Friday, February 29, 2008

The LIE of racial superiority

A short blog today... One that is very important for all people to understand.

The continuing lie of racial superiority.... It still amazes me that in this day and age we have a group of people that live within our culture, yet do not assimilate, or blatantly refuse to be part of our culture. This group calls themselves "God's Chosen People" and in alot of cases refuse to associate with any other people within the nation they abide in!

It is such a terrible case of racism by these people, but because of their control of the media, little is discussed in that matter. We, however, must bear the brunt of their calls of "hate", "antisemitism", "anti-Israeli", etc. Many are cutoff in both radio and television interviews if they even begin to touch on this subject....Again, we should ask ourselves..."Why?"

People in Europe and North America are not even aware that most of these people call themselves "Jews", or "Israelis" first, before anything else.... If you look at an American Ashkenazi (Khazarian) "Jew", and ask what he is first, his first reply in most cases will be "Jew", before calling himself an "American"!

How can this be? Most, if not all of these people are converts to Judaism from along time ago, and therefore should be either "Khazars", or "Poles", or "Russians" first, and then in the great melting pot called the US, should be "Americans" like the rest of America! However, they are allowed to both be considered Jewish first, and even allowed to have dual citizenship between either the US and Canada, and the state of Israel! I, like others have been born in this country and consider myself a citizen of Canada first. I have NO dual citizenship, and therefore pledge my allegiance to this country that I was born in. These people, however, blatantly pledge their allegiance to Israel first! This is so dangerous because alot of the leading government officials in the US are dual citizens of the US and Israel. Many have stated clearly their support of Israel first! Most Americans are not even aware of this due to their control of the media, and cannot even fathom how dangerous this is.

I say to these Israel first-ers, that they should pack their bags, and move to Israel if their allegiance, and love of country is there! The rest of us were born, and live in our own countries, and have our allegiance here, not there! I am a Canadian first, and a Christian second. I have no foreign allegiance, and am proud of it! How can these people be allowed to live in these countries when their love of country is elsewhere? It boggles the mind!

There is an important article written by Patrick Grimm under his website in wordpress that I would like everyone to look at. It deals with the bias, one sided nature of how these people treat interracial marriages! The article shows the blatant hypocracy of their want for us to be a melting pot of people of different races, and religions, while they abhor any talk of assimiliation of their own people themselves! It is sickening to realize how bias, and racist their own principles are, while they look the other way when it comes to the rest of us.

The other point of contention is the talk of Jewish "racial superiority" that they are preaching today. I am sorry, but this talk reminds me of the Aryan nation superiority that was preached by the Nazis in Germany before and during World War II. This is so dangerous, and extremely racist. It shows the control mechanisms in place today to have the rest of us sub-serviant to these people. I have no qualms in saying that they are not superior to the rest of us, and will continue the fight to prevent this type of idealism preached on the rest of us. For anyone to see how they live by this ideal, you only need to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to see how they are now living by this lie, and what they have planned for the rest of us as a result! This is also blatant racism, and again you cannot find it in any of our controlled media.

Some people may now say that I may have crossed the line in writing this blog. I tell anyone that questions this argument to go no further than to read Patrick Grimm's article, and to research the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or to check into dual citizenship of Israeli Americans. The facts are all there in black and white, and will alarm you. It is not racist, or antisemitic (a huge lie) to put out these facts.

Have the faith, and courage to fight this important battle. We are all EQUAL in this world, and should never allow racial superiority to rear its ugly head.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Continuing Art of Deception

OK... I figure I would start this blog today by answering a few critics on my writings.

It is not PARANOIA to post the material in these blogs. These blogs contain absolute truths that can be researched for yourselves. If people cannot see the truth about our sick world, then you can go and leave this website, and go into other sites that will keep you in your dream world. This is fact, and not delusional material. Our world has been hijacked by these criminals. The truth must be told to have people open their eyes, and join in this important fight. This answers the first question that alot of naysayers have put forward to me: Why are you putting out blogs that seem paranoid?

