Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Blogger Censorship At It Again: Aangirfan's Site Has Been Taken Down!

Those who have been following this website for a long time know are fully aware of how I have endured the criminal "censorship" conducted by the criminals behind "Blogger" and have had this blog site taken down twice over the last 3 years.... The last time was actually just a few months back when they took me down claiming that I was "in violation of their standards".... Which of course in reality means that my exposing the truth about the psychotic criminal Jewish elite that wants to enslave us all was too much for those bastards... Since that time, I have been forced to be "careful" as to what I post due to the fact that it may piss off those bastards and I may be banned permanently...

Well, I was just alerted this morning from the "Crimes Of Empire" website, at www.crimesofempire.com, that apparently I am not the only one that has faced the 'ban hammer' of the Jewish freaks, for apparently a great fellow truth seeker, Aangirfan, has now had his/her website taken down!   Yes, if you go to www.aanirfan.blogspot.com, you get the message that "Blog has been removed"..... First, here is the article from Crimes Of Empire discussing this most disgusting action by these criminals, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Aangirfan Removed.

Frits Salomonson (left) and Prince Claus, this image is from the final piece on the original Aangirfan site, 2004-2014. (Source)
The new Aangirfan front page.

Aangirfan Removed.
November 13th, 2018.
I was very disappointed to click on the bookmark last night and discover that the prolific and popular Aangirfan website has completely disappeared.
The cause of this is unclear but given the dedication of the writers on this site and the volume of work they publish, it is inconceivable that the authors have removed the site of their own volition.
As it stands, four and a half years of work, comprising thousands of articles on a huge variety of topics are no longer there.
The current site started in April 2014 after the previous site aangirfan.com became inoperable, the writers stating that they could no longer access the account.
That site, started in late 2004 is still online unlike its successor.
In April 2014 when the writer/s of Aangirfan were locked out of that ten-year site, they immediately started posting on the new site. I don’t think they missed a day so it is highly likely that they will start a new site in the near future if they are unable to have the 2014-2018 site restored.
Aangirfan is a great site and one that  I and many others owe them a lot so presuming that the original second site cannot be restored, the purpose of this piece is to gather and disseminate the new address they are posting under.
Hopefully larger sites will perform this task, but they may not, so I would be immensely gratified if anyone comes across any information about the new site for Aangirfan, please leave the web address in the comments and I will  give a link to the new site.
Happily others have noticed this unhappy turn of events. Thanks to Henry Makow for providing brabantian a platform to lament this event.

NTS Notes:  I will hope that this is only "temporary" and that Aangirfan tries to request that his/her site be restored... But knowing what I went through, we may not see Aangirfan's site restored before a week's time, or it may be removed permanently..

I have always enjoyed going over to Aangirfan's site for the information they presented was fabulous and give some great insight into a lot of current affairs and especially the fraud shootings that have been happening all across the planet.... It would indeed be a shame that all of that research material is now permanently lost.....

More to come


*Update November 13th, 2018: Someone just sent me a link to where Aangirfan is operating now, and independent of the censorship at Google Blogger... He/she is now over at Tumblr.... Here is the link:


Honestly, If Blogger ever tries to censor me, I will probably go either to Wordpress or to Tumblr myself...

Monday, November 12, 2018

The American Awakening Podcast From Saturday, November 10th, 2018: A Lie Is A Lie , No Matter Who Tells It!

I want to present the latest podcast by Michael Herzog, who of course writes the excellent blog "The American Awakening" at www.theamericanawakening.org, right here for my own readers to listen to for themselves... It is entitled: "A Lie Is A Lie, No Matter Who Tells It" and is a continuing of Michael's previous works covering REAL history and not the BS we have suffered from for so many years from our so called "History books".... Here is that podcast, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Listen to "Part 7 - A lie is a lie, no matter who tells it" on Spreaker.

NTS Notes: I have covered much of what Michael presents here in so many previous articles at this blog.... The facts he presents are very true and very factual...

Yes, what we have been told and what we have been brainwashed for years about the second World War is absolutely nothing but blatant lies.... The facts are of course that the "victors" write the "history" and use those writings to cover up for their atrocities..... The fact that a real holocaust occurred to the German people in the last days of the second World War and shortly afterwards has been most meticulously stripped out of our "history books" and done purposely... For if the truth was told, there would be hell to pay...

I will continue with Michael's podcasts in future articles here at this blog... It will be interesting to hear what Michael has to cover in regards to the Jewish "holocaust" of the second World War over the next two podcasts.... As I do live in Canada and cannot personally comment on what I know about that so called "genocide" of the second World War, I will only post the material that Michael presents and leave it up to readers to decide for themselves as to the accuracy of what we have been told about that "event"....  Stay tuned, for it will make for some most interesting listening come later this week!

