Thursday, November 12, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, November 12th, 2020: Scam Continues As They Continue To Count REAL Influenza Cases As "COVID-19" Cases Instead!

 Well... This is 'day one' in the new ludicrous 'rules' imposed here in Manitoba by that criminal fucker in charge, Brian Pallister, and his equally criminal prick so called "Health Officer" Brent Roussin.... I for one am not surprised, but feel so badly for the small business owners of this province that will see what is left of their businesses permanently destroyed..... It is a travesty, and one that could have probably been avoided if my articles of what is really happening here in Manitoba were actually read and heeded to by this province's citizens...

OK, Lets get down to the business at hand and I have today's "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" and no surprise as they are continuing to put fear into everyone's lives here in Manitoba by continuing to count REAL Influenza cases as fraud "COVID-19" cases instead....And lo and behold, but today just to try to scare the people of this province into submission they are claiming a 'record' number of "new cases", more 'hospital cases' and a further '9 deaths' (from Influenza in nursing homes of course..) to add to their increasing tallies...

Well, lets get onto the business at hand, and I have their 'official numbers' from their fraudulent 'report' broken down here in alphabetical order for everyone to see and analyze for themselves:

(a) Now a grand total of '9782' total cases in this province for the over 34 weeks since they ordered their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March and proceeded to turn this province into a living hell for its citizens... This is an increase of '474' new cases from yesterday's total of '9308' total cases in that time frame..

(b) Now they are claiming '227' total cases in Manitoba's hospitals at this moment.. And they are claiming '34' of those '227' hospital cases in the Intensive Care Units as well.... This is an increase of '9' total hospital cases from yesterday's report and an increase of '2' more in the ICU units from yesterday..

(c) Now they are claiming '9' more deaths in the last 24 hours from this 'deadly virus'... But of course ALL of these new 'deaths' were in senior citizen complexes where there is a severe outbreak of Influenza this season... And ALL of these cases, besides being extremely elderly, all had severe underlying health issues and/or had compromised immune systems due to their advanced age..

(d) Now they are claiming "3620" recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' for the last over 34 week time frame since mid-March... This is an increase of "111" recovered cases from yesterday's total of '3509' recovered cases.. There are many more recovered cases that have not been added to this total and should follow very soon!

(e) Now they are claiming '6030' active cases of this 'deadly virus' right now in Manitoba... This is an increase of '354' active cases from yesterday's total of "5676" active cases... And of course ALL of these 'active cases' are SUSPECT at best as they have ALL been derived from the fraudulent "PCR testing" with its proven 100% inaccuracy rate and therefore generating ONLY 'false positive' results.. 

I am not surprised that they are driving up their numbers PURPOSELY today, as they want to have this rapid rise in 'cases' as their excuse for locking up this province once more... But when anyone takes a close look at all of their 'numbers' and sees that there is now ZERO "Influenza cases" reported for this province, they can see that they are definitely counting Influenza cases as 'COVID-19' cases instead.

OK, I am now going to do what I always do and that is to take a closer look at their 'numbers' and rip them to shreds to expose their lies... And in the same  'alphabetical order' as listed above, right here:

(a) Yes, the Jewish controlled media outlets here in Manitoba is of course screaming out about this 'record increase' of overall cases to this 'astounding' '9782' number... But of course they fail to even tell the truth that ALL of the new 'cases' were derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' and are indeed mostly INFLUENZA cases.... And I must reiterate that this '9782' number for the over 34 weeks since mid-March is still a pathetic and miniscule number in comparison to the multi-tens of thousands of REAL respiratory cases for that same time frame...But again it is 'COVID-19' all the time now for the propaganda machines of the media!

(b) No surprise that they are adding more 'hospital cases' by taking the SUCKERS that were stupid enough to be 'tested' and throwing a lot of the false positives from those tests into the hospitals to pump up their numbers.... But again, we are indeed into INFLUENZA season and the vast majority of those sitting in the hospitals, if they really are sick, have that REAL illness and not this fraud 'deadly virus' at all....

(c) This to me is the biggest travesty of this entire scam-demic here in Manitoba.. These criminal fuckers are well aware that INFLUENZA is indeed out there and ravaging senior citizen homes right here in Manitoba...ALL of these '9 new deaths' most probably died of that REAL disease and NOT this 'COVID-19' bullshit.... But it is the propaganda of throwing this '132' number out there that seems to have the people here cowering in false fear of a 'deadly virus' that still has NOT been proven to even exist... And when anyone takes a real closer look at ALL '132' deaths that they are claiming, we find that ALL of them had severe underlying health issues and those other issues were the real cause of all of these deaths.... Therefore has anyone here in Manitoba actually died from this 'deadly virus' at all?  The facts alone prove a resounding NO!

(d) NO shock here that they are having to reluctantly release more 'recovered cases' to increase this number.. But the reality is that several thousand more should actually be in this category by now.. The criminals are purposely restraining this number and not releasing more into this category to keep the 'active cases' number as high as possible for the propaganda effect....And again, the reality remains that everyone that comes down with this 'deadly virus' actually does fully recover, unless they die from some other cause..

(e) And no shock here that they are continuing to drive up this 'active cases' number and using the false positive test results from the fraud 'PCR testing' as their prime method of doing so... But the reality is that a LOT of these 'active cases' are right now suffering from the seasonal outbreak of INFLUENZA and do NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all.... And honestly, since the testing is a fraud, the reality is that every one of these '6030' active cases absolutely do NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all...

Well.. There we go... The criminals are indeed out there screaming that these 'numbers' somehow 'justify' their newest round of 'lockdowns' that will definitely destroy what is left of small business owners and retail companies here in Manitoba... I honestly see this game that they are playing, and am not in the least bit amused other than the fact that so many gullible people here in Manitoba continue to cower in unnecessary fear of this scam!

Yes, Manitoba is being royally fucked by these criminals, and they will indeed continue with this 'second' or 'third' wave bullshit as they are indeed counting Influenza cases to drive up their numbers.. And again, believe it or not, but there have been zero reports of real cases of Influenza here in Manitoba for weeks now!  That means that COVID-19 is indeed the CURE for Influenza, which is a miracle in itself, right?

Honestly, the hardship endured by the citizens of this province should have ended months back, but instead these criminal fuckers are indeed wanting to destroy even more lives with this continuing scam... I cannot even fathom the number of those who have died from this scam-demic thinking that their lives are over or meaningless... Someone told me yesterday that the real number of those who have indeed killed themselves by suicide and even drug overdoses due to this scam is in the HUNDREDS for the last 34 weeks alone.... And yes, those are REAL deaths, everyone... This is why I refuse to relent on my statements that Premier Brian Pallister and his criminal henchmen MUST be put on trial for these REAL deaths, and summarily given the real justice that they deserve for this horrendous crime.... The re-imposition of capital punishment as a suitable sentence for all of them must be considered by the citizens of this province and to show them NO mercy for this crime..

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This is a great interview with Rocco. He is making progress slowly, but surely in some areas. Bless his dear heart. He is starting to sound like all of us. He is one smart man. We need a whole lot more like him. He is even working on a site with free speech and no censorship. Not a lawyers job, but I think he is getting pissed off at all the censorship, just like we all are.
By the way your are right I don't think anyone died of Covid.
Misdiagnosis would be a big one however. Once your deemed Covid positive that is what you are treated for and that would not be what any actually had.

The Shift interviews Rocco Galati on covid legal challenges!