The second recurring question is: Why am I putting out these blogs, and what is in it for me? I have stated before that once I discovered the truth about our world, I wanted desperately to have all information shared with all of my readers. It is important to have everyone open their eyes to the truth as stated above, and once you see the truth, then you can go about your day with eyes wide open, and a clear conscience and mind. There is nothing in it for me personally, other than to clear my own mind, as well as the minds of others, of all of their programming, and to help save our world!

Now that I have cleared the air and answered some questions, on to important material.

The media has continued to put out alot of propaganda about the need to have a war with Iran. I figure that I would tell my readers the reasons why they are desperate to have America go to war with Iran.

Iran is a peaceful, nonviolent country, PERIOD!. Iran has never, and I must state, NEVER had plans to develop a nuclear bomb. They have built nuclear reactors to supply the electrical needs of the country, and have sold their oil as a means of obtaining currency for their citizens needs. Nuclear reactors require fuel, and fuel rods, mostly either Uranium, or Plutonium. The purity of the fuel is the major difference between bomb material, and nuclear reactor fuel. For reactors, the purity has to only be about 10-20 percent, as compared to around 97 percent or better for bomb grade material. Iran has developed with Russia's help, centrifuges to enrich their Uranium to nuclear reactor grade fuel, and nothing better. Nuclear reactor fuel cannot be used for Nuclear bombs... This is fact. For Iran to enrich to bomb grade material would require hundreds of more centrifuges, and other major facilities that they presently dont have! This is also fact!

The controlled media around the world has parroted the lie that Iran has, or will develop Nuclear bombs! This lie has led the Iranians to have members of the International Atomic Regulatory Agencies send officials hundreds of times over the last few years to inspect all of their reactor facilities, and each time these officials have reported absolutely no bomb making capabilities! However, the zionist media tells Americans, and others, the continuing LIE about Iranian Nuclear bombs! and why we must attack Iran now!

Now for the important issue... Why? Here it is in a nutshell.... The Media is lying to everyone! No surprise here. The Zionists want their war with Iran to give them total hegemony over the Middle East. They already convinced their puppets in Washington to eliminate Iraq as a threat in 2003, and the only opposition that could stop their dream of total control is Iran. They are constantly filling the media with the lie about a nuclear Middle East if Iran is not stopped, without telling the truth that their dreamland of Israel already possesses over 300 Nuclear bombs that they have developed since the 1960s! A distortion of lies indeed!

Another factor is the Iranian Oil Bourse.... The controlled media has not even ONCE mentioned that since the middle of this month, Iran has started to trade their oil in currency other than the US dollar! THIS more than anything else is the reason that the Zionists want to destroy Iran. Once countries start trading for oil in currency other than the dollar, it could spell the end of the US dollar as the major world currency all together. People do not realize that almost all the world's oil is traded in US dollars, and this factor has been probably the only reason that the US has not suffered a major depression already. Trading oil in US dollars causes a demand that countries hold some US currency in their country's finances. If suddenly they no longer had to maintain a supply of US dollars, then that currency would flood back to the US, and most probably cause a major crash in its value in the US, hyper-inflation, and a possible Depression! The Zionist controlled US WILL do everything in their power to prevent this, and this even means going to war if necessary! Think this cant happen, think again... THIS is most probably another reason why the US attacked Iraq in 2003, because Saddam Hussein started trading his oil in currency other than US dollars back in 2002!

These facts can be easily researched, and you most probably will come to exactly the same conclusion that I have reached some time ago. These monsters want control, and they are willing to sacrifice American lives for their goal. The American public is constantly bombarded by the media lies about "Iranian Nuclear Bomb", or "Iranian President is Evil", etc..... Problem is that the idiot box has dumbed down enough of the public that they will go and march themselves off to another of their wars of conquest, and die as a result!

We can stop them, but it takes alot of work for everyone to do. Turn off the idiot box, and spread the message about the truth about Iran. Wars of conquest on behalf of world Zionism have to stop!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Understanding the Criminals and their Mindsets

OK... Today, I shall touch on a subject that everyone asks about.... What do these criminals really want? And why are they doing what they are doing to us?

