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The Saga Of The Horrid Lockheed Martin F35 'Lightning II' Bullshit "Fighter" Continues: The Ultra-Costly, Underwhelming F35 Fighter

I have written dozens of articles at this blog concerning the horrible US military Lockheed Martin built F-35 "Lightning II" fighter aircraft program, and the more evidence I come across the more I realize that this thing is a multi-TRILLION dollar dud.....

This "fighter" aircraft can NOT fight against adversaries in any manner as it is too slow, too bulky, not maneuverable at all, and consumes jet fuel at an astronomical rate.... It cannot fly at night, cannot fly in the rain, carries almost zilch for a weapons payload, and the biggest crime of this aircraft is that its "stealth" is in itself nothing but a complete lie and a sham.....  I have been saying for years now that it should have been scrapped as it is a nothing but a bottomless money maker for Lockheed Martin and is a disaster for any country that is wanting to replace their functional fighter aircraft with this dud....

Well... Every time I come across a new article that shows concern for the entire "F35 program", I absolutely want to share its findings with my readers here... And I came across a pretty good one just late last week from writer William Astore, through the Counterpunch website at, that gives nothing but condemnation for the entire sickening program... I have that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Ultra-Costly, Underwhelming F-35 Fighter


How are you with numbers? I can deal with $1.5 million. I think I can even imagine $1.5 billion, a sum a thousand times greater. But how about a million times greater: $1.5 trillion? That happens to be the estimated cost of the Pentagon’s program to build, deploy, and maintain the no-longer-so-new F-35 jet fighter over its lifetime. How can any people invest so much in a technology whose fundamental purpose is dominance through destruction — and which reportedly doesn’t even work particularly well?

The Egyptians had pyramids. The Romans had roads, aqueducts, and coliseums. The medieval Europeans had castles and cathedrals. These days, America’s pyramids, aqueducts, and cathedrals are those warplanes, among other deadly weapons programs, including a $1.7 trillion one to “modernize” the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Unlike the massive projects of ancient history, which still endure and in some fashion represent the triumph of the human spirit, America’s massive spending on military weaponry has been for totems of power that will prove either ephemeral or make our very existence ephemeral, while casting a long shadow over our moment, thanks to the sheer extravagance and colossal waste they embody.

As ephemeral as the F-35 stealth fighter may prove in historical terms, it’s already a classic symbol of America’s ever more fruitless forever wars. Like them, the F-35 program has proven staggeringly expensive, incredibly wasteful, and impossible to stop, no matter the woeful results. It has come to symbolize the too-big-to-fail, too-sacrosanct-to-reject part of America’s militarized culture of technological violence.

Despite its astonishing cost and mediocre performance, the F-35 isn’t simply a product of the naked greed and power of the military-industrial-congressional complex. In a strange way, it also reflects the ongoing love affair Americans have had with weaponry of every sort. It’s about, you might say, the 1.5 trillion ways we worship warplanes and everything they mean to us.

Don’t think of “Jet noise, the sound of freedom” as merely a bumper stickermeant for the vehicles of Air Force veterans. After all, Americans invented the airplane and we still tend to see it as the means by which this country can dominate the global high ground, projecting our version of (super) power, while inflicting death across significant parts of the planet. It’s not so surprising, then, that our high-tech warplanes routinely roar in a celebratory fashion over American versions of those Roman coliseums, generating cheers and thrills among sports fans but little thought as to their cost, both in money and in lives.

Imagine, for example, what the $1.5 trillion to be spent on the F-35 over its lifetime might mean in green energy, or health care, or education, or infrastructure, or virtually any other pressing need in this country today. Given our actions, given what we’ve been most willing to extravagantly fund during this century, you’d think Americans truly believed a few squadrons of F-35s could blow up climate change or cure cancer or fix America’s roads and bridges. Then again, Donald Trump seems to think nuking hurricanes is a good idea! So why not?

A Brief History of the F-35 Program

I first heard of what would become the F-35 in 1995. I was then a captain in the Air Force, working on flight-planning software. I was told that a new Joint Strike Fighter, or JSF, was being developed. The “joint” meant that the Air Force, Navy, and Marines would all use it. Its big selling point at the time was the striking level of anticipated savings expected due to the commonality of the design, of spare parts, and of everything else. (Those in the know then, however, remembered the Pentagon’s previous shot at “jointness,” the TFX program in the 1960s; the resulting plane, the F-111, would be rejected by the Navy and unloved by the Air Force.)

