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Election Night In Canada: Liberal Minority Government - My Takes

I had a fear that this would happen in Canada.... Justin Trudeau, that heinous and most criminal Liberal leader that should actually be in jail for his crimes against the Canadian people, was  just "re selected" as Canada's Prime Minister....

The only saving grace has been seeing his Liberal regime lose its Majority government status, and is now in a "minority" situation where he will be dependent on several other parties to be able to pass policies and hold onto power.....

The facts are that Conservative party leader, Andrew Scheer, ran a most weak campaign and probably will NOT survive a "leadership convention" that will most definitely be called for shortly for the Conservative party..... IMHO, Scheer blew it big time by not coming into this campaign with a solid platform that should have had Canadians rally behind him and to see Trudeau get thrown out of office!

The NDP under that unelectable Singh lost so much of their power status in Quebec, and is back in their traditional position in a weakened 4th place in terms of seats in Parliament... However, there is a chance that the NDP will hold the balance of power and be the party to prop up the Liberals to keep them in power in Ottawa... That alone is sad for Canada, as the NDP party has turned into another "climate change" party that will probably back the Trudeau goal of taxing Canadians to death through even more fraudulent "carbon taxes"!

The people of Quebec have also swung back into the ranks of the separatists, as the criminal "Bloc Quebecois" that does not give a shit about Canada but wants to see Quebec become an independent nation, has taken over 30 seats in that key province.. Those 30 seats are what has denied Justin Trudeau from getting his majority which is a good thing, BUT of course we are talking about separatists here that want to see Canada torn apart!  Yes, only in Canada can you have this kind of politics...

OK, now to my feelings about the People's Party and how they lost EVERYWHERE..... I voted for the local candidate for that party in this riding in central Canada and he did not even show up in the top 3 parties for the final tally!   And PPC party leader Maxime Bernier even lost his own riding in Quebec, leaving the PPC with ZERO seats in the next Parliament in Ottawa..... Am I saddened by this result?  Of course I am, but I am hoping that the PPC does not suddenly disappear for the fact that their policies were something that Canadians desperately need now, but with the Canadian public so heavily brainwashed by the Jew spew media that refused to even tell Canadians about those policies, the effort by the PPC in this election was doomed from the start...... That and Maxime Bernier himself did not come across as as strong a leader as many, including myself, had hoped......Maybe in 24 months when a new election is called people may actually see what the PPC has to offer?  Perhaps....

Well, Canada.. You get what you deserve... Another 4+ years of Liberal mismanagement, over spending, massive deficits, massive debt, more fraud carbon taxation, more of Justin Trudeau's ignorance and stupidity... This list can go on and on and on..... Yes, is not Canadian politics and the political system here great?

I will probably stop with politics at this blog for a while.... I have spent too much time trying to reach Canadians and get them to vote with conscience this election..... I probably got through to some people, but it was an agonizing few......  Canada has decided to continue with the criminals in charge and Canadians will get what they deserve....

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Election Day In Canada: To My Fellow Canadians, Get Out There And Vote For Your Nation's Future! Updated!

Yes, this is October 21st and therefore "election" day here in the "Great White North" or I have been lovingly calling it "Canuckleheadistan".....This is THE DAY when Canadians are going to the polls to select the next Prime Minister of this Jew run and formerly free nation.... Canadians are going to choose between 5 (and not 4 as the Jew spew media continues to falsely portray) political parties for the 338 seats in the "House of Commons" in Ottawa Ontario Canada..... This is a "Parliamentary Democracy" where political parties are able to form a "majority" government with at LEAST 169 of those seats to control through the voting of Canada's citizens......

I have already gone into great detail in previous articles concerning my issues and what I see happening as of tonight, so I will not bore anyone with more rhetoric in this article (I can hear the applause from the audience!)..... All I want to state is for my fellow Canadians to get out there today and actually VOTE!

The Canadian system of voting is not perfect by a long shot, but at least we still use PAPER ballots and the votes are actually counted and tabulated at polling stations by HUMAN BEINGS, and not the fraudulent "tabulating machines" that the US uses that are absolutely fixed.... I find it astonishing that the American people actually put up with that madness and crookedness, and all they have to do is to look at our system here in Canada as an example of fair and open elections that are absolutely NOT fixed..... It is equally astounding that the American people are continuing to allow those crooked ballot machines to "tabulate" votes and in 100% of cases now in American elections, they are absolutely "fixed" to give criminals their advantages....  Get with the program, my American readers, and stop that madness!

