Thursday, July 9, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Face Mask Wearing Has NOTHING To Do With "Safety", But Has EVERYTHING To Do With Compliance!

Well... I have indeed been busy today and will probably have a lot to do tomorrow... BUT I do have time to fire off one or two articles at this blog tonight, and I figure I would once again continue my attacks on this COVID-19 scam!

I am watching such a deep divide right up here in Canada right now between those who have been brainwashed by the criminals into wearing gawd awful face masks, and those who see the real truth that these masks are a serious health threat and refuse to wear them!... The divide has become so bad in some parts of Canada that I have seen reports about near fighting breaking out between the two polar opposite groups which I find so astounding.... It does simply mean that the brainwashing is so intense that idiots out there are now resorting to anger to try to FORCE those who refuse to wear masks to 'comply'!

I found a most interesting article earlier today from Jim Stone's website at that contains a picture that absolutely shows the real truth about this idiotic face mask wearing stupidity, and I want to share that picture and the short article discussing that picture right here for all to see  for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Honestly, I absolutely agree with Jim Stone on this  one....

This sudden push by our criminal governments to shove face masks on everyone's faces has got nothing to do with 'health risks' that simply are not there at all, but has everything to do with COMPLIANCE which is nothing more than bowing down and basically saying that everyone is to show their obedience to these criminals, and basically are accepting their enslavement!

I for one will NEVER comply to this ignorance...I know by doing so much research that face masks are the most idiotic thing that anyone can do for themselves, as those horrible face coverings do absolutely nothing to stop or halt the spread of any infection, but do massive harm to the person who stupidly wears them....

And people wonder why it is that when I pass idiots wearing face masks, I only shake my head in disgust and say "enjoy your enslavement"?  Now you can clearly see why!

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, July 9th, 2020 - Down To Four Active Cases And Nobody In The Hospitals? How Is This (Still) A Pandemic?

*A quick note.. I have a few personal and business issues to take care of for today and possibly tomorrow.. Therefore posts at this blog will be a bit "light" for today and tomorrow!

I am continuing to be so amazed at the good people right here in Manitoba that still are so heavily indoctrinated via the liars in the Jewish controlled media that we are in a REAL pandemic... I have been trying my very best to reach so many of these idiots out there, but rapidly I too have reached my limits of trying to rationalize with those fools.... More and more when I see people wearing face masks, for example, I simply tell them to "enjoy their enslavement" and leave them to their own miserable futures....

OK, I just finished watching that horrid creature that calls himself Manitoba's "Health Minister" spew his usual garbage in what is called "Manitoba's Official COVID-19 Report" and I continue to laugh at how that ass clown can sit there and spew the lies with such a straight face.... It is indeed so remarkable when you watch our so called "politicians" all lie their asses off so easily and without any conscience at all....

Anyways, onto today's "official numbers" and I do of course have them right here broken down in alphabetical order first and foremost:

(a) STILL only "325" total 'patients with Coronavirus' in now the 15th week running since the Pallister government locked down this province under their "state of emergency" declaration back in mid-March. NO change in this "325" in now the 9th day straight!

(b) STILL NOBODY AT ALL in any of Manitoba's hospitals or "intensive care units" at those hospitals.  NO patients with this 'disease' in now nearly 2 full months running...

(c) STILL only "7 deaths" that can said to be caused by this "Coronavirus" in the full 15 week time period. NO change in this figure in just over 2 months time now!

(d) Now there are 314 "recovered patients" that supposedly had this 'deadly virus"... This is an increase of 2 more from yesterday's report of 312 recovered patients.....

(e) Now there are ONLY 4 (Yes, FOUR!) "active patients" in all of Manitoba... A decrease of 2 more from yesterday's total of 6...

Yes, those are the "official numbers" once again... And again I am wondering HOW this can ever be called a "pandemic" at all?   It does indeed boggle the mind that so many simply do not see this as reality!

Now to break down each figure given above as I usually do, right here:

(a) This is indeed such a sad and pathetic joke.... "325 total patients" in a full 15 week period is NOT even close to being an "epidemic", and yet they are out there still screaming that we are in a "pandemic"?   Again, how the people in Manitoba are so asleep and not seeing this reality is so shocking to me!