More to come


The Forgotten War In Yemen: US Pentagon Launched New Classified Operation To Support Saudi Coalition To Commit Genocide In Yemen!

I have been watching the events that are unfolding in the "forgotten war" in Yemen over these last few days with great interest... Right now, while most Americans are being inundated with the continuing BS of their fraud "mid term selection" process and are having their heads filled with other fluff thanks to the evil machinations of their Jew spew media, there is indeed a mass genocide taking place in Yemen...

The criminal US supported "coalition" of pure evil, run by the most evil Saudi regime, is in a heated battle with the Yemeni civilian supported Houthi forces at the Red Sea port city of Al Hudaydah.... If that port city does fall into evil Saudi hands, then the trickle of humanitarian aid supplies that have been able to reach the starving Yemeni civilians will be cut off and we could be seeing a famine and genocide of millions of innocent people... And yes, the US is absolutely complicit in this attack as they have supplied both the weapons and the logistics for the Saudi "coalition" to succeed....

We have seen over the last while all of the reports coming out from the Jew spew media about the US government stating that they want to see a "halt" to this Saudi operation... Many are stating that this shows that the US government actually "cares" about what happens to the civilians in Yemen and may be actually working to prevent a genocide of the Yemen civilians.... I saw all of these reports and being the pessimist I am, doubted the American government's intentions and thought that this was only a PR stunt, as the reality is the US is in bed with the Saudi regime and has continued to supply these monsters with the weapons and logistics to continue to kill innocent Yemen civilians..

Well, it does appear that I am indeed right in seeing what the real intentions are of the criminals in the US government in regards to the war in Yemen... For according to this report, from the Yahoo News website, at www.yahoo.com, apparently the US Pentagon launched a new classified operation, earlier this year, to support the Saudi coalition of evil in their war to destroy Yemen and genocide the entire population!  Here is the link to that report here for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this report?  The reality is, as I have stated many times, the US is absolutely in bed with the criminal Saudi regime and will do everything to support that regime including giving them everything possible to defeat and destroy Yemen... The US government therefore does not give one crap about the Yemen civilians that are being murdered and suffering from the Saudi/US caused famine.... Millions of innocent Yemen civilians will be the cost of this "support" which in the bigger picture is indeed a war crime!

There it is readers... Read it and weep.... As the US government now goes into their PR mode to  try to spin the war in Yemen in such a way to claim that they want to see the Saudi atrocities stopped, they made deals earlier this year to absolutely support the Saudi regime as it does these killings... Does the term "Hypocrisy" come to mind here?

The other hypocrisy that I have been seeing over the last while is where the US State Department has had the nerve to state that the war in Yemen is targeting Iran, with the outlandish and BS claim that the "Iranians" are supporting the Houthis, and therefore in the sick and twisted mentality of the US government, that makes the Houthis "terrorists"!   I can easily see that the US government will now claim that the destruction of the Houthis and the Yemen civilians is now part of their fraud 'war on terror' and therefore giving justification to the murder of millions of innocent people!

I for one am sickened by what I have been reading really happen in Yemen.... I have called this the "forgotten war" for the fact that the Jew spew media has done their damn worse over the last few years to refuse to report on this war and the mass murdering being done by the Saudi regime.... The truth must get out and everyone should be up in arms about this war that will see millions slaughtered or starved to death.....

More to come


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Sunday... And time again for my weekly rant..

I first want to start off by stating that it is fucking freezing cold up here in central Canada, and yes this is 'unusual' for this time of year and flies in the faces of those idiots out there that are still on board with the "Global Warming" bullshit.... Overnight lows have plummeted to a near record -25C and daytime highs are barely reaching the -10 to -15 Celsius level... And no, there is no "relief in sight" for the temperatures here are expecting to continue this downward plunge for the time being... It is going to be one heck of a fucking cold November and I cringe as to what will be coming this December and the rest of this winter....This is a REAL indication that the world is indeed entering a cold span and absolutely shows that there is NO fucking man caused Global Warming!   It also should be a wake up call for all Canadians as Justin Trudeau and his morons in Ottawa can take their "carbon taxation" and shove it up their collective asses!

OK... Today of course marks the 100th anniversary of the surrender of German forces at the end of World War I "The Great War" as they signed the "armistice"..... This is the day that Canada and much of the UK Commonwealth has marked off as a day of remembrance for those who fought not only in the "Great War" but World War II, the Boer War, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, and those other Rothschild controlled UN conflicts as so called "peace keepers".....

