Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: My Province, Manitoba, Is Going Full Blown Lunatic As Full Lockdowns Take Effect November 12th, 2020!

 I knew this was going to happen.... In my last article at this blog, I stated clearly that the criminals in charge here in Manitoba were "contemplating" what they had the nerve to call 'limited lockdowns' of this province's citizens starting this Thursday.... AND all this over nothing more than an outbreak of SEASONAL INFLUENZA in some nursing homes that are always hit hard this time of year with that annual epidemic!  It is madness...

And to share some of the 'details' of what that heinous SOB, Premier Brian Pallister, has in store for this province, I want to present the link to an article from the CBC online news service at www.cbc.ca, that gives details on this absolutely criminal action by that criminal right here:


I am not shocked at all by this action, for I stated many times already that these LYING SACKS OF SHIT would indeed be counting seasonal INFLUENZA cases towards their total and use those INFLUENZA cases as their means of scaring the gullible people of this province into accepting this horseshit and new 'lock downs' without using their brain cells to see that is is all a fraud..

I looked at the list of things that these fuckers are wanting to 'lockdown' for the NEXT 4 WEEKS and it is appalling... They are indeed hell bent on the destruction of what is left of this province's already crippled economy due to the last fraud 'lockdowns' from mid-March and now assuring that most businesses here in Manitoba will be destroyed PERMANENTLY...

And where is the outcry from the people here in Manitoba to this outrage???  All I continue to see are idiots wearing 'face diapers' and walking around like brain dead zombies these days.... It therefore makes sense that these criminals have been so successful in their destruction of our lives because FEAR is indeed a powerful weapon..

Yes, we are deep now into the annual INFLUENZA season, and these fuckers in charge are indeed using THOSE numbers to prop  up this entire fraud... I for one would dearly love the people here in this province wake the fuck up and finally go after these criminals for the ruination of their lives!

AND I cannot even fathom to think what this new 'lockdown' for 4 weeks will do to those who have already endured the last one with severe depression...This new one will only push those who are already at wits end over the edge and they will probably be looking at ending it all through suicides as a result... I want to see Brian Pallister and that bald headed freak, Brent Roussin pay dearly for this fiasco!

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CookingUpANewLife said...

Here we go. Manitoba is one step away from full on bullshit lockdown. We seem to suddenly be leading the way in Canada for these measures. Unreal.

I wish I knew how to fight this bullshit. All I can think to do is get the fuck off-grid and opt out of the current society all together. That's a tough leap to make though. But it may soon be necessary to avoid mandatory vaccination and these fucking camps that are appearing around us.

-hey, it's me, the other Manitoban. I figured out how to update my profile rather than be "unknown".

greencrow said...


They warned us last spring about a "Second Wave". How else are they gonna get us to take the vaccine? They need to perpetrate the worst Christmas of our lives upon us.

The sheeple are already groveling for it...after a Dark Christmas...they'll lick the boots of the military who show up at their door with the syringe.

Sorry for the "black" pill.

Unknown said...

Indeed they will. The ones down here
will do the same....

Alana J said...

I was searching duckduckgo for "Manitoba Doctors against lock downs" and found your blog! Though I found no other sanity in the province it is nice to know there are a few out there! It made me a slight bit happier to read this after being frustrated for 8 months strong now ha! There are finally rallies and protests in other provinces and cities and then when it happens here, in Steinbach of all places, they make them seem like criminals and they fine them (even though the very first 2 items on the charter of rights and "freedoms" is the freedom to gather peacefully and express yourself). I keep hoping that the sleeping people will finally reach a breaking point. I hope there are more of us out here than it seems....