Wednesday, May 12, 2021

THIS Is Absolutely Heartbreaking: Stupid Parents Almost Kill Their Child With The COVID KILL SHOT!

 I have become more and more increasingly alarmed these days, as the fucking pricks running our crooked governments and our fraud 'Health Care' systems are now pushing for EVERYONE to be injected with the deadly KILL SHOTS.... To me, this is maddening enough, but there is so much more at stake here now..

When I see reports stating that CHILDREN should receive these KILL SHOTS, just like adults, I just want to go absolutely ballistic... Children more than anyone else have NOT indicated any signs at all of even 'contracting' this phantom 'deadly virus' and every report that I have run across shows that deaths amongst children world-wide from this 'disease' has nearly amounted to zero.... But here we have the propaganda brainwashing out there in full force wanting STUPID parents to allow their own children to take these KILL SHOTS anyways!

Well, I was sent the link this morning to one of the most heartbreaking videos that anyone could ever see... This one is entitled: "Stupid Parents Almost Kill Their Child With A COVID Jab!!" and I have the link to that video right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Stupid Parents Almost Kill their Child with a Covid Jab!!!!! (

NTS Notes: Honestly, the stupid parents that have allowed this to happen to their son should be in jail for attempted murder...

Honestly, I almost cried myself when I watched this video... This young man's entire life is now destroyed and possibly permanently thanks to the sheer idiocy of his own RETARDED parents... 

And what can these parents do about the damage that they have done to their son?  Good luck in attempting to 'sue' the doctors and/or Pharmaceutical giants for this act of attempted murder, for these criminals are now unable to be put into court for the damage that they are doing and nobody can sue them at all for the damage that they are inflicting on humanity!

I do hope this one gets out to EVERYONE.... We should show ALL the dumb ass parents out there that are actually considering doing this to their own children what the consequences of their stupid action could be.... 

Children deserve to be children and should be allowed to grow up without being subjected to this horrendous damage, and we must do what is necessary to block any attempts in having them get these lethal injections into them by all means necessary.... 

More to come


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Social Conscience And Crumbling Consciousness

I have been a supporter of my colleague, John Kaminski, who lives in the 'mostly' free state called 'Florida' in the formerly free republic known as the 'United States' for a very long time now... John used to publish a LOT of articles over at his website at at one time not so long ago, but now he does his best to do at least ONE article published every week... And that is as expected, for the man is 75 years of age and has spent most of his life writing about the tyranny in our society.... I for one am just glad that he is able to continue to write at all!

I do have John's latest work, entitled: "Social Conscience And Crumbling Consciousness" right here in its entirety for my own readers to view.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Society falls apart when we lose
our connection with others

The puppetmasters say, “Why wait for tomorrow when we can have it all today?” As society crumbles, you begin to see what they have achieved.

Trouble is, ignoring the needs of tomorrow usually means tomorrow will never come. Or when it does — as it has today — you will not recognize it, even at this moment while most of the world remains locked away from each other in fear of a disease that has never been proven to exist.

Yet that is of no consequence to the preponderance of the malignant narcissists who dominate humanity, who make themselves rich at the cost of making others poor, mandating masks and lockdowns as holy relics of their fear.

As I have written before, the vaccine IS the disease!


I once made a big deal about the situation that existed at my last mainstream newspaper job by expressing my shock at a fact nobody usually notices about human personalities.

What a small percentage of human beings actually have a social conscience! They may have lip service, but they sure don’t have action. Most people don’t even know what action is. It is effort in support of a cause.

In five years on the news desk (1996-01) I saw only one person on the staff with a social conscience, and she was a temporary college intern whose idealism had not yet been hammered out of her by the corporate system.


I don’t know, Sherlock. Maybe we could all get used to this ‘take a paycheck to stay at home’ program. Most people can get used to sloth. Just look at the world. The only reason people work is so they can spend a tiny fraction of their time wallowing in their preferred brand of sloth.

Society falls apart when we lose our connection with others. That’s why the cynical engineers of society try so hard to break apart the family system, making it easier for them to gain control over the consciousness of individuals. Organized religion, even with all its faults, became a glue that held families together with its structure and inflexible prohibition of promiscuous sex, which has shattered every society it has dominated.

The big question about government paychecks is can everybody — or anybody? — be trusted to work for the common good once the pressure of having to produce a paycheck is removed from their to-do lists?

Or will this lucrative indolence devolve into purposeless forays into nonsense that further complicate contemporary consciousness into ever more frivolous endeavors?

One thing is certain. Society’s engineers have already deployed thousands of cul de sac occupations guaranteed to occupy your time forever so that you will never notice that in all your life you have never really asked the proper questions that will give you a shot at justifying your existence, if that has ever been a concern of yours.