Anyways, I again do hope that my fellow Canadians will look at the parties involved in this election, sift through the crookedness and corruption, and decide who they want to lead this nation for the next 4+ years.... And do NOT be "swayed" by the propaganda that has been filling our Talmudvisions for the last 40 days and think clearly as to which party can lead this nation and can actually be a benefit for Canada....

It will be interesting to see what happens after 830PM local time this evening as the votes from down east of here are tabulated and early results should show if we are going to have a majority or a minority government in Ottawa.... .Honestly, I am hoping for the best and will be following up this article with my feelings after this election decides Canada's next Prime Minister and the direction this nation will go for the next 4+ years.... So stay tuned, for today will indeed a most interesting election for Canada's future!

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*Update: Greencrow brought the following quip from an article from her website at, where apparently a "columnist" named Andrew Coyne from the trashy Canadian Jewish controlled rag, the "National Post" claiming the following:

It has been, I think we can all agree, a disgraceful election. Most elections are, but this one — this farrago of insults, gotchas, lies and giveaways; this all-party panderfest, in the face of looming recession, anemic growth, and an aging population; this collective shrug of indifference at racist provincial laws, rising national divisions, and a collapsing international order; this six-week symphony of cant — this is by common consent the most disgraceful in living memory.

Certainly neither of the two historic governing parties has begun to make the case for why they should be entrusted with power, as their sliding poll numbers reveal: if current trends hold, both will come in with less than a third of the vote, for the first time in our history. That is as much a tribute to their leaders as it is to their platforms: if the worst that can be said of Justin Trudeau is that he could not defeat a morally and intellectually vacuous marshmallow like Andrew Scheer, the worst that can be said of Scheer is that he could not defeat a preening fraud like Trudeau.

Ideally both would resign on election night. Alas, neither will — not if the result is as close as now seems likely. And yet that is the choice to which we are condemned: as incompetent, unethical and ruinous as the governments each would lead may be, the alternatives are worse. The NDP and Green platforms differ only in the scale of their fiscal and economic fantasies. The People’s Party, which might have been a voice for fiscal rigour and economic freedom, has instead become a haven for immigration hysterics, climate science deniers and conspiracy theorists, together with the occasional neo-Nazi. The Bloc is, well, the Bloc...."

I am a so called "conspiracy theorist" and very proud of it!  The term "conspiracy theorist" has been used so badly for decades now as an excuse against anyone that goes after the criminals in charge as a means of making them look like "nut jobs".... I find that most people will believe that as fact to be so disgusting..

I look at the material in that article to be disgusting... Labeling the PPC as a "haven for immigration hysterics" is false, when you consider that Canada is presently being flooded in an open invasion by the misfits and garbage from third world shit holes that are hell bent on destroying this nation..... That alone has me looking at the PPC with their policy of CLOSING OUR BORDERS as being the only option to save this country.... And when this clown claims that we are "climate science deniers" if we vote PPC, I find that astounding when the facts are that MOST real scientists are against the fraud climate change and have stated that the "science" that the ass clowns behind that fraud is pushing is pure bullshit!........ And this really got my ire up when he claims that we are now "neo-Nazis" as well.  This is pure garbage and shows that this idiot is just harping the propaganda bullshit and trying to stop those who would actually fight for Canada.....

Being a "conspiracy theorist" does NOT make one a "neo-nazi", but in reality makes that person a true critical thinker and one that does now bow to the propaganda and brainwashing from the liars in our media at all!

And after reading that "article", I know what I need to tell my Canadian readers in terms of who they should vote for....

Be a fighter, be a supporter of Canada's interests first and foremost, be proud to be a "conspiracy theorist", and absolutely vote PPC!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 20th, 2019

Sunday... And time again for my weekend rant..

I am still getting over what the heck hit me just over two days ago, and this one was a doozy.... I had a high fever Thursday evening and spent the night visiting the "porcelain god" letting go of a lot of material from my body (I will not go into further details, thank you..).... I have not been sick in quite sometime, so this one was very hard on my body especially at my "advanced" age of 59....Needless to say, I was laid up Friday trying to sleep it off, and at the same time making several more trips to the "john".... By late Friday evening I thought I had what ever hit me beaten, but the fever was still there along with one heck of a massive headache that stayed with me until mid day yesterday..... My better half had recommended that I stay in bed, and she was so annoyed that I even fired off one article at this blog last night.... I decided to follow her orders and sleep it off for one more night.....

Needless to say, I am feeling a LOT better now... The fever broke overnight last night and this morning I tried to actually consume some solid food and a heck of a lot of liquids..... I figure that while I have the chance to sit down and fire off this rant...... And to those who will say that I need to take more Vitamin C and Vitamin D to combat any chances of getting sick, I have indeed been doing that for quite some time... Again, this bout of illness was something that I had not experienced in quite sometime and it is something that I do hope nobody else gets.....

