Wednesday, November 4, 2020

THE FARCE Of The US Presidential Election: The Communists Are Indeed Still Trying To Steal The US Election!

 Well..It is indeed the 'morning after' that farce of a US Election.... And I still cannot understand HOW the American people could ever vote for a senile most evil pedophile and incest abuse man that had the NERVE to even bother to be the DEMONRAT choice for the US Presidency!  That creature, creepy and severely brain damaged Joe Biden, should really be in a cold jail cell for his crimes against humanity, and especially the crimes that he committed against the American people.. But instead he is still just a few crooked votes from attaining the US White House!

And lets have a reality check here.. The COMMUNIST controlled DEMONRAT party did indeed try to inject at least 25+ Million illegal ballots into the vote, all for "Joe Biden" and still the results are as of this morning 'too close to call'...All this means that if it was NOT for the ballot stuffing, rigging, and electronic machine switcheroo taking place, Biden would have had possibly 40-50 million LESS votes in the final 'tally' and would have not won one single state in the Union and would have lost by a landslide!  This shows how the corruption is truly astronomical in America right now!

In fact, I have a lot of articles that have been posted by other alternative media sites about this entire fiasco, and I want to share some of their insights into the entire sham right here... First, I want to present the following article from Henry Makow through his website at, that definitely calls this 'election' a criminal attempt by the COMMUNISTS to steal the results and turn America into a Communist dictatorship... Here is Henry's article:

Communists Trying to Steal US Election

November 4, 2020

Trump, via tweet, which was then censored by Twitter.

"We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!"

Mail-in ballot delays are hitting now: WI (no way we're announcing tonight),
MI (Friday), PA (no count anytime soon) and GA (biggest Dem county stopped counting, Trump leading by 300k).

MI, PA, NC, WI, GA ---- Trump leads in every one of these states. So the Dems have stopped counting votes here. -- Call these states for trump and he wins. 

by Henry Makow PhD

This is the most important US election in history and the Communist Deep State is trying to steal it. 

Literally, our freedom is at stake.  Our future, and that of our families, is at stake. 

Communists don't play by the rules. They believe the "end justifies the means." 

They stoop to censoring, intimidating, or even killing anyone who stands in their way. 

They are quite capable of rigging this vote. 75% of my readers agree (see Twitter poll.) 

When you count the vote, you could run a mule as your candidate, and be assured of victory. Hunter Biden's laptop has shown that his father is a Chinese agent, but the Communist MSM suppressed this information.  The "big guy" is a gangster, a traitor, and an unrepentant pedophile. He is also senile, bordering on demented.  But, when you count the vote...

I just can't believe that nearly 70 million Americans voted for a man affiliated with Antifa and BLM who rioted, looted, and turned their downtowns into war zones. 

Only someone who planned to rig the vote would run this embarrassment. He is a raised middle finger to America and all it stands for. He exemplifies the contempt that Satanists have Americans.

A well-connected contact sent this yesterday afternoon. I ignored it because I was confident Trump would win a landslide victory. 

Demonrats/Globalists have hacked & hijacked the voting system and the Military "white hats" are trying to get it back.  Within the Military are Globalists, who are working for the Biden/Commie/Globalist team The hacked/hijacked voting system will make it look like Biden won by 3 points.

The Military "white hats" are very concerned --my contact said, "This was not supposed to happen, the Trump Military "white hats" thought they had this loophole secured, however, they do not, they lost the server  --it was stolen -removed by the Globalists and the Military "white hats" are looking for it. The stolen server will just say that Biden won.

Does this sound insane?     Yesterday my contact was very calm --he told me, Trump has the votes and can win this fair and square and they are prepared for the Globalists corruption --But today he is totally panicked --he is a high up person that will be put on a death list if the Globalists get in, so he may have to flee the country-- just like Trump said he would do if the Globalists get in!


We cannot allow tyranny to be imposed by subterfuge. We have to draw the line. This election is that line. 