(b) Another glaring point that once again shows that there is NOT a pandemic here at all.... And yet we are still subjected to the non-stop propaganda about how we must "support our health workers"...  I say, screw that and get them back to work on REAL patients!

(c) I again must point out that all "seven" of these supposed deaths over the last 15 weeks from this fraud pandemic ALL had other serious or terminal health issues, and those OTHER issues were what caused their deaths.... And just like in (a) and (b), this number is such a joke and shows that there never was a pandemic here at all!

(d) I knew that they would be running out of time here... Nearly ALL of those who have been "suffering from Coronavirus" in Manitoba are at the stage of full recovery.... 

(e) Only 4 'active patients'?  Really?  And they claim that Manitobans must all remain on lockdowns and restrictions?  Pathetic once again IMHO.... And it must again be pointed out that ALL of these 'active patients' most definitely do NOT have this 'deadly virus" at all since the 'tests' being used to find this "disease" are COMPLETE FRAUDS!

OK, there you go... Another day in Manitoba, and no evidence that there is or ever has been a pandemic here at all.... And again, the criminals in the Pallister regime are now running out of patients.... BUT I must point out that these fuckers may indeed now over the next few days find a few "new victims" just to string the people of this province along and claim that the "pandemic is not over yet".....

I will state again that the Pallister regime has a LOT of questions that they must answer for when this scam is fully revealed and finally over.... They have been stringing the people of this province along for at least the last 15 weeks of this fraud "lockdown" and 'restrictions' and the damage that has been caused by this entire fiasco is so overwhelming that most people and even businesses will NEVER recover..

And I again must point out that the real sufferers from all this nightmare continues to be those with weakened mental states and suffering from depression... Many of these innocent people have indeed either contemplated or have already taken their own lives through suicides, and Brian Pallister and his cronies must never be allowed to escape justice for those murders of so many innocent lives thanks to them perpetuating this entire scam.... Hanging them all for the deaths of so many innocent lives may not be good enough for these bastards...

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The COVID-19 Bullshit: How Do We Know This Scamdemic Is Complete Bullshit? The Blatant Usage Of The Masonic Number "33" Proves That As Fact!

I again have received a large number of links and videos over the last few days, and I am still sorting out a lot of them to put up the "best ones" at this blog... I again want to thank so many readers and commentators for sending that material my way...

I have been asked many times over these last few months to take a look at the definitive link between this entire scam-demic and the blatant usage of the masonic number "33" in the criminal government and criminal Jewish controlled media outlets in their 'reports' put out to the general public... And the more I see that number in constant usage during this fraud pandemic, the more I am indeed coming to the conclusion that this has indeed been a complete scam all along but also that the criminals running this scam are actually laughing in our faces at people's sheer stupidity!

How bad is this usage of the number "33" in this scam?  Well, I do want to present the following fabulous video that comes from Youtube user, Peekay Censored, that is entitled: "33" Reasons CoronArgh Is BS" for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it... And I can guarantee that everyone can find even MORE blatant usage of "33" in reports locally and in other Jewish controlled media outlets as well...

And this is so blatantly "in your face" and again the criminal pricks are definitely laughing in our faces as they continue to throw their "33" out there and so many gullible people continue to not even see the scam!

Honestly.. What more does it take to get people to see the truth so blatantly obvious?   This entire operation has  been so long in coming and has been planned for years....And now they are wanting "mandatory" face masks on everyone to destroy everyone's immune systems so that they will be unable to fight off their "second wave" that is coming!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Important Article - Pandemic Madness - The State's Plan Rests On The Destruction Of The Human Spirit!

I am indeed continuing my assault against this fraud pandemic... For the facts now that the criminals everywhere are increasing the pressure on the suckers and idiots out there by now pushing hard to have everyone forced into having "mandatory" face masks put on their faces.. Thus these criminal bastards can cause SERIOUS health issues and in fact weaken the wearers of those gawd awful masks' own immune systems..... I do believe that the forced wearing of masks is part of the plan, for these criminal bastards are indeed wanting to see everyone have weakened immune systems so that their "second wave" of their continuing pandemic assault will indeed kill people due to their weakened immune systems causing them to not be able to fight off that new infection!