OK... I am playing a bit of catching up on the situation in Syria apparently.... Yes, I have been aware of the Turks accepting the US desire to call for a 120 hour "ceasefire"... But I will never ever trust the US on this one, for they have used these fraud "ceasefires" in the past to allow their criminal "terrorist" groups to be rearmed and shuffled off to other areas to raise havoc..... IMHO, Turkey was probably enticed by the Drumpf administration to accept this 'temporary' ceasefire under the notion that it would indeed be used to allow civilians and other noncombatants to escape the Turkish onslaught into northeastern Syria....  And of course there is the issue as to exactly what will happen when the "120 hours" are up.... I honestly will bet anything that the criminal Kurds will indeed use this respite to get rearmed and to be redistributed across northeastern Syria to somehow block or thwart the Turkish advances...

And about the entire US fraudulent "withdrawal" from northeastern Syria?  I have already stated that this "withdrawal" is in itself a sham, as the US is basically abandoning useless forward 'bases' in the territory, while re-concentrating their forces to the key areas east of Deir Ez-zor around the two main oil and natural gas fields.... The facts are now plain for anyone to see that the US is NOT leaving northeastern Syria at all, but are shuffling their forces to that key area to deprive the nation of Syria from that vital oil that is necessary for the rebuilding of the nation.... The US is hell bent on still "destroying" Syria, and will basically keep the oil for themselves and thus leave Syria without the necessary economic profits from those key fields..... And of course without that essential oil for the nation, the US is bent on making sure that Syria continues to be without petroleum to drive its own manufacturing and transportation needs..... This is indeed quite diabolical and should show everyone the facts that the US is going to force Syria to its knees economically if it cannot do it militarily!

And again, I cannot help but to state that I was RIGHT about the US presence in Syria overall, as they are not going to give up their strategic position around the key southern town of Al Tanf without a fight.... I have been asking readers to just look at any map of Syria and to see the US position at Al Tanf stick out like a dagger pointed into the heart of Syria..... For from Al Tanf, in any future conflict against Syria, the Americans will have a very powerful jumping off point from which they could send offensive forces deep into Syria towards the key central city of Palmyra which could basically cut Syria itself in half!   And from the Al Tanf position, they could race across the desert and attack both Damascus and Deir Ez-zor as well.... It is therefore no wonder that the criminal psychos in  Israel have demanded that their American puppets continue to hold onto Al Tanf, for those monsters may indeed sometime in the near future demand their American slaves to launch offensive operations from that position... .People need to understand that the Jewish freaks are still hell bent on having Syria dismembered as part of their sickening Greater Israel project for domination of the entire region, and will make sure that their American slaves are never going to get out of Syria at all to attain that sick goal.... The bottom line here is this; The American people are being played as fools if they actually do believe that their own government is ' withdrawing' from Syria, for the reality of American forces still operating deep inside Syria shows everyone otherwise...

Well, the weather is "slightly" improving in these parts of central Canada... We finally got back over the freezing (0 celsius) mark this last week for a  few days at least, which has helped to actually melt the massive accumulation of snow that fell over these parts in that horrendous storm a week and a half ago....But the reality is that temperatures and the long term "forecast" for this region is for temperatures well below normal and more snow coming.... And yes, this is still basically the middle of October and we "normally" do not get this type of weather until mid-November at the earliest.... I continue to hammer home these facts in these rants as a wake up call for people to stop having their heads turned to mush by the liars behind the "climate change" fraud, and to realize that we do not have this bullshit of '12 years to live' as that is one of the worst cons ever pushed on gullible people.... Here is a reality check for those who have been suckered in by fools and idiots like that Greta Thunberg; we are definitely heading into a grand solar minimum where temperatures will plummet across the globe for the next decade at least... This minimum is a natural occurrence and is driven by solar radiation cycles from our Sun, Sol.... Sol has been going through these natural cycles for millions of years, which has always affected weather patterns across this planet..... The fraud artists behind the man caused 'climate change' bullshit are trying to get the most stupidest people imaginable to believe that WE as human beings are responsible for the changing weather on this planet, and are ignoring the reality that our Sun is and always has been the real driving force....

