Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, November 11th, 2020: A "Spike" In INFLUENZA Deaths In Senior Homes, And "431" New Cases - The Fraud Continues!

I have been watching over the last while in how these criminals that are pushing this scam-demic fraud here in Manitoba have been ABSOLUTELY counting ALL INFLUENZA cases including deaths from Influenza towards their fraud "COVID19" numbers, and I am deeply appalled that the people here simply cannot see the criminal manipulation at hand?   All they have to see is how there has been nearly ZERO cases of INFLUENZA for the last month in any Manitoba health reports as the evidence of this fraud criminal manipulation in action.... But instead most of the residents here in Manitoba continue to be brainwashed with the fraud that there is a serious 'spike' in cases and deaths from this non-existent 'deadly virus' and continue to allow these fuckers in charge to make their lives a living hell...

I also want to let some readers know that I am not going to insult anyone that has indeed lost a dearly loved one in one of the senior citizen homes that has seen a massive uptick in the number of deaths for the last few weeks here in Manitoba...That has never been my intentions... I only want them to realize that they are being played as fools and are being lied to when these criminal fuckers state that those deaths were from "COVID-19" when their deaths were most definitely from OTHER serious respiratory illnesses that target senior homes this time of year, especially INFLUENZA...

OK, I have ranted long enough... Onto the business at hand, and I have today's "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" that was put out just over an hour ago by that bald headed two faced lying SOB that has the nerve to call himself a 'doctor', Brent Roussin.... And NO shock at all that they are pumping up the number of 'cases' once again, but this time trying a new scare tactic by claiming "9" new deaths as well... But of course 'upon further review' we find that ALL of these NINE new deaths were either extremely elderly and/or had other serious health issues coupled with the fact that it is indeed INFLUENZA season!

Well, here are today's 'official numbers' and as usual I have them broken down right here in alphabetical order for everyone to analyze and see the fraud for themselves right here:

(a) The criminals in charge are claiming another '431' new cases of this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, pushing the grand total for the full 34 weeks since they launched this fraud with their 'state of emergency' back in mid-March to '9308' total cases....

(b) Now they are claiming "218" cases of this 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals, and a further '32' of those '218' cases are in the Intensive Care Units as well at those hospitals... This is an increase of '11' hospitalized cases from yesterday's report of '207', and an increase of '2' cases in the ICU units as well..

(c) Now they are claiming '9' more deaths from this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, increasing the overall total number of deaths in the 34 week period since mid-March to "123" total deaths.. But upon further review of these 'new deaths' we find the same pattern as usual that ALL were very elderly and/or had other severe health issues.. And once again readers need to be reminded that this is INFLUENZA season and that REAL illness always targets senior homes this time of year...

(d) Amazingly, there are now '3509' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba in the last 34 full weeks of this fraud... This is an increase of '135' recovered cases from yesterday's grand total of '3374' recovered cases with a LOT more to come....

(e) Now they are claiming '5676' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. But of course ALL of these 'active cases' were obtained from the FRAUDULENT "PCR testing" with its proven 100% inaccuracy rate.. Thus every one of these '5676' so called 'active cases' are suspect at best and most definitely do not have this 'deadly virus' at all..

Yes, they are screaming out there via the Jewish controlled media outlets that Manitoba has '9 new deaths' from this 'deadly virus' and they are basically brainwashing gullible people once again with the false fear that they should all 'run for their lives', 'cower in fear' and "OBEY your government", or else this 'deadly virus' will get you!!!   It is indeed propaganda at its best, and still the criminals in charge are refusing to even answer the big question as to WHERE DID ALL THE INFLUENZA CASES GO???  Anyone with two brain cells has the answer for that one, as these fuckers are indeed adding in the Influenza numbers to their fraud  COVID-19 tallies!

Well, time once again to do my due diligence and look at all of their 'numbers' more closely and tear each and every one to smithereens... And I will do so in the same 'alphabetical order' as listed above right here:

(a) Yes, they are indeed trying to pump up this overall number of '9308'  to try to scare gullible people that the 'sky is falling'... But the reality is that this '9308' number has indeed been attained via the FRAUD 'PCR testing' with its  100% inaccuracy rate, and was obtained over an entire 34 week period of time... Even if by chance, which is not possible, that they are 'right' about this '9308' number of  'cases', this small number pales in comparison to the REAL number of those who have suffered over the last 34 weeks from REAL respiratory illnesses.... It is pathetic?  In my own estimations, absolutely!