It is pretty hard for the common individual to understand the minds of these Zionist criminals. To fully scope what they have in store for us, I do recommend that you, the reader, take the time to read in full "The Protocols of the Elders Of Zion". It is right there, in black and white, in full detail as to what they have planned for us, and how they will accomplish their goal of world control.

I, like others, have always asked... "Why???" I do believe that they have the mindset for world control from their upbringing, and the brainwashing by their ancestors. To believe so strongly that they are "God's Chosen People", and to have it indoctrinated into their psyche from an early age reflects on their actions today. People are not born evil, but are indoctrinated into evil thoughts by their peers, their schooling, and their religion. It takes alot to deprogram someone after years of this type of education.

The other issues that they are taught are the "Us versus Them" mentality, and of course the "Holocaust". Again, I cannot stress enough that alot of them are victims to the lies that are fed to them from birth. They are taught to be better than the rest of us, or face the risk of "annihilation". The manipulators help in this regard by the constant bombardment of Holocaust education via their controlled media. Debate on that issue is impossible in some countries, including mine, and without debate, they, as well as us, are to believe it to be genuine, and historical fact. It is no wonder that they refuse to assimilate, or to socialize with others! "History" has been teaching them from birth that we are their enemies, and its either Us, or Them!

Their treatment of the rest of us, as the "Goyim" or the "cattle" also is indoctrinated from birth. It is written right in their "Talmudic Law" that they are superior to us, and we are but their servants! Other people fail to see the wickedness of this kind of thinking, and only through the internet is alot of this important information available to research. I strongly recommend that everyone look at this fact alone as a basis for us to stand up to their tyranny.

It is not "antisemitic" to look at facts... Facts are facts.... Too many people are still blindly going about their days not realizing how little time is left before they unleash tyranny on us, and we are but slaves to do their bidding. Even the term "antisemitism" has no basis on fact, which I, and others, have clearly pointed out to be a lie, but one that they use as a form of control over us.

Again, research for yourselves and never close your minds to the truth. We can make a difference by educating as many people as possible to these terrible truths about our world, and about the true evil that must be fought for our very survival. The choice in life, and in our future, is up to you.

Take care, and pass the message around. Freedom is something to be fought for!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Why I Do This Type Of Blog

I have received alot of questions about why I am doing this type of blog. I figure that I will do a report to clear the air about the whys and reasons for coming out as the "Northerntruthseeker".

I wasn't always a doubter about the world around me. I had gone through school, attended both University, and College, and have basically had a pretty normal life. I have a steady job, a home, a family, and alot of family and friends. Living in Canada it seems has been good for me.

I began to have my doubts about historical matters back in both High School, and University, in the late 70's. I avidly read alot of source material, and was always interested in Physics, Chemistry, and History. I had a above average interest in Astronomy, and Astro-Physics, mostly stemming from my belief at the time in NASA, and Space Exploration.

As I stated before in my myspace blogs, I was first led to doubt in the world around me by colleagues in University who exposed me to the Apollo Mission possibly being a massive hoax, and one of the greatest lies ever done to the human race. I thought them as being wackos, and nutjobs for doubting the American Space Program. It was during this time that several professors, colleagues, and department heads kept telling me "The world isn't all that it seems"... I did not realize it at the time, but they were dropping hints to me that "What all is written is not as it really is!"

After College, I started work in the telecommunications field, and spent my spare time doing alot of reading of mass media, aka newspapers, books, etc. I began to realize that these media sources were very opinionated, and only would tell "half-truths" about world affairs. My dislike of television news grew from seeing the disparity of coverage, and the blatant bias of the newscasters, of actual events. It seemed to me that this total bias was done on purpose... But to what purpose?

It was the attacks of 9-11 that I realized that something was really amiss... After the attacks, "news" sources were quick to try to pin the blame on "Osama Bin Laden", and to state that cell phone calls were made from the aircraft before the strikes... I stopped then and said to myself "Wait a minute... Something here is completely wrong!". Knowing about 2001 cell phone technology, I knew that analog/digital signals could not be sent from these aircraft without an onboard cellular RF transmitter. I doubt if American Airlines had the technology, because it wasnt introduced to aircraft until 2004! Bottom line... Right then I knew the media was LYING to the public... BUT WHY?

