even realize that this is exactly why the Americans invaded Iraq in 2003...Because Saddam Hussein took his trading of oil off of the US dollar some 6 months before the US invaded! After the invasion, lo and behold, the Iraqi Oil was back being traded in US dollars!

Another lie that has been told people is why we are in Afghanistan.... Few people even know that the Taliban closed the Heroin trade out of Afghanistan in 2000, by shutting down the poppy fields that produced the heroin. They also executed any drug dealers, drug suppliers, and the drug lords that they captured. The drug lords have had a long history of controlling Afghanistan, and the drug trade, especially in heroin, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually! What people dont know is that after the US, and their Northerner Afghani "Allies" kicked the Taliban out, the drug lords returned, and the poppy fields were put back into full production! The US, and their Allies, are there not to search for Osama Bin Laden (who has been dead since late 2001), but to protect the poppy fields, and the drug production!

The bottom line again is that we have been lied to throughout history, and even today by their media. Only turning away from the idiot box, and researching for yourselves can you all see the bitter truth about the world around us. It is so important that we see through the lies, and fight for real truth and justice in our world.

Keep the faith, and spread the truth

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