As it is for anyone with a social conscience.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: I do agree with John that all of these lockdowns and 'restrictions' being imposed by the criminals running this scam-demic are indeed to collapse our families and to deprive us of connection to others...

And yes, the KILL SHOTS are the REAL 'disease'... The whole purpose of this entire scam-demic has been and continues to be the push for everyone to get that mRNA crap into their bodies, under the false notion that they are 'vaccines' and thus wipe out the majority of humanity in a mass culling.. The survivors of this massacre to become nothing but mindless drones that are no longer human, to serve the criminals running this scam, the worlds greatest hoax of all time..

And yes I have wondered too what will happen when most everyone is out of work and dependent on what our criminal governments give all of them a 'universal basic income' and cause them to lose their will to even work and be useful parts of our societies, and instead turn to nothing but 'sloth'.... Sadly, that day is coming rapidly upon us, and the powers that be will allow those who live in that environment to survive as long as they accept their slavery and of course the demands that they be 'vaccinated' on a regular basis... This to me is a future that I will fight against until my dying days...

More to come


The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, May 11th 2021: 328 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases And ZERO New Deaths? Lies, Lies, AND More Lies!

I want to begin today's report on the situation here in Manitoba, with a truly BOMBSHELL piece of information that was forwarded this morning to myself from a registered Nurse that has been working for years in Manitoba's very corrupt Health Care System... I first want to let everyone know that this brave person is NOT wanting her name given out at all cost as the information she provided to myself could cost her career and possibly threaten the lives of her own family... I therefore am keeping that personal information to myself to protect both her and her family..

Well, this Nurse informed me that I was indeed spot on in terms of the fraudulence of the PCR 'test' that is ABSOLUTELY not a valid 'test' at all due to the 'over-cycling' of the test samples.. But she said to me that these criminals were conducting their 'tests' by COMBINING anywhere from 8-10 of the samples to be tested TOGETHER for the 'test for the virus'... And she informed me that this 'batch testing' was standard practice and if ONE of those 8-10 samples 'tested positive' then these criminals would state that ALL 8-10 samples in that batch were positive as well!  Basically, if only '1' out of those batch test 'positive' then the whole batch is registered falsely as positive....

And yes, I have heard that this 'batch testing' has very possibly been going on for quite some time in many jurisdictions across Canada and elsewhere as well... And if this is true for Manitoba, then ALL of their 'cases numbers' that they have thrown out for the last year are absolutely AND TOTALLY false!

Well... Onto the other matter at hand, and that is an analysis of today's 'Official' Manitoba BULLSHIT COVID-19 'report' and I have the 'numbers game' from today's report for everyone to analyze for themselves right here:

(a) Now they are claiming '328' new FALSE POSITIVE cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises their overall very fraudulent 'cases count' for the entire nearly 60 full weeks of this stupidity to a grand total of '42779' cases.... But not only now we know that the PCR 'test' is a total fraud, but with this information coming out about them doing 'batch testing' of samples, then ALL of these 'numbers' here are a total sham....

(b)  Now they are claiming '154' active hospital cases of this fraud 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of ONLY '1'  active hospital case since yesterday's report of '153'.... And they are now claiming '48' out of those '154' active hospital cases are in the ICU wards across Manitoba as of today, which is the same '48' that were recorded in yesterday's report..

(c) Now they are claiming ZERO (!) new deaths that they can possibly attribute to this fraudulent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This leaves the overall 'death toll' for the nearly full 60 weeks time frame at a grand total of '997'.... But of course ALL of these 'deaths' so far were actually from OTHER underlying issues that each victim suffered from.

(d) Now they are claiming '37945' recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last nearly 60 full weeks of this massive fraud... This is an increase of '262' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '37683'....BUT as is always the case here, this 'recovered cases' number is now over '1100' short of what it actually should be as those '1100' are falsely being claimed as still 'active cases'..

(e) Now they are claiming '3837' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is an increase of '66' active cases from yesterday's report of '3771'... But not only is this number artificially inflated as shown in (d) above, but every one of these 'active cases' comes only through the 100% fraud PCR 'test' AND now is suspect due to the 'batch testing' strong possibility as well.. Therefore, NONE of these 'active cases' actually has this contagion at all, and should be listed as suspect at best...

(f) Now they are claiming '465' new fraud 'variant cases' since last SATURDAY'S report for all of Manitoba.. This raises their overall active 'variant cases' for right now in Manitoba to a grand total of '1810'... But since the PCR test is a total fraud, and they may be falsifying their numbers due to batch testing, then these variants are 100% frauds as well...