The internet became my source of information primarily because I realized the mainstream media was a pack of lies! I poured over material about 9-11, and concluded by late 2001 that the so called Arabs were not the attackers. It was then that the term "Zionism" began to play a part in more and more resource material. I also read about the "Dancing Israelis" on 9-11, and how the "media" quickly suppressed this story. So, then I decided to look at the media itself, and the US government. I soon discovered who controlled them, and my path down this road began in full.

Learning the truth about our world takes steps, and I was fooled by alot of false internet sites, and bad research material. It seems now that the bad material is put out there to "water down" the facts, or to divert the researcher away from the truth. Let this be a warning to everyone... These criminals will stop at nothing to distort the facts!

Criminal Zionism, and their plans for world domination became my focus after 2004. The more I read and researched, the more I realized that we are all in serious trouble. I researched more into our "history", and discovered that most of our "recorded" history is a blatant lie! We have been fed these lies purposely to keep us in the dark about their master plan for us. The books: "Synagogue Of Satan", or "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion", are important insights into their evil plans, and a must for everyone to read. I strongly urge that my readers take the time to google, and read these important documents. They can be read by going to, and clicking on the articles.

Basically, that is where I am today. I am proud to say that I am a seeker of truth. Knowing Physics, and Chemistry, has helped in my other pursuit....The truth behind Project Apollo.... I am proud to talk about Project Apollo as being a massive hoax, because it deals with alot of greed, power, corruption,and selfishness, and parallels much the same as Criminal Zionism deals with greed, power, corruption, and selfishness. Truth about these issues should be there for everyone to see, and judge for themselves.

Let this message be to everyone that they should never give up in the pursuit of knowledge. The truth is out there....Never be afraid anymore!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Fight For Truth Goes On

I spent months posting blogs under An important article that I had posted there was about an individual named Royal Rife, who lived back in the early 20th century. His Cancer Research work in proving that Cancer can be cured by exposing the tumors to sonic vibrations, causing them to disintigrate has finally shown to be duplicated recently by research in the US. Read the article for yourself about how researchers exposed tumorous cells to laser light, and by oscillating the frequency of light to a destructive resonance, they caused the tumors to shrink! Royal Rife himself was researching this fact back in the 1920's, but his research was ridiculed by the American Medical "professionals" of the day. Only now has he been proven right all along.... His Cancer cure works!

I have found for a long time that history has been purposely distorted by these criminals as a means of them keeping us under their control. Eustace Mullins in his New World Order video says it best by saying that if they did not have the control they have over us today, then the world would be a paradise! Their long term quest, and vision of us as their servants has always been there for us to look at under their "Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion" writings....

I have also noticed that the "Undersea Cable" fiasco of the last few weeks is still being investigated. I had stated that the same trouble occured just before the 9-11 murders, and that the same criminals were involved. The only other solution to this puzzle may be the impending opening of the Iranian Bourse after February 17th of this year... The Iranians are going to no longer trade their petroleum under the US dollar after that date. This could signal a major downward spiral of the value of the US dollar, and guaranteed the American government would do anything to stop the opening of the bourse. Few people even realize that this is exactly why the Americans invaded Iraq in 2003...Because Saddam Hussein took his trading of oil off of the US dollar some 6 months before the US invaded! After the invasion, lo and behold, the Iraqi Oil was back being traded in US dollars!

Another lie that has been told people is why we are in Afghanistan.... Few people even know that the Taliban closed the Heroin trade out of Afghanistan in 2000, by shutting down the poppy fields that produced the heroin. They also executed any drug dealers, drug suppliers, and the drug lords that they captured. The drug lords have had a long history of controlling Afghanistan, and the drug trade, especially in heroin, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually! What people dont know is that after the US, and their Northerner Afghani "Allies" kicked the Taliban out, the drug lords returned, and the poppy fields were put back into full production! The US, and their Allies, are there not to search for Osama Bin Laden (who has been dead since late 2001), but to protect the poppy fields, and the drug production!