Anyways... I am still receiving a multitude of different articles and videos... And one article in particular did catch my eye earlier today, and I want to present it here for my own readers to see for themselves... This once comes from the "Lew Rockwell" website at, and is written by Gary D Barrett... It is entitled: "Pandemic Madness: The State's Plan Rests On The Destruction Of The Human Spirit" and I do have it right here in its entirety... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Pandemic Madness: The State’s Plan Rests on the Destruction of the Human Spirit
 by Gary D. Barnett, July 6, 2020

We now live in a world where the entirety of all the ideas and learning that has sustained and guided us as humans for the past 200,000 years is being destroyed. Modern civilization as we know it has been around for about 6,000 years, but during these current times, the governing forces are intent on the destruction of all that has been, and all that has been gained throughout history concerning humanity and morality. In order to gain control of current and future generations, all truths of the past must be altered or eliminated, so that the only “knowledge” allowed is that which has been artificially created in the present. This is necessary in order to bring about a new paradigm of collective sameness and non-human existence, a world governed by the few claimed “elitists” at the top of the power pyramid. This will require a loss of emotion, sympathy, individuality, intellect, and spirituality. There is a distinct advantage for those that seek to gain power and control to eliminate or alter any real knowledge of our history, so that future generations have access only to information allowed by the ruling element of society. With the loss of our history and heritage comes the loss of any freethinking people.

There will be no separation of church and state, no separation of governments, no separation of national borders because all borders will become localized, and no unity of family, friends, and neighbors; in other words, no community. There will be only the ruling class and the proletariat or lower class. Dissenters will be shunned, locked out of services, marginalized, imprisoned, or eliminated. This is what the future will look like in this global dystopia currently being created in plain sight. Even Pope Francis is on board, and promulgating this agenda, as is evident in his July prayer message:

“Let us pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance, and especially, that they may be protected by the State.”

The State is the new God, it is the entity to be respected by all, it is the guiding light for mankind, it is to be the sole protector of life and family, it is to be prayed to, it is to be loved, and it is to be obeyed. This is the new world order; this is the new religion of humanity; this is the new global church of mankind.

What is happening today is no accident, it is not due to any natural virus pandemic, and there is no global Covid health crisis. All of this response has been purposely staged, and the reaction by the masses was anticipated long in advance, and that is the pathetic truth of this global agenda-driven madness. Once the switch was flipped, the majority acquiesced to the high command, and submitted to the grand master called government. The timing of the state’s takeover of this country was absolutely brilliant, as the bulk of the American populace had been dumbed down and made dependent to the point of being little more than an impotent herd of domesticated human livestock ready for slaughter.

At this stage of the game, many will be summarily eliminated, especially the old, sick, mentally inferior, poor, and weak among us. This will be accomplished through mass vaccination of poison, of fear of continuous false threats of disease, of isolation, of mandated mask wearing and distancing rules, of despair and suicide, of economic devastation, of the elimination of common and vital communication and closeness of family and friends, and from the loss of all hope. Spontaneity and the natural love of life have been lost by most, and this is a death knell to the sanctity of our very existence. This is what the monsters that created this fraudulent crisis have brought to bear on the people of this country, and without mass resistance now, our future will be one of servitude.

Many are currently participating in a mock celebration of independence and freedom while much of the country is under orders to self imprison, wear masks, close their businesses, distance from one another, and comply with every order handed down by a corrupt and tyrannical government. This is the epitome of useless contradiction, and is an embarrassment to any that understand the concept of what it means to be truly free. Fireworks and flag-waving have nothing to do with real freedom, but the false belief that freedom exists where it does not exposes only the truth expressed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe when he said “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” There is no freedom left in this country as it stands today.