The new JSF was advertised as offering the highest-tech possible at the lowest price imaginable, a fighter that would replace legacy aircraft like the Air Force’s F-16s and A-10s and the Navy’s F-18s. Winning the competition to develop the plane was weapons giant Lockheed Martin and a prototype F-35 Lightning II first took to the skies in 2006, by which time I was already retired from the Air Force. In the 13 years since then, the F-35 has gone through a mind-boggling series of major program delays and setbacks, burning money all the way.

In 2014, the plane’s woeful record finally caught the eye of CBS’s 60 Minutes, which documented how the program was seven years behind schedule and already $163 billion over budget. The Pentagon, however, simply plunged ahead. Its current plan: to buy more than 2,600 F-35s by 2037, with the assumption that their service lives will possibly extend to 2070. In Pentagon terms, think of it as a multi-generational warplane for America’s multi-generational wars.

Five years after that 60 Minutes exposé and 13 years after its first flight, the F-35 unsurprisingly remains mired in controversy. Harper’sAndrew Cockburn recently used it to illustrate what he termed “the Pentagon Syndrome,” the practice of expending enormous sums on weapons of marginal utility. The F-35, he noted, “first saw combat [in 2018], seventeen years after the program began. The Marines sent just six of them on their first deployment to the Middle East, and over several months only managed to fly, on average, one combat sortie per plane every three days. According to the Pentagon’s former chief testing official, had there been opposition, these ‘fighters’ could not have survived without protection from other planes.”

So far, in other words, the F-35 has had an abysmally low rate of availability. Technically speaking, it remains in “initial operational testing and evaluation,” during which, as defense journalist Dan Grazier has noted, it achieved a “fully mission capable rate” of just 11% in its combat testing phase. (The desired goal before going into full production is 80%, which is, in a sense, all you need to know about the “success” of that aircraft so many years later.) Compounding those dreadful percentages is another grim reality: the F-35’s design isn’t stable and its maintenance software has been a buggy nightmare, meaning the testers are, in a sense, trying to evaluate a moving and messy target.

These and similar problems led President Trump and former acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan to push possible alternatives to the F-35 as a way of pressuring Lockheed Martin to improve its performance. In December 2016, before he even entered the Oval Office, for example, Trump tweetedabout building F-18 Super Hornets in place of the F-35. Later, Shanahan advocated for an updated version of the venerable F-15 Eagle, made by Boeing, a company for which he had only recently been a senior executive. But the president’s tweets have moved on, as has Shanahan, and Lockheed Martin continues to hold all the cards. For the Pentagon, it’s still the F-35 or bust.

Unsurprisingly, the president has changed his tune, enthusing that the F-35 is invisible (“You literally can’t see it”) rather than merely difficult to detect on radar. (He has also referred to Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin, as Marillyn Lockheed.) The main selling point of the F-35 is indeed its stealth technology, marking it as a “fifth generation” fighter when compared to the older F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, and A-10s, which are decidedly unstealthy and radar detectable. Primarily because of such technology, the Pentagon argues that the F-35 will prove far more “survivable” than previous warplanes in any future conflict with Russia, China, or some other country equipped with sophisticated radars and surface-to-air missiles.

Yet such stealthiness comes at a real cost and not just in monetary terms. To maintain its stealthy profile, the F-35 must carry its weaponry internally, limiting its load and destructive power compared to “fourth generation” planes like the A-10 and F-15. It must also rely on an internal fuel system, which will limit its range in battle, while its agility in air-to-air combat seems poor compared to older fighters like the F-16. (The Pentagon counters, unconvincingly, that the F-35 wasn’t designed for such dogfighting.)

As a former Air Force project engineer and historian of technology and warfare, here’s my take on the F-35 program today: in trying to build an aircraft to meet the diverse requirements of three services, Lockheed Martin has produced a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none albatross. Each military service piled requirements onto the F-35, as ever more esoteric features were added, including that stealth capability; special software featuring eight million lines of code; unique (and wildly expensive) helmets for its pilots; and vertical landing/short takeoff capacity for the Marines, which led to an airframe design that made it ever less maneuverable for the Air Force and Navy. The result: perhaps the classic example of a plane that is far less than the sum of its staggeringly expensive parts.