And what about the fraud artists behind this 'climate change' bullshit?  I find their antics to be borderline schizophrenic, for they are now going to absolute extremes with their fraud rhetoric, where they have the audacity to actually call for the overthrow of governments to get their "climate change" insanity in place in our nations!   I watched last week where their insane 'Climate activist" groups were holding "rallies" in so many nations across the northern hemisphere (Notice that they target wealthy nations, while not even bothering running activism in poorer ones?..) that turned into violent protests.... It does indeed bother me that there are so many simple minded idiots out there that will fall for their crap so easily, without seeing the reality that the ring leaders behind the entire scam are well paid by the real criminals that want our governments overthrown, mostly by that most evil Jewish prick by the name of George Soros!....  To me, I see these "climate activists" as nothing more than borderline Communists that are now going beyond the calls for people to do something to save the environment to actually wanting to force a criminal "new world order"  of criminal insanity running our countries.....  People do need to wake up and wake up now to stop these fools before they are indeed able to get our very rights and freedoms removed from us all, under the lie of 'saving the planet', before it becomes too late....

OK, Tomorrow is indeed 'D-Day' up here in the formerly free nation of Canuckleheadistan, as the brainwashed and idiots out there will express their freedom and their right to vote to either keep the criminal and mentally incompetent Justin Trudeau government in place to run and destroy this nation for the next 4+ years, or to choose from a gaggle of other idiots such as that heinous dual citizen (US/Canada) Andrew Scheer that will of course kiss Israel's ass and suck up to his Jewish masters like Steven Harper did so badly....Or that Singh character that is somehow "likeable" and yet has policies that will tax Canadians to death while sucking up to minorities... Or that insane Elizabeth May that is continuing to harp like a banshee about the fraud "climate crisis", making her a danger to our very livelihoods as Canadians...... To me, NONE of these four "leaders" deserve to be Canada's next Prime Minister for they all have some real hidden agendas that could ruin this nation.... But with these four impossible to vote for, is there an alternative?

Yes, there is an alternative for Canadians, and one that the Jew spew media up here continues to avoid and try to sell to the gullible Canadian people as being a "fringe party"... I am of course speaking about the People's Party of Canada (PPC) and its leader Maxime Bernier.... This party has put forward a real platform that puts Canadians first and foremost... The PPC has stated that they will abolish the Carbon Tax which is set to rise under Trudeau's next regime (Scheer has been waffling on what he will really do if elected...), while the NDP and Greens are wanting to see it skyrocket to destroy our economy..... That is one good thing... And the PPC has stated and are the ONLY party that has stated that they will CLOSE our borders to these illegal migrant garbage that has invaded this nation for the last 4 years under the Trudeau regime... This nation does not need trash from third world shit holes to destroy our society, and the PPC has stated that they will enforce Canada's immigration laws that will only allow immigrants into Canada if they are properly "vetted" and will actually do some good in our society!   This is another good point for the PPC to get our votes.... And the PPC wants to end the fraud of Multiculturalism, that to me has always been a disaster for this nation and has caused so many to stop thinking of themselves as Canadians first and foremost.  This is another key issue and reason to vote PPC......And the PPC wants to FORCE this nation to end its horrific spending programs to balance its books and budget within the next 2  years... No other party is wanting to do that at all, and only to continue to spend and spend to drive this nation into perpetual debt servitude.....  I for one was not originally sold at all on the PPC as a viable alternative for Canadians, but from what I have seen and learned over the last 2 months has changed me into a believer that Canadians do need to change things up in Ottawa and look at this party as the real choice for Canada's future....

OK, In all honestly, the PPC can NOT form the government in Ottawa tomorrow.... The facts are that the Jew spew media has purposely for the last 40 days of this political 'campaign' tried to avoid the PPC and its policies from getting out to Canadians.... These criminals have done instead their utmost to try to destroy the PPC and attack Maxime Bernier every chance they can..... And it is no wonder, for they are wanting to brainwash Canadians into the false belief that they must vote for the criminals in the other parties!  That alone definitely showed me that there was indeed something to the PPC platform that these criminals were "scared" about... Bernier and his party are definitely out there and wanting to stop the bullshit that has ruined this nation and to me that is why people do need to look at that party and its policies before they go to the polls tomorrow.....  The PPC may not get a chance to govern, but with a strong representation and even a few seats in Canada's next parliament, maybe more people will begin to notice them as a true alternative for a real future for this nation....

OK, people want my honest opinion about tomorrow's election here in Canada, and I will put it straight: Take a real chance tomorrow, my fellow Canadians, and vote with your conscience and do NOT vote for another 4 years of Trudeau incompetencies.  Any of the other parties are better than what that numb skull has to offer .....AND If you truly want real change, then ignore the liars in the Jew spew media and do take a closer look at the PPC and its policies before you head to the polls!  But do vote, for voting is still a right and a privilege in this nation and Canada's voting system is not as corrupted (yet) and "fixed" like in so many other nations now...