I for one am not even shocked any more by the horrible swindle these criminals are now doing to the citizens of this province.. If this 'batch testing' is proven right and I have found NOTHING to show otherwise, then ALL of their data is nothing but 100% frauds and these bastards should ALL be in jail for this horrendous crime right now...  But where the hell are the citizens here revolting against this outrage?  All I ever see these days are mutton brained sheep too stupid to even live let alone even consider resistance to this tyranny..

Well, Time again to tear their 'data' for today to smithereens.... And I will do my usual destruction of their 'numbers' right here as I always do in the same alphabetic order as shown above:

(a) Yes, this entire 'cases number' can now be thrown out the door, as they are getting these numbers only by batch testing of their samples and then using the fraud PCR amplification 'test' to get their fraud cases... I can therefore correctly state that ALL of these 'cases' are totally 100% invalid and absolutely false.... Therefore their '329' for today and their 42779' overall are absolutely lies and meaningless. Nobody here in Manitoba has ever had this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all, and we now have our proof.

(b) Since the hospital 'cases' were also derived from the fraud 'PCR test' and also from 'batch testing' then this number is 100% false.... Yes, of course there are ALWAYS patients in the hospitals, and many will have respiratory illnesses... But having this fraud called 'COVID-19'?  FORGET IT....ALL of those people sick in the hospitals right now have OTHER REAL illnesses... The other real crime here is how 'Manitoba Health' is now out there talking about our hospitals being 'overwhelmed' by FRAUD "COVID patients" but of course the 'deadly virus' is a total fraud, AND the hospitals still to this day remain basically ghost towns which is the same status they have had for the last 60 weeks...

(c) Really?  ZERO deaths?  So will someone PLEASE explain to me WHERE THE FUCK this 'third wave' is when there is NOBODY dying from this phantom contagion?  I honestly cannot figure out people any more when I point at this number alone and say to them that this PROVES that this entire scam-demic is a massive hoax...But the response I usually see are 'deer in headlights' with blank stares and still thinking that there is this 'deadly virus out there to get them all'.... Yes, the brainwashing is this intense now... And to this day I have found ZERO REAL DEATHS from this 'deadly virus' at all in all of the '997' that they are claiming for the last 60 weeks, as ALL of these '997' victims suffered and died from OTHER illnesses or diseases..

(d) The pattern of lies in this 'recovered cases' category is non-stop... This number is easily now over '1100' short of what it should be, as the criminals running this scam are so anxious to pump up the 'active cases' number by any means necessary for that number's 'fear factor' on gullible and stupid people... But since all of the 'cases' were derived by not only a fraud PCR test but by 'batch testing' which creates horrific distortion of data, then ALL of the 'cases' must be either listed as 'recovered' or as 100% false...

(e) The actual 'active cases' number if this was a 'real' disease, adjusted for those who belong in the recovered cases category, is actually around '2700' at most.... But since the 'test' to get this number is 100% false and now we have this batch testing going on, then ALL of these 'active cases' are 100% frauds, and NONE have this 'deadly virus' at all..... Yes, some are indeed 'sick' but once again it must be stated that these sick people have the wide range of OTHER REAL diseases that are out there all the time.

(f) As expected.. More fear mongering with these fraud 'variants'... And they will just throw more and more fraud 'variants' out there continuously just as a weapon of fear on the gullible in this province...But since the 'deadly virus' is a massive fraud and illusion, then these 'new variants' are frauds and illusions as well... And the 'batch testing' also throws all of these 'variant' cases to hell as well.

I continue to just marvel at the consistency of lies and more lies that these pricks running this scam continue to do to the people of this province.. But now that they may have indeed been using 'batch testing' methods to prop up their entire 'numbers', if that evidence is factual and I see NO reason at all for it to be false, then these pricks truly are this EVIL and have been pushing their lockdowns and restrictions out there purposely to destroy the lives of the citizens of this province..

Well, if this batch testing is true, then you can take their '328 cases' for today, and easily state that since only 1/8 at best may be 'false positive' then that '328' becomes only around '41'... And therefore it makes sense from a propaganda perspective to throw '328' in our faces rather than '41' which would have PLENTY of people in this province screaming to high heaven that we should not be in 'lockdowns' at all!  But throw in the fact that the PCR 'test' generates 100% false positives, then that '41' falls to ZERO in a hurry....

Yes, the lies are now fully exposed.. And yet even today I see reports about more and more fools, morons, and retards, going out to get their KILL SHOTS into their bodies as quickly as they can.... And when I run into so many people these days, they are all smiles and excited as they say "I am free now! I just got my COVID shots!".... Yes, this is the sick mentality of people these days, definitely... Just wait another 6 months down the road as most will be sick and dying, and I will bet their smiles will be wiped off their faces...