We are in the midst of an attempt by the oligarchs to eliminate the human spirit, and if this attempt is successful, the singular majesty of the human experience will have been abolished, and only a technocratic black hole of emptiness and despair will remain. This is the essence of a failed society brought about by the destruction of human intellect by state education, mass propaganda, and the planned control of individuals through physical and psychological manipulation due to fear.

“It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. But in his day this was an unattainable ideal: what he regarded as the best system in existence produced Karl Marx. In future such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.” ~ Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society (1952) Ch. 3: Scientific Technique in an Oligarchy

It is important to understand that the American public has accepted almost all of this tyranny voluntarily, and because of that fact, the untenable situation we find ourselves in today can still be reversed. This is the light at the end of the tunnel that is still within our reach. There is a huge difference in voluntary acceptance of rule and rule by force of arms. Once state rule advances to the stage of aggressive force, it becomes much more difficult to alter the course of events, and instead of light at the end of the tunnel, only darkness will remain.

NTS Notes: I do agree with a lot of the aspects that Gary Barrett presents in this article..

It is a fact that we are indeed watching what I assess as a Communist take over of our societies and the complete removal of ALL liberties and freedoms..... It is in fact a stepping stone towards the criminals' ultimate goal which is their sick "one world government" with these criminal "elite" being the ones in charge and basically gods over the rest of mankind!

I have looked at some aspects of how this fraud pandemic has indeed destroyed the spirit of so many that have suffered dearly thanks to its criminal ravages.... The lockdowns, isolation, and the fraud of "social distancing" has indeed caused so many to cower in fear and anxiety and thus it has indeed broken their very 'spirit' as a result....

And it is sad that the  public in MOST countries, not just in America, have blindly accepted this tyranny and have done so voluntarily to boot.....And I do agree that there is still time to reverse this situation, but that time for reversal is increasingly becoming shorter and shorter....  And yes, that "light at the end of the tunnel" is still there and well within our reach, at least for now...  I for one do not want that light to be replaced by darkness, for once that happens it will be the end of mankind as we know it...

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 - Running Out Of Active Patients? No Problem As They Will Find A Few Suckers Shortly!

I honestly have to laugh... I do hope that readers caught what happened in Toronto just a few days ago where BOTH Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Canadian Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer, were indeed caught where BOTH were sitting in the terminal at Pearson International Airport NOT wearing any "face masks" at all, especially when Ontario "laws" demand that ALL citizens wear the gawd awful things at ALL airports..... I put up an article about this fiasco just earlier today, and honestly all it shows is that the criminals in charge of our governments absolutely know that the entire pandemic is indeed a scam and that there is NO reason ever to wear face masks, period!

Well, beyond that fiasco by lying criminal Brian Pallister, that heinous ass clown of a "Health Minister" for this province, Manitoba, went up to the podium less than an hour ago to once again lie his ass off and present today's 'daily Manitoba COVID19 official report', and I do want to present their lies here again for all to see...

Of course I first want to present the 'details' of that "official report" here in alphabetic order right here:

(a) STILL only "325" cases of this supposedly "deadly virus" in the entire nearly 15 full weeks since the Manitoba government declared a 'state of emergency' and officially "locked down" all of Manitoba's citizens... NO change in this number now in over a week....

(b) No surprise here, as there are still zero cases in any of Manitoba's hospitals, and there are absolutely no cases in any of those hospital's "intensive care" facilities at all.. .NO change in this number approaching 2 months time....

(c) STILL ONLY "7 deaths" in the entire 15 week's time since they locked down this province... NO change in this number in now 2 full months time!  

(d) Now there are "312 recovered cases", an increase of 5 from yesterday's "307' as reported... 

(e) Now there are ONLY "6 active cases" for all of Manitoba, a decrease of 5 from yesterday's reported number of "11" and ALL 6 CASES are 'suspect' at best.....

And again, no shock to me at all, as I am standing firm in my convictions that the criminal Manitoba government is stringing the citizens of this province along in this sick and twisted game....

Anyway... Time once again to rip each part of their 'official report' here:

(a) OK, I do sound like a broken record here, but it must be emphasized to even the ardent believers out there that there is an "actual pandemic" that the number of "325" over a 15 week period is definitive proof positive that there is NO pandemic here at all!   I again will state that for this to be a REAL pandemic, then this number must be in the 'TENS OF THOUSANDS" at least!  And "325" does not even make the grade as an "epidemic" at all, so WHY are the criminals in charge continuing to lie??