To get more specific, consider the mission of close air support, or CAS, which means supporting troops in or near combat. The best and most survivable plane for such a role remains the one specifically designed for it: the unglamorous A-10 Warthog, which ground troops love but Air Force officialdom hates (because it was designed in response to Army, not Air Force, needs). By comparison, the F-35, which is supposed to fill the A-10’s role, simply isn’t designed for such a mission. It’s too fast, meaning its loiter time over targets is severely limited; its weapons load is inadequate; it has only one engine, making it more vulnerable to ground fire; and its (malfunctioning) gun lacks punch. (It also costs twice as much to fly.) Despite all this, the Air Force continues to advocate for the F-35 in a CAS role, even as it grudgingly re-wings A-10s to extend their lives.

And keep in mind as well that, if you want an attack platform that can loiter for hours, while removing all risk to pilots, why not just use already existing drones like the military’s Reapers? Who even needs an expensive F-35 stealth fighter? To these and similar criticisms the Pentagon responds that it’s fifth generation! It’s new! It’s stealthy! It’s a game-changer! It scares the Russians and Chinese! And if those answers don’t work, there’s always that old standby: tell me why you hate our troops!

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin’s profits are soaring as that company and the Pentagon sell the F-35 to allies around the world. Despite its delays, cost overruns, and performance issues, it’s still being promoted as America’s latest and greatest. Foreign military sales have the added benefit of driving down per-unit costs for the Pentagon, even as politicians tout the F-35 as a huge job creator. In short, with no alternative in sight, Lockheed Martin remains top gun in the Pentagon’s cockpit (Eat your heart out, Tom Cruise!), with virtually guaranteed profits for the next half-century.

Touching the Third Rail of American Politics

Refusing to genuflect to “the troops” — that is, the U.S. military — has become the true third rail of American politics. In practice, this has meant giving the Pentagon a blank check to spend trillions of dollars on whatever it wants, including a fighter jet with a distinctly dubious record, once promised to the Pentagon at $38 million a plane but now estimated to cost $158.4 million each. If being a decade behind schedule and $200 billion over budget only wins you more money and more leeway, what does a military contractor like Lockheed Martin have to worry about? Even an outspoken progressive politician like Senator Bernie Sanders has muted his criticism of the F-35 (since some of them are to be based in his home state of Vermont, offering the promise of future jobs).

I’m old enough to remember Senator William Proxmire and his “Golden Fleece” awards. Nearly half a century ago, in what now seems like an alternate American universe, he had the temerity to regularly criticize major defense contractors when they fleeced Americans out of billions of dollars for wasteful weaponry. Today, that sort of principled outspokenness is rare indeed in the halls of Congress and rarer still in the White House. With both Congress and the president lining up to sell F-35s, what are ordinary Americans to do?

After all these decades of growth, the military-industrial-congressional complex is strong indeed. It’s not, however, omnipotent — not yet anyway. Its Achilles’ heel is funding. If Americans were, Proxmire-style, to start holding the weapons makers and the Pentagon accountable for their messes and mayhem in a language they understood — money — change might be possible. If, however, we continue to equate such deadly and staggeringly costly weaponry with safety and security, if that money continues to flow prodigiously to the Pentagon, the weapons makers, and their camp followers, you can count on two things: America’s forever wars will keep on churning and F-35s will soon roar loudly over a stadium near you.

One of these days, look for those same planes to be soaring in the skies over various unfortunate countries, dropping “Made in America” calling cards on their people. Just don’t look for them striking at cancer or climate change or solving any of the actual problems we face on this planet.

William Astore is a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF), former project engineer, and historian of science, technology, and warfare. His personal blog is Bracing Views.

This column first appeared on TomDispatch.

NTS Notes:  Honestly, nothing surprises me any more about this flying hunk of junk....

One thing of note that I have  presented over and over again at this blog is the fact that "stealth" in itself is a sham and a lie.... Every so called 'stealth' aircraft can be seen by radar systems that have been around since the second world war, and all that any adversary facing this "aircraft" has to do is switch their radars from short to long wave, or to vary the radar wavelengths and they can see this aircraft coming...  This is fact and not fiction, and shows how gullible people have had their minds brainwashed with the lies of "stealth"..... So what exactly is "stealth"?  Nothing more than an enormous money maker for the military industrial complex off of gullible people!....

There have been readers that have constantly questioned me as to why I put up articles in the first place about this "fighter".... The reality is that getting to the truth about how the US government is wasting almost 2 TRILLION dollars for this flying POS is very essential, primarily for the fact that it is 2 TRILLION dollars wasted on a contraption that will weaken the US military for decades to come...