I for one am NOT here to slur or to take shots at those veterans who fought so bravely for what they believed was a "just" cause... Many of those soldiers fell for the propaganda at the time and believed that they were indeed fighting "on the right side" in these conflicts, and I will give them credit as well as honour their sacrifices.... However, I am in this for the truth and to state that in almost all of these conflicts, these men fought for absolutely the wrong cause and on the wrong side... They were sacrificed for the criminal Jewish banking maniacs who both caused and financed almost all of these conflicts....

Being a man who has studied and knows real history and not the BS that our so called "history books" continue to promote as pure propaganda, I have written already several key articles at this blog over the last decade explaining WHY the so called 'Great War' was fought and how that conflict was used to not only attempt the Jewish criminal elite's first attempt at a "One world government" under the disguise of the "League of Nations" but was also fought primarily to pave the way for the creation of the psychotic state of Israel with the imposition of the most diabolical Balfour Declaration that gave the region of Palestine illegally to the Rothschild banking cartel for them to eventually set up that criminal state....Some +30 Million soldiers and civilians were sacrificed in that conflict to also tear Europe apart, allow the deaths of millions of innocent white Gentiles, and to foment the creation of the Bolshevik revolution that seized the Russian Empire that eventually led to the bloodbath of some 60 million Russians dying at the hands of these Jewish monsters after the war....

The only real victors in that conflict were of course the Jewish bankers who made BILLIONS of dollars financing both sides in the conflict, plunging the world into debt enslavement, while making out like bandits from the profits as well as getting Palestine for their eventual criminal base of world wide operations... But of course they were not satisfied, for 21 years later they caused World War II to destroy Germany, make even more profits from financing the war economies, as well as to get their state of Israel off and running.. Wars are indeed 'banker's wars" or what should be properly called "Jewish banker's wars"....

Well... I am not in the least bit surprised from what I have been finding so far with this recent "shooting" at that country bar called "Borderline" in some hick town called Thousand Oaks, California.... Every time I have been able to stomach looking at the Jew spew media reports about this "shooting" over these last few days has me more and more crying foul.... The so called "media reporters" who are themselves nothing but two bit liars have been pushing the obvious crisis actors onto the Talmudvision screens, having them cry on cue about the US now must have "gun controls" in place.... I have been watching these ass clowns as they seem to be reading the same scripts and rather than showing what should be shock and despair, seem robotic in their body language and showing no real damage from witnessing this so called "mass shooting"... Hell, if I had just seen some 25+ people get mowed down with 13 people now dead, I would not be so coy and would be besides myself in despair!... But again, we seem to have the same 60+ idiot crisis actors as we saw right after the Las Vegas fraud shooting once again showing up at this town in the middle of nowhere in California all being present for this latest "shooting event", and the gullible American public are supposed to swallow this slop?  I and others that can look through this one with real critical thinking skills are not fooled, and I for one am not impressed... How many more of these fake shootings does it take before the American public realizes that they are being treated as idiots?

Of course while most gullible Americans are distracted by this fraud shooting in California, real news is happening across the planet, as seen by the latest push by the criminal Saudi regime and their so called "allies" as they have now launched their massive assault to seize the last Houthi controlled port city of Al-Hudaydah.... And from the last reports that I have seen, the news is grim for the Houthi resistance as the Saudi "alliance" has now seized well over 1/2 the city itself and has taken aim at the vital port and its facilities... If the port falls, and that should be expected over the next few days, then all UN humanitarian aid supplies will have been cut off, leaving millions of Yemen civilians to now starve to death..... .And where the hell is the public outcry by this impending humanitarian disaster?  The US government has had the nerve to state that they are trying to "halt" the Saudi attacks, while still being the world's biggest hypocrites by giving the Saudis their weapons to carry out the killings against Yemen's civilians as well as the logistics for these attacks....  And of course the Jew spew media is ABSOLUTELY avoiding any news about this conflict as their cherished and criminal state of Israel is now allied with the Saudis in this destruction in Yemen.... Basically the world is being kept in the dark as this mass slaughter continues and some 10 million Yemen civilians could eventually die through Saudi imposed famine...... Yes, Yemen is truly a disaster that everyone should be screaming about!

As I had expected and predicted, the criminal US government is now putting out their 'excuses' to remain in Syria that they will stay in Syria "until all terrorists are eliminated" and all "foreign powers including Iran" are no longer in Syria itself... But I had to laugh when I saw these comments by the US State Department, for their hypocrisy was showing once again... The US is of course ILLEGALLY operating in Syria in what is blatantly obviously an illegal invasion of that sovereign nation, while other nations, including Iran, have all been invited into that country by the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus to actually fight against terrorism and to rid the Syrian nation of illegal foreign powers such as the US itself!.... Yes, the US has once again been running out of excuses for still operating in Syria illegally and their latest try for an excuse is disgusting and absolutely nothing more than a massive lie...

