Thursday, November 5, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, November 5th, 2020: Again, A LOT More "Cases" From The Fraud PCR Testing. No Surprise Here!

 I might have seemed a bit terse in my last article, but honestly I am one supremely pissed off Northerntruthseeker today.... I was out a bit earlier this morning, and I ventured by a local day care center where they had dozens of children playing in their well stocked playground.. AND I was so shocked and dismayed to see ALL of those children outside in the fresh air wearing FACE DIAPERS over their faces!  To me, this is nothing more than blatant child abuse, for those children should NOT have to endure those bacteria loaded face diapers and have their important Oxygen supplies cut off!  Where the fuck are the parents with this atrocity going on?...

OK, I am indeed steamed... But I have to take a deep breath and tackle the important issue for today which is of course DESTROYING their "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" that they just issued a short while ago.... I have that report, and all I see is them jacking up the number of 'cases' that more than likely have nothing more than the seasonal Influenza... No shock here, for they need to pump those cases up as high as they can for the propaganda effect of FEAR in everyone.

Well, onto their 'numbers'... And I have them broken down as I always do in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves right here:

(a) Now they are claiming '427' new cases in the last 24 hours of this 'deadly virus'.. This gives us a grand total of '7177' total cases in well over 33 weeks now since the criminals in charge put this province in a 'state of emergency' back in mid-March.... 

(b) Now they are claiming '153' of these 'cases' of this 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals... This is an increase of '13' hospitalized 'cases' from yesterday's report of '140' total cases.. BUT strangely there are now '16' total case in all of the Intensive Care Units in this province, which is a fall of '5' cases from yesterday's total of '21' cases in the ICU units...

(c) Now they are claiming '4' more 'deaths' from this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, raising the death toll for the entire 33+ week time frame to '91' deaths... But upon further review, we find that 3/4 of these new 'deaths' were elderly patients in personal care homes and the other 'death' was a patient who had a long list of other health issues (as usual..).

(d) Now they are claiming "2920" recovered cases of this 'deadly virus', which is a small increase (!) of only '28' recovered cases from yesterday's total of 2892' recovered cases for the last 33+ weeks time frame..

(e) Now they are claiming '4166' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of '394' active cases from yesterday's total of '3772' active cases.. And of course ALL of these 'active cases' were derived from the fraudulent "PCR testing" with its 100% inaccuracies that generates ONLY 'false positive' results... Therefore ALL of these 'active cases' are still listed as "suspect" at best!

Honestly, NO shock at all when I see today's numbers...They are still manipulating the 'death count' by grabbing those who are sick from OTHER illnesses and especially the elderly, and listing those deaths as 'death by COVID-19'.....That and I see once again clear and blatant manipulation of their 'recovered cases' number that they have been doing for months, just to drive up the 'active cases' number..

OK, Time to do my due diligence once again and take a closer look at all of their 'official numbers' as listed above and rip them all to shreds right here, and in the same alphabetical order as above:

(a) Yes, they can scream this '7177' number all they want, but it continues to pale in comparison to the number of REAL respiratory disease cases for the last 33+ weeks time frame.... And of course every one of these "7177' cases have been derived from the fraudulent PCR testing, and thus every one of these '7177' cases most probably if not definitely did NOT have this  'deadly virus' at all.. If people are indeed sick it is due to other illnesses and of course the seasonal Influenza epidemic that is upon us right now.

(b) Again, jacking up the number of hospital cases by taking the most stupid SUCKERS that went and stupidly got 'tested' and chucking them into the hospitals just to prop up this number and create the illusion that the hospitals are 'busy' with "COVID-19 patients"... But the real strange thing about this hospital number fiasco is how they suddenly dropped the ICU case number to only '16' from '21'... You would have expected that if there was a real 'deadly virus' out there that they would indeed be pumping up this 'ICU' number tremendously...

(c) No surprise once again that they are grabbing the elderly that have died over the last 24 hours (Influenza, anyone?) and mark their death certificates as 'death by COVID-19'... This is absolutely immoral and against the law, but apparently these criminals in the Pallister regime just do not give a shit any more about morality.... And honestly, when you look at this '91' total death count for the last 33+ weeks, it is actually pathetic when you compare it to those who have died from other diseases, heart attacks, and even accidents, over the last 33 weeks.... But it is indeed 'COVID-19' all the time now being seen by the liars in the media!

(d) Yes, this is blatant and immoral manipulation of this number by these criminal scumbags.. And it is being done right in front of everyone's faces as they are purposely suppressing this 'recovered cases' number just to jack up the "active cases" number to perpetuate the illusion of this 'deadly virus' here in Manitoba... But once again the facts remain that unless a patient dies from some OTHER illness, this 'deadly virus' is killing no one at all!

(e) And still no surprise here that they are indeed jacking up this number of "active cases" as fast as they can and using the fraud PCR testing to do so... It is so blatant and so obviously done to generate the fear porn that 'Oh my god.. Look at how many Manitobans are now infected with this 'virus'!"....But since the 'test' is a total fraud, it remains fact that NOBODY here in Manitoba has this 'deadly virus' at all and those who are 'sick' have other respiratory illnesses instead... That and it is Influenza season as well!

I can only shake my head in disgust each and every time I see or hear that sickness called Brent Roussin who is the CRIMINAL Health Officer for this province step up to the podium and spew his lies again and again.... And when I watch that prick speak in those daily news conferences, I am so amazed that he can open his mouth and spew without any conscience what so ever, knowing that he is indeed lying his ass off...

The real sad part in all this is how the propaganda of fear is working, for I now see reports of over '4000' people on a daily basis going out here in Manitoba to those FRAUD "testing centers' and allowing the criminal pricks there to insert their long swabs into their nasal passageways, destroy those passageways, and then proceed to have the material collected run through that fraud 'PCR testing' that will generate only 'false positive' results... This is so sickening and I am indeed so troubled at the sheer ignorance of my fellow Manitobans these days... Did I mention that you simply cannot fix stupid?

Well, here we go.. Now over 33 weeks of this madness, and all I see are people so overwhelmed with fear and anxiety that they are indeed either going mad or have indeed been contemplating ending their lives over a "virus" that does NOT even exist!  

This is why I always end these reports with the need for everyone to take care of those with severe mental problems, and to remember the people that have indeed taken their lives through the madness of suicides.... Brian Pallister and his cronies are fully responsible for each and every one of these senseless deaths and they must pay dearly for this horrendous crime... Bringing back capital punishment and having these monsters executed for that crime would indeed be a fitting sentence IMHO..

More to come



greencrow said...

Yes, NTS, forcing children to wear face masks is unadulterated extreme child abuse. It's a shame the still-employed Child Abuse Social Workers are not speaking out about this.

Hopefully, lawyer Rocco Galati will get his legal injunction before the children suffer permanent health and brain damage!


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Northerntruthseeker said...

My personal email is only for those who I know and trust... There are a lot of nefarious people out there that would dearly love to have me destroyed and thus I keep my personal email private..

However, I have a generic email for this site at available to those who want to send me material, and many have been doing exactly that..

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