But this entire sick and twisted game has always been about the KILL SHOTS, and the criminals' wanting to 'cull' approximately 90% of the world's population via their lethal injections... THIS is why I am out there combatting this genocide against humanity, and why I continue to call for ALL of these criminals involved in this act of cold blooded murder to be put into court and then summarily executed for their parts in this genocide... The justice MUST fit the crime....

More to come


COVID KILL SHOTS (Always remember that these are NOT 'vaccines' at all) Can Worsen Disease; Mainstream Study, Not On The "Evening News"!

I am continuing to receive one heck of a lot of great information from so many readers and supporters, and I once again do want to thank them for their own work and efforts, as well as continuing to keep me 'in the loop' on material that I have been using at this blog as weapons against this entire scam-demic and to alert readers to the real dangers we face from this crime against all humanity...

Well, once again I want to turn to author Jon Rappoport, who writes his articles over at "No More Fake News" at Jon's latest article is entitled; "COVID Vaccine Can Worsen Disease; Mainstream Study; Not On The Evening News" and does present some more damning evidence on what these KILL SHOTS are doing to the suckers stupid enough to take them into their bodies... Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID vaccine can worsen disease; mainstream study; not on the evening news

by Jon Rappoport

May 11, 2021

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“COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.”

Feel free to take THAT to a doctor.

This quote appears in an October 2020 study, published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice. The title of the study: “Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease.”

The two authors are Timothy Cardozo and Ronald Veazy. Cardozo’s affiliation is listed as “Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, NYU Langone Health, New York, NY, USA.” Veazy’s affiliation is “Division of Comparative Pathology, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine, Tulane National Primate Research Center, Covington, LA, USA.”

The study declares that volunteers in COVID vaccine clinical trials and people who receive the vaccine after clinical trials—meaning now—should be informed there is a risk of “more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.”

So that’s what I’m doing.

Have you heard of anyone about to receive the vaccine being INFORMED that they’re at risk—that they’re liable to become more seriously ill than if they refused the shot?

Of course not. Politicians, news people, and other idiots simply take the word “vaccine” and push it like a street dealer pushes heroin.

Consent given by the patient, after being truly informed, is a bedrock medical responsibility.

The claim that a declared crisis overrides a person’s need to understand what is being done to him is a criminal claim.

Looking at how the COVID vaccination campaign is being conducted, anyone can see informed consent is being violated to its core.

Manufactured hysteria is not an acceptable substitute for moral duty.

Modern-day fascists believe that “ten thousand bloviating Faucis” declaring the vaccine is absolutely safe and effective is actual science.

Months ago, I wrote a piece that fits nicely with this article. Based on a New York Times op ed by Peter Doshi and Eric Topol—the clinical trials of the COVID vaccine conducted by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna were designed to prove nothing more than:

The vaccine could prevent a cough, or chills and fever (diagnosed as COVID-19).

That’s right.

Now follow this. The vaccine makers were waiting for the SARS-CoV-2 virus to descend on some volunteers during the clinical trials.

But since the volunteers were healthy, how long would it take for “serious cases of COVID”—pneumonia—to show up? Three years? Ten years? Never?

The vaccine makers certainly weren’t going to wait. No, they were going to stop the clinical trial when 150 of the 30,000 volunteers were diagnosed with “mild COVID”—a cough, or chills and fever.

Then they were going to see how many people who actually got the vaccine vs. how many people who got a saltwater placebo shot received a COVID-19 diagnosis.

THAT was the essence of the clinical trial.

Of course, all three vaccine makers claimed that far more people in the placebo group were diagnosed with COVID—thus “proving” the vaccine was effective.

Effective at preventing “a mild case of COVID”—a cough, or chills and fever—both of which cure themselves naturally, without the need for a vaccine.

There’s your vaccine science.

A show for buffoons.

So now, as vaccine-caused deaths escalate daily, this destructive genetic shot is being given to people all over the world. There is no authentic informed consent that spells out the incredible danger. And the vaccine was never meant to prevent more than a cold or mild flu.

Yet you’re supposed to develop a suicidal impulse, take the shot, and earn your vaccine passport or virtue-signaling immunity bracelet or microchip so you can enlist in the Brave New World.



NTS Notes: Honestly.. What more do people need to see that they should never ever take these lethal injections into their bodies..

And yes, I have been following so many other articles, blogs, and other websites, that have now been reporting that these so called 'cures' that the liars are proclaiming as their means of combatting this non-existent 'deadly virus' are indeed FAR worse than the phantom 'disease' itself....

And the real horror is reading all of the information about the wide range of autoimmune disorders that are suddenly propping "out of nowhere" and hitting nearly everyone that has taken these KILL SHOTS into their bodies...But it makes sense, as the evidence shows that these KILL SHOTS actually suppress our bodies' immune systems tremendously besides introducing those autoimmune disorders at the same time..