Meanwhile, there have been very little changes in the conflict within Syria itself over the last week, as the SAA and their Russian allies, have been concentrating their efforts to eliminate the last vestiges of US run ISIS forces in southern Syria centered around Al Safa.... Once that pocket is eliminated, then the last desert pocket of US run ISIS 'resistance' in the desert southeast of Al-Sukhanah can be tackled and eliminated.. The plan by the SAA forces is basically to wipe out the last of US run "ISIS" everywhere across southern Syria and to invalidate every excuse that the US has for remaining in southern Syria at their illegal base at Al Tanf....

What has made me laugh my ass off these last few days has been the constant reports that the US run SDF forces have been continuing their 'attacks' aiming at wiping out the US run ISIS forces operating on the north eastern bank of the Euphrates River..... I find it so revolting that so many people have been falling for this crap, for all we have here is nothing but "staged" operations for pure propaganda... Honestly, does anyone with half a brain actually believe that US run SDF forces are actually attacking and "killing" US run ISIS forces?   It is pure stage and nothing but propaganda to sell to the dimwitted US public as the US's "excuse" to remain illegally in Syria itself...

I honestly had not wanted to do a "post mortem" on the ridiculous American "mid term" (s)election process that just occurred in that formerly free nation, but I will be frank here in stating that the stupid American people get exactly what they deserve... People across America have indeed been waking up to the reality for the last several decades (if not longer) that their so called election "process" has been permanently broken and the criminal Jewish elite in charge not only select the candidates to "run" for higher office but use every means necessary to make sure their candidates win by cheating at the polls.... We have all seen the reports about how the machines for selecting "candidates" would magically switch votes, as well as the rampant reports of ballot box stuffing as well as mysterious ballots suddenly appearing out of nowhere to give the Jewish selected candidates the upper hand in the vote counts....But honestly, have the American people done ANYTHING practical to end this massive vote fraud?  Yes I do hear crickets chirping here, and with the lack of will to actually take their nation back by actually ending the Jewish domination and destruction of their entire political system, America gets exactly what it deserves and the corruption continues.... Who cares if a "Democrat or Republican" gets "elected" for both sides are controlled by the criminal Jewish elite and the US is fucked as a result!

But hey, again if Americans think things are better here in Canada, they truly are missing how the corrupt Federal government in Ottawa is not only fucking the Canadian people with their carbon tax swindle, but as I stated in my last article before this rant, are now wanting to seize every single Canadian citizen's own private banking records as well..... I find it so alarming and atrocious that the criminal Trudeau regime in Ottawa is resorting to this action, and such an action should have that moron  thrown out of office immediately if the Canadian people actually had the balls to do so..... To undertake the idea that Canadian banking and financial records is fair game for our politicians is to me abhorrent and I for one can say that these bastards will poke and prod into my financial and banking records over my dead body...... America may be one fucked up nation, but Canada is just as bad and in some aspects much worse....