One last thing before I get onto my last minute tidbits... I have again been watching the political "circus" that continues unabated south of here in the formerly free United States of America, and I am deeply appalled at how easily the American public continues to be mesmerized by this entire sad charade and complete bullshit... The psychotic Liberals in America IMHO should all be arrested immediately and their leadership thrown into prison for their insane want to actually overthrow the United States government and impose their lunacy on the American people... Heck, it got so bad that mid week there was talk about having US President Drumpf assassinated and force the entire government into upheaval.... Luckily that did not happen, and honestly in spite of Drumpf himself being borderline looney, the Liberal freakazoids that run the formerly free Democratic party have turned to Communist ideologies and desires to enslave all Americans to their insanity if they ever grab the Presidency come 2020..... Again, why are the ring leaders in that  group of misfits not even in jail for their corruption and crimes against the American people? .... Sadly, these lunatics are even now  considering either that heinous and murderous Hillary "Killary" Clinton, or that sick freak transvestite Michelle (Michael Robinson) Obama to be their candidate for President come 2020.... I, as a Canadian, can only watch as an outside observer as America is basically going to hell in a hand basket!   And what especially troubles me is how the American public continues to put up with this garbage???

Well... I guess that is enough for the moment.... I will continue to get some extra rest and try to fully recover from what ever the fuck hit me the other day.... In the meantime, here comes my usual last minute tidbits........I had honestly thought the troubles in Hong Kong would be put to rest as China and the US are now trying to hammer out real economic issues, but I was wrong.  The insane leaders of the controlled opposition in Hong Kong, paid for by the American CIA of course, should all be arrested and put into jail immediately for trying to stir up trouble and raise havoc in that enclave!......I see that the peaceful nation in Lebanon is now in turmoil with some riots taking place in key cities such as the capital of Beirut.  I cannot help but to think that the psychos in Israel and of course their puppets in the United States are behind this upheaval in Lebanon, and I could be right..........So let me get this straight; Some lunatic climate "extremists" actually climbed on board a train in the UK last week and the passengers had enough of their bullshit and basically threw them off?  Good for the passengers, and that should be a message to the other bullshit "extremists" out there that good people have had enough of their stupidity!.... And speaking of the UK, I see the final "brexit vote" to actually break away from the evil Jewish Rothschild controlled European Union was supposed to have taken place yesterday, but has once again been "delayed"?  When will the good people in the UK finally grab a brain and understand that the criminals in charge will delay the vote forever, for they do not want to see the UK ever escape the Rothschilds' evil clutches?  It is time for the Brits to finally stand up and force their own government to stop the madness and get the hell out of the EU! ........ Amazingly, the war in Yemen continues with the criminal Saudis still trying to somehow overcome the Houthi successes.  But the Saudis continue to fail miserably, and maybe its about time that they actually did admit that they have been defeated and seek a real peace that may somehow save their "honour"?  The facts are that Yemen has definitely turned into Saudi Arabia's own "Vietnam", and the Saudis do need to admit that they have been beaten and end their invasion that has killed millions (Yes, a few million at last count..) of innocent Yemen civilians......The fraud Sandy Hook "shootings" continues to destroy some real truth seekers, as Jim Fetzer was found guilty in a kangaroo court in the US of hurting that fraud "Lenny Pozner"'s feelings!  Yes, this fraudulent Pozner character made out like a bandit from his criminal involvement in the Sandy Hook fraud, and now he gets even more money from a fixed judgment against Fetzer for the bullshit of Fetzer 'hurting his feelings'!  And people wonder why America is so fucked up?.........I saw articles where some writers have had the audacity to claim that this "Tulsi Gabbard" is somehow the 'real deal' and I am appalled.  This Tulsi Gabbard would not even be in the  US Congress in the first place unless she agreed to suck Jew dick. And the idiots out there actually think she can make a difference for the Democratic rats come 2020 in the US?  Again, people wonder why America is so fucked up?...........Articles coming out now claiming that they found life on Mars in 1976 during the Viking I missions.  I have news for these fools, for Viking I never landed on Mars at all in 1976, due to the fact that its "parachute" landing in the ultra thin Martian atmosphere was complete bullshit and impossible.  If Viking I "discovered life", it is most definitely the life at its real landing site in northern Arizona!.........And I got one more "comment" from the stupidity of flat earth idiocy last week asking me how water can stay on the spinning Earth if the Earth spins at just over 1000mph.  Honestly, have those idiots not even heard of both gravity and inertia?  And they forget that the actual Earth "spin" is one revolution in almost 24 hours, meaning something like 0.0000115 revolutions a second, which is so agonizingly slow and therefore there will be almost ZERO movement at all from any water adhering to this planet's surface.  Yes, is not real science great as it destroys "flat earth" illogical nonsense?... I was informed this morning that a real truth seeker, Maurice Herman aka "Morris108" passed away the other day.  I became aware of "Morris108" a few years back when he put out Youtube videos that covered some of the messages put out through his videos by Syrian Girl Maram Susli.  He will be missed for his tremendous efforts in getting the real truths out to people....... Arsenal plays Sheffield United tomorrow in Premier League action, and sadly it will once again be yet another game I will miss thanks to the horrendous (and expensive) pay per view provider that it is only available on in these parts of central Canada.   Greed seems to definitely rule the day in terms of that league as they are driving away a lot of fans thanks to their pay per view demands........I just saw an article where apparently the insane Taylor Swift is admitting that she does not do well in long term relationships due to the fact that she needs the break ups to provide her with material for her songs (!).  Honestly this woman is indeed a head case and yes she is giving the Kardashians a run for their money..........And speaking of the Kardashians, someone told me last week that Kanye West was actually considering a run for the US Presidency.  Considering how his mind and well being has been so fucked up by the brain dead Kardashians (think Lamar Odom) , I do wonder if the man is suffering from insanity in considering actually running for President?   But hey, nothing surprises me any more when I see these skanks in action and again it shows how much America is truly fucked up when the American public thinks more about these fucked up misfits than the shape and well being of their own country!