Thus with weakened immune systems, how will the bodies of those that have taken this crap into their bodies suddenly react when they come into contact with common illnesses like REAL influenza or even the common cold?  I have said that in some cases, they will be unable to react and those common illnesses that we usually shrug off after a few days at most will be much harsher and could even kill them....

The evidence just keeps piling up against these deadly KILL SHOTS... Therefore once again I am at a loss as to HOW anyone with real intelligence would ever want to have this shit in them at all?  But it only leads me to my common statement that you simply cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try.

More to come


Monday, May 10, 2021

This Is Scary: Magnetic Particles Injected Into Human Bodies Via Pfizer KILL SHOTS? Turning Humans Into Cyborgs?

As a man who understands real science, I have always had a real kick out of watching old 'Science Fiction" shows such as every series of the "Star Trek" franchise... But I was always intrigued by what that series claimed were the ULTIMATE ''bad guys' known as the 'Borg'..... 

For those who are not yet aware of the fictional 'Borg' they are in the 'Star Trek Universe' a cybernetic meshing between humanoid life and machines... Basically they are all cyborgs that were part machine and part humanoid... They communicate together by a cybernetic neurological link to 'one mind' and therefore with no independent thoughts or individuality at all... They served a Queen and in most cases were nothing more than "Borg drones"... Their sole purpose, so it seemed, was to ' assimilate' all life forms that possessed technology that they could use, via injecting their intended targets with microscopic robots called 'NANOBOTS' to perform the assimilation of their victims, and in almost all cases turn those who were 'assimilated' into drones as well... According to the Star Trek "Universe" they occupied and controlled a wide swath of the 'Delta Quadrant" which was directly opposite to the quadrant containing 'Earth and the United Federation of Planets' in the Milky Way galaxy (Beta and Gamma Quadrants next to ours..).... They were considered the ultimate enemy of all mankind and the entire 'Federation' as their goal was to assimilate and control it all!

Yes, that is only 'science fiction' and were the creation of some great Star Trek writers starting in 1989... But again that is 'fiction' right?  And we could not be witnessing such a horrible idea that humans could be turned into 'cyborgs' right?

 Well... Apparently that could be EXACTLY what we are seeing happen with these KILL SHOTS right now.. For I want to present the following important report that comes from Jim Stone, through his website at, where apparently strong evidence is now out that at least the Pfizer 'KILL SHOTS' contain magnetic material that is being injected into those stupid enough to accept their poisons into their bodies... Here is that article:

Covid jab CONFIRMED: Magnets stick to a fresh covid jab.

When you don't get the saline that is.


The Pfizer jab does indeed make a magnet stick to people's arms where they got the shot.

I have now confirmed the shot probably contains nanobots, because you are supposed to wait 6 - 10 WEEKS after the shot before you get a MRI most likely because the nanobots have to disperse or the MRI will rip your arm apart. PROOF OF THIS IS RIGHT BELOW THE VIDEO. IT IS NOT BULLSHIT.

That's a strong attraction. How's that going to work in an MRI???


And here is Jim's follow up report from just a short while ago, today, right here:

To my surprise, a lot of people are having a hard time believing the following post about magnets sticking to a fresh covid injection. However, if you're not supposed to get an MRI for 6-10 weeks after the shot, I beg to question why not? WHY NOT?? Answer: Because you can't put magnetic materials into an MRI, and the shot needs to totally disperse, because it is indeed magnetic. And how would it be magnetic? Nanobots, obviously.

(Really inexperienced) and/or stupid people or outright trolls (and I'll pull no punches this time) are also saying there's no way this could work because the shot is a liquid and "anything in it would be too small to develop magnetic attraction". That's total horse sh*t, have people really forgotten ferrofluid? You know - that magnetic liquid used to cool the voice coils of high performance speakers? That's not an obscure topic for ANYONE who has an ounce of tech sense. THERE IS YOUR MAGNETIC COVID SHOT, RIGHT THERE. It's obviously not the classic ferrofluid in the shot, but there's absolutely nothing stopping it from acting exactly the same way. I had such speakers in the 90's and the ferrofluid was completely clear. I discovered this when I had to change the tweeter diaphragms. It was like a totally clear oil. I believe this woman's video is legit 100 percent and am not one bit stupid. Hell yes there's a way this could be real. There has to be a reason why you should avoid MRI's for a period of time after the shot, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT REASON? Easy answer: You can't go into the world's most powerful magnetic medical equipment with a magnetic substance in you unless that substance is totally dispersed. It would rip that woman's arm apart if she went into an MRI like that. WATCH THE VIDEO.

NTS Notes: Many may not realize that 'nanobot' technology has been in the works now for decades, and therefore I am NOT going to easily dismiss the thought that Jim presents in this article as being 'far fetched'.. 