Well... I guess that is enough of what has once again been on my diabolical and twisted mind for this last week.... I do of course leave a lot "on the table" so to speak, and hopefully touch on what else has been happening in our sick world in my usual "last minute tidbits".........Hmmmm I saw a report the other day that a "fake shooting" was going to occur at a school in North Carolina but was "called off" and claimed to be a "furnace malfunction" instead.  I guess someone blew their assignment here, and they will hold off on another fake shooting for the gullible Americans for the time being.......US/Israel attempts to have Iran's economy destroyed by cutting off their oil exports has been a dismal failure as more and more nations are ignoring these bastards and dealing directly with Iran for oil.  Yes, the psychos in Israel are hell bent on getting a war with Iran off and running, and by all sick and twisted means possible........And I saw reports where the US government is asking the Russians their permission to allow Israel to go right ahead and bomb Syria.  I saw those reports, and thought to myself; Are these sick bastards serious here?  And as if the Russians would actually allow the freaks in Israel to bomb their ally Syria? .........Massive fires breaking out across southern California, with dozens dead and tens of thousands left homeless.  And where the hell is the California state government in all this? Busy taking care of the needs of the illegals in California rather than concentrating on saving the lives of its legal citizens?  I do feel for the people fleeing for their lives and do wish that the US federal government would spend more time looking at this disaster rather than pouring billions for wars for Israel elsewhere..... I saw some reports over the last few weeks where the Japanese government has finally admitted to "starting" to pour billions of gallons of radioactive waste water from the Fukushima failed reactors directly into the Pacific Ocean.  The trouble to me is that they have been dumping billions of gallons of radioactive water for the last 7+ years into the Pacific and they have the nerve to claim that they are only taking this action now?..... And of course the Fukushima disaster is still going strong, with solving the actual meltdown problems no where in sight.  But the Japanese government has now allowed many of the citizens of Fukushima to return to their homes which I find appalling.  The radiation problem is still there, and all the Japanese government is doing is to allow these citizens to be exposed to that radiation and eventually die as a result.......I see the US is being a hypocrite again, by calling on China to stop the South China Sea "militarization" while they themselves continue to send warships into the region to foment trouble.  Yes, somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagram (Pentagon) some lunatics are actually contemplating war with China itself, and they are using this South China Sea provocation as a means of getting it off and running.......The Russian Federation unveiled this last week their new hypersonic missile that the US has absolutely NO answer to.  This shows again how the Russians have been building weapons that actually work, while the US builds weapons that may or may not work just for the profits of the US military industrial complex.....About that "caravan" of illegal migrant workers still heading north through Mexico on the way to the US border.  I have a few interesting questions, including and do not be disgusted by this, but where do they all defecate? And how is it that in every picture I have seen they are well dressed and seem to be in the best of health?  Someone is obviously giving them massive aid supplies for their trek and to supply them with food, and proper health measures and I once again am saying that the Jewish elite are absolutely behind the entire fiasco.......I saw some reports where the US CDC (Centre for Disease Control) is trying to use fear tactics now to convince gullible American citizens to line up, roll up their arms, and accept the poisonous flu vaccine into their bodies.   Considering the fact that the CDC itself is privately run and financed by big Pharma, I am not surprised at all.  But again, it is up to each person to be educated on the truths about vaccines and to make, hopefully, the right logical decision to say no to these bastards.........I was through the local mall the other day and could not help but notice how every store was screaming for business by having massive price cuts and sales to try to attract business.  This shows once again that all of this talk about "economic recovery" is pure rubbish, and that many retail stores are once again hanging by a thread for their very survival.  I wonder who will survive the bloodbath once the Christmas buying season ends come this January?...Arsenal is playing Wolverhampton Wolves this morning, and with the Gunners in fifth place in the table, I am crossing my fingers for a victory to keep pace with the top 4 elite teams.  As I said, this is a rebuilding year, and getting into the top 4 and a Champions League berth is still a long shot..........And believe it or not but I will give credit where credit is due, for apparently skank #2, Khloe Kardashian was in the news the other day for giving supplies to firefighters battling the massive blazes that are threatening Ventura and Malibu in southern California.  But in spite of this great gesture, the rest of the skanks are still out there mesmerizing gullible Americans by their sheer stupidity.  Maybe next week I will find more paparazzi stupidity from these trollops, so stay tuned...

More to come


Saturday, November 10, 2018

WTF?? Canadian Idiotic Prime Minister Wants To Seize Canadian Banking Records?

I have been blasting the misery that used to be called the free nation of the United States for quite some time... BUT I do want to assure my American readers that everything is not "peaches and cream" up here in the formerly free nation called Canada.... In fact we are in just as bad shape economically as our American neighbours, and we have of course one of the biggest morons on the planet, Justin Trudeau, running this nation into the ground along with his cronies in Ottawa....  

Yes, it is time once again to blast that fucking moron that is our Canadian Prime Minister and his stupidity... It has been bad enough that idiot wants to fleece the gullible Canadians with his fraudulent "carbon tax" scheme come April 1st, 2019.... But apparently I found a most disturbing article from the Investment Watch Blog website, at www.investmentwatchblog.com, that is a MUST read by my Canadian readers.... For according to this article, entitled: "Trudeau To SEIZE Canadian Bank Records", that idiot in Ottawa is indeed wanting to invade Canadian peoples' privacy by accessing every Canadian's financial and credit history for the last 15 years!  Here is the link to that most important article here, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Lets not beat around the bush any longer... Justin Trudeau is indeed a so called "Globalist" and a Jew dick sucker... His ultimate goal is to have Canadians lose their freedoms and be part of the sickness of this "new world order" with a cashless society and permanent debt enslavement thanks to never ending "taxes" and other burdens..... 

I stated a long time ago that the Canadian government passed a law where if and WHEN the Canadian financial institutions were ever in danger of failing, everyone who lives in Canada would have their 'savings' in such institutions taken away to prop up and prevent said failings.... I do wonder if this accessing of personal financial records is part of this sick plot and end game as well?

I do hope that most Canadians get wind of this outrageous action by their idiot Prime Minister and his cohorts... This is indeed a massive invasion of every Canadian citizen's privacy and we should NOT stand for it one iota.....