Whatever his shortcomings, Donald Trump is a major obstacle to globalist plans. He must emerge victorious or we are doomed.

Next, I want to turn to my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who hails from the wilderness of southern British Columbia, and writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, with her own 'two cents worth' on this fiasco just south of here, with her article that shows how the criminal "Liberal" Jewish controlled media has refused to even show President Drumpf's important statement last night AFTER the results started pouring in and showed the criminal theft in progress.... Here is the link to Greencrow's article here:

Honestly, it was not only the crooked "Liberal" media in the US that refused to even bother to show Drumpf's statement, but the lying sacks of shit Liberal media up here in Canada refused to do so as well!

And of course my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who hails from the insanity of southern Ontario, and writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts' at has also weighed in on this entire US election fiasco and I want to present the link to her article here for everyone to see and read as well:

I agree with Penny on a lot of this 'identity politics' crap  which to me has been generated by the Communist Liberal "media" for the agenda of purposely vilifying Donald Drumpf and to massage the American  mindset into the false idea that he is a 'white supremacist' and "racist"..... I may not like Drumpf personally as he is a Jewish butt kisser, but he is FAR from being either a 'supremacist' or a 'racist'!

I do agree with so much that my two fellow Canadian real truth seekers have to say about this fiasco, and how America is indeed being destroyed by the criminals that are hell bent on seeing their arch-criminal Joe Biden be injected into the White House for what can be rightfully stated as the COMMUNIST take over of America itself..

And finally. I do want to present a very accurate statement that was just released by Jim Stone through his website at, that tells it exactly like it is and how President Drumpf is indeed being screwed out of an election victory by the COMMUNISTS!  Here is Jim's article here:

Here's where I am at on Nov 4 -

Trump was the clear winner and they shut it down. After trying to steal the election via vote rigging and failing, they shut it down. That's how badly the government is infiltrated by communists. They delayed Trump's speech badly, and then when he did come on, they censored him by cutting his voice out when he said what they did. This morning, the video of his speech did get embedded into his twitter, but when you try to download it to save it, a VERY NASTY virus destroys your computer.


I am attempting to recover it, but so far it looks like it destroyed the SSD. It also made changes to the BIOS but I don't know if it re-flashed the BIOS or not, all I know is that with the existing SSD I cannot re-install an operating system.

GO TO TRUMP'S TWITTER, WATCH THE VIDEO, AND RECORD IT WITH A CAMERA. Fortunately I got GREAT recording with a camera. But I can't upload it because the computer that got whacked was the one that can compress the videos down so well I can post them and serve them.

At this time, I am solving problems because not only did those ****ers cancel the election after they failed to steal it, they infected his speech with a virus that will wipe out the computer of anyone who tries to download it, even with Linux.



UPDATE, TRUMP BUSTED THAT, HERE IS THE LIVE FEED OF HIM SPEAKING They censored him when he talked about vote fraud.

Trump has stated that he's going to the supreme court to cancel the vote count for all votes produced after the poll workers went home in violation of the constitution. He said he was not going to allow votes cast at 4AM to take the election away. He questioned why, when he was obviously winning that all the key states they refused to declare it and simultaneously stopped counting ballots and closed. He then said he won the election. And he obviously did.

MY COMMENT: That is DEFINITELY true, however, this is not over until the vote fraud is counted and given up on. Hold on to your britches people, we are in for one hell of a rough ride.

Every other election was counted on election night, but THIS ONE is special, in all the key states the workers quit early and went home!!! So miracle ballots could appear by morning. EVEN THE MSM IS CALLING THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

If rioters come to your neighborhood, don't wait for your house or anyone else's house to be on fire, SHOOT. You have your guns for a reason, don't disappoint the world by not using them when you damn well have EVERY right to, regardless of what the corrupted courts and cops say. Trump might drain the swamp now, and there is a LOT that needs to be done before the most basic common decency is restored to the police and courts.