That 2 TRILLION dollars wasted on this waste of a program could have been spent elsewhere, especially for the ailing US infrastructure programs and for medical programs... Less than 1/2 of the amount could easily bankroll a US national health program that would give every American citizen basic medical coverage!   And with the rest of the money, it could have been spent on repairing America's crumbling infrastructure, and still have plenty left over for education programs including University expenses for so many American youths.....  But instead it is going to be poured into a criminal organization called Lockheed Martin that will produce a hunk of shit that is so abysmal, and yet make billions of dollars in profits from it!

I honestly want to see this entire "program" investigated by a group that is NOT associated with criminals such as Lockheed Martin for its serious problems... And when that group comes back with a scathing report that shows that the program is a failure, the program should be scrapped immediately and money should be diverted into better programs for America's defence.... This fighter is nothing of the sort and has been nothing but a money pit of disaster for the last decade.  It is time for a reality check in the Pentagram errr.. Pentagon, and wasteful spending to be stopped.

More to come


John Kaminski On John Friend's Realist Report

*First, I have finally completed what appears to be "phase 4" (or is it phase 5?) of my continuous home renovations projects.... I worked yesterday on some drywalling, painting, and replacing some fixtures that needed some serious upgrading yesterday, and now I have to stop with further upgrades until I get some extra money in hand.... I want to thank readers for their patience, and it does appear that I will be able to finally concentrate more on my writings here at this blog for the next while!

OK, I recently linked a most interesting article from John Friend's "Realist Report" website, and that posting pissed off a lot of readers who have suddenly accused me of somehow being "friends" with John Friend himself.... I again must state that I had a "falling out" with John Friend about 5 years ago, when he strangely sided with some numbskulls in this "truth movement" who were trying to insanely claim that Jewish criminals were somehow a distinctive race.... I laughingly and logically have dismissed that falsehood of the "Jewish race" so long ago, especially when you see Ethiopian Jews, Chinese Jews, etc that are NOT of that so called 'race' but are obviously tied up in that diabolical "religion".... Jews are therefore definitely NOT a 'distinct race' but are actually a multitude of races that are tied together by the fraud religion of "Judaism"...  I therefore found myself at odds with John Friend and his wanting to associate with idiots, and I basically never talked to him since...

However, some of his recent work at the Realist Report website ( does show that John Friend has come around and has been producing some pretty good material... I therefore have to give him kudos for those efforts, and I have no qualms in listing his site on the right hand side of this blog as well...

And... I have also received a lot of hate emails over the years concerning my posting of the articles by John Kaminski, who of course writes his essays over at Many have tried for years to call John Kaminski a 'Jew', when the reality is of course that he is of Polish origins and definitely does not have an ounce of sick Jewish blood in him at all.... But those fools continue to try to send me comments from time to time, and they are pissed off that I continue to post John Kaminski's articles here....

Now, I have decided to take a stand and piss off both of those "camps"...... For right now, I do want to present the link to the latest article from the Realist Report website, where John Friend has on as a guest on his latest podcast, none other than John Kaminski!    Here in fact is the link to that article from John Friend's website right here for everyone to listen to John Friend interview John Kaminski.... I have further comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Take that, you haters of these two men!  This interview was actually very good and brings forward a lot of important material for people to ponder...

John Kaminski as usual has brought forward some important factual material, and John Friend did a great job of keeping the interview flowing at a decent pace...

I will continue to bring forward articles from BOTH of these guys here at this blog from time to time.... And one other thing; I too want to congratulate John Friend on his recent marriage as well...

More to come


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Canadian Federal Election: I And Others Want Justin Trudeau Sent Packing, But NOT For This!

Once again I do want to turn to the Canadian Federal Election campaign that has now turned into a three ring circus act.... Every day now we find more and more reports about corruption from each of the so called major "political parties" that are vying for Canadian votes come October 21st, and to me the dirt that is being flung is sickening... AND something happened in just the last 24 hours concerning the heinous Justin Trudeau that I found most disturbing, but not for what many may think.....