So fuck you, Justin Trudeau, and your cronies... I will fight this outrageous action by every means necessary for my personal business and my financial well being is my own to know and not for you to stick your grubby fingers into... .I just hope that other Canadians do feel the same way and will fight this action!

More to come


Anti-Semitism And The Death Of Free Speech

I have been writing articles at this blog for well over 10 years now, and I constantly get so called "comments" from my "favourite fan club" aka the Jewish pricks assigned to "keep an eye" on my writings..... After all these years, you would have figured it out by now, JIDF/Hasbara agents of evil, that I am not going anywhere and have no plans to quit any time soon.... I find in fact their comments to be so laughingly ridiculous that I find it hard to believe that any intelligent person is actually writing them!

One thing that I am always bombarded with is the LIE of being "anti-semitic".... I have already dismissed that stupidity years back when I pointed out clearly here at this blog that the vast majority of the so called "Jews" are NOT even Semitic to start with... The vast majority of those pricks are in fact Indo-Turkish Asiatic Khazars that do NOT have one drop of Semitic blood amongst themselves... In fact the real Semites are the Palestinians, which of course these monsters are trying to wipe from the face of the Earth.... I therefore am absolutely NOT "Anti-Semitic" as these assholes continue to harp but am in fact Pro-Semitic due to my support of the Palestinians!

Just the other day, John Kaminski sent me via email his latest writing that he has over at his website at www.johnkaminski.org, and I do want to share it right here with my own readers... It is entitled: "Anti-Semitism And The Death Of Free Speech" and I have it in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves.... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Anti-Semitism and the death of free speech


By John Kaminski



Despite your many years of research and your compelling evidence, you may no longer claim that the tragedy which occurred on 9/11/2001 was clearly the work of Jews — Jews who own Wall Street, Jews who control the U.S. government and Jews who operate most of the mass media in the world. Why may you not say this? Because it would be anti-Semitic.
When you read the history of World War I — at least as presented by Benjamin Freedman, a famous escapee from Judaism — you learn that Germany had won the war until the international Jews got their promise of Palestine in writing, and then the United States intervened, right after U.S. Jews had created the Federal Reserve and the income tax as a foolproof way to fund future wars. But don’t mention this to your friends as it would be anti-Semitic.
World War II was much the same scam. The Jews had locked up the Western world in a massive depression at the same time Adolf Hitler had created a successful workers paradise on the full faith and credit of the German people. Secret Jew FDR and his cabal of closet Communists baited Japan into attacking Hawaii and in four years 60 million people wound up dead because the Jews wanted to exterminate the major threat to their worldwide financial hegemony, which was Hitler’s economic miracle. But don’t put this in your memoirs. It would be anti-Semitic.

Immune from prosecution

Much of the food you eat today, ordinary products such as Cheerios or Quaker Oats, is tainted by Glyphosate, the dangerous ingredient in the fertilizer Roundup, which was produced by the infamous company named after the Jewish Monsanto family. They started out as slave traders after the Civil War but by the time Vietnam rolled around they were peddling the deadly Agent Orange as a defoliant to be used on Southeast Asian jungles, which left thousands of American troops (and many thousands of innocent Vietnamese) stricken by leukemia, diabetes 2, Hodgkin’s disease, myelomas, Parkinson’s, neuropathy, prostate cancer, lung cancers and various other sarcomas.
Inexplicably put in charge of America’s food supply thereafter, Monsanto then produced Glyphosate, which is applied in the field to most of the foods you eat, and entails another laundry list of diseases even longer than the last. Roundup causes the same type of oxidative stress and neural cell death observed in Alzheimer’s disease. But the Monsanto family shrewdly shed themselves of their notorious company a few days before losing a $289 million lawsuit to a man who successfully argued the toxic weedkiller caused his terminal cancer. Monsanto sold the whole company to the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer in its attempt to escape liability for poisoning the world. You could call that another suspicious Jewish maneuver, but that would also be deemed anti-Semitic by all those publishers and editors paid by Jews, which includes everyone on TV.
This takes us to the political realm, and the Cynthia McKinney revelation that if national candidates don’t sign a pledge to support Israel they can’t get bank loans to fund their campaigns. This largely accounts for the similarity of Democrat and Republican candidates, because they are all beholden to billionaire Jews for their campaign financing. As a result there has never been a recent presidential candidate who has not supported Israel. Is it anti-Semitic to say so? Of course. These days, saying anything more than mild criticism of Jews or Israel is by Jews called anti-Semitism. They continue to try to pass laws to make this mandatory for everyone. The result of this would be to make it impossible to accuse Jews of any crime at all, because such an effort would automatically be anti-Semitism.
Alas, this is already the case in the European Union, where the act of defending yourself (and with the truth, I might add) against clinically insane laws (all based on egregious Jewish historical lies) that decree the truth is no defense when Holocaust laws are broken.
And that’s what they want. Total immunity for every crime they commit and no negative discourse about Jews among the entire population. Of course it is clearly anti-Semitic to suggest this is true in a world turned upside down in which you must believe what they tell you to believe or you will go to jail.
No matter how much evidence you have against them, when all the judges, lawyers and expert witnesses are arrayed against you, you have no shot. Our freedom of speech is dead and gone.

