Monday, November 2, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, November 2nd, 2020: Still Counting Influenza Cases As COVID-19 Cases - NO Shock Here!

 I continue to be so amazed at the sheer audacity of the criminals running this scam-demic here in Manitoba... It is so blatantly obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, that their recent 'upsurge' in their number of 'cases' of this 'deadly virus' is NOT from their COVID-19 fraud at all, but is entirely derived from the rise in Influenza cases... Yes, it is now Influenza season here in Manitoba and these pricks are definitely wanting that to rise so that they can continue to con the people here into believing that this 'COVID-19' crap is real and out to 'kill everyone'!

Well, lets get onto the business at hand... And once again I have the "Manitoba Official COVID-19 report" and no shock here that they have a lot of 'cases' and even '5' new deaths to add to their totals... And I will present those 'official numbers' right here in the usual alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '6275' overall 'cases' of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba for the last nearly 33 full weeks since they started the destruction of this province with their 'state of emergency' declaration... This is an increase of '241' cases from yesterday's grand total of '6034' total cases in that time frame..

(b) Now they are claiming "124" total cases of this 'deadly virus' right now in all of Manitoba's hospitals.. This is an increase of '4' hospital cases from yesterday's total of '120' cases in the hospitals... And there is NO change in the number of hospital cases sitting in Intensive Care Units at those hospitals, as that number is holding steady at "18".... 

(c) Now they are claiming '5' new deaths from this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths that they claim are from this 'deadly virus' for the nearly full 33 weeks to 80... But upon further review, we find that ALL of these '5' new deaths ALL had severe underlying health issues and/or were very elderly with weakened immune systems.... 

(d) Now they are claiming "2740" recovered cases of this 'deadly virus'.. This is an increase of ONLY (!) 36 recovered cases from yesterday's total of '2704' recovered cases.... Manipulation? You bet!

(e) Now they are claiming '3455' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba... This is an increase of '200' active cases from yesterday's total of '3255' active cases... And all of these cases are derived from the 100% inaccurate PCR testing, which means they are ALL suspect at best....

No shock here that they are continuing to juggle their numbers to create the illusion that there is this 'deadly virus' out there... And surprisingly they are doing it so BLATANTLY that anyone with any common sense would look at these 'numbers' and say "this is NOT a pandemic at all by a long shot!"

OK, Onto the rest of the business at hand, and once again I will take a close look at ALL of their 'official numbers' as I always do and rip them all to shreds to expose their lies...And once again in the same alphabetical order as listed above, right here:

(a) Honestly, this is truly criminal.. Deriving ALL of their cases through the fraud PCR testing with its 100% inaccuracy and claiming that they are all this 'deadly virus'... And of course it is indeed Influenza season which gives these fraudsters a new pool of SUCKERS and idiots to pump this number even higher.... But again when you compare this '6275' number for the last nearly 33 weeks to any other REAL respiratory illness for the same 33 weeks, you find that this '6275' is truly miniscule in comparison to that real number that will be in the tens of thousands!  A serious 'health issue' and/or "pandemic" for Manitoba?  Not by a long shot!

(b) I am surprised that they have not jacked this number of "hospital cases' a lot more than just adding 4 more SUCKERS that were stupid enough to be tested to this number... And I saw reports that the pricks in charge have had the nerve to claim that the hospitals are now 'overrun' with "COVID-19" patients and that the ICU units were 'overwhelmed' as well... But how??  18 patients in all of the "ICU units" is being 'overwhelmed'??  All I see therefore is sheer bullshit and pure propaganda of lies to push their agenda.

(c) As I have long expected and predicted, they are once again trolling the senior citizens homes and taking the patients that have died in the last 24 hours of OTHER diseases and marked their death certificates as 'death by COVID-19'..... No shock here as this has been their method of operation for months now... And the other case in her 50's?  That one was once again a patient with a long list of health issues and therefore a weakened immune system as well... AND we cannot forget that this is indeed 'Influenza season' which always targets the elderly with their immune systems compromised... Therefore when you look closely at ALL of these '80' deaths for the last 33 weeks, you find that they ALL suffered and died from OTHER respiratory illnesses or diseases... Thus I again am going to state that nobody here in Manitoba has actually 'died' from this 'deadly virus' at all!

(d) Can anyone else see the blatant manipulation here?  To claim that there have been ONLY '36' patients that have 'recovered' from this supposedly 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, especially when you consider the thousands of 'active cases' is insulting.... And it must be noted again that ALL of those who have this 'deadly virus'  absolutely fully recover, unless they die from some OTHER illness...

(e) Yes, they are screaming that we have '3455' active cases... But again ALL of these 'active cases' were ALL derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' that is 100% inaccurate.. Thus none of these 'active cases' have this 'deadly virus' at all, and if they are somehow sick, it is from some OTHER respiratory illness and most probably Influenza and/or bacterial pneumonia.... But of course it is the propaganda generated by this fraud '3455' number thrown out there that generates the fear in people...

Well, I am not shocked at all by the clear and blatant manipulation of their 'numbers'.... And again they are out there screaming that our 'health care workers' are severely strained and overworked taking care of 'COVID-19' patients/  The number of hospital cases shown above does not even compute with that outrageous statement of 'overworked health care workers' at all...

And of course, welcome to the new severely locked down and restricted province of Manitoba as of today... These criminal pricks are definitely hell bent on destroying what is left of Manitoba's economy  and destroy so many more lives in the process... And sadly most Manitobans will bend over and accept their bullshit without any resistance at all! 

And of course I cannot forget those who have really died as a result of this madness... I put out an article earlier today covering the fact that so many young people are now in danger of taking their own lives through suicides simply because the propaganda of lies has been that intense and is creating the illusion that there is NO future for them all!... Thus I am vindicated when I state that we must take these pricks responsible and have them all put on charges of murder for every single person that has died sadly via suicides thanks to their incessant lies.....People must not forgive them for this crime against humanity, and thus when I state that we should introduce capital punishment as their sentence, that is what is warranted for this crime.

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rotagen said...

Hospitals killing "covid patients" with Ventilators (below). Not to mention they get big money for each fake death and fake positive...pcr inventor himself said it's useless for diagnostics.
It's fucking sickening, I'm in a position where I know a helluvalot about corona, sat through many boring lectures on it, cloned a few of its capsid genes (we didn't even use a glove hood...just a regular hood it's that wimpy)... and people testing positive FOR THIS COMMON PIECE OF SHIT and then relatives lied to about cause of death.

rotagen said...

I forgot to add, or maybe I didn't:

Right now the demographics is perfect for this scam...Baby Boomers dying and will only increase.

Only Siddharameshwar knows the way out ifn you askn me .

Freeborn said...

Jamie and David Icke fighting the psychopaths in Birmingham last Saturday:

Businesses who refuse to RESIST LOCKDOWN deserve to go under!

Can't get a coffee, a beer or drink in a pub for a month.

Shall we turn on the face-nappy-wearing retards BEFORE we move on to SWEEP the CABAL off GOD'S EARTH?