(b) Honestly, why do I even bother to state the obvious here... NO patients in the hospitals equals NO pandemic, plain and simple..... And believe it or not, but the Jewish controlled media is STILL out here in Manitoba trying to claim that our "health care workers" are so overworked from this pandemic!  The lies are so blatant and yet the gullible and stupid swallow them without any thought!

(c) Just like in (a), SEVEN dead absolutely does NOT make for either a pandemic or even an epidemic at all!   And I cannot help but to remind everyone that ALL seven died from other "underlying issues" and that to claim that they died from this 'coronavirus" is pure unadulterated bullshit!

(d) I  KNEW that these criminals could not keep this number down much longer... 312 out of 318 patients recovered, and they are running out of time now as the rest will also recover very soon!

(e) Now down to only 6 "active patients" and all SIX are probably NOT suffering from this "killer virus" at all since the "tests" are pure bullshit as well.... They do need to find a few victims very soon, or everyone will say "Hey wait a minute? We have no more active patients, so why are the lockdowns continuing at all?"...

Well, There you have it... The breakdown of the so called "official report" and my usual ripping it to shreds.... I keep watching all of these numbers and do wonder why more people here in Manitoba are not going after these lying pricks for continuing this fraud?

And yes, it is a fraud of course.. There never was a pandemic here in Manitoba, period, and that is based on simply looking at the numbers that they push out there every day!

BUT since these pricks are indeed 'stringing the people along' as I state, they will simply come out soon, and probably in the next day or two, and state that there is "one or two more " new victims of this fraud 'virus"... They can simply take one or two of the 'tests" at one of those fraud testing facilities that are complete bullshit and state that several suckers out there that stupidly went to those facilities tested "positive" and voila, the pandemic continues......

I am also going to repeat here that we must not let Brian Pallister and his cronies escape justice for this fraud.. Every single one of those REAL deaths out there that was caused by suicide during the last 15 weeks of this fraud 'lockdown" must be charged against these criminal bastards as blatant acts of murder.... And we must make sure that none of these pricks escape justice for this crime....

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Criminal Fox News "Coronavirus Expert" Claims Americans Will Be "Wearing Face Masks" For SEVERAL YEARS!

I do continue to receive a LOT of videos, and articles, from so many readers to this blog.. And I cannot thank them all for their support and their continuing to send me that outstanding material, especially material that helps in this fight against this entire 'COVID-19' bullshit "pandemic"...

I was sent in fact a video that just came out yesterday by that criminal Jewish controlled media 'outlet' in the United States, where some ass clown so called "expert" came onto Fox News and claims that "Americans will be wearing face masks for YEARS!" .... I watched the video in disgust, and I knew right away that this one belonged here for everyone to see for themselves... Here in fact is that atrocious video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, with a last name of "Siegel" we already know that he is 'tribe' member and therefore is going to LIE to the American people... "Coronavirus expert" my ass!

BUT of course this is the type of criminal indoctrination that is being shoved into the brains of the sheep out there, and many will actually listen to this garbage and believe what that liar is saying without any thought at all that he is absolutely wrong!

And it makes sense from the criminal aspect as they want the suckers out there to wear those health destroying masks for a very long time to permanently weaken and/or destroy their immune systems completely.... It is so diabolical indeed...

Honestly, this one made me puke... But it again does show what we are up against as the criminals in charge are ramming this nonsense into everyone's simple minds.... This is indeed a war, people, and one that we must win, for to lose does mean the end of humanity as we know it..

More to come


The COVID-19 Bullshit: Canadian Federal And Provincial Leaders Prove That Mask Wearing Is A Complete Scam!

I just do not get it with the people around me.... I am watching as more and more of the most stupid people imaginable right here in central Canada are surrendering to the BULLSHIT put out by the criminals in the Jewish controlled media and are now donning those fucking ugly and ludicrous "face masks" everywhere I go these days....