Here and now

We are all trapped in a system of value that is totally controlled by ultra rich Jew moneylenders who charge us to use our own money, and then bankrupt us to steal our homes. It is a system that has put the U.S. $20 trillion in debt, with the bulk of that total siphoned off by Jewish commissions, swindles and rigged financial regulations that profit only themselves (I’m thinking derivatives).
This enables them to own all the world’s media, whose influence has shaped the curricula of universities, the content of magazines and newspapers, and the character of public events. And it has turned the population into violent and superficial twits who don’t really care about other people, which is the total alienation from each other (making it necessary rely on the state) that the Jews have always sought to instill in their goy victims.
It has been said that Jews profit from the compulsions and addictions of others, which would account for their primacy in the drug and sex trades. Those consumed by libidinous pursuits make easy prey for the Jew blackmailers who run our country.
With such penetration into the legal systems of all nations, Jews need no proof for their claims. Only the weight of their bought off mass media and the righteous assertions of their paid-off politicians are sufficient to convict anybody of anything.
Gradually, even to dull minds, the configuration of the conspiracy is beginning to emerge. Too many lies — lies that lasted people’s lifetimes and spanned multiple generations — created a population of misled sycophants who could no longer tell right from wrong.
Do we dare speak of conscience when low IQ migrants are hired by Jewish billionaires to disregard all laws and invade the white countries? It is a deliberate attempt to destroy civilization, to keep countries in shambles so that the Jews can regulate the refugees while they properly fleece the gullible goyim. As I’ve said before, our would-be Jew masters want to keep all countries in a state of disarray and chaos, which makes them easier targets for their sick strategies.
Telling the future as honestly as possible has become a dangerous thing to do.

Warping our minds

Once the biggest question on our young minds was  . . . is she a virgin? Now, thanks to Jewish control of our educational and entertainment systems, we’re teaching first graders how to be homosexuals!
You may remember the $250,000 fine New York City officials approved for using the wrong pronoun when addressing someone on the LGBT spectrum (longest one seen so far: LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA).
Among the fineable offenses are:
Requiring an individual to provide information about their medical history or proof of having undergone particular medical procedures in order to use their preferred name, pronoun, or title.
The NYCHRL requires that individuals be permitted to use single-sex facilities, such as bathrooms or locker rooms, and participate in single-sex programs, consistent with their gender, regardless of their sex assigned at birth, anatomy, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on their identification. 
Note well the phrase: “consistent with their gender, regardless of their sex assigned at birth.” It is a classic rendition of the phony psychological jargon that has made our society insane.
The goal of the Jews has always been to turn the whole population into low IQ blacks, through music, sports, encouraging young people to feel entitled to the things white culture has created, which is probably why most black heroes are pathetic criminals whom the Jew press attempts to elevate to folk hero status. The bully Michael Brown and the suburban thug Trayvon Martin come to mind.
Our teachers strive to elevate homosexuals to hero status, an honor ordinary kids prior to puberty come to envy. Though fawned upon by lurid Jewish media, mentally ill transgenders tarnish the whole culture that supports such a twisted normality as cynical males take pleasure in winning women’s sports championships.
The World Health Organization announced Monday (11/5/18)  that in its newly released edition of the International Classification of Diseases, gender incongruence will now be classified as a sexual health condition. <http://www.who.int/news-room/detail/18-06-2018-who-releases-new-international-classification-of-diseases-(icd-11)>
Let’s be clear about this. This is rightly called sexual insanity. That our society tolerates this displays to all its own depravity.
And now you must decide whether this law that they call legal but which bears no resemblance to the living truth should be followed or disobeyed. When your choice is becoming a corpse or a robot is something that only you should decide.
You could say these are the new Dark Ages and death worshipping Jews are the enemy of all life on this planet, but it would be anti-Semitic.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: Another fabulous piece of work by John Kaminski....