First, I will try to bring readers, and especially those outside of Canada up to speed on what just happened over the last 24 hours that may indeed 'derail' the entire Justin Trudeau "re-election" campaign... Apparently none other than "Time Magazine" (are they even still in business???) put out a new report that contained some photos of Justin Trudeau from approximately 18 years ago, attending a costume party function where he basically had his face painted dark brown....Here in fact is the link to that Time Magazine report for everyone to view right here:

OK, I will cut to the chase here.... THAT was 18 freaking years ago!!!! Honestly, to me I see NOTHING wrong with what Trudeau did at that party, and it should be a non-issue.... BUT we are dealing with the criminally controlled Jew spew media up here in Canada, and they are apparently frothing at the mouth and calling this a "racist" issue (?).... It shows how truly diabolical politics can be anywhere and how the scumbags will dredge up anything from a person's past to have them destroyed... Honestly, this is so retarded and anyone that thinks it to suddenly be "racist" should have their heads examined...

And what has been Justin Trudeau's reaction to this sudden attack by the Jew spew media throwing something he did 18 years ago at him?  Here is the link to a report from  CBC news online where Trudeau has now spent the better part of the last day "apologizing" for what he did 18 FREAKING YEARS AGO!  Here is that link here:

OK, I am deeply puzzled and perturbed by this... I honestly want to see Trudeau OUT as Prime Minister for his long list of real crimes against the Canadian public and to Canada's economy and image as well.. .But NOT for this bullshit!

In fact, one of my fellow real Canadian truth seekers, Greencrow, who hails from the wilds of southern British Columbia and writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" has also been all over this story, and has written a most interesting article that too calls into question what the whole purpose of suddenly "exposing" this 18 year old non issue to the Canadian people is truly all about... Here is the link to Greencrow's article, which I do recommend that people read for themselves, here:

NTS Notes: I agree with Crow on almost everything she says in her article... I too am speculating that the Jewish criminals in charge in Canada are probably realizing that their puppet Trudeau may now be unelectable and are basically willing to throw him under the bus and try to get him to resign... I too believe that they have the diabolical plan of having Trudeau replaced with that most evil and heinous Jewess, Chrystia Freeland as Canada's next Prime Minister!

And lets face the facts here ... Trudeau is a scum bag and does not deserve to be re-elected.. But that comes from what he has done since he became Prime Minister and especially how he has been ruining this nation, BUT NOT for something that happened some 18 freaking years ago!

A reality check here.... These sudden charges of "racism" for painting a person's face brown is pure unadulterated bullshit... The Jewish actors in America used to paint their faces brown for the last century for everything from movies to comedies, and they got away with that... Only now in our stupid "racially sensitive" times of today are such actions now considered as "racist", when they are NOT....  People need to get a grip and stop acting so stupid and idiotic and quit fucking thinking that everything around them is suddenly "hurtful", "offensive", and "racist"..... Get a life people!

And again, rather than concentrate on this stupid issue to get Trudeau thrown out of office, why not actually concentrate on the real issues that should have him defeated instead?   Again, I want Trudeau out come October 21st, but not for painting his face brown 18 FREAKING YEARS AGO!....

More to come


Life In The American Dream: Russian Television Report From Los Angeles Streets - What Happened To The American Dream?

Readers of this blog know that I cover a very large range of subjects... One in particular is the economic situation that we face in not only Canada, but in the United States and Europe as well.... I have long said that in spite of the constant reports that the economy is somehow improving, the facts and reality shows very much different....

One aspect of the failing economic situation, especially in the United States, is the rapid increase of those who are homeless... Nothing epitomizes the troubling situation in America than the collapse of California, and especially in the city of Los Angeles where the homeless and unemployed situation is now at a severe crisis level... In fact, there are recent reports that show that the homeless problem is so bad that there are fears of outbreaks of diseases such as Typhoid and even Bubonic Plague that were mostly unheard of in southern California for almost a century!

I was sent the following video the other day, and one reader stated that it was covered by my fellow real Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, as well...... It is a most shocking video where a RUSSIAN film crew went to Los Angeles recently to see how bad the homeless situation really was, and what they found was most shocking.... Here in fact is that video, entitled "Russian TV Report From Los Angeles Streets: What Happened To The American Dream?" for everyone to view for themselves.. .I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I too was alarmed when I saw this video, and the facts were very real and yet very sickening...

The facts are that California is indeed a mess right now, and we can thank the insanity of the "Liberal" governments in not only the city of Los Angeles, but the state capitol in Sacramento, for not only creating this situation, but letting it get out of control to the level that we see in this video...