The bottom line again is that we have been lied to throughout history, and even today by their media. Only turning away from the idiot box, and researching for yourselves can you all see the bitter truth about the world around us. It is so important that we see through the lies, and fight for real truth and justice in our world.

Keep the faith, and spread the truth

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Rachel Corrie Saga... A True Hero

March 16th, 2008 marks the 5th anniversary of the death of probably one of the greatest heroes of our modern times. Rachel Corrie, aged 23, died on March 16th, 2003 fighting for the rights of a people that have been savaged by the Israeli military for almost 60 years.

Suppression of the truth about the Palestinian plight in both the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank is a constant thanks to the Zionist controlled media. The idiot box constantly spills out propaganda about Palestinian "terrorists" carrying out attacks against the Israeli occupiers. We are kept from the truth on purpose so that the genocide of the Palestinian people by these occupiers can go on with little protest from the outside world.

Rachel Corrie went to the Gaza Strip in 2002 with the International Solidarity Movement, to help prevent the destruction of homes by the Israeli military. It has been the policy of this movement to fight for justice with nonviolent means. Their aim is simply to stop, or to slow the building of Israeli illegal settlements in the occupied territories and to create awareness in the outside world of the illegal seizure of land from these people by the Israeli occupiers.

Rachel lived her life believing in the cause of peace. Her exposure to the truth about the illegal occupation of Palestine turned her into a strong activist. She wrote several emails to her parents that showed a change of thinking over time by her exposure to the truth about the occupation. She had watched as innocent people were being murdered by these maniacs, and by early March 2003, she feared for her safety, but still refused to give up on what she believed was right.

On March 16th, 2003, she was in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip with several other protesters trying to prevent the destruction of a few homes by bulldozers driven by members of the Israeli Defense Forces. She stood defiantly in front of a large bulldozer, in plain view of the driver. The driver hesitated momentarily, and then to the horror of her comrades, drove over Rachel! To make matters worse, the driver then reversed the bulldozer, and drove over her again!! She was crushed badly, and died shortly afterwards. Much was reported by the controlled media that the driver did not "see" Rachel, but eyewitnesses, and her own coworkers stated clearly that she was in plain sight of the driver, wearing an orange vest.

Bottom line.. She was MURDERED by this Bulldozer driver, which shows how much these maniacs actually value human life. The media remains to this day a farce when it comes to the truth about this unjustifiable brutality, and the internet is full of stories about her being psychologically a nut-job. The truth is, she was sane, and probably the bravest person for standing up for the rights of innocent people.

We live in a world of lies. The truth about these murderous people is suppressed, and even today, few people know about Rachel Corrie, and her short, but tragic life. The newspapers, radio, television (idiot box) still refuse to carry her story out of fears of the old "antisemitic" (false) label.

Please read up further about this brave young lady, and her life. There is a great memorial website under for everyone to read. Also, watch the following superb video about her story:

The fight must continue against criminality. Lets all do our part!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why cut Undersea Fiber Optic Cables?

I have read that since Thursday, much of the Middle East is left blind to Internet communications, and that Iran is at the time of this posting, totally blind to any Internet traffic.

This does not make sense, considering that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has not been affected by the so called undersea cable cuts. I am sorry, but being in the telecommunications business myself, fiber optic cable is NOT selective to which users are still active, and which are not, when a major break occurs. Therefore something is definitely afoot!

The National Football League is having Super Bowl XLII later this afternoon, live from Phoenix, Arizona. The game will have 80000+ fans in attendance, and will be viewed by upwards of a billion people worldwide. I hate to ponder this... But what if the Zionist criminal organization launches a major attack on the stadium during the game? We have lived in the fear that since the 9-11 attack of 2001 which was done by the Mossad, that another attack by these same maniacs would eventually take place!

It boggles the mind as to the Zionist media dumbed down American public reaction would be if a major terrorist attack takes place during SB XLII. The public reaction would be enormous! The scenario would definitely be that their controlled media would seize upon this murder of American civilians as an attack by Arab/Muslim extremists, probably originating from "Iran", as a pretext to attacking Iran itself! They have fooled the dumbed down public with their "19 Eh-Rabs, armed with "box cutters" (LOL) " already once, so why not do it again?