We must also realize that the technology for those nanobots to possibly get into our brains is through "HYDROGEL" which has been discussed in great details by Doctor Carrie Madej in a  long list of videos in which she has been interviewed.... People should listen and heed what she is stating...

AND this all be the reason why there has been such a 'rush' to install 5G telecommunications around the world over the last while... The 5G system may in fact be how the criminal monsters will 'switch on' the nano-bots that are now in so many idiots' minds thanks to these lethal injections, and will be used as a means of controlling them!

Yes, many may look at some of these ideas as 'science fiction' and I too have looked at some of these as maybe in that realm.....BUT with the tremendous advancements in micro-technology over the last decade alone, many may indeed be scratching their heads and saying 'hey, maybe there is something to all this?'...

I for one do not ever want to be turned into a human cyborg, and this is just another reason besides the hundreds of others why I will NEVER take their KILL SHOTS into my body... 

The famous statement by the 'Borg' was 'We are the Borg... You will be assimilated... Resistance is futile', but to me more than ever RESISTANCE to this horrendous crime against humanity is a must and is absolutely NOT futile at all.

More to come



COVID-19 Kill Shot (Not "Vaccines" At All) Deaths: The Numbers Point To A Catastrophe

 I have periodically gone over to read the details in the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports that have shown since the beginning of this year alone, some 4000+ deaths have occurred from these deadly kill shots in the United States... That figure alone shows conclusively that these mRNA KILL SHOTS have actually killed MORE people this year alone than the last 10 years of the VAERS reports on vaccine deaths during that time frame combined... To me, this is a travesty especially when we consider the FACT that 'VAERS' only gets about 5% at best of the actual numbers of deaths!  That means just in the United States we have at least 75000 (most probably a lot more) deaths that have happened so far from these concoctions that are NOT 'vaccines' at all which is IMHO a disaster... 

I want to present the following report that comes from Jon Rappoport's blog at 'No More Fake News' ( that is entitled: "COVID Vaccine Deaths: The Numbers Point To A Catastrophe", where Jon covers this VAERS catastrophe in great detail... I have that article right here for everyone to read for themselves right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID vaccine deaths: the numbers point to a catastrophe

by Jon Rappoport

May 10, 2021

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A new May 4 report by independent researcher, Virginia Stoner, reveals US vaccine-death figures. The report is titled, “The Deadly Covid-19 Vaccine Coverup.”

Stoner uses the US government’s own numbers.

Here are key quotes from her report:

“There has been a massive increase in deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) this year. That’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that’s an indisputable fact.”

“We’re talking about a huge and unprecedented increase—so massive that in the last 4 months alone, VAERS has received over 40% of all death reports it has ever received in its entire 30+year history.”

“The increase in VAERS death reports is not due to more vaccination.”

“Most recently, the death count went from 2794 on April 5, to 3005 on April 12, to 3848 on April 26….1054 deaths in 21 days.”

“One hypothesis…is that the elderly and infirm, many in long-term care facilities, were the first to be targeted by the COVID-19 vaccine campaign, and they are much more likely to die coincidentally. These coincidental deaths then lead to an increase in suspected vaccine-induced deaths reported to VAERS.”

“VAERS data just does not support that hypothesis. First, because all age groups—not just seniors—had a dramatic increase in VAERS death reports from COVID-19 vaccines…Across the board, all age groups experienced a dramatic increase in deaths reported to VAERS from the COVID-19 shots—even the under 18 group, which has had very few COVID-19 shots (so far).”

Stoner constructs a chart showing reported deaths from vaccinations in years prior to COVID, and deaths reported so far from COVID vaccines.

For prior years, we’re talking about roughly 100 deaths a year from somewhere between 250 million and 350 million vaccines administered. On the other hand, we’re talking about 3800 deaths from about 150 million COVID shots—not in a full year; in only four months.

The experts would say neither death figure (100 or 3800) is alarming, given the huge number of vaccines administered. But this is a deception.

Over the years, much has been written (even in the mainstream) about what sits behind REPORTED vaccine injuries and deaths. Estimates of TRUE injury numbers range from 10 to 100 times greater than the reported figures.

3800 reported deaths from COVID vaccines would skyrocket when you estimated the true figure.

As Stoner points out in her report, public health officials, in Orwellian fashion, keep repeating, “The vaccine is safe and effective.” A straightforward analysis of their own numbers completely contradicts their stance.

Likewise, the mainstream press, politicians, corporations, and celebrities are on an all-out push to convince the public that the vaccine is a) necessary and b) a marvel, if only the “hesitant” people would “follow the science” and see the light.

Well, some cults are small; that one is huge.

Virginia Stoner’s report is a stark refutation of the conspiracy theory the cult is promoting.

