Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The COVID-19 Hoax: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, November 10th, 2020: 383 New Cases, Mostly INFLUENZA, And 5 More Deaths Of Seniors

 I am one very pissed off Northerntruthseeker right now... This province, that I have lived in for nearly all my life, has become one of pure TYRANNY as the fucking prick in charge, Brian Pallister, is about ready to unleash 'Round 2" of 'restrictions' and "lockdowns" that will probably destroy  so many lives and permanently ruin what is left of Manitoba's economy... And ALL this over an outbreak of seasonal INFLUENZA in many elderly senior care facilities... It is pure insanity, and sadly the stupid people here in Manitoba will accept this horse manure as they are brainwashed into believing that there is this 'deadly virus' out there that still to this day has NOT even been proven to exist!

Well... That bald headed asshole and prick that is forcing these new 'lockdowns', that so called "doctor" Brent Roussin, has just released the daily vomit of lies that he has the nerve to call the 'official Manitoba COVID-19 report', and as usual we have a lot of new 'cases' and '5' more deaths of elderly people that almost guaranteed died from OTHER 'illnesses' such as INFLUENZA...  No shock here at all..

OK, Onto their 'numbers' and I will present them here broken down in the usual alphabetical order for everyone to analyze for themselves right here:

(a) Yes, '383' new 'cases' of this 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours, raising the overall total for the last nearly 34 weeks of hell in Manitoba since the 'state of emergency' in mid March to '8878' total cases.. 

(b) Now they are claiming '207 cases' of this 'deadly virus' in all of Manitoba's hospitals, and they are claiming '30' of those '207' cases in the Intensive Care Units as well... This is an increase of '15' hospital 'cases' in the last 24 hours and an increase of '2' more ICU patients as well...

(c) Now they are claiming '5' more deaths 'from this deadly virus' for the last 24 hours.. But upon further review, we find ALL '5' were very elderly and/or suffered from OTHER health issues including the seasonal Influenza... This raises the overall death toll for the entire nearly 34 weeks to '114'... But ALL '114' deaths so far have ALL had underlying health issues and/or died from other causes as well..

(d) Now they are claiming '3374' recovered cases of this 'deadly virus', which is an increase of '140' recovered cases in the last 24 hours alone from yesterday's report of '3234' recovered cases for the entire nearly 34 week time frame..

(e) Now they are claiming '5390' active cases of this 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba.. This is an increase of '238' active cases in the last 24 hours alone... But of course ALL of these 'active cases' are 'suspect' at best due to the 100% inaccuracy of the fraud 'PCR tests' that generates only 'false positive' results... That and it is INFLUENZA season and the criminals in charge are counting ALL of those suffering from INFLUENZA into this active case list as well...

WHY am I not shocked at all by these latest 'numbers'?  They are indeed using THESE numbers as their main scare tactic to convince the people of this province that these new 'lockdowns' are 'necessary' starting this THURSDAY, but the reality is that the lockdowns are useless as ALL of these numbers are due to the fraud testing as well as Influenza!  But what the heck, right?  The fear propaganda is out there working its magic in continuing to fool people that there is this 'deadly virus' out there!

OK, Time to once again do my due diligence and tear ALL of their 'numbers' listed above to smithereens.. And I will do so as I always do in the same alphabetical order as listed above, right here:

(a) Yes, they are very busy in taking ALL INFLUENZA CASES that they come across here in Manitoba and marking them as "COVID-19' cases instead... Thus they will continue to try to drive up this 'overall number' and throw it in everyone's faces in the hope that it will generate FEAR... BUT upon further review, we find this '8878' number to still be a laughable joke, for over a 34 week time frame there are always tens of thousands of people right here in Manitoba suffering from REAL respiratory diseases, thus making this '8878' look so miniscule and ludicrous in comparison... But again it is the FEAR propaganda that is driving this entire fraud..

(b) No shock at all to me that they are now busy driving up this 'hospital cases' number by once again grabbing a few of the morons who were stupid enough to be 'tested' and throwing them in the hospitals for good measure... And they are absolutely wanting to up the ICU cases as well just to make the entire fraud 'look good'.... And must I remind everyone that it is INFLUENZA season, and many if not all of the hospital cases that are actually sick probably are indeed suffering from that real illness instead of this COVID-19 bullshit...

(c) Once again, they are out there continuing to troll the senior citizen complexes and taking anyone that has died over the last 24 hours to once again mark their death certificates as death by "COVID-19' instead.... And yes, ALL of the '114' deaths so far ALL had OTHER underlying health issues and/or were extremely elderly with weakened immune systems to boot.... This to me is so criminal in itelf, but I also need to remind everyone that this is '114' deaths over a nearly 34 WEEK time frame and in that 34 weeks Manitoba has had thousands of deaths from other causes... But of course it is 'COVID-19' ALL THE TIME now and this '114' is thrown out there as their 'excuse' to lock down this province once again which is sheer insanity!

(d) Yes, after more 'manipulation' of this 'recovered cases' number for the last 3 days, they suddenly release '140' today.... The facts remain that there should be THOUSANDS more in this 'recovered cases' number by this time for the fact that ALL of these 'active cases' of this 'deadly virus' do indeed fully recover unless they succumb to OTHER health issues....

(e) No surprise that they are hell bent in driving up this 'active cases' number even further and restrain from having many of them released as ' recovered cases'... The whole point here is to create as many 'active cases' as they can, and use the seasonal INFLUENZA epidemic as their source.. But the reality remains that ALL of these 'active cases' do NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all, since they are all derived from the fraud 'PCR testing' that is 100% inaccurate and a total fraud... Thus the only ones that are sick in this category are those who are suffering from real illnesses such as Influenza, or possibly bacterial pneumonia...

Well, there you go.... And less than two days now from the latest round of 'lockdowns' that will strangle this province and these pricks are still getting their increases nearly solely from Influenza cases... But remember, it is the FEAR that drives this entire scam-demic, and the compliant media outlets are out there selling this fraud and brainwashing gullible people as well....

I honestly do not know what else I can do in trying to reach people with the truth here?  I have been showing for over 7 months now these daily reports that fully expose this massive fraud, and yet I continue to have very few Manitobans actually paying attention.. Now most will succumb to the new lockdowns and watch what is left of their very livelihoods permanently destroyed.. And what are the people here doing about it?  NOTHING apparently!

And thus it is yet another day in COVID-land, where people are stuck living in such fear that they are indeed destroying their lives... And with the upcoming fucking of this province starting this Thursday, there will be dozens more  deaths over these coming weeks from suicides and overdoses... I therefore stand firm in stating that the Pallister fuckers and that horrid Health Officer here in Manitoba must pay dearly for the destruction of this province and its people and the re-introduction of capital punishment must strongly be considered as a rightful sentence for them all..

More to come


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