Blinding Iran to all internet and outside world traffic is a major step towards another false flag attack, because most people did not know that they blinded internet traffic in the days leading up to 9-11! Read, and research this fact for yourselves, people... History may repeat itself shortly!

False flag terrorism has always been the methods used by the evil Israeli Mossad. People forget their motto: By Deception, Thou Shalt Do War..... This motto is so prophetic, and has been covered up by our controlled media! They did 9-11, the USS Liberty Attack, the Beirut US Base bombing of 1982, the Lavon Affair, the bombing of the King David Hotel, the Jena attack.... This list can go on, and on.

I am hoping for nothing to happen shortly, and if nothing does happen, then I personally will write a rebuttal to this blog. Fear in the goyim is part of their way of keeping us under their control, and I will never use their type of methods in my messages. I only want justice for our planet, and a life without their control.

Watch carefully over the next while. If a false flag attack does take place, then quickly spread the word that it was an obvious Mossad/Israeli operation. These evil people will do their best to spread false news, and lies through the idiot box, so we must stay alert, and prepared, to counter their lies.

More to come. Lets hope the big game is a success, and nothing dire happens.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Necessity to Tell the Truth

I must start off by stating here that I do not do these blogs for money, nor will I ever ask for any donations for my work in this site. To me, it does not make any sense to ask readers for money for exposing the truth. The truth about our world should be for all to see free of charge, and in such a manner as to get others to research the information, pass the message on to others, and fight the criminals themselves.

I see that prothink is running a contest for the best new truth sites in the blogo-sphere... I say to him, good luck with that, and hopefully a well deserved individual will get the winning entry. I am saying here and now that I personally will never enter any contest for monetary gain. I write these blogs for people to open their eyes to the truth, and to me, that is what these sites should always be about.

Let us first say that the lies that we are exposed to for all of our lives have been embedded deeply into our psyche. The criminals have conditioned our minds since birth to believe what they want us to believe. I am telling you, the reader, that it has been almost totally a pack of lies!

Criminal Zionism has been responsible for the last several hundred years for the murder, and mass genocides, of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of innocent people. These criminals never have cared about people other than to use them for monetary gain, greed, and power. Our history is rife with lies that they pump into peoples' minds. The world wars, the genocides, the Bolshevik revolution, the establishment of the state of Israel, the monetary system, the Apollo moon landings, and an assortment of others, are prime examples of how they have distorted history for their own gain. We only need to open published books to see the lies with our own eyes. Only now through the use of the Internet are we able to research all of these "recorded facts", and find that they are distortions of the true reality!

Truth is badly needed in today's society. We are bombarded by media lies, and controlled programing over the idiot box. They fill our minds with their ideas, and we go about our lives almost robotically to their controls. Turning off the idiot box, and reading and exploring information over the Net is a path towards the truth!

Another example of truth suppression is how they have created Hate Laws in most Western countries as a method of keeping needed research away from their lies. We only need to look at how Ernst Zundel was railroaded by a kangaroo court in Germany over his Holocaust revisionist views as an example of their power. I recommend that readers read up on this show trial for themselves to see how disgusting and how low these criminals can go. I also want readers to read up on how Mr. Zundel's defense lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, was just recently charged with Holocaust denial for defending Mr Zundel! Please take the time to read carefully her last words to the German court after she was sentenced. Her words are very prophetic indeed! This shows what can be the cost of exposing the truth in our Zionist-controlled world.

I must reiterate that I too live in a Hate Law controlled country, and I can never discuss the Holocaust myself, and by doing so face trumped up false charges. Therefore, until this draconian law is repealed, that subject is taboo, and off my radar screen. I ask readers to go and check out some of the sites that I have mentioned before, and find the truth for themselves.

Bottom line.... We live in a world of lies, and falsehoods. Only one group has ever gained by the mind control mechanisms in place, and these criminals are on their way to total control and enslavement of the rest of us, unless we take a stand and fight them. Turn off the idiot box, do some research, spread the word.... That is a start....

I shall return.....