When the entire population is being subjected to a vast experiment deploying a never-before-released RNA technology; when the shot in the arm is actually a genetic treatment; when the entire field of genetic research is riddled with pretense and lies and alarming miscalculations, leading to ripple effects in overall genetic structures; what else would you expect?

You would expect exactly what Stoner’s report shows and implies. The COVID vaccine is a building disaster.

NTS Notes: Yes, this is indeed a catastrophe... And it is one that the lying whore media has purposely neglected to have in ANY reports anywhere.... Apparently this only proves that these freaks that are shooting people up with their death jabs purposely want to keep everyone that they can 'in the dark' as to truly how dangerous and deadly their concoctions really are..

And about what the situation is up here in Canada?  Well, I do have to give kudos to my fellow great Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who of course hails from the insanity of southern Ontario and writes the excellent blog 'Penny For Your Thoughts' at, for following closely the 'VAERS' data for Canada, and has filed weekly updates on the situation here... In fact here is the link to Penny's last report about this travesty in Canada right here:

If you do understand that Canada has approximately 1/9th the population of the United States, the numbers are pretty much proportional to what we are seeing happening in America...And of course just like the VAERS data for America, Canada's toll is most probably only about 5% of the actual real death figure.

Yes no matter how you look at it, this is a catastrophe... But again trying to reach those who are hell bent on taking these lethal injections into their bodies these days with this truth is like pulling teeth... The brainwashing by the lies of this entire scam-demic pushed by the lying whore media and our own criminal governments is truly this powerful.

More to come


The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Monday, May 10th 2021: And Again, Seriously? 498 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 4 Deaths NOT From This Contagion - When Will People Wake Up?

 It continues to be a most interesting time here in what I call "COVID-land central" or what used to be the free province of Manitoba in what used to be the free nation called 'Canada'... But these days all I see is increasing TYRANNY as people are being forced to 'lockdown' to new levels of insanity imposed by the criminals in charge... But to me the real sad part in all this is how the dumb ass sheep out there just bend over and take all of this with nearly ZERO resistance!  We can only conclude here that the propaganda and brainwashing of the masses has been way too successful...

OK, I just got today's 'Official' Manitoba COVID-19 report that was issued a short while ago by the consummate liars running this scam-demic here in Manitoba... And once again they are generating a heck of a lot of FALSE POSITIVE cases via wrongly using the PCR amplification tool as a 'diagnostic' tool instead... That, and oncea again we see FOUR new 'deaths' that are NOT even due to this phantom 'deadly virus' at all... Which begs the question as to WHY we are all having our lives permanently destroyed when this 'contagion' is not only a pure phantom, but NOBODY is actually dying from this 'deadly virus' at all??

Well.. Lets get onto the business at hand, as I have their 'numbers game' once again from their bullshit daily report... And I have those 'numbers' broken down right here in alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '498' FALSE POSITIVE cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.. This raises their horrifically flawed and 100% false 'cases count' for the nearly 59.5 weeks of this stupidity to a grand total of '42453'..... But once again it must be stated that their 'test' is a total sham and was never intended to be used as a disease 'diagnostic' tool for determining pathogens of any kind... Thus EVERY case they throw out is indeed nothing but 'false positives' and 100% meaningless..

(b) Now they are claiming '153' active hospital cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of '4' active hospital cases since yesterday's report of '149' active cases.. And they are are now claiming '48' of those '153' active hospital cases in the ICU units in all of Manitoba's hospitals.  This is an increase of '6' ICU cases from yesterday's total of '42'...

(c) Now they are claiming '4' new deaths over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba from this phantom 'deadly virus'... This raises the overall death toll for the entire 59.5 weeks to a grand total of '997'... BUT as is always the case, all FOUR of these latest deaths ALL had severe underlying health issues that were the actual case of all of their deaths... 

(d) Now they are claiming '37683' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba for the entire 59.5 weeks time frame.. This is an increase of '222' recovered cases since yesterday's report of '37461'... BUT once again this recovered cases 'number' is about '1000+' short of what it should be as those '1000' are being wrongly classified as 'positive'...

(e) Now they are claiming '3771' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of '272' active cases since yesterday's report of '3499'... And other than what is shown in (d) this number is 100% inaccurate and meaningless as ALL of these 'active cases' came SOLELY through the fraud PCR 'test' that is NOT A VALID TEST AT ALL... Therefore as I have stated here many times, these criminals can only claim these 'active cases' to be suspect....

(f) Another day off once again for these 'deadly variants' that are as much phantoms as the 'deadly virus' itself... My, what a polite 'deadly virus' that it takes weekends off for good behaviour!  But their fraud report here will be back tomorrow, and especially with their phoney 'India variant' making its rounds..

