Sunday, November 8, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Sunday November 8th, 2020: 441 New Cases (Mostly Influenza Of Course) And 3 More Deaths (All Seniors!) - No Change In The Fraud At All!

I got tied up this afternoon having to do some family business... As I have always said, family needs come first and foremost at ALL times, and thus this blog and the reports that I file do sometimes get 'delayed'..

Well, I got todays 'official numbers' from that criminal bald headed asshole that has the nerve to call himself Manitoba's "Health Officer" and once again I am NOT impressed.. They are continuing to pump up the number of 'cases' and once again trolling the senior citizen homes and classifying deaths in those facilities as from "COVID-19" when they are absolutely NOT!  And sadly the people of Manitoba swallow this horse shit???

OK, Onto their numbers...And as usual, I want to present them here in alphabetical order for readers to analyze and examine the fraud in all its glory:

(a) Now they are claiming "8130" total cases of this 'deadly virus' in well over 33 and 1/2 weeks time since the criminals in charge unleashed their "state of emergency" back in mid-March... This is an increase of '441' new cases since yesterday's report of '7689' total cases in that same time frame.  

(b) Now they are claiming '173' cases of this 'deadly virus' in all  of the Hospitals across Manitoba.. This is an increase of '14' hospital cases since yesterday's report of '159' hospitalized cases... And they are claiming '25' of those '173' hospital cases in the Intensive Care Units as well, which is an increase of '5' ICU cases from yesterday's total of '20' in the ICU units...

(c) Now they are claiming '3' more deaths from this 'deadly virus' raising the overall death toll since mid-March to '106' total deaths.. BUT as usual all THREE new 'deaths' were elderly people in senior centres that had other serious  health issues and/or were most probably suffering from Influenza.... So far in 33.5 weeks and counting there is still NO evidence that ANY of these deaths were from this 'deadly virus' at all as each and every victim ALL had severe underlying health issues..

(d) Now they are claiming '3175' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' since mid-March, which is an increase of ONLY '49' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '3126' recovered cases in that time frame..

(e) Now they are claiming '4849' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of '389' active cases since yesterday's report of '4460' active cases.. But of course ALL of these active cases were ALL derived from the fraud "PCR testing" with its 100% inaccuracy rate... Thus ALL of these '4849' active cases are 'suspect at best' and/or are suffering from something else, mainly Influenza!

WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this report?  They are indeed hell bent in jacking up the overall and active numbers as the scare tactic to put FEAR into Manitobans... That alone is so criminal in itself, but they are also once again trolling the senior citizen homes and grabbing anyone who has died from something else over the last 24 hours and having the nerve to mark their death certificates as 'death by COVID-19' once again... And sadly again the people of Manitoba allow these fuckers to get away with this??

OK, Time once again to closely analyze each and every one of their 'numbers' as I always do and rip them to shreds to expose their lies... And as usual in the same alphabetical order as shown above, right here:

(a) Yes, these fuckers are indeed hell bent in driving up this overall 'number' as high as they can to generate the fear propaganda and brainwash the people of this province with FEAR... But the reality is of course that each and every one of these '8130' overall 'cases' were ALL derived from the fraud PCR testing that is hopelessly inaccurate and generates ONLY 'false positive' results.... But even so, this "8130" number is still a  joke as it is abysmally small when you compare it to the tens of thousands of  REAL respiratory disease cases in Manitoba alone for the last nearly 34 weeks time...

(b) Have I not been saying that they would be driving up this 'hospital case' number and using Influenza cases as the driving factor?   This makes sense for these criminals for they are wanting the gullible people of this province to be convinced that the hospitals are somehow 'overrun' with "COVID-19 patients".... I look at this '173' cases as more manipulation of the mind and to create the illusion of overworked hospital staff, nothing more....  And here is a reality check, for if this was a REAL 'deadly virus', the hospital cases alone for this  province of 1.35 Million people would be easily in the thousands and not this pathetic '173' figure..

(c) Once again, trolling the senior citizen homes and grabbing anyone that dies from some other illness and marking them as 'COVID-19' is to me beyond criminal.... The Pallister criminals should be put on trial for this alone when this fraud is fully exposed..... That, and every one of these '106' deaths over the last nearly 34 weeks since mid-March had OTHER serious underlying health issues and/or were suffering from other respiratory problems.. .That and we cannot forget that this is Influenza season and how that REAL disease targets senior citizens with their weakened immune systems....  But what the heck right? The propaganda effect in the LYING media alone by throwing this '106 death toll' works wonders on gullible people....

(d) This more than anything else today shows their criminal manipulation at work... Claiming ONLY '49' recovered cases in the last 24 hours but pumping up the 'active cases' number by the hundreds is sheer manipulation at its worse... This 'recovered cases' number in reality should and must be much much higher, but once again the criminals in charge are holding back in releasing more recoveries to drive up the active cases number.... Pathetic is indeed an understatement here.... And the facts still remain that unless a patient has some OTHER severe health issue that causes their demise, each and every case of this still non-existent virus does fully recover ALWAYS!

(e) Yes, the propaganda of pushing out this '4849' active cases number works wonders as they are screaming that this 'massive number' of 'active cases' means that this 'virus' is "out of control"... But the reality remains that every one of these 'active cases' are derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' that is hopelessly inaccurate... That and this is indeed Influenza season and these criminal pricks are having the sheer audacity to include ALL of those who have 'Influenza' in this fraud "COVID-19" number... I will state the obvious here that since this 'virus' has still never been proven to exist, every one of these 'active cases' if they really are sick right now are suffering from some other health issue such as Influenza or even Bacterial Pneumonia....

Yes, the manipulation continues as these pricks in charge of this scam-demic here in Manitoba are hell bent on pumping more and more fear into gullible people by increasing their 'cases' by indeed including Influenza numbers in these assessments.... And sadly the people of this province have indeed swallowed this horse shit and continue to wear their health destroying face diapers and cower in false fear of a 'virus' that is not even real!  I must repeat it here that since the criminals in charge have NOT isolated this 'virus' at all in any laboratory over the last year, there is NO 'virus', period....

But it is the propaganda of FEAR that is driving this scam of course.... The criminals in the Pallister regime are indeed going to continue to push that fear into everyone for as long as it takes until they get their new 'orders' to force deadly vaccines  into all of us..... In the meantime, the ruination of this province's economy is near permanent now as people's lives and their ability to work have been permanently destroyed..

And of course I continue to hammer away at how this scam-demic has taken its toll on the mental health of the citizens of this province.. .I personally have seen nothing but sheer panic, anguish, and anxiety in the eyes of those I meet these days as they are firmly under the false belief that there is this 'deadly virus' out there that will somehow 'kill us all'.... That type of mental breakdown does indeed account for the horrific number of those who have sadly taken their lives here in Manitoba via suicides, thinking that their lives were somehow 'meaningless'.... 

I personally will not stop in my quest to see every one of the Pallister criminals face proper judgement for this horrendous crime against humanity and especially for the lives lost via suicides.. This is why I am going to indeed call for the reimposition of capital punishment when this scam-demic is finally over and to see every one of the Pallister criminals face that penalty for their parts in destroying this province and the lives of its citizens..

More to come


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