More to come


Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Syrian War: The American "Withdrawal" Is A Fraud - American Forces Are NOT Going To Withdraw From The Key Deir Ez-zor Province's Oil Fields At All!

I have been like everyone else in their hopes that this American "withdrawal" from northeastern Syria was legitimate and was actually going to happen THIS time... We do remember almost a year ago when criminal President Donald Drumpf stated that American forces were going to "withdraw" from Syria then, and we all saw what happened as that "withdrawal" turned into a massive sham and lie...

This time though we have some evidence that the US has indeed been "pulling out" from some key bases and positions in northeastern Syria, which in itself is a good thing... BUT as I stated in an article from last Thursday, the Americans were NOT going to pull out from the key southern Syrian military forward operations base located around the key town of Al Tanf...That position is and always has been to me the entire key to the American operations in Syria, as from Al Tanf these criminals can send off their fraud 'terrorists' to make lives miserable for the Syrian people, and the Al Tanf position gives the Americans a strategic "jumping off" point if and when they ever needed to invade and conquer Syria itself somewhere in the future.....

BUT beyond the Al Tanf key position, I could not help but to think of the American forces that still occupy and control the Syrian oil fields located on the other side of the Euphrates River across from the eastern city of Deir Ez-zor.... The Americans surely are going to "withdraw" from those oil facilities and fields shortly, right??

Well.... Apparently the US is NOT giving up the Syrian oil fields at all and are NOT going to withdraw from those positions any time soon... For according to the following report that comes from Tyler Durden, through the "Zero Hedge" website at, apparently the American military is definitely NOT going to "withdraw" from Syria's KEY oil fields "any time soon", meaning that they are going to try to stay there FOREVER unless the Russians and Syrians force them out!  Here in fact is that Zero Hedge article here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

US Military Unlikely To Withdraw From Syria's Key Oil Fields: Report

The U.S. Armed Forces are not withdrawing from the eastern Euphrates River Valley region of Deir Ezzor or its plethora of oil fields, a military source in Damascus told Al-Masdar News.
According to the source, the U.S. Armed Forces won’t withdraw from these areas because of Iran’s presence in eastern Syria and the reality that Damascus would again have access to Deir Ezzor’s vital oil fields.

US special forces convoy in Syria, via ABC News

He would add the United States' two largest military bases in Syria are in the east near some of the country’s largest oil fields like Al-Omar.
Damascus has wanted the Al-Omar and Conoco oil fields to be returned to their government; however, with the U.S.’ large military presence in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, they have found themselves blocked from these critical petrol supplies.
Above: overhead view Conoco/Tabiya plant. ConocoPhillips founded it, yet is not currently associated with it (since 2005).

Furthermore, with the ongoing sanctions against the Syrian government, the U.S. administration sees the return of these oil fields to Damascus as a benefit to the state and their allies like Iran.
Syria has been under an economic siege for several years now, leaving much of the country in dire need of resources like medicine, gas, and other vital items.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is preparing to enter Raqqa city in northern Syria for the first time since 2013, a military source told Al-Masdar News.
According to the source, the army has begun moving its troops to the area around the city as they have been given the green light to enter once the U.S. Armed Forces withdraw.

NTS Notes:  Honestly, with the Americans staying in both Al Tanf and the key Syrian oil fields  east of Deir Ez-zor, then the entire announcement that the US was "pulling out " from Syria is nothing more than a bunch of bullshit!