The facts are that right now America is a mess and the criminal Jewish elite that controls and runs the nation is working overtime to bring forward the same type of insane 'hate crime' legislation that they have up  here in Canada.... BUT these monsters are also wanting to make ANY criticisms of themselves or their most evil and twisted sicko state of Israel a crime punishable by jail time!  That type of "law" is not yet in Canada, but if the US does pass it into law south of here, it will only be a matter of time before the Canucklehead Justin Trudeau regime puts it into law up here as well..

And I need not point out that I have been dead set against this bullshit "Political Correctness" that has muzzled free speech up here in Canada as well.... As far as I am concerned, people should be up in arms when it comes to having to watch what they say due to not being "politically correct", for it does indeed stifle free thinking and free thought!

I have of course stated for a long time that I am sick of this LBGTQFUCKYOU bullshit.... There are and always have been only two sexes, and this concept of there being some 30 or more 'genders' is nothing but a long laid out plan by the Jewish pricks to destroy our societies and especially our family units...... The liberal retards pushing that agenda should all be forced to shut the fuck up, beaten down, or be put into their proper place and forced out of our societies....

And of course I have been all  over the poisons that are purposely being added to our foods as well as the poisons that these monsters keep on wanting to inject into our bodies through their hideous "vaccines".... People should absolutely watch what they consume and never ever allow these bastards to fool them into rolling up their sleeves and being injected by their mind destroying vaccines.

I will continue to have John's works put up here at this blog..... The man does tell it like it is, and has been doing his damn best to wake up the dumb ass American sheep for the last decade at least...

More to come


Friday, November 9, 2018

Borderline California Bar Shooting: 60 "Victims" AKA "Crisis Actors" From Las Vegas False Flag Shooting Were At This Borderline "Shooting"! What Are The Odds???

When news first broke early yesterday morning about a brand new "shooting" at a bar called "Borderline" in Thousand Oaks, California, I at first thought that there was NO way in hell the criminal elite that has been pulling off ALL of these false flag fake shootings across America for well over the last decade would not be stupid enough to try the same MO again..... But as we are about to learn by reading further here at this blog, apparently they are indeed at it again, and will use this latest false flag as another push for their sickening agenda of "gun control" legislation to strip the American people of their last line of defense against their planned tyranny...

OK, every single Jew spew media outlet was all over this one from the very beginning, with the first reports coming out about a crazed gunman, named Ian David Long, supposedly walking into the Borderline country bar and grill in Thousand Oaks late Wednesday evening at approximately 1115PM Pacific Standard Time... Within the next five minutes, this "former Marine Corps" veteran supposedly unfurled a hidden Glock .45 caliber hand gun and began shooting indiscriminately into the packed saloon, and within the next 5 minutes as many as a dozen patrons were "killed" while an equal number were left badly wounded....After that point, Mr. Long supposedly went into the bar's office, and took his own life after first shooting a police officer that was responding to calls about a shooting at the bar.....

When I first saw all of the reports that were inundating every so called "news" outlet across America yesterday morning, I had honestly thought this could be the "Real McCoy" for there were of course multiple witnesses and the fact that this could have indeed been a crazed lone gunman who was suffering from intense PTSD from his services in the US Military.... But as usual, some strange things began to be noticed by myself, especially how the Jew spew media had so quickly a huge group of supposed 'witnesses" appear on the Talmudvision and I noticed that they all had the strange quirkiness that I had seen before with the usage of crisis actors.... I really had thought "Oh, come on now... Not another fake shooting".....

Well, the following report should cause everyone that finds this latest shooting to be suspicious to be possibly proven right.. For according to this report, from the Daily Mail online news service out of the UK, at www.dailymail.co.uk, apparently there were as many as 60 survivors of the fraud Las Vegas "massacre" from last year that just so happened to ALL be in this quaint little country  bar in the middle of nowhere in California at just the time of this latest "shooting".... Here is the link to that report here for all to read for themselves:


NTS Notes: OK, readers... WHAT ARE THE ODDS that some 60 "survivors" of the Las Vegas fraud shooting from last year all gathered together just as this latest "shooting" takes place in Thousand Oaks California???  I would say the odds are astronomical, which leads to the reality that what we are seeing here is another staged shooting and these 60 people are none other than the usual "crisis actors" being shipped around the country to be "witnesses" when these fakes take place...

Honestly, I am only beginning my investigation into this latest "shooting"... There is tons of material out there, and I do want to call on my own readers to present anything else that they find "peculiar" about this "shooting" in my comment section... If I find their information disturbing and legit, I will present it in a few follow up articles about this "shooting"....

I will not call this a "fake" yet.... But I have my red flags raised with this one....

Stay tuned, for I can guarantee there is a lot more to this than meets the eye...

More to come