I continue to try to hammer into their thick skulls the FACT that those 'face masks' ABSOLUTLEY DO NOTHING to stop ANY 'viral infections' at all, and in fact are the worse thing imaginable that they can put on their faces for the fact that they restrict proper Oxygen supplies to their bodies and are nothing but cesspools for every type of bacteria and other infectious organisms out there to fester and infect their bodies.... It has gotten to the point now that these idiots simply do not give a damn, and have fallen permanently under the criminal spell of brainwashing.... These idiots will of course be the first ones to gleefully line up like the dumb ass sheep they truly are to be injected with the 'vaccines' that are definitely coming!

Well... Today I came across a most startling report from the criminals that run the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation here in Canada, and I do want to share its important contents with my own readers here... This article, from the CBC website at, states that apparently Canadian Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer, was caught just the other day sitting in Pearson International Airport in Toronto Ontario, with none other than Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, in the terminal awaiting their flights out of Toronto, and BOTH were NOT wearing "face masks" at all!   Here is that article, and I do have a lot more to say afterwards:

"Andrew Scheer spotted without a mask at Toronto's Pearson Airport

The airport's rules say all passengers and employees must wear a mask 'at all times'

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was seen at a departure gate at Toronto's Pearson Airport today without a mask on — an apparent contravention of the rules that apply to all travellers passing through the terminal.
The airport's website stipulates that "all passengers and airport employees" must wear a mask or a face covering "at all times." The mandatory mask rule has been in place since June 1 to stop the spread of COVID-19 among the travelling public.
"This includes the pre- and post-security screening areas of the terminals, parking facilities, people mover train, sidewalks/curbs outside the terminals and other outdoor public areas," the airport rules say.
There are exceptions for people under the age of two, travellers who are unable to remove a face covering without assistance and for people who have trouble breathing. Masks are not required for travellers dining at food and beverage locations.
A number of pictures surfaced on social media Tuesday of Scheer speaking to Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and others while waiting to board a flight. Pallister also appears to have his mask off while speaking to Scheer in the terminal.
A spokesperson for Scheer confirmed to CBC News that the pictures of Scheer were taken today.
"Mr. Scheer wore a face mask while travelling to Ottawa today. He removed it to make a phone call. This picture must have been taken before he put it back on," said Kelsie Chiasson, acting director of communications for Scheer.
The pictures do not appear to show Scheer talking on the phone.
Screenshot of Andrew Scheer NOT wearing
a Mask at the Airport

Premier Pallister told CBC News his maskless moment was a lapse in judgment.
"I lifted my mask to join some friends in conversation at the Toronto airport this afternoon," he said in an email statement. "It was an error on my part, it won't happen again."
Social media users asked Pearson's Twitter account if masks were still required after the Scheer pictures surfaced.
"They are! All travelers and employees inside the terminal must wear a mask or face covering," the airport's account said in response."

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this report?

The reality is that I can guarantee that ALL of Canada's so called politicians and criminals in charge are fully well aware that the enforcement of "face mask wearing" on the gullible Canadian public is a complete sham and an absolute LIE!

And for that gawd damn criminal, Brian Pallister, to say to the CBC that his "lapse of judgment" is another bold faced lie.. For that fucker is fully aware as well of this entire scam, and that face masks are the most idiotic things imaginable.... But he is part of the criminal push for us all to be vaccinated, and therefore had to cover his tracks with that 'statement'...

And I am not alone in seeing this "in your face" proof that the entire face mask push is a scam.. For Greencrow herself has a most excellent article covering this mockery, and I have the link to her article here for all to see for themselves:

I must agree with Greencrow on this one.. This is nothing but a complete joke and nothing than pure buffoonery...

The sad part is that this is being inflicted on the Canadian people, and they have been so heavily indoctrinated now by the liars in the Jewish controlled media that they are beyond hope of ever waking the fuck up now!

I do hope that others see the clear message here... We are being royally screwed by our own sicko government officials and especially by the consummate liars in the Jewish controlled media at a horrific pace.... People here in Canada do desperately need to wake the fuck up now!

More to come