The pattern remains the same... Crank up the fraud and 100% inaccurate PCR cycles of amplification to generate a heck of a lot of 'false positives' as usual... But that is meaningless indeed as NOBOBY continues to die at all from this contagion... And yes, they are also cranking up the hospital cases. But of course since ALL of the hospital cases come also through the fraud PCR testing, then those case numbers are also invalid and meaningless.... And the citizens of this province just swallow all of these lies again and again with nearly zero resistance!

Well, time again to rip and tear their 'numbers game' apart even further to expose more of their lies... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:

(a) As I have said many times already, this entire fraud is driven by 'cases', 'cases', and even more 'cases'... But when the 'test' is a total fraud, what do we have?  NOTHING... Absolutely NOTHING.. ALL of their 'cases' in fact for the last nearly 14 months of this stupidity are nothing but phantoms and are NOT even positive for any contagion at all... It is therefore a fact that there has never been ONE single valid case of this 'deadly virus' for the entire 59+ weeks since these assholes in charge launched this fraud here in Manitoba, and I will state that there never will be.

(b) As shown in (a), these hospital 'cases' numbers are also phantoms as they have also been derived solely from the FRAUD PCR 'test' that is useless for determining a contagion.... Thus those in the hospitals right now here in Manitoba should not be for this contagion at all as it simply does not exist.. Yes, people are sick in the hospitals, but that happens all the time and what they are sick from are other REAL contagions and not this fraud called 'COVID-19'.... But of course they have to keep throwing a few suckers into the hospitals all the time just for the need to make this 'third wave' garbage look valid, especially for the propaganda generated by the lying media whores..

(c) Once again.. Nobody is actually dying DIRECTLY from this 'deadly virus' as the 'virus' remains a phantom to this day.... But these criminals just love throwing out the term 'CO-morbidities' meaning of course that they may have died from something else but that each victim supposedly had this COVID-19 crap in them to boot.... And in fact this is the exact case for every one of the '997' supposed 'victims' of this phantom 'deadly virus' for the last 59.5 weeks here in Manitoba... Therefore when people ask if ANYONE has actually died from this 'deadly virus', the answer is always ZERO!

(d) The shortfall in terms of the actual number of recovered cases of this phantom illness continues to creep up slowly... This number is now about '1100' short of what it actually should be as those are definitely being falsely classified as still 'active'..... And yes, this is medical tyranny and falsification of medical data which is indeed a felony....Good luck though in having these criminals charged for this crime, as THEY are the government and the ones running this whole scam-demic...

(e) The actual 'active cases' number that they can actually justify is around '2600' if there actually is a real contagion out there.. But since the contagion is 100% a fraud and these 'active cases' are derived ONLY through the fraud PCR 'test' that is not a valid 'test' at all, then none of these 'active cases' have this COVID-19 crap at all... Once again I must remind everyone that of course people do get sick, but what they are sick from is NOT this phantom 'deadly virus' at all, but from other REAL illnesses or diseases out there..

(f) What more can I say about these fraud 'variants'?  It must be stated here clearly that since the 'deadly virus' is 100% a fraud and a phantom, then these 'variants' are frauds and phantoms as well... But remember that this entire fraud scam-demic is now being driven entirely by these fraud 'variants' and the criminals will use this tool on all of the morons in this province as most will believe them to be real and 'deadly '..

Yes, I have to keep asking where in the fuck is the resistance to all this here in my province of Manitoba?  This province used to be noted as being a hotbed for protests and marches, as shown in the history of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike... But not any more, as all I see are a bunch of pussies and spineless jellyfish that are unwilling to do anything to stop this  tyranny.... Yes, as I said above, apparently the brainwashing and propaganda has done its job too well....

And we are now seeing the irreparable damage already beginning thanks to this '3rd lockdown' bullshit as small businesses are all screaming to high heaven that they cannot possibly survive this latest 'round' and most will have finally said "I have had it" and will shut down permanently... All this because of this massive lie and how the Pallister regime is purposely destroying this province without any conscience.. I sure wonder how he and that heinous Brent Roussin can sleep at night knowing they have failed the citizens of this province by lying their asses off and furthering this massive fraud.

And yes, the sole purpose of continuing this fraud is to get EVERYONE here in Manitoba to be 'good citizens' and ' obey  their health experts' to go out and accept the KILL SHOTS into their bodies... This is and always has been to me the most heinous act of outright murder ever conducted by these liars  in all of our history...

We therefore must never forget about how these criminals fucked us all up royally ... If the people ever do wake the fuck up and take these pricks down, which they must do in any hope of saving this province and its citizens, then every one of  these pricks responsible must be put on trial for this massive act of cold blooded murder via lethal injections and get the proper sentence for this crime which is the death penalty for all of them.... There can be NO other justice for genocide, period..

More to come