NTS Notes: Lets face reality here.. This has turned into one major screw job by the criminal Communists now in full control of what used to be the Democratic Party in America... They did indeed inject tens of millions of illegal ballots into the voting process, all for Joe Biden of course, and even still with that terrible crime against the American people, this 'election' continues to be too close to tell (at least according the the criminal Liberal media) and we may yet see a declaration of a "Biden victory" and the final downfall of the American Republic..

Right now, as a Canadian I can only watch in disbelief as to what has just happened to the formerly free nation called the United States...Most of the sheep south of here are willing to accept this criminal theft of their nation and will do NOTHING to stop it.... Honestly, what the fuck is the matter with the American people today??  Are they truly willing to accept nothing but tyranny for their future and the future of their children??? 

More to come



Freeborn said...


The multiple agendas the CABAL have linked to the COVID SCAMDEMIC have the stealing the US Presidency from Trump at their core.

Notice how smoothly voting went in Republican states like Texas and Florida - states with way more voters than Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Why did these Democrat-run states suddenly stop counting votes early Wednesday morning? They hadn't even begun counting the postal votes they'd been sitting on for months. Trump was ten of thousands of votes ahead in all the rust-belt states when they chose to STOP COUNTING.

Lo and behold all the votes now coming in are said to be for Biden!

They're so in your face with the SCAMDEMIC FRAUD and now the ELECTION FRAUD - with which operation it is twinned - because they're now arrogant and power-crazy enough to think they can get away with anything.

Their Manchurian Candidate Kamara Harris is waiting in the wings BUT they simply CANNOT turn a TRUMP LANDSLIDE into a Biden victory. The FRAUD operation is naturally abetted by the official media - even Fox News is on side - and the UK press today is reporting that Biden was on the brink of the White House!

Yet, everybody knows TRUMP WON THE ELECTION!

The enthusiasm generated by Trump during the campaign was stratospheric compared to Biden's lacklustre attempts to rally support.

We have Biden boasting that they have organised the most sophisticated election fraud machine in US history and that he doesn't need the support of voters anyway. Only when HE IS PRESIDENT will he need their support.

This is nothing short of a full-scale admission to DEFRAUD the US people. I can't think that even Democrats want a President so corrupt as Sleepy Joe Biden.


Trump has the FRAUDSTERS in his sights:

Steve Turley has the FRAUD covered here:

Alvearium said...

ZOG Puppet Wins!

November 3, 2020

I am writing this before the election results are in, so if you are reading this after the fact, you can just replace “ZOG puppet” with the winner’s name.

Many people were shocked when ZOG puppet pulled ahead and captured the presidency, while others seemingly knew this would be inevitable. The losing candidate for presidential puppet has vowed to challenge the results and suggests foul play is afoot. His supporters believe that their man will be the real puppet once all is said and done.

Many pundits are predicting weeks and possibly months of protests, counter-protests, and overall turmoil, all while the puppet masters rub their hands behind the scenes. They had selected the winner of the presidential puppet race based on his ability to rile up the opposition, placate his base, enact their plans for a completely impoverished and enslaved American people, and further Israel’s hegemony over the Middle East (and world). The puppet masters got a good laugh listening to people chirp endlessly about their favorite puppet, as if their votes ever mattered in the first place.

While the election was a complete sham, there will certainly be real-world repercussions. The presidential puppet race is one of the most perfect psychological operations used by the men pulling the strings. These elections get the captivated audience to think that we actually have the ability to shape the direction of the country and that whoever wins, we made our own bed, so we will have to sleep in it for the next four years. “You chose this for yourselves, goyim,” is the message they send out through their puppet presenters on the TV.

The presidential puppet is there to entertain, to enrage, to distract, and to do whatever is needed to ensure that the audience does not topple the puppet booth and wring the neck of the puppeteer. The only way we will ever truly see change for the better is when we realize that neither puppet actually represents us. The puppet master has his right hand up the ass of one and his left hand up the ass of the other. Just because Punch won and Judy lost does not mean anything of significance.