And the truth behind the Americans staying in those oil fields?  It is absolutely NOT due to the bullshit of "benefiting Iran" as the liars in the US administration are spewing, but to deprive the Syrian nation of that oil for their own usage and their sources of revenue!   The US is hoping that by depriving Syria of any oil, either its own or via tankers from anywhere else, that they can "strangle" the Syrian nation and deprive its own people of a means of rebuilding after the Americans have basically destroyed their nation!

Yes, this is indeed diabolical and shows exactly what the US is now up to in terms of their want to see Syria destroyed... They are indeed going to try to destroy Syria economically by depriving that nation of its means of revenue.... And I can guarantee that the US is indeed still running the production of those fields and either illegally selling that petroleum output, or having the oil shipped back to the US itself or even giving it free to the psycho state of Israel!   That practice is absolutely illegal under international law, but the US has been doing this type of action for decades now in other nations that they have "occupied" such as Iraq!....

It should be clear to everyone that this "US withdrawal" from Syria is absolute bullshit... The US may be giving up some territory and bases that they have illegally operated in northeastern Syria, but they are definitely holding onto the key areas that can be used against Syria itself indefinitely......

More to come


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Hey everyone... Just a heads up that I could not do any new articles at this blog yesterday, as I was "under the weather" and suffering from one heck of 'flu like' symptoms...... It came out of the blue basically and knocked me out for all of yesterday, and part of today... Only now I am now feeling a lot better and will be posting some articles at this blog very shortly..

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Syrian War: I Knew It! The Key To The Entire US Involvement In Syria Is And Always Has Been Al Tanf - Israel Demands Their American Slaves To Stay There!

I continue to watch the situation in northern Syria closely, and once again it definitely does appear that the entire Turkish invasion is for the elimination of any threat from the criminal Kurds in full agreement with both Russia and Syria itself.... Given time, apparently all of northeastern Syria will be rightfully returned to the good people of Syria itself...

BUT... I have asked in many previous articles this important question:  What about the illegal American forward operations base at Al Tanf in southern Syria?   If the Americans are leaving Syria as criminal President Donald Drumpf has stated, then should they not be packing their bags and getting the heck out of Al Tanf as well????

Well..... I have some interesting news to share with my readers about Al Tanf.....For according to this new report that comes from the Middle East Monitor website, at, apparently the psychotic and evil state of Israel has now "demanded" that their American puppets and slaves stay at the "strategic base" in Al Tanf indefinitely even after they have "withdrawn" their forces in the northern parts of Syria.... Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Israel demands that US should maintain strategic base in Syria

October 17, 2019 at 12:23 pm

Israel has called on the United States to maintain a military base in south-eastern Syria for strategic and geopolitical reasons, Israeli TV channel Kan reported yesterday.
Al-Tanf base, set up and controlled by the US military in 2016 during the ongoing Syrian conflict, lies in a strategically important area near Syria’s borders with Jordan and Iraq. It serves as a base for a group known as the Revolutionary Commando Army which opposes both the Syrian regime and Daesh and has received training from the US in Jordan.
Israel stressed that the US military presence in Al-Tanf is of paramount importance due to its location near the Syria-Iraq border in particular, making it an obstacle to the creation of a land corridor by Iran. Such a corridor, which Israel has long warned about, will reportedly help Iran to transport arms, fighters and supplies via the Shia militias that it controls in Iraq all the way through Syria to Lebanon where Tehran’s powerful proxy Hezbollah is based.
According to the TV channel, while the US is withdrawing its troops from Syria, it promised Israel that the self-styled Jewish state’s interests will not be harmed. Consequently, Kan insisted, the US should maintain its base at Al-Tanf.
The US announced that it would be withdrawing all military forces from Syria in February this year, but over the months since then the details have varied and US troops still remain within the war-torn country. President Donald Trump again stressed the withdrawal following the Turkish army’s launch of Operation Peace Spring last week.
The operation, which is the third Turkish incursion into northern Syria against the presence of Kurdish militias on its border, caused international uproar after Trump apparently gave it thegreen light.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this report?  It is a fact that the psychos in Israel control and run the US itself, and if they are "calling" on the Americans to stay at Al Tanf, I can guarantee their American slaves are saying "Yes, my master... Anything you want!"....

I have stated many times before that the KEY to the American position in Syria is and always has been their illegal forward operations base at Al Tanf in the south.... All that anyone has to do is simply look at a map of Syria and notice how the American position around Al Tanf is like a dagger pointed right into the middle of Syria itself.....