(b) Yes, once again driving up the hospital cases number by throwing many who are suffering from  REAL respiratory illnesses such as INFLUENZA into the hospitals for good measure... And they are out there driving the propaganda of fear that the hospitals will soon be 'overwhelmed' by the growing number of cases... But the reality is that '218' total hospital cases for all of Manitoba is so minuscule and the '32' in the ICU units is still a bad joke.... Thus what we have here is more FEAR propaganda at work and yet the numbers do not in any way back up that fear!

(c) Yes, '9' more deaths that they are claiming from this 'deadly virus'.. But again when you look at all the 9 new deaths and even  examine the other '114' so far, you find that each and every one of them had either severe health issues already and/or were extremely old and frail with weakened immune systems... Thus when you couple in the fact that it is Influenza season and how that REAL illness does indeed target senior citizen homes where the residents have weakened immune systems, you will get a LOT of resultant deaths... And again ZERO reports of any senior citizens coming down and/or dying from Influenza at all which is so astounding and criminal in itself....  One other point here and it is important; This "123" total deaths is over the entire last 34 weeks and counting.  Therefore when you compare this ' 123' death toll with the number of other REAL deaths over that 34 week period for this province of 1.35 Million people, it is actually quite pathetically minuscule in comparison!  BUT again it is the fear propaganda here that is working its wonders in brainwashing the gullible people here in Manitoba to believe that they are all going to 'die' from this still non-existent 'deadly virus'..

(d) Once again they are 'slowly' having to release a lot of "recovered cases" of this 'deadly virus'  for the fact that nobody really dies FROM this still non-existent 'deadly virus' at all!   It is a fact that who ever is stupid enough to go and get 'tested' and is given a 'false positive' result does fully recover over the 14 day bullshit 'quarantine' period, and the ONLY ones that actually 'die' are those who are suffering from OTHER diseases...  But watch closely over the next while as they will guaranteed 'slow down' their release of 'recovered cases' just to continue to put the false panic into the citizens of this province that there are many that 'have this deadly virus'..

(e) No shock here that they continue to drive up this 'active cases' number, and derive all of this fraud number from the fraudulent 'PCR testing' with that test's ludicrous 100% inaccuracy rate....But again it is the  FEAR PORN that they are hoping continues to work on the gullible people of Manitoba as they hope they can continue to drive that fear into everyone so that the people will blindly and stupidly line up like gullible sheep to receive their deadly vaccines.... The question of course is what do these 'active cases' if they are actually sick, really have in terms of diseases?  The answer is so obvious as it is indeed Influenza season and these criminal fuckers are counting ALL Influenza cases towards their number totals and especially this 'active cases' number!

Well.. As expected the controlled media liars are running with these 'numbers' and especially the fraudulent '9 new deaths from this deadly virus' bullshit to try to sell everyone on the new 'restrictions' that the criminal Pallister morons are going to unleash on everyone here in Manitoba starting tomorrow.. To me, this is beyond disgusting and absolutely 100% criminal...

And what about the people of this province that have suffered now for the last 34 weeks and counting from this fraud?  Many have already lost their livelihoods, their jobs, and even their wisdom as they are all now cowering in false fear of a 'virus' that does not even exist... I have tried my best to reach my fellow Manitobans over the last few months with the reality of how these criminal fuckers have FAILED to isolate this 'virus' at all and therefore it is a phantom.... But many just turn their backs on me and some have accused me of being a 'nut', a 'quack' or 'insane'... Honestly, as I have always said about a lot of people, you simply cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try..

Yes, 34 full weeks of this insanity, and all I see now are people walking around like zombies wearing their health destroying face diapers (even out in the open air which is unbelievable!) and so filled with fear in their eyes that many are indeed about to crack and go crazy... And I cannot help but continue to think about those who have already done their selves in from killing themselves via suicide thinking that this 'virus' is real and that life has NO meaning!  I am not going to relent, therefore, in my want for the citizens of this province to NEVER FORGET the criminal Pallister regime and those fucking so called 'health experts' who have destroyed those lives, and seeing them all put on trial and then summarily executed via capital punishment is the best judgment for all of them IMHO...

More to come


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