But Los Angeles is basically the tip of the iceberg here... The city of San Francisco in California is just as bad if not worse, especially with the out of control sanitation issue that has caused San Francisco to no longer be the city  by the bay, but the city of poop!  

So what is to blame for this?  The state of California with its liberal insanity is partially to blame... And we can blame the US government for spending TRILLIONS of dollars for wars for the psychotic state of Israel, while not diverting a lot of that money to fixing the social and economic issues plaguing Americans as well....

It is indeed a sad state of affairs in southern California right now and especially in the city of Los Angeles.... I remember visiting LA myself many times in the past, and it was never this bad..... It does indeed show much much America is indeed a mess right now, and that the so called "American Dream" of wealth and riches is basically dead...

More to come


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Hits The 6 MILLION Mark For Readership Views!

I have been waiting a very long time for this... As of late last night, this blog has officially now surpassed the 6 Million mark for readership views!

It has been a very long time in coming.... When I first started writing here some 11+ years ago, I never in my wildest imagination ever thought that I would be able to attract 100000 readers... But here I am 11 years later and now passing the 6 MILLION mark and still going!  And yes, THIS 6 Million is REAL, and not some "historical fantasy"!

I want to thank everyone for their support here... I have done it all without any help at all.. Only by word of mouth and sticking to one basic fundamental of ALWAYS speaking the truth and never ever allowing myself to bow down to any special interest or retarded groups.....

So... Where to from here?  If the pricks behind Google would not interfere with, or have been 'distorting' my real readership numbers over the last few years, I would probably already be approaching the 10 million mark and climbing.   But the 6 Million mark is still something to be proud of....

Again, thanks everyone.... I do hope that I have earned your trust and I will continue to tell it like it is and never tell falsehoods here...  I really do hate liars as I find them disgusting, and I personally would never ever stoop that low..

More to come


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Saudi Oil Refinery Attacks: Have I Been Wrong? Has It Been Nothing More Than Yet Another False Flag Attack All Along?

OK.... When those two Saudi Arabian oil refineries run by Aramaco were hit on Saturday morning, I honestly thought that it was indeed a Houthi drone strike to hit Saudi Arabia where they could hurt the most, via economic damage...... Everything initially pointed towards this being a successful Houthi drone strike that was launched from northern Yemen and that the Houthis should be congratulated for this action and their sheer audacity..... I was applauding what appeared to be a Houthi attack, for I have been watching and posting articles here at this blog for the last few years talking about how the criminal Saudis and their "allies" have been MURDERING innocent men, women and children, in Yemen as part of a genocidal effort to wipe out the entire population of Yemen itself..... Therefore the Houthis had every right to hit back and hit back as hard as they could to make the Saudis pay dearly for their crimes against humanity committed against Yemen itself...

BUT.... Now some 3+ days after that strike, new evidence is coming out showing that this attack could NOT have been done by the Houthis due to the sophistication, the amount of damage inflicted, and pin point accuracy of these strikes, against those Saudi targets....And as a result of new reports and new evidence coming forward, I have to apologize to my readers, and state that I was WRONG in my original assessment of this attack..... I do make mistakes from time to time and will always admit right here at this blog when I have been wrong!

I therefore want to present some very interesting facts and evidence that shows that these attacks against those refineries have all the indications of being yet another "false flag" attack being done by either the US, the Israelis, or even the Saudis themselves, to have Iran take the blame and to give those evil bastards their "excuses" to launch a new war against the innocent nation of Iran itself...

First, I want to present the link to an ever increasing report that comes from a fellow real truth seeker, Aangirfan, who of course writes the excellent blog "Aangirfan" at that is entitled: Israel Attacked Saudis - To Blame Iran".... Here is that link here:

OK, Aangirfan brings forward some interesting facts and shows some real evidence that the criminal Israelis did indeed attack those refineries as part of a diabolical plan to have the evidence pointing towards Iran doing the deed.... In doing so, they would get their Jew spew media to scream at the American public that "Iran attacked Saudi Arabia" and would hopefully get their slaves in the American government to swallow the bait and right now be in a shooting war against Iran... However, over the last few days, the Drumpf administration has not yet budged and has refused to commit to a war with Iran and instead are awaiting further "evidence" before they make that fateful decision.... I for one do wonder if the American public will swallow what ever bullshit they produce to claim that "Iran did it"...

BUT things are always not as they seem... And yes, there is a lot of evidence that this was indeed a 'false flag" operation run by the Israelis (or even the Americans themselves) to lay the blame on Iran...

But what about the other notion that the Saudis may have done this themselves as part of a false flag operation as well?????  Well.... I want to turn to the following most interesting report that comes from Jim Stone via his website at For in this report, Jim shows some real startling evidence that this damage at those refineries was 'self inflicted' and was NOT caused by "drones" or even the latest notion of from "cruise missiles".... Here in fact is Jim's amazing article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Here is the main reason: Please explain how the fires resulting from the worst refinery attack in history on the largest refinery in the world were fully extinguished on the same day. That's BULLSHIT, it could have only happened if someone wanted to make a show, and did not set anything off that could not be brought under control easily.

Additionally, the pinpoint accuracy of the attacks reeks of a manually placed setup. It was just too PERFECT.
I have bumped this topic to the top of the page for the day because I posted it late last night.


Obviously there's no way to be 100 percent certain with this, but a referee would certainly call it for the following reasons: There was no damage to the oil facility. At least no damage to speak of. They can patch it up and get it going STAT because it was extremely minimal damage that did not wipe out actual refining capabilities, all it did was light big fires (that are already completely out) and make a bunch of smoke. If this was for real, it would not be put out already.
Another very suspicious aspect of this was how precise the "hits" were. It looks as if someone went up on the tanks with a man lift that could access the same spot on each tank easily, and put the absolute minimal explosive there manually that would be needed to blow the tank, without actually destroying the tank. There's not a chance in hell it was cruise missiles because if it was, there would be nothing left of the tanks. Instead, they are all neatly poked in exactly the same spot on each tank. The tanks obviously only need to be patched, they don't need to be replaced. 
Here's a HUGE reason to call the attacks totally FAKE, and I know this cinches it - 
First, an explanation to prove the scenario here - In industry, when repairs have to be made to any tank filled with anything that can explode when mixed with air - if it needs to be welded, welding can be done without worry provided the welding is done below the level of the liquid in the tank, down below where the air can reach it. This is even true on gasoline tanks. As long as you don't puncture the tank or weld where the air is, there's no chance at all of there being a problem from being welded, welding can be done below the level of whatever liquid is in the tank.  THIS IS EXACTLY HOW EVERY SINGLE "DRONE AND CRUISE MISSILE" HIT THESE TANKS.
Take a look at this picture. All the tanks were hit the same way in exactly the same spot, with precison that is not attainable by those accused, as well as precise limited damage not attainable by those accused. 
Look in the lower right hand corner of the photo. There is a car or pickup truck there. That shows how large the tanks are. Iran's smallest cruise missile has approximately a 290 pound warhead. If an Iranian cruise missile hit those tanks (as some have claimed) the hole would be approximately as far across as 5 of those cars if the tank was robustly built, and more if it was not. AND IF there was no additional explosive effects provided by the fuel in the tank. The entire story line for the refinery attack is an obvious hoax. There's no way a 290 pound warhead hit that tank.
This attack was prepared for, because NONE of the tanks exploded, UPDATE: These were likely natural gas tanks that were fully purged of oxygen and would not explode, but that still can't explain the holes that look like they were poked by needles. What are the chances of that happening at random? I'd say zilch, and am probably right.  AND HOW THE HELL ARE THE FIRES OUT SO SOON AFTER THE "ATTACK" THAT A PHOTO LIKE THIS COULD BE TAKEN RIGHT AWAY? These fires were out in ONE DAY. That needs some explaining, - explaining that can't be done outside of this attack being hoaxed for max impression and minimal damage. 

BOTTOM LINE: If it is all out so quickly and the damage is that uniform and the damage is that minimal, first of all Iranian cruise missiles did not do this because the damage is not enough (all of them carry 130 KG (286 pound) warheads and up) which would obliterate a large section of those tanks and not just leave a little hole (Oh, I know what did this, the Iranian navy put limpet mines on those tanks, YEP, that would end up looking like the photo) and magically and mysteriously got all of them right where they would not ignite any vapors and blow the whole thing. Forget about how they sailed into that refinery to do it, IRAN DID IT, IRAN DID IT, IRAN DID IT!!!!

The Yemenis did not do this either, they were simply not capable of that kind of precision. Even the U.S. would likely not have an attack pattern be so uniform and perfect, this looks like a hand placement job and someone was brainless about making it look credible. FINAL ANSWER.

NTS Notes:  OK, Jim does present some very plausible evidence that shows that those tanks could not have all been blown up ALL at the same time, and with apparently looks like the same type of holes.....And the pattern of the tanks all having the same holes at exactly the same positions??? I absolutely will say that something stinks to high heaven here...

And as Jim states; If this attack caused such a "horrendous" amount of fires as the Jew spew media was claiming, then WHY were they extinguished in such a short time???  That too has me thinking: "hmmmm..." and shows that something is truly amiss here... And I absolutely do smell a rat!

I therefore am no longer sold on the Houthis doing this attack, which to me is so sad.. I truly have been wanting them to hit those bastards as hard as they can to give them such a bloody nose and a couple of black eyes that they would be right now clamouring to get the hell out of Yemen.. The citizens of Yemen deserve that much...

The bottom line is this: This attack was indeed a "false flag" operation for nothing more than to get the war on Iran launched.... We must consider the fact that over these last few months, the Israelis attacked those two Japanese tankers in the Gulf of Oman using Popeye cruise missiles launched from one of their Dolphin class submarines, and therefore it is plausible that Israel struck those refineries... BUT now with Jim's evidence presented, it apparently does seem that the Saudis did this to themselves with the same goal being to get the war against Iran off and running!   What we have here is therefore evidence of just how low these bastards will stoop in their pursuit of murdering millions of innocent Iranians, and get the entire Middle East engulfed in a new horrific war..

More to come


Monday, September 16, 2019

Canadian Federal Election: Believe It Or Not, But People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier Will Indeed Be At Several Future Televised Leaders Debates!

I have been absolutely annoyed and perplexed over the last while concerning the Jew spew media up here in Canada PURPOSELY avoiding any information, newspaper articles, television shows or commentaries, etc about People's Party leader Maxime Bernier.....

I have already written several articles over these last few days about the upcoming "election" up here in Canada where that heinous Justin Trudeau is seeking "re-election"from the gullible Canadian public that may be stupid enough to overlook his long list of crimes against Canada and actually vote him in for another 4+ agonizing years.... I have also stated that Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer is NOT a choice for Canadians as he has finally shown his true colours and is nothing but a Jew butt kisser who will bend over for his Jewish masters if Canadians are stupid enough to make him Prime Minister.....And I have looked at the New Democratic Party with their un-electable "leader" Singh, and the stupid and idiotic "Green Party" with their idiotic leader Elizabeth "the world will end in the next decade if we do not sign our lives over for the fraud of climate change" May, as being nothing but side show circus acts.....

BUT I found it most disturbing that everyone has been overlooking a REAL ALTERNATIVE for Canadians being the People's Party of Canada and their leader Maxime Bernier.... I have looked over the People's Party platform online (as every Canadian should..) and their platform and policies are things that should ring true with every Canadian!   Policies such as (a) Getting rid of the Carbon Tax... (b) Getting rid of Internet censorship... (c) Closing our borders to illegal "migrants" that are ruining our nation, are REAL policies that every Canadian should be backing, and they are ALL there as part of the People's Party platform!!!!!   So again, WHY is the Jew spew media and other outlets avoiding Maxime Bernier and his party??? Are they scared that Canadians may actually have a REAL leader that actually cares about Canada first and foremost???

Well... There is some good news, as my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, has just put out an article earlier today that states that Maxime Bernier will indeed be FINALLY allowed to debate the other party "leaders" in several upcoming debates... Here is the link to Greencrow's article on that important matter for everyone to see and read here:

I am absolutely glad that Bernier will be able to finally debate the other ass clowns that are trying to be the next Canadian Prime Minister... I do hope that he is given the time to speak some truths to all Canadians and not allow the damn press and the others that come to those "debates" to attempt to gang up on him and try to tear him to shreds along with his policies....

Lets face it... Canada needs a real Prime Minister that is not a crook, a clown, or one that panders to criminal Jewish interests.... We therefore cannot look at the Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP, or the Greens, for being a true leader for Canada..... But will Bernier be the right choice?  

I will continue to read and follow up here on information about the People's Party and give my honest truthful assessment in future articles here at this blog... And I will indeed be watching those debates closely to determine if Bernier is indeed genuine..... If he is, then I will indeed support him.... But if he shows himself to be nothing more than just another ass clown seeking the Prime Minister office, then we are again stuck with no choice for Canada come October 21st and Canada will once again be truly fucked.... Lets see what happens shortly therefore....

More to come