And lets not forget the strategic position of Al Tanf... For from that position, and with enough forces, the US could potentially launch assaults directly north to Palmyra and basically cut off eastern Syria from its western parts... And the position at Al Tanf gives the criminal Americans a "jumping off" point for assaults against Damascus and Deir Ez-zor as well.... It is no wonder that the Americans are sitting there and have that position as THE major and most important threat to Syria!

AND we cannot forget that the US runs and supports their fraud "terrorist" group known as "ISIS".... Al Tanf is right smack in the Syrian desert and from that position the US has and still is sending off their "ISIS" cells to conduct strikes against Syrian targets.....

One other important aspect of Al Tanf that a lot of people try to forget about as well.... Al Tanf is home to a massive "refugee" camp containing some 70000 refugees.... The US has been using these "refugees" as human shields to prevent the Syrians and Russians from attacking and bombing that position for the last several years... AND the Americans have been using that refugee camp as a source for manpower for a lot of their "ISIS" recruits as well.......

The  bottom line here is this: I really do hate being right about this one, for I called it many times before that everyone is so focused in on the sudden "withdrawal" from northeastern Syria, without looking at the maps and seeing the far more important and more strategic Al Tanf illegal US position in the south sticking out like a sore thumb and pointed directly into the heart of Syria..... With the US withdrawing in the north of Syria, more people should be paying more attention to the far more important position in the south centered around the base at Al Tanf!

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The Syrian War: It Is Curtains For The US (And Israel) In Syria, As Both Russia And Iran Owe Big Thanks To Turkish President Erdogan!

I have continued to follow the maps of the "Syrian Civil War" over these last few days, including both the advance of the Turkish forces along the northern Syrian border into northeastern Syria itself.... And I have watched the progression of the good guys, the Syrian Arab Army, as they are now back in possession of many key cities in northeastern Syria including Al Raqqa and Manjib..

But of course there have been a LOT of questions as to why the advance into northeastern Syria seems too well coordinated, when you consider that both the Syrian Arab Army have already had many "contact points" in northeastern Syria where their forces have indeed met but are not taking 'pot shots' at each other... That coordination shows that there is indeed a "master plan" being put into place in the entire region, and I cannot help but to think of the 1998 Adana "Security Accord" that was agreed upon by not only Iran, Turkey, and Russia, but also Syria itself, especially when it concerned Syria's territory and particularly the future of the Kurds.....

Penny, over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" ( has been following these actions in northeastern Syria more closely than even I have, and she has been hammering away with articles for the last while calling this latest Turkish action (invasion) into Syria as a well pre-planned step as part of the Adana Accords..... And she is so right in so many aspects, as the Turks are indeed coordinating their efforts against the Kurds in compliance with all three other parties involved in signing that Accord!  In fact, here is the link to an article that she posted up just the other day that discusses this action here:

Now, I do recommend that everyone pay attention to the following video put out by Youtube user "Nomadiceveryman" that gives some real truth as to why the Syrian Arab Army is now so easily able to retake so much of notheastern Syria and return it to the Syrian people.... And much of it is due to the efforts of the Turks themselves!  Here is that video:

I personally look at the Turkish attacks as a necessity to PREVENT the criminal Kurds, who stupidly sold their very souls to the devil itself known as the US/Israel, from attaining their criminal independent "Kurdistan" and therefore wreck havoc eventually across the entire region....  The Turks basically have had enough of the American lies about their criminal and ILLEGAL presence in northeastern Syria and finally took action themselves to put an end to the US/Israel desire to balkanize the entire area and basically destroy Syria itself!

Penny has in fact just put out a follow up report to the one above, where she has a report from a writer known as M K Bhadrakumar that lays it out that this is indeed now "curtains" for the entire evil plot by the US/Israel to have their "Kurdistan" in place to both destroy Syria and eventually to be used as a base against both Iran and Turkey... And once again we can thank Turkish President Erdogan for putting a stop now to this evil plot!  Here is the link to that report here:

NTS Notes: Needless to say, but at present the Jew spew media across America is screaming to high heaven that the US should never ever have "pulled out" of northeastern Syria... But the reality is that the US had absolutely NO business at all going in there and trying to establish a string of criminal and illegal "bases" that would only be used for the benefit of the Kurds who themselves would have made life miserable for Syria, Turkey, and even Iran.... This attack by the Turks to put an end to the madness has been long overdue and indeed was very long in planning and absolutely ok'ed by all the nations of the Adana Agreement involved....

The bottom line is this.... This action by Turkey will only benefit Syria and the Syrian people in the long run and will (hopefully) speed the reunification of Syria for the Syrian people... And instead of vilifying Erdogan for this action, we should be thanking him for